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Gorgeous Beasts

Author : Joan B. Landes
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Gorgeous Beasts takes a fresh look at the place of animals in history and art. Refusing the traditional subordination of animals to humans, the essays gathered here examine a rich variety of ways animals contribute to culture: as living things, as scientific specimens, as food, weapons, tropes, and occasions for thought and creativity. History and culture set the terms for this inquiry. As history changes, so do the ways animals participate in culture. Gorgeous Beasts offers a series of discontinuous but probing studies of the forms their participation takes. This collection presents the work of a wide range of scholars, critics, and thinkers from diverse disciplines: philosophy, literature, history, geography, economics, art history, cultural studies, and the visual arts. By approaching animals from such different perspectives, these essays broaden the scope of animal studies to include specialists and nonspecialists alike, inviting readers from all backgrounds to consider the place of animals in history and art. Combining provocative critical insights with arresting visual imagery, Gorgeous Beasts advances a challenging new appreciation of animals as co-inhabitants and co-creators of culture. Aside from the editors, the contributors are Dean Bavington, Ron Broglio, Mark Dion, Erica Fudge, Cecilia Novero, Harriet Ritvo, Nigel Rothfels, Sajay Samuel, and Pierre Serna.

Gorgeous Beasts

Author : Joan B. Landes
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"A collection of essays examining the place of animals in history and culture and their influence on life and art, from the Renaissance to the present"--Provided by publisher.

Animals and Courts

Author : Mark Hengerer
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Early modern princely courts were not only inhabited by humans, but also by a large number of animals. This coexistence of non-human living beings had crucial impacts on the spatial organization, the social composition and cultural life at these courts. The contributions enrich our knowledge on another aspect of court life and invite to reconsider our basic understandings of court, courtiers and court society.

Animals and the Shaping of Modern Medicine

Author : Abigail Woods
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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book breaks new ground by situating animals and their diseases at the very heart of modern medicine. In demonstrating their historical significance as subjects and shapers of medicine, it offers important insights into past animal lives, and reveals that what we think of as ‘human’ medicine was in fact deeply zoological. Each chapter analyses an important episode in which animals changed and were changed by medicine. Ranging across the animal inhabitants of Britain’s zoos, sick sheep on Scottish farms, unproductive livestock in developing countries, and the tapeworms of California and Beirut, they illuminate the multi-species dimensions of modern medicine and its rich historical connections with biology, zoology, agriculture and veterinary medicine. The modern movement for One Health – whose history is also analyzed – is therefore revealed as just the latest attempt to improve health by working across species and disciplines. This book will appeal to historians of animals, science and medicine, to those involved in the promotion and practice of One Health today.

Academy Of Beasts I

Author : Becca Fanning
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I lost everything in the fire, then I was whisked away to this Academy for Shifters. I don't know anyone, I don't like anyone, and I definitely can't trust anyone. And they don't even know that I have a secret... I'm not supposed to be here. I'm not a Shifter. I'm something else. All the while these five young men stare at me with primal hunger... USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this Reverse Harem Academy Romance serial, packed with all the action, intrigue and great chemistry you can handle!

Shades of Trust

Author : Cristiane Serruya
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Two billionaires who never fail to get what they want. They both want the same woman. Only one can have her. Ethan, an international steel tycoon with a traumatic past, doesn’t believe he can love a woman, or be loved by one—until he meets Sophia. Alistair, a powerful but guilt-ridden banker, has no trouble finding one-night stands to indulge him in his desire to dole out punishment and appease his tortured soul. Now he’ll do anything to have Sophia—if only once. Sophia, a young, wealthy Brazilian widow with partial amnesia, lives a lonely existence in London, torn between her love for a dead man and the fear of being discovered after a tragic accident. When their paths cross Sophia’s, Ethan and Alistair must each either overcome his guilt, fear, and pain and learn to see himself through forgiving eyes—or finally succumb to misery, alone. Ethan doesn’t believe he’s worthy of love. Alistair doesn’t believe anyone else is. Sophia will prove them both wrong. And then she must make a choice. A sizzling suspenseful romance for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Steel Brothers! If you like authors Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, Nora Roberts, and Danielle Steel, you’ll love Shades of Trust by USA Today bestselling author Cristiane Serruya!

Entwined Fates

Author : Cristiane Serruya
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Ethan… I have a traumatic past I don’t like to remember and though it kept knocking on my door, I built my walls and made a successful man of myself. My present is a void, but I am a powerful steel tycoon who has it all, and that’s all they need to know. An unpredictable snowstorm changes everything. She’s stranded in Heathrow airport and I give her a ride in my G650. She’s all I ever wanted: a passionate, loving, beautiful woman. She gives me what I never had: love. She will be my forever. Alistair… One year ago, on my daughter’s grave, I promised I would never bend to a woman’s will again. Since then my days are filled with billionaire banking contracts and my nights are filled with raw, kinky, hard sex. One new woman each night—sometimes two—to indulge my need for control and punishment. I forget about them as soon as they’re out of my door. But when I meet her in a business meeting, in my f*cking bank, she confronts me, runs me over, and leaves me horny as f*ck. She’s gorgeous, sexy, and has a strong will. One I will bend. Sophia… Once upon a time, I had everything I had ever wished for: a perfect marriage, a successful career, and my precious baby daughter. Until monsters took my beloved husband away. To protect my daughter, I fled to London and hid under a false name, afraid to be discovered. Two years have passed and now my fear has also mixed with loneliness and torment. I’m torn between the love for a dead man and my desire to move on. So, when Ethan, in all his powerful tycoon confidence and charm, insists on a relationship, I give it a chance. But when I meet Alistair and gaze into his blazing green eyes, my world spins around. Now, I don’t know what to do. Or whom to choose. A billionaire romance with a heart-wrenching love triangle, Entwined Fates by USA TODAY bestselling author Cristiane Serruya weaves a complicated, suspenseful plot that’s so shocking, you won’t see the ending coming. Sexy, seductive, and with a hint of BDSM, it’ll delight fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and authors Nora Roberts, Sylvia Day, and Helen Hardt. Start reading the TRUST Series now!

Animals and Their Children in Victorian Culture

Author : Brenda Ayres
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Whether a secularized morality, biblical worldview, or unstated set of mores, the Victorian period can and always will be distinguished from those before and after for its pervasive sense of the "proper way" of thinking, speaking, doing, and acting. Animals in literature taught Victorian children how to be behave. If you are a postmodern posthumanist, you might argue, "But the animals in literature did not write their own accounts." Animal characters may be the creations of writers’ imagination, but animals did and do exist in their own right, as did and do humans. The original essays in Animals and Their Children in Victorian explore the representation of animals in children’s literature by resisting an anthropomorphized perception of them. Instead of focusing on the domestication of animals, this book analyzes how animals in literature "civilize" children, teaching them how to get along with fellow creatures—both human and nonhuman.

Animal Remains

Author : Sarah Bezan
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The dream of humanism is to cleanly discard of humanity’s animal remains along with its ecological embeddings, evolutionary heritages and futures, ontogenies and phylogenies, sexualities and sensualities, vulnerabilities and mortalities. But, as the contributors to this volume demonstrate, animal remains are everywhere and so animals remain everywhere. Animal remains are food, medicine, and clothing; extractive resources and traces of animals’ lifeworlds and ecologies; they are sites of political conflict and ontological fear, fetishized visual signs and objects of trade, veneration and memory; they are biotechnological innovations, and spill-over viruses. To make sense of the material afterlives of animals, this book draws together multispecies perspectives from literary criticism and theory, cultural studies, anthropology and ethnography, photographic and film history, and contemporary art practice to offer the first synoptic account of animal remains. Interpreting them in all their ubiquity, diversity and persistence, Animal Remains reveals posthuman relations between human and nonhuman communities of the living and the dead, on timescales of decades, centuries, and millennia.

Elephant Trails

Author : Nigel Rothfels
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Elephant Trails is a compelling portrait of what the author terms "our elephant."

Enlightened Animals in Eighteenth Century Art

Author : Sarah Cohen
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How do our senses help us to understand the world? This question, which preoccupied Enlightenment thinkers, also emerged as a key theme in depictions of animals in eighteenth-century art. This book examines the ways in which painters such as Chardin, as well as sculptors, porcelain modelers, and other decorative designers portrayed animals as sensing subjects who physically confirmed the value of material experience. The sensual style known today as the Rococo encouraged the proliferation of animals as exemplars of empirical inquiry, ranging from the popular subject of the monkey artist to the alchemical wonders of the life-sized porcelain animals created for the Saxon court. Examining writings on sensory knowledge by La Mettrie, Condillac, Diderot and other philosophers side by side with depictions of the animal in art, Cohen argues that artists promoted the animal as a sensory subject while also validating the material basis of their own professional practice.

Beast Blood

Author : Sato Fumino
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Desperate to escape her successful sister’s shadow, Euphemia seeks independence as a biotech researcher fixated on destroying Nightz, a dangerous narcotic sought across the colonies. She never believed her life was in danger until a group of men pulled her from her car at gunpoint. Euphemia had also never met a Beast Blood, the nonhuman subspecies with animalistic qualities, until she was rescued by one. Zelaide is a Muta Hunter and a Beast Blood. When his hunt is interrupted by Euphemia’s attackers, he saves her on a whim. Never expecting to see Euphemia again, he’s shocked to receive a job protecting the spunky researcher who just might be his lifelong mate. Follow Euphemia and Zelaide as they navigate a colony world brimming with peculiar beasts, powerful narcotics, dangerous criminals, and a budding, interspecies romance!

Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography

Author : Sarah Brophy
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From reality television to film, performance, and video art, autobiography is everywhere in today’s image-obsessed age. With contributions by both artists and scholars, Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography is a unique examination of visual autobiography’s involvement in the global cultural politics of health, disability, and the body. This provocative collection looks at images of selfhood and embodiment in a variety of media and with a particular focus on bodily identities and practices that challenge the norm: a pregnant man in cyberspace, a fat activist performance troupe, indigenous artists intervening in museums, transnational selves who connect disability to war, and many more. The chapters in Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography reflect several different theoretical approaches but share a common concern with the ways in which visual culture can generate resistance, critique, and creative interventions. With contributions that investigate digital media, installation art, graphic memoir, performance, film, reality television, photography, and video art, the collection offers a wide-ranging critical account of what is clearly becoming one of the most important issues in contemporary culture.

The Enforcer

Author : Natalie Wrye
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JAVIER I’m not the good guy in this story. I thought I might be, after graduating from the Academy. But when your past is as dirty as mine is, becoming a good guy FBI agent and taking down the dregs of San Francisco’s Bay isn’t anywhere near being easy. Especially when my newest case involves the former object of my wet fantasies. Delilah Castalano. A high school crush turned woman overnight. A woman trying to fix a family of her own. A good guy would keep his focus on the armed robbers that put Delilah in danger instead of how great she looks in those jeans or how amazing she is as a mother. But I’m not a good guy. Graduating from the Academy might not have been enough to make me one, but being the man Delilah needs? That might just change my bad guy ways after all… AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Enforcer is a steamy suspenseful romance and is part of a series of full-length novels in the Gafanelli Mob series. It contains foul-mouthed characters, lots of twists and plenty of heat. If any of these doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, please do not read.

Heir of Fire

Author : Sarah J. Maas
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The third instalment to the global #1 bestselling series. As the King of Adarlan's Assassin, Celaena Sardothien is bound to serve the tyrant who slaughtered her dear friend. But she has vowed to make him pay. The answers Celaena needs to destroy the king lie across the sea Wendlyn. And Chaol, Captain of the King's Guard, has put his future in jeopardy to send her there. Yet as Celaena seeks her destiny in Wendlyn, a new threat is preparing to take to the skies. Will Celaena find the strength not only to win her own battles, but to fight a war that could pit her loyalties to her own people against those she has grown to love? This third novel in the THRONE OF GLASS sequence, from global #1 bestselling author Sarah J. Maas, is packed with more heart-stopping action, devastating drama and swoonsome romance, and introduces some fierce new heroines to love and hate.

Mark Dion

Author : Ruth Erickson
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A comprehensive survey of American artist Mark Dion, examining three decades of his critically engaged practice interrogating our relationship with nature The first book in two decades to consider the entire oeuvre of Mark Dion (b. 1961), this volume examines thirty years of the American artist's pioneering inquiries into how we collect, interpret, and display nature. Part of a generation of artists expanding institutional critique in the 1990s, Dion adopted the methods of the archaeologist or the natural history museum, juxtaposing natural objects, taxidermy, books, and more to reorganize the natural and the manmade in poetic, witty ways. These sculptures, installations, and interventions offer novel approaches to questioning institutional power, which he sees as connected to the control and representation of nature. Generously illustrated, this publication introduces new insights and features more than seventy-five artworks. Essays address topics ranging from Dion's ecological activism to his loving critique of museums. A diverse group of contributors explores his work as a teacher, his public artworks such as Neukom Vivarium in Seattle, and his intricate curiosity cabinets installed throughout the world. They reveal how Dion's practice and formal investigations--which are rooted in history--connect to contemporary questions of disciplinary boundaries and the acquisition of knowledge in the age of the Anthropocene.


Author : Rob Boddice
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This collection explores assumptions behind the label ‘anthropocentrism’, critically enquiring into the meaning of ‘human’. It addresses epistemological and ontological problems in charges of anthropocentrism, questioning the inherent anthropocentrism of all human perspectives, while seeking ‘other’ views that trump anthropocentrism.

The ecological eye

Author : Andrew Patrizio
File Size : 55.35 MB
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In the popular imagination, art history remains steeped in outmoded notions of tradition, material value and elitism. How can we awaken, define and orientate an ecological sensibility within the history of art? Building on the latest work in the discipline, this book provides the blueprint for an ‘ecocritical art history’, one that is prepared to meet the challenges of the Anthropocene, climate change and global warming. Without ignoring its own histories, the book looks beyond – at politics, posthumanism, new materialism, feminism, queer theory and critical animal studies – invigorating the art-historical practices of the future.

Picturing Dogs Seeing Ourselves

Author : Ann-Janine Morey
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Dogs are as ubiquitous in American culture as white picket fences and apple pie, embracing all the meanings of wholesome domestic life—family, fidelity, comfort, protection, nurturance, and love—as well as symbolizing some of the less palatable connotations of home and family, including domination, subservience, and violence. In Picturing Dogs, Seeing Ourselves, Ann-Janine Morey presents a collection of antique photographs of dogs and their owners in order to investigate the meanings associated with the canine body. Included are reproductions of 115 postcards, cabinet cards, and cartes de visite that feature dogs in family and childhood snapshots, images of hunting, posed studio portraits, and many other settings between 1860 and 1950. These photographs offer poignant testimony to the American romance with dogs and show how the dog has become part of cultural expressions of race, class, and gender. Animal studies scholars have long argued that our representation of animals in print and in the visual arts has a profound connection to our lived cultural identity. Other books have documented the depiction of dogs in art and photography, but few have reached beyond the subject’s obvious appeal. Picturing Dogs, Seeing Ourselves draws on animal, visual, and literary studies to present an original and richly contextualized visual history of the relationship between Americans and their dogs. Though the personal stories behind these everyday photographs may be lost to us, their cultural significance is not.

Frostbound Throne

Author : May Sage
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Devi holds the power of all elements in her grasp. Vale can manipulate the minds of those who oppose him. They won’t be enough. The bastard son of the last overking has moved to take the throne ruling over the entire Isle, and no army, no power can hope to win against his forces. They have but one option: claim the frostbound throne. Song of Heaven and Ice will complete the Frostbound Throne trilogy.