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God Death and Time

Author : Emmanuel Lévinas
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This book consists of transcripts from two lecture courses on ethical relation Levinas delivered at the Sorbonne. In seeking to explain his thought to students, he utilizes a clarity and an intensity altogether different from his other writings.

God Death Then Judgment

Author : Benny Tucker
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As I think of death, I realize it is a permanent situation. Many people living on earth and sensing all the different sensations of life,including love, pain, joy, feelings, taste and so forth, and then they come to the end of their adventure and will wonder, “now what”. What was there before this? What will be after this? So many questions, yet so few answers. Let’s come together now and begin our journey through the realization of God, His word, His only Son, His creation and might I say, life itself, but not overlooking His love, mercy and grace, and especially His judgment.

Thinking through the Death of God

Author : Lissa McCullough
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A critical exploration of the thought of radical theologian Thomas J. J. Altizer, including a response from Altizer and a comprehensive bibliography of his work.

Resurrecting the Death of God

Author : Daniel J. Peterson
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Considers the legacy and future of radical theology. In 1966, an infamous Time magazine cover asked “Is God Dead?” and brought the ideas of theologians William Hamilton and Thomas J. J. Altizer to the wider public. In the years that followed, both men suffered professionally and there was no notable increase to the small number of thinkers considered death of God theologians. Meanwhile, Christian fundamentalism staged a striking comeback in the United States. Yet, death of God, or radical, theology has had an ongoing influence on contemporary theology and philosophy. Contributors to this book explore the origins, influence, and legacy of radical theology and go on to take it in new directions. In a time when fundamentalism is the greatest religious temptation, this volume makes the case for the necessity of resurrecting the death of God. “Resurrecting the Death of God shows why Altizer continues to ride the stream of contemporary conversations in academic theology and continental philosophy without ever losing his luster.” — Carl A. Raschke, author of Postmodernism and the Revolution in Religious Theory: Toward a Semiotics of the Event

Chronomancer and the Time God

Author : James Meadows
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"Evil times haunted Zarethea." So, the bard's tale begins...Over a millennium since the God Wars ended, the world of Zarethea remains a battle ground. Though the gods no longer walk the land, their discordant theocracies continue the war the deities once started. The Chronomancer, a mysterious sorcerer of unknown origin, threatens to plunge the world into a state of chaos and bloodshed by reviving Rael, the dark god of time. Aleister, a young sorcerer from the magical kingdom of Mystas, finds himself tasked with preventing Rael's return and saving the war-torn world. To succeed, he must lead three rival priests of warring theocracies on a mission to reach the mythical city of Cockaigne. Along the way, he must somehow prevent the kleptomaniac priest of freedom from robbing the party blind, restore the confidence of the fallen paladin of order, and help the peaceful priestess of neutrality discover her inner strength.Yet, it is inside Cockaigne, the mysterious paradise of eternal youth and joy, where Aleister's true test awaits. For beneath its seemingly peaceful façade dwells a divine evil which even Aleister's powers may not be enough to stop.

God the Eternal Contemporary

Author : Adrian Langdon
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The relation of the eternal God to time and history has perplexed theologians and philosophers for centuries. How can Christians describe a God who is distinct from time but acts within it? This book presents one creative and profound approach to this perennial theme by examining the theology of Karl Barth. Contrary to interpretations of Barth that suggest he held a view of eternity as abstracted from time and history, this comprehensive study suggests that he provides a more complex and fruitful understanding. Rather than defining eternity in a negative relation to time, Barth relates eternity and time with reference to such doctrines as the Trinity and incarnation. This ensures overcoming what he saw as the Babylonian Captivity of an abstract philosophical definition of eternity that developed in the Western tradition. The central argument of the book suggests an analogia trinitaria temporis, a basic analogy between the eternal being of God and God's creating and activity within time. Also, implicit in Barth's view is a narrative view of time, similar to the view of Paul Ricoeur, which unfolds as the Church Dogmatics develops.

Spending Time with God

Author : Charles E. Jordan Jr
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Do you have a desire to spend time with God, a desire to glean golden nuggets from His truth? Perhaps you long to draw closer to your maker, but you are having trouble learning how to trust God through the various circumstances that have occurred in your life. "Spending Time with God" will help you view all of life's situations as being beneficial to your spiritual growth and personal relationship with your heavenly Father. Christ showed the importance of having intimacy with God the Father, as He would oftentimes steal away to a secluded area to be alone with Him. In a world that tries to keep us busy, we too must place a priority on intimacy with our Father, for at the Lord's feet we receive power, guidance, and knowledge to seek His face. "Spending Time with God" is a Christian devotional that equips you with wisdom, encouragement, and strength to remain faithful to God and give thanks to Him in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18). As you dedicate yourself to spending time with your Father, get ready to discover how He has destined you for greatness.

Death the Last God

Author : Anne Geraghty
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Anne Geraghty was a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist when her son, Tim Guest, author of My Life in Orange died suddenly. Her old life ended. She went on a search for her lost son. Where was he? What was he? Did he live on in some other realm? Or had he fallen into the darkness of oblivion? Her search for Tim became an exploration into the nature of death itself. We die as we have lived. Our lives are not like those of a C12th Tibetan, a C15th Cardinal or a Zen monk; we cannot, therefore, simply turn to old maps and myths of what happens when we die. We need a new narrative of death that embraces our modern understandings of our humanity and the workings of the universe. This book is the story of a grieving mother looking for her dead son, an investigation into death in our modern world, and an exploration of our struggles to live well in the ever-present shadow of death. It is not a book with answers; it is an invitation to look at death differently. This book offers fresh and original ideas about death and dying. And it will radically change your understanding of what death is.

The Coming of God

Author : Jurgen Moltmann
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Winner of Grawemeyer Award In this remarkable and timely work - in many ways the culmination of his systematic theology - world-renowned theologian Jurgen Moltmann stands Christian eschatology on its head. Moltmann rejects the traditional approach, which focuses on the End, an apocalyptic finale, as a kind of Christian search for the "final solution." He centers instead on hope and God's promise of new creation for all things. "Christian eschatology," he says, "is the remembered hope of the raising of the crucified Christ, so it talks about beginning afresh in the deadly end." Yet Moltmann's novel framework, deeply informed by Jewish and messianic thought, also fosters rich and creative insights into the perennially nettling questions of eschatology: Are there eternal life and personal identity after death? How is one to think of heaven, hell, and purgatory? What are the historical and cosmological dimensions of Christian hope? What are its social and political implications. In a heartbreakingly fragile and fragment world, Moltmann's comprehensive eschatology surveys the Christian vista, bravely envisioning our "horizons of expectation" for personal, social, even cosmic transformation in God.

Time Eternity and the Trinity

Author : Eunsoo Kim
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One of the vital issues in contemporary Christian theology is the problem of a renewed understanding of God's eternity and its relation to time. This is not merely a peripheral doctrinal issue, but lies at the heart of our understanding of God and humanity, and contributes to our entire worldview. This study focuses on a long-standing debate between two competing views on God's eternity: one focused on God's absolute timelessness in classical theism, and the other on God's temporal everlastingness in contemporary panentheism. In contrast to both of these well-worn options, this book presents an alternative Trinitarian analogical understanding of God's eternity and its relation to time, especially through a critical reflection on Karl Barth's and Hans Urs von Balthasar's engagement of the issue. This analogical approach, based on the dynamic and dramatic concepts of God's being-in-relation and of the Triune God's communicative action in eternity and time, has the potential to resolve the debate between absolute timeless eternity and temporal everlasting duration.

Levinas and the Cinema of Redemption

Author : Sam B. Girgus
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In his philosophy of ethics and time, Emmanuel Levinas highlighted the tension that exists between the "ontological adventure" of immediate experience and the "ethical adventure" of redemptive relationships-associations in which absolute responsibility engenders a transcendence of being and self. In an original commingling of philosophy and cinema study, Sam B. Girgus applies Levinas's ethics to a variety of international films. His efforts point to a transnational pattern he terms the "cinema of redemption" that portrays the struggle to connect to others in redeeming ways. Girgus not only reveals the power of these films to articulate the crisis between ontological identity and ethical subjectivity. He also locates time and ethics within the structure and content of film itself. Drawing on the work of Luce Irigaray, Tina Chanter, Kelly Oliver, and Ewa Ziarek, Girgus reconsiders Levinas and his relationship to film, engaging with a feminist focus on the sexualized female body. Girgus offers fresh readings of films from several decades and cultures, including Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), Federico Fellini's La dolce vita (1959), Michelangelo Antonioni's L'avventura (1960), John Huston's The Misfits (1961), and Philip Kaufman's The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988).

Culture and the Death of God

Author : Terry Eagleton
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DIVHow to live in a supposedly faithless world threatened by religious fundamentalism? Terry Eagleton, formidable thinker and renowned cultural critic, investigates in this thought-provoking book the contradictions, difficulties, and significance of the modern search for a replacement for God. Engaging with a phenomenally wide range of ideas, issues, and thinkers from the Enlightenment to today, Eagleton discusses the state of religion before and after 9/11, the ironies surrounding Western capitalism’s part in spawning not only secularism but also fundamentalism, and the unsatisfactory surrogates for the Almighty invented in the post-Enlightenment era. The author reflects on the unique capacities of religion, the possibilities of culture and art as modern paths to salvation, the so-called war on terror’s impact on atheism, and a host of other topics of concern to those who envision a future in which just and compassionate communities thrive. Lucid, stylish, and entertaining in his usual manner, Eagleton presents a brilliant survey of modern thought that also serves as a timely, urgently needed intervention into our perilous political present./div

God Time and the Incarnation

Author : Richard A. Holland Jr.
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The dominant view among Christian theologians and philosophers is that God is timeless--that he exists outside of time in an "atemporal" eternity. In God, Time, and the Incarnation, Richard Holland offers a critical evaluation of this traditional view in light of the most central doctrine of Christianity: the Incarnation of Christ. Holland reviews the history of this controversy, highlighting the various theological problems for which atemporal models have been offered as a solution. He asserts the central importance of the Incarnation for Christian theology and evaluates several atemporal models in light of this doctrine. Finally, he suggests that the traditional atemporal view is not compatible with a robust and orthodox view of the Incarnation. This book rejects the traditional atemporal view of God's relationship to time and argues, based on the Incarnation, that God experiences temporal sequence in his existence.

Thai English Dictionary

Author : George Bradley McFarland
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This book contains a large number of words not found in the present Government dictionary and therefore will lead to a better knowledge and use of the Thai language.

Time Alone with God A Devotional Study for Discovering Renewed Hope in God

Author : Diane K Hiltz Chamberlain
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“Time Alone With God: A Devotional Study for Discovering Renewed Hope in God,” is a book of devotions that have been compiled into book form, so rather than reading a devotion every day, this book will become a personal Bible study between the reader and God and one of the greatest inspirational books you will read. This book is filled with inspirational words that will become words of encouragement to the reader as they take a personal journey with God…a journey that will lead them away from despair and bring them to a place of renewed hope. "Time Alone With God: A Devotional Study for Discovering Renewed Hope in God," has eight different sections, many chapters, and tidbits of hope throughout the book. The first section is dealing with an unsettled circumstance or the moment of adversity…the time when we feel the weakest. From there, we go into a section that helps us to understand, what can allow us to fall further into despair or what can lead us into other traps set up by Satan and then we do a study on Satan and the plan he has for keeping us in despair. As we come to the center of the book, we will study the things that will help us to view our trials in a different way, so we can see them through God’s eyes, instead of our own. From there, we learn in section five, how we can weaken evil and as we enter section six, we begin to take a new turn away from our despair and study the things that will bring us to a healing. From there, we will enter section seven and learn how we can continue to press on with God’s help, especially after overcoming a previous circumstance. As we enter the final section of the book…section eight, we will study a renewed hope that can usher us into the presence of God. In this section, we will study the peace of God…the peace that can calm any new storm that may arise. Then we will study different forms of love that can bring renewed hope back into our lives and finally, we will view eternity, as the final step of our journey. In this chapter, we will study how important it is to remain close to God, especially during times of adversity and we will come to see, that each choice we make in life, can keep us doomed within our despair or our choice can be a means of God eternally lifting us out of despair. We do not always understand the reasons for these moments of adversity but one thing we do know; is that with God in our lives, there is a way out… a means of walking beyond a powerful circumstance, to discover a greater connection with God! Time Alone with God: A Devotional Study for Discovering Renewed Hope in God will lead you to words of wisdom; that come from a powerful God and will become one of the best motivational books you’ve ever read!

The Death of God and the Meaning of Life

Author : Julian Young
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What is the meaning of life? In the post-modern, post-religious scientific world, this question is becoming a preoccupation. But it also has a long history: many major figures in philosophy had something to say on the subject, as Julian Young so vividly illustrates in this thought-provoking book. Part One of the book presents an historical overview of philosophers from Plato to Hegel and Marx who have believed in some sort of meaning of life, either in some supposed 'other' world or in the future of this world. Part Two looks at what happened when the traditional structures that provided life with meaning ceased to be believed. With nothing to take their place, these structures gave way to the threat of nihilism, to the appearance that life is meaningless. Julian Young looks at the responses to this threat in the work of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, Camus, Foucault and Derrida. This compelling and highly engaging exploration of fundamental values will captivate anyone who's ever asked themselves where life's meaning (if there is one) really lies. It also makes a perfect historical introduction to philosophy.

Living the Death of God

Author : Thomas J. J. Altizer
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The eminent death-of-God theologian traces his lifelong search for a theory that is contemporary yet biblical.

Seconds Away from Death But God

Author : Shonivia Edwards
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Things New and Old Or a storehouse of similies sentences allegories collected and observed from the writings and sayings of the learned in all ages to this present By J Spencer Edited by T Fuller

Author : John SPENCER (Librarian of Sion College.)
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Exousia Your God Given Authority

Author : Donald Peart
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"We are not to rule in the world through fleshly violence; we rule the world through "the authority of His Christ" by the Holy Spirit. That is, we walk and live in the finish work of Jesus and rule in Him because His Spirit is in us! There is an authority of "His Christ" that we as believer must "put on" in order to walk in "the authority of His Christ." We do not have to be weaklings and crouch to the elements of the world. We are sons of God now, through faith in Christ Jesus, through water baptism and through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. According to the Scriptures Jesus has redeemed us from the slavery of the elements of the world and "placed us as sons" into being "masters of all" principalities and powers in the heavenly realms."