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Going to the Volcano

Author : Andy Stanton
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Buckle up and jump on board for the funniest, most EXPLOSIVE picture book of the year - you'll want to read it again and again-o! Join two intrepid explorers as they take a train-o, jump on a plane-o, ride a Great Dane-o (down the lane-o) on their way to look at the volcano. Nothing could possibly go wrong - could it?! A hilariously anarchic rhyming story from multi-award-winning author Andy Stanton. Andy has won a string of awards for his Mr Gum books, including the Red House Children's Book Award, the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, and the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Book With Pictures (twice). Miguel Ordonez is the illustrator of the New York Times bestselling Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada, written by Jimmy Fallon, the Emmy and Grammy award-winning host of NBC's The Tonight Show.

Into the Volcano

Author : Don Wood
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Comic book-style illustrations enhance this adventurous tale about a quest for a treasure, family betrayal, and a dangerous rescue deep within the heart of a volcano.


Author : Kathy Furgang
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Describes the formation of the Hawaiian islands and the continuing eruptions of Mt. Kilauea.

Dinosaur Train Lift the Flap Let s Go to Volcano Valley

Author : Dinosaur Train
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Dinosaur Train, an exciting new kids’ show, paired with the best-selling lift-the-flap format means dino-sized fun! Over 40 flaps to lift! Get ready to board the Dinosaur Train and meet some new friends! Buddy, the adorable preschooler Tyrannosaurus Rex, and this adoptive Pteranodon family are always on the move. Today, they are going to Volcano Valley. Along the way, the train is making stops at the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous stations to make dozens of dinosaur discoveries. With more than 40 flaps to lift, kids will want to explore Buddy’s world again and again!

Six Months Among the Palm Groves Coral Reefs and Volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands

Author : Isabella Bird
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An 1875 account of an adventurous six-month stay in Hawaii by the best-selling Victorian travel writer Isabella Bird.

Six Months Amoung the Palm Groves Coral Reefs Volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands

Author : Isabella L. Bird
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The Volcano That Changed the World

Author : James W. Mercer
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An attempted murder at the Florida State University ice core laboratory leaves geology professor Mark Malloy wondering who wants him dead and if they will try again. Fortunately, Mark is leaving for the Greek island of Santorini to spend the summer resolving the mystery surrounding the lost island of Atlantis. He believes Atlantis' fate is linked to the mysterious annihilation of the advanced Minoan Empire, the cradle of European civilization, on the island of Crete. While studying the Thera volcanic eruption on Santorini, Mark teams with Greek archeologist, Alexandra Papadopulos. As the summer field season draws to an end, he must return home to face the unknown person who wants him dead.

The Eruption of Soufri re Hills Volcano Montserrat from 1995 to 1999

Author : Timothy H. Druitt
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101 Amazing Facts about Volcanoes

Author : Jack Goldstein
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Did you know that animals can often sense when a volcano is going to erupt? Or that the force of an eruption is measured on the VEI, or Volcanic Explosivity Index? What is the difference between a shield volcano and a stratovolcano? And what were the largest eruptions in human history? All of these facts and more can be found in this fantastic guide to volcanoes, separated into sections for easy reading. This book is perfect for those studying volcanoes at school, or even if you are just interested in finding out more about this fascinating topic.

The Volcano Adventure Guide

Author : Rosaly Lopes
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The Volcano Adventure Guide is the first book of its type. It contains vital information for anyone wishing to visit, explore, and photograph active volcanoes safely and enjoyably. Following an introduction that discusses eruption styles of different types of volcanoes, how to prepare for a volcano trip, and how to avoid volcanic dangers, the book presents guides to visiting 42 different volcanoes around the world. This section is packed full of practical information including tour itineraries, maps, transportation details, and warnings of possible non-volcanic dangers. Three appendices at the end of the book direct the reader to a wealth of further volcano resources. Aimed at non-specialist readers who wish to explore volcanoes without being foolhardy, it will fascinate amateur enthusiasts and professional volcanologists alike. The stunning colour photographs throughout the book will delight armchair travellers as well as inspire the adventurous to get out and explore volcanoes for themselves.

Academic Encounters Level 1 Teacher s Manual Listening and Speaking

Author : Yoneko Kanaoka
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The Academic Encounters Second edition series uses a sustained content approach to teach skills necessary for taking academic courses in English. There are two books for each content area. Academic Encounters Level 1 Teacher's Manual Listening and Speaking: The Natural World contains general teaching guidelines for the course, task by task teaching suggestions, answers for all tasks, audio and video scripts, and unit quizzes and quiz answers.

Volcano A Fiery Tale of Survival

Author : Thomas Kingsley Troupe
File Size : 29.95 MB
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"Cam glances out the window of his Hawaii hotel room just in time to see the nearby 'inactive' volcano explode! Chunks of rock and lava cascade down into the city. Cam knows he needs to find his family and get out fast, but a river of lava runs between him and his loved ones"--Provided by publisher.

The Volcano Disaster

Author : Peg Kehret
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Working on a class project on Mount Saint Helens, Warren and Betsy are accidentally sent through time to the day of the volcano's eruption and must outrace a billowing cloud of volcanic ash. Reprint.

My Little Book of Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Author : Claudia Martin
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Format : PDF
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What happens when a volcano erupts? What causes earthquakes? Can we predict earthquakes? My Little Book of... Volcanoes & Earthquakes answers all these questions and many more. Combining easy-to-read text with stunning photographs, learning about earthquakes and volcanoes has never been so much fun! Learn how and why volcanoes occur, the largest and most dangerous and how we try and live with earthquakes today. This series provides first introductions to key non-fiction topics and includes stunning photographs and bite-size chunks of easy-to-read text.

Victor Vicuna s Volcano Vacation

Author : Barbara DeRubertis
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Victor Vicuna is nervous about his vacation to Verna Aardvark's Volcano Village, and Verna's pet raven makes him even more nervous.

To Love A Gentle Stranger

Author : Carole Gift Page
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Marnie loved Jeff once, but can she remember how? A car accident has left Marnie Jordan with amnesia, and several years of her life are lost to her forever. Jeff, her husband of six months, is devastated by the fact that she doesn’t remember anything about him, their marriage, or their plans to become missionaries. Worse yet, she doesn’t even remember her relationship with the Lord. Despite Jeff’s devotion throughout her recovery, Marnie begs him for an annulment. Then his mother-in-law suggests the unimaginable—that he move out and begin courting his wife as if they had just met. Can Jeff win Marnie’s heart all over again? Or are their hopes and dreams gone forever, like Marnie’s memory?

Observing the Volcano World

Author : Carina J. Fearnley
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This open access book provides a comprehensive overview of volcanic crisis research, the goal being to establish ways of successfully applying volcanology in practice and to identify areas that need to be addressed for future progress. It shows how volcano crises are managed in practice, and helps to establish best practices. Consequently the book brings together authors from all over the globe who work with volcanoes, ranging from observatory volcanologists, disaster practitioners and government officials to NGO-based and government practitioners to address three key aspects of volcanic crises. First, the book explores the unique nature of volcanic hazards, which makes them a particularly challenging threat to forecast and manage, due in part to their varying spatial and temporal characteristics. Second, it presents lessons learned on how to best manage volcanic events based on a number of crises that have shaped our understanding of volcanic hazards and crises management. Third, it discusses the diverse and wide-ranging aspects of communication involved in crises, which merge old practices and new technologies to accommodate an increasingly challenging and globalised world. The information and insights presented here are essential to tapping established knowledge, moving towards more robust volcanic crises management, and understanding how the volcanic world is perceived from a range of standpoints and contexts around the globe.

Askja Iceland s largest volcano

Author : William George Lock
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Volcano and Geothermal Tourism

Author : Patricia Erfurt-Cooper
File Size : 45.68 MB
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There are over 1300 active volcanoes worldwide and many more dormant or extinct. Some are developed as tourist destinations; others are not, but have great potential. Mount Fuji in Japan attracts over 100 million visitors per year and has immense cultural and spiritual significance, while a number of volcanic areas in national parks, for example Teide in Spain, Yellowstone in the US, Vesuvius in Italy and Tongariro in New Zealand, attract between one to four million tourists each year. In the last decade the designation of nearly 50 geoparks around the world has highlighted their potential for tourism development.This book provides the first global review and assessment of the sustainable use of active and dormant volcanic and geothermal environments for geotourism. The volcano-based tourism sector is further augmented through a closely linked range of geothermal resources and attractions, such as geysers and hot springs, which are discussed in detail throughout individual chapters covering all key volcanic and geothermal regions around the world. It is shown that volcano and geothermal tourism is a subsection of nature-based geotourism and incorporates a variety of other tourism categories such as adventure tourism, extreme tourism, ecotourism, green tourism, educational tourism, and hot spring tourism. This comprehensive book covers the most important issues of this growing tourism sector whilst incorporating relevant global research, making it an essential resource for all in the field.Includes colour plates.

LarryBoy Versus the Volcano

Author : Doug Peterson
File Size : 30.8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When LarryBoy and his superhero buddies are invited to Superhero Island, they are in for a surprise of volcanic proportions. Trouble erupts when LarryBoy discovers he’s a second-class citizen, because he doesn’t have “super” powers like his buddies. Bumblyburg’s newest supervillain, Chili Pepper and his henchman Coconut, are cooking up a plot for disaster to destroy all superheroes. Will Larryboy help after his vacation is ruined and his friends treat him poorly? Kids will enjoy the adventure of finding out as Larryboy tumbles into a secret hideaway and uncovers Chili Pepper’s tourist trap. But is it too late when the volcano explodes?Will LarryBoy save himself or will he save the day before the island is covered in hot, molten chili? How will Larryboy learn that everyone is important in God’s eyes, even after being excluded from his friends?