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Goldsmith Instruction In The Traditional Way

Author : Loyd Ontiveroz
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This short book contains much information on hand fabricating jewelry, and really explains the process in detail. I have been making jewelry for quite a while, but have learned many new techniques from this. This book is written with humor, especially when it comes to doing custom work and dealing with customers! This book also goes into gem setting as well, and is very helpful in learning this, whether you are a novice, or have been doing this while. All in all, this is a valuable book for the goldsmith. A goldsmith in the old school for forty-odd years, the author feels that some of the experience he's gleaned over the years could be handy to someone starting out in the industry. No CAD, no CAM, just pointy sticks and bludgeoning instruments, so prepare to get your hands dirty.

Sources of Tibetan Tradition

Author : Kurtis R. Schaeffer
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The most comprehensive collection of Tibetan works in a Western language, this volume illuminates the complex historical, intellectual, and social development of Tibetan civilization from its earliest beginnings to the modern period. Including more than 180 representative writings, Sources of Tibetan Tradition spans Tibet's vast geography and long history, presenting for the first time a diversity of works by religious and political leaders; scholastic philosophers and contemplative hermits; monks and nuns; poets and artists; and aristocrats and commoners. The selected readings reflect the profound role of Buddhist sources in shaping Tibetan culture while illustrating other major areas of knowledge. Thematically varied, they address history and historiography; political and social theory; law; medicine; divination; rhetoric; aesthetic theory; narrative; travel and geography; folksong; and philosophical and religious learning, all in relation to the unique trajectories of Tibetan civil and scholarly discourse. The editors begin each chapter with a survey of broader social and cultural contexts and introduce each translated text with a concise explanation. Concluding with writings that extend into the early twentieth century, this volume offers an expansive encounter with Tibet's exceptional intellectual heritage.

Money in the Western Legal Tradition

Author : David Fox
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Monetary law is essential to the functioning of private transactions and international dealings by the state: nearly every legal transaction has a monetary aspect. Money in the Western Legal Tradition presents the first comprehensive analysis of Western monetary law, covering the civil law and Anglo-American common law legal systems from the High Middle Ages up to the middle of the 20th century. Weaving a detailed tapestry of the changing concepts of money and private transactions throughout the ages, the contributors investigate the special contribution made by legal scholars and practitioners to our understanding of money and the laws that govern it. Divided in five parts, the book begins with the coin currency of the Middle Ages, moving through the invention of nominalism in the early modern period to cashless payment and the rise of the banking system and paper money, then charting the progression to fiat money in the modern era. Each part commences with an overview of the monetary environment for the historical period written by an economic historian or numismatist. These are followed by chapters describing the legal doctrines of each period in civil and common law. Each section contains examples of contemporary litigation or statute law which engages with the distinctive issues affecting the monetary law of the period. This interdisciplinary approach reveals the distinctive conception of money prevalent in each period, which either facilitated or hampered the implementation of economic policy and the operation of private transactions.

Canasta A Quick Way to Learn This Popular New Game With Instructions For Skillful Play

Author : M. A. Goldsmith
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This text contains an accessible yet detailed guide to the once-popular card game, Canasta. Canasta is a game of the rummy family believed to be a variation of 500 Rum, most commonly played by four people separated into two groups and requiring two standard decks of cards. Detailed yet concise, this book is perfect for the novice, but will also be of considerable value to the existing canasta player looking to improve their prowess. A book that will appeal to fans of card games, this text makes for a great addition to any collection of gaming literature and is not to be missed by the serious Canasta player. This antique book is proudly republished here complete with a new introduction on the subject.

Handbook of Research on Advancing Critical Thinking in Higher Education

Author : Wisdom, Sherrie
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The importance of critical thinking has surged as academics in higher education realize that many students, upon entering college, lack the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed. While much has been written regarding the ‘lack’ of critical thinking, less has been written on the success of methods implemented to develop this fundamental skill. The Handbook of Research on Advancing Critical Thinking in Higher Education explores the effective methods and tools being used to integrate the development of critical thinking skills in both undergraduate and graduate studies. Due to the difficulties associated with teaching critical thinking skills to learners of any age, this publication is a crucial addition to the scholarly reference works available to pre-service and early career teachers, seasoned educational professionals, professors across disciplines, curriculum specialists, and educational administrators.

Goldsmiths Journal

Author :
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Eighteenth Century English Poetry

Author : Nalini Jain
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This anthology of 18th-century English poetry is extensively annotated for a new generation of readers. It combines the scope of a period anthology with the detailed annotations of an authoritative single-author edition. Selected poets include John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, John Dryden, Jonathan Swift, Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea, Joseph Addison, Alexander Pope and William Cowper. The guiding principle of the annotation is one of thoroughness: the editors concentrate on works where the meanings have changed, on primary allusions and on relevant details of social and political history.

Routledge Library Editions Education Management

Author : Various
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Reissuing works originally published between 1975 and 1997, this collection includes books covering all aspect of managing schools, from primary to further education. With an international selection of authors, some volumes present case studies while others address wider areas of concern in the management of educational institutions. Individual volumes concern special schools and specific types such as the grant-maintained system in the UK. Topics cross over from finance to staff development to politics and governance to innovation. This is an excellent varied set for any education management bookshelf.

Professional Goldsmithing A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Jewelry Techniques

Author : Alan Revere
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"The book examines a series of practical goldsmithing projects, each of which has been successfully completed by student goldsmiths using its instructions ... The creation of rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, and clasps, the use of specialized tools, as well as hand positions, movements, and technical data are described in lucid text and demonstrated with an abundance of detailed color photos"--Cover.

The Canadian Environmental Education Catalogue

Author : Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development
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An annotated guide to environmental education materials.

Desire and Domestic Fiction

Author : Nancy Armstrong
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Desire and Domestic Fiction argues that far from being removed from historical events, novels by writers from Richardson to Woolf were themselves agents of the rise of the middle class. Drawing on texts that range from 18th-century female conduct books and contract theory to modern psychoanalytic case histories and theories of reading, Armstrong shows that the emergence of a particular form of female subjectivity capable of reigning over the household paved the way for the establishment of institutions which today are accepted centers of political power. Neither passive subjects nor embattled rebels, the middle-class women who were authors and subjects of the major tradition of British fiction were among the forgers of a new form of power that worked in, and through, their writing to replace prevailing notions of "identity" with a gender-determined subjectivity. Examining the works of such novelists as Samuel Richardson, Jane Austen, and the Brontës, she reveals the ways in which these authors rewrite the domestic practices and sexual relations of the past to create the historical context through which modern institutional power would seem not only natural but also humane, and therefore to be desired.

The Spectator

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Resources in Education

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Author : Martin Goldsmith
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We all love stories. In a world where people are often hostile to the good news, telling stories is an ideal way to communicate the gospel warmly and winningly. Those who would never listen to a sermon or a gospel presentation are often enthralled by the same message told as a story. Of course, that's just what Jesus did in his parables. Our Bibles are filled with stories that communicate deep truths in a moving and powerful way. But how can we, too, use the power of stories to get gospel truths across in fresh ways, and to teach biblical truth in memorable and life-changing ways? Martin Goldsmith discovered early in his career as a missionary that stories were the most effective way of sharing the gospel - especially in places where evangelism was illegal. But, since then, he's discovered that they are also often the best way of sharing it with our neighbours in the West, who are suspicious of religious truth and hate being preached at. Full of colourful stories from a lifetime of sharing the gospel, this book shows us how to do the same. The author demonstrates how the Bible teaches its theology through story, and how other faiths are shaped by their storytelling - giving us a deeper understanding of how we can reach others and teach real and significant truths in an enthralling way. If we want to win hearers for the gospel in today's world, it is vital to become compelling and persuasive tellers of the gospel story once again.


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InfoWorld is targeted to Senior IT professionals. Content is segmented into Channels and Topic Centers. InfoWorld also celebrates people, companies, and projects.

Teaching STEM in the Secondary School

Author : Frank Banks
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The skills, knowledge and understanding of the subjects involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are vital for all young people in an increasingly science- and technology-driven society. This book looks at the purpose and pedagogy of STEM teaching and explores the ways in which STEM subjects can interact in the curriculum to enhance student understanding, achievement and motivation. By reaching outside their own classroom, teachers can collaborate across subjects to enrich learning and help students relate school science, technology and maths to the wider world. Packed with ideas and practical details for teachers of STEM subjects, this book: considers what the STEM subjects contribute separately to the curriculum and how they relate to each other in the wider education of secondary school students describes and evaluates different curriculum models for STEM suggests ways in which a critical approach to the pedagogy of the classroom, laboratory and workshop can support STEM for all students addresses the practicalities of introducing, organising and sustaining STEM-related activities in the secondary school looks to ways schools can manage and sustain STEM approaches in the long-term. This timely new text is essential reading for trainee and practising teachers who wish to make the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics an interesting, motivating and exciting experience for their students.

Accessibility and Diversity in Education Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Education is a necessary foundation for improving one’s livelihood in today’s society. However, traditional learning has often excluded or presented a challenge to students with visual, physical, or cognitive disabilities and can create learning gaps between students of various cultures. It is vital that learning opportunities are tailored to meet individual needs, regardless of individual disabilities, gender, race, or economic status in order to create more inclusive educational practices. Accessibility and Diversity in Education: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice examines emerging methods and trends for creating accessible and inclusive educational environments and examines the latest teaching strategies and methods for promoting learning for all students. It also addresses equal opportunity and diversity requirements in schools. Highlighting a range of topics such as open educational resources, student diversity, and inclusion barriers, this publication is an ideal reference source for educators, principals, administrators, provosts, deans, curriculum developers, instructional designers, school boards, higher education faculty, academicians, students, and researchers.

Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education

Author : Elliot W. Eisner
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The Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education marks a milestone in the field of art education. Sponsored by the National Art Education Association and assembled by an internationally known group of art educators, this 36-chapter handbook provides an overview of the remarkable progress that has characterized this field in recent decades. Organized into six sections, it profiles and integrates the following elements of this rapidly emerging field: history, policy, learning, curriculum and instruction, assessment, and competing perspectives. Because the scholarly foundations of art education are relatively new and loosely coupled, this handbook provides researchers, students, and policymakers (both inside and outside the field) an invaluable snapshot of its current boundaries and rapidly growing content. In a nutshell, it provides much needed definition and intellectual respectability to a field that as recently as 1960 was more firmly rooted in the world of arts and crafts than in scholarly research.

The Cambridge Companion to English Literature 1740 1830

Author : Ita
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This volume offers an introduction to British literature that challenges the traditional divide between eighteenth-century and Romantic studies. Contributors explore the development of literary genres and modes through a period of rapid change. They show how literature was shaped by historical factors including the development of the book trade, the rise of literary criticism and the expansion of commercial society and empire. The wide scope of the collection, juxtaposing canonical authors with those now gaining new attention from scholars, makes it essential reading for students of eighteenth-century literature and Romanticism.

The Master Speaks

Author : Joel S. Goldsmith
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A basic text for those interested in Christian mysticism. Founded on the teachings of the Master, Christ Jesus, this book is an invaluable aid in teaching the principles of spiritual living and spiritual healing. These principles are set forth with clarity and authority.