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Good Teaching and Learning

Author : Colin Morgan
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Based on individual interviews with pupils and teachers from 10 disparate British comprehensive schools, this is the result of a project which aimed to describe and compare how those questioned defined key aspects of quality in learning and teaching.

Making Good Teaching Great

Author : Todd Whitaker
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Every good teacher strives to be a great teacher - and this must-have book shows you how! It's filled with practical tips and strategies for connecting with your students in a meaningful and powerful way. Learn how to improve student learning with easy-to-implement daily activities designed to integrate seamlessly into any day of the school year. This is a readable, hands-on guide for both new and seasoned teachers - complete with "20-Day Reality Checks" so you can reflect on your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Teaching for Effective Learning in Higher Education

Author : N. Hativa
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This book identifies strategies that are consistently associated with good teaching and presents them within a theoretical framework that explains how they promote students' active and meaningful learning. The book promotes teachers' pedagogical knowledge and their perception of teaching as scholarly, intellectual work, and provides extensive practical advice.

Effective Teaching

Author : James Ko
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On Teaching and Learning

Author : Jane Vella
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On Teaching and Learning takes the ideas explored in renowned educator Jane Vella’s best-selling book Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach to the next level and explores how dialogue education has been applied in educational settings around the world. Throughout the book, she shows how to put the principles and practices of dialogue education into action and uses illustrative stories and examples from her extensive travels. Dialogue education values inquiry, integrity, and commitment to equity—values that are also central to democracy. Learners are treated as beings worthy of respect, recognized for the knowledge and experience they bring to the learning experience. Dialogue education emphasizes the importance of safety and belonging. It is an approach that welcomes one’s certainties and one’s questions.

Ten Best Teaching Practices

Author : Donna Walker Tileston
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This third edition of Tileston's classic methods text includes current examples and updated chapters on formative assessment, integrating technology, differentiated instruction, and fostering collaborative learning.

Just Good Teaching

Author : Laura Sindberg
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"Published in partnership with NAFME: National Association for Music Education."

Teaching Strategies for Quality Teaching and Learning

Author : Roy Killen
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A practical guide to effective teaching for educators in all instructional settings, this account provides an introduction to nine teaching strategies considered to be the most useful for a majority of teachers. While questions and exercises are included to help readers develop their understanding of teaching strategies and reflective practice, the ideas developed in the book can be used to prompt learners to delve deeper into issues of personal interest. Electronic lesson plans, assessment templates, PowerPoint slides, and other lecturer support material are also available from the publisher to prescribing institutions.

The Art and Heart of Good Teaching

Author : Terence Lovat
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This book summarizes and updates findings from the Australian Values Education Program with a focus on the latest international research in the field, both theoretical and practice-based. Further, it provides a theoretical and practical basis for understanding the disenchantment with low-level accountability approaches to learning (e.g. NAPLAN in Australia). In turn, the book demonstrates the effectiveness of Values Education as a holistic pedagogy with the potential to enhance students’ learning effects in terms of their personal, social, emotional and academic development. It offers well-tested alternative pedagogical approaches, based on research insights largely originating from actual classroom-based practice.

The Essence of Good Teaching

Author : Stanford C. Ericksen
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Learning to Teach History in the Secondary School

Author : Terry Haydn
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'An excellent companion to Learning to Teach in Secondary School ... full of good ideas and better advice ... Mentors will certainly want to use it, and so, I'm sure, will the rest of the history department ... Make sure they buy one, and keep your copy under lock and key.' – Michael Duffy, Times Educational Supplement 'A very well written and readable book. Overall, this is an excellent book and one which students and teachers outwith England would find a valuable addition to their library.' – Scottish Association of Teachers of History, Resources Review ‘This book is without question the standard text for the history PGCE market.’ – Dr Ian Davies, University of York, on the first edition. Learning to Teach History in the Secondary School provides an accessible introduction to teaching and learning history at secondary level. Underpinned by a theoretical perspective and backed up by the latest research, it encourages student teachers to develop a personal approach to teaching history. This fourth edition has been thoroughly updated for the new curriculum, with a brand new chapter on subject knowledge and a new section on action research to better support those reflecting on and developing their own practice. It provides an array of references and materials that give a sound theoretical foundation for the teaching of history, including weblinks to further resources, while a range of tasks will enable students to put their learning into practice in the classroom. Practical advice is combined with reference and access to a wide range of recent and relevant research in the field of history education, to support Masters Level research and aid reflective practice. Key issues covered include: The benefits of learning history Planning The use of language and strategies for teaching Inclusion Technology in history teaching Assessment Continuing professional development Offering comprehensive and accessible support to becoming a history teacher, this book remains an invaluable resource for all training and newly qualified history teachers.

The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching

Author : Bryan Goodwin
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Checklists help us work better. They help us manage complex tasks more effectively and ensure we apply what we know correctly and consistently. They've become indispensable for airline pilots and doctors, but can this low-tech approach to planning and problem solving demand a place in the teacher's toolkit? Teaching is complicated, with challenging decisions and important consequences, but it's in the most complex situations that a straightforward checklist can be the most useful. Goodwin and Hubbell present 12 daily touchstones--simple and specific things any teacher can do every day--to keep classroom practice focused on the hallmarks of effective instruction and in line with three essential imperatives for teaching: * Be demanding: Align teaching with high expectations for learning. * Be supportive: Provide a nurturing learning environment. * Be intentional: Know why you're doing what you're doing. If there were one thing you could do each day to help one student succeed, you'd do it, wouldn't you? What about three things to help three students? What if there were 12 things you could do every day to help all of your students succeed? There are, and you'll find them here.

Beyond Good Teaching

Author : Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis
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English language learners share a basic need—to engage, and be engaged, in meaningful mathematics. Through guiding principles and instructional tools, together with classroom vignettes and video clips, this book shows how to go beyond good teaching to support ELLs in learning challenging mathematics while developing language skill. Position your students to share the valuable knowledge that they bring to the classroom as they actively build and communicate their understanding. The design of this book is interactive and requires the reader to move back and forth between the chapters and online resources at Occasionally, the reader is asked to stop and reflect before reading further in a chapter. At other times, the reader is asked to view video clips of teaching practices for ELLs or to refer to graphic organizers, observation and analysis protocols, links to resources, and other supplementary materials. The authors encourage the reader to use this resource in professional development.

The Good Teacher

Author : Alex Moore
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This is a book that challenges thinking about teaching, and critiques the currently 'fashionable' discourses. It offers a new set of approaches to initial and continuing teacher education that re-emphasises the importance of theory through reference to key sociological and psychological works.

Teaching Diverse Learners

Author : Amy J. Mazur
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Covering cultural and linguistic diversity as well as special educational needs, this guide helps teachers set up an inclusive classroom; adapt curriculum, instruction, and assessment; and more.

Good Teachers Good Schools

Author : David Hudson
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'Good schools think with people and not to people' argues David Hudson in this thought-provoking practical guide for those wanting to bridge the gap between middle and senior management roles, and make a difference in their schools. Accessibly and engagingly written and packed with real-life examples, this book will prove essential reading for ambitious teachers and deputy heads everywhere. Whilst many management books tend to overcomplicate David writes with refreshing clarity and simplicity of thought. He sets out to inspire his readers to improve their practice and offers tried and tested strategies and solutions. Good teachers, good schools is a must have read for anyone interested in a senior school leadership role and for those leaders keen to improve their leadership style. The book covers every aspect of school leadership, from the decisions senior school leaders need to make such as running meetings, staffing and communication with staff and pupils to the difference between management and leadership and curriculum involvement including monitoring evaluation and self-evaluation. David Hudson encapsulates many principles that have made him a successful school leader. David Hudson has been teaching in secondary schools since 1973 and he has had a wide range of leadership and management roles including that of Head Teacher in two 11 – 18 schools.

Lessons for Learning

Author : Tim Surma
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Twelve evidence-informed didactical building blocks for good teaching and learning, and examples of how to apply them in the classroom.

Teaching Good Learner Repertoires

Author : Steve Ward
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Designing Learning

Author : Christopher Butcher
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Written in an informative and jargon-free style, this book is guided by principles of good practice and covers the relevant theory to deal with the essential aspects of designing a course. Important areas covered include: learning levels and outcomes aligning learning and teaching strategies assessment methods course management C&IT resources. In this concise guide, the authors look to the future in terms of integration of computing and technology in course design and consider the promotion of student learning, the diversity of the student body and the need to create inclusive learning environments.

Quality Teaching and Learning

Author : Wendy Crebbin
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This book provides a comprehensive analysis and critique of many key issues being addressed in schools and school systems in a variety of countries. Using the postmodern approach of recognizing multiple meanings and interpretations, Quality Teaching and Learning provides readers with a framework in which they can examine some of the «commonsense» reasoning behind many school practices and teaching and learning approaches. Working from these understandings, readers are enabled to look beyond current orthodoxies and recognize the advantages and disadvantages - along with many of the contradictions - that exist within and between the multiple expectations being placed on schools.