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Golf is a Four letter Word

Author : Richard Armour
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My Cave My View

Author : Gary Torres
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Gary has used a Twain-like humor with a folksy small town snapshot of life to make us stop and reconsider our own life. He opens up with humor and tenderness that will bring laughter and tears from the same page as he paints pictures of the people, places, and activities that surround him. He and his dog Turbo, his too kind and loving wife, and four children are the innocents abroad on a raft made of love, pain, laughter, and hope that is floating the mighty Mississippi of life somewhere in the West. From his experience raising kids, fighting cancer, running marathons his insights are like barbs on a fence that grab hold of you. Each section of the book contains small snippets of life and insights that make the reader pause to laugh at the character and themselves. BATTLE OF THE SEXES: There it blanket, one bed, two people. It is almost certain that someone is going to be cold tonight. Oh sure, we act cordial enough, remove our slippers, plump our pillows, shake the sheets, then position the mutual blanket and snuggle in for a good nights sleep; a wonderful ending to the age old battle of the sexes. A temporary truce of sorts, cant live with em, cant live without em. YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY: You drive me crazy. There was a time when my wife said those words, and that was a good thing. Now, when she says those words, it is with a different tone and a different meaning. Its more like, YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! And after being married and having kids I have come to decide that it is the little things that will eventually drive a person crazy. BAGS, CHAPSTICK, AND SHOPPING: Im sitting here in my cave, talking to my dog, Turbo. Do ya think that well ever understand women? He looked up, smiled and wagged his tail; I think he thought I said, Would ya like a bite of my sandwich? Whenever I talk, he must always think I say that, because he always smiles and wags his tail the same way. MYOWN EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT: Well I can tell you one thing. Dont be going to the hospital if you want to get rest and relaxation. Just about the time I would fall asleep, some nurse would come in and shake me and say, How ya feeling? Are you getting plenty of rest? I need some more blood. This is going to sting just a tiny bit. And proceed to play pin the tail on the donkey again. Frankly, I was tired of the game and didnt want to be the donkey anymore (although many think I am a natural for the part).

The Poetics of Golf

Author : Andy Brumer
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Many golfers would agree with Andy Brumer that there is poetry in the game of golf. And Brumer is not the first to insist that there is more to the game than the superstars, swing gurus, and high-tech equipment that dominate talk of the game today. In this series of essays, Brumer, one of the most insightful writers on golf, considers the game from unexpected and often surprising angles. At once contemplative and compelling, The Poetics of Golf explores the links between golf and life by way of art and literature, philosophy and psychology. In portraits of various players?including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, and Arnold Palmer, among others?Brumer teases out the truths that their games can tell us, not just about golf, but about character and courage. And he also offers an unconventional yet enlightening look at the intricacies of the golf swing, course architecture, and golfing equipment. Finally, his book reveals to us?in its content and also in its wide-ranging, often lyrical style?that golf is by no means only a game.

Golf is a Four letter Word

Author : Richard Armour
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Hilarious testament to golf antics. Bully for you if you buy this book.-- Peter Dobereiner. Cartoons throughout.

Widow A Four Letter Word

Author : Judy Crowell
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Author, Judy Crowell, a sixty-three-year old widow is shaken out of her topsy-turvy malaise by an old acquaintance, cajoling and wooing her back to the dating world of the twenty-first century, a world she last experienced when Eisenhower was president. Tackling a pile of disregarded old photos, she reminisces over the men in her life: a hormones-raging teenage Lothario in a lime green ‘50s Chevy; an eighty-year-old Benedictine monk; a Johnny Walker-swilling uncle, and a husband taken too soon by cancer. After forty-two years of marriage, can she share another man’s popcorn at the movies? Feel another man’s beard against her cheek? Another man’s touch? Another man’s bed? In Widow: A Four Letter Word, humor and tragedy intermingle as a widow looks back at the men in her life and grapples with a persistent suitor wooing her to date and, perhaps, to love again.

With God on the Golf Course

Author : Phil Callaway
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Although popular author Phil Callaway offers no guarantee for a lower golf score, he does offer 40 short devotionals full of warm, humorous, and enjoyable reflections on the sport Mark Twain called "a good walk ruined." "This isn't a book about the mechanics of golf. Thousands of those are already available. This is a book about life. Golf is a useful game, teaching us more about life and faith than we think...if we will only listen." Phil Callaway Duffers old and young will appreciate the wisdom and grace found in this a new addition to the Outdoor Insights pocket devotional series. A great read while waiting at the tee, in the clubhouse, or during a quiet evening at home.


Author : Bob Glanville
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Mark Twain once described golf as a good walk spoiled. Most golfers have had a round (or two) where these words rang especially true. That is because golf is a game where failure is unavoidable. Every shot, every lie, is a unique event involving a multitude of intricate variables, any of which can cause a shot to go awry. But fear nothelp is here! Former profession golfer Bob Glanville shares the knowledge he has gained from more than half a century of playing and teaching golf. In Golf: The Game of Lessening Failures, he teaches golfers to eliminate their golfing failures, one swing at a time. He dispenses his wit and wisdom through sixteen chapters that touch upon nearly every aspect of the game, including the equipment, the terminology, the etiquette, and the origins of the PGA. Through it all, readers learn to improve their game physically and mentally, as well as by using a set of clubs that will help them get the most out of every swing. The course awaits.

Trump The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received

Author : Donald J. Trump
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The host and coproducer of the megahit reality show The Apprentice presents a unique collection of golf advice. From Palmer and Player, Mickelson and Vijay to Pat Boone, Stone Phillips, and even Yogi Berra, these players, teachers, businesspeople, and celebrities will help you play better and score lower. Everyone who plays golf has that little nugget of information they turn to on the course. But never before has such an array of golfing advice been pulled together in one place. Donald Trump, himself an avid—and very good—golfer, asked his friends, colleagues, and playing companions to offer thoughts on everything from the mental game to the swing to putting to playing golf the right way. And golfers being what they are, none could resist sharing words of wisdom. So here we find Vijay Singh telling us about playing simply: “You don’t need to get your golf swing by going through video cameras and stuff like that. Just kind of go out there and find yourself.” Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith talks about not overswinging: “Just learn to allow the club to do what it’s supposed to do . . . because the ball is sitting still.” Actor Michael Douglas has a specific routine to slow his tempo—he says his wife’s name, and doesn’t even think of starting to bring the club down until he gets to “Jones.” Taken together, these more than two hundred entries create a unique handbook, covering every aspect of the game—and ranging from the lighthearted to the deadly serious. Donald Trump’s book of advice is certain to take its place next to Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book as the ultimate in golf instruction.

Laughing on the Way to Heaven

Author : Don Waddell
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Don has lots of opinions: On being a buffoon: I hate being a buffoon, but it seems like I'm always messing up. Not long ago I got in the car with my wife to run some errands. I took the TV remote with me just in case I had to make a cell phone call. Nancy made fun of me, and I tried to use the mute button on her, but it didn't work. On his 37th Anniversary: "We returned home and wandered off to bed at 10:00. Nancy donned her "Born to Sleep" PJs and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. When we were newly married this is not the way we would have anticipated our 37th anniversary ending, but in 2004 it was just fine. So much for romance. It's still there; it's just different. On fasting: Fasting is a fundamental Christian practice, and it is mentioned 33 times in the Bible. Now, let me ask a question. When was the last time you heard a sermon on the subject of fasting? You'll hear a hundred sermons on eschatology, a thousand on tithing or how many angels you can stack on the head of a pin before a preacher will suggest a Christian forego his or her staple of donuts, fried chicken or baked beans. Actually, I don't mind fasting; it's just the hunger I object to. On remodeling the house: "What on earth do we need a new toilet for?" I protested. Nancy's response was: "The old toilet was the wrong shade of white." The wrong shade of white?! You got to be kidding me! Our 401K is in the toilet due to the economy, and now I'm spending my kid's inheritance replacing a toilet that is the improper shade of white!!

Fifty is Not a Four Letter Word

Author : Linda Kelsey
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Life begins at fifty . . . Well, it certainly does for Hope, though not at all as she had planned. She reluctantly hits her half-century on New Year’s Day and six months later she has lost her job, her husband and her mother. But Hope has guts – and a sense of humour. By the time she reaches fifty-one, she has acquired a taste for designer underwear, a Labrador puppy – and the memory of one perfect night in Paris. Who says fifty is over the hill?