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Graffiti and Street Art

Author : Konstantinos Avramidis
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Graffiti and street art images are ubiquitous, and they enjoy a very special place in collective imaginary due to their ambiguous nature. Sometimes enigmatic in meaning, often stylistically crude and aesthetically aggressive, yet always visually arresting, they fill our field of vision with texts and images that no one can escape. As they take place on surfaces and travel through various channels, they provide viewers an entry point to the subtext of the cities we live in, while questioning how we read, write and represent them. This book is structured around these three distinct, albeit by definition interwoven, key frames. The contributors of this volume critically investigate underexplored urban contexts in which graffiti and street art appear, shed light on previously unexamined aspects of these practices, and introduce innovative methodologies regarding the treatment of these images. Throughout, the focus is on the relationship of graffiti and street art with urban space, and the various manifestations of these idiosyncratic meetings. In this book, the emphasis is shifted from what the physical texts say to what these practices and their produced images do in different contexts. All chapters are original and come from experts in various fields, such as Architecture, Urban Studies, Sociology, Criminology, Anthropology and Visual Cultures, as well as scholars that transcend traditional disciplinary frameworks. This exciting new collection is essential reading for advanced undergraduates as well as postgraduates and academics interested in the subject matter. It is also accessible to a non-academic audience, such as art practitioners and policymakers alike, or anyone keen on deepening their knowledge on how graffiti and street art affect the ways urban environments are experienced, understood and envisioned.

Graffiti Lives

Author : Gregory J. Snyder
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Surveys New York's current graffiti scene, with artist profiles, a historical overview, and discussions about the myths associated with the art form, concerns about its appearance in public spaces, and career possibilities beyond the streets.

Publics and the City

Author : Kurt Iveson
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Publics and the City investigates struggles over the making of urban publics, considering how the production, management and regulation of ‘public spaces’ has emerged as a problem for both urban politics and urban theory. Advances a new framework for considering the diverse spatialities of publicness in relation to the city Argues that a city’s contribution to the making of publics goes beyond the provision of places for public gathering Examines a series of detailed case studies Looks at the relationship between urbanism, public spheres, and democracy

Excellence in Problem oriented Policing

Author :
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Understanding Graffiti

Author : Troy R Lovata
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This collection of original articles brings together for the first time the research on graffiti from a wide range of geographical and chronological contexts and shows how they are interpreted in various fields. Examples range as widely as medieval European cliff carvings to tags on New York subway cars to messages left in library bathrooms. In total, the authors legitimize the study of graffiti as a multidisciplinary pursuit that can produce useful knowledge of individuals, cultures, and nations. The chapters-represent 20 authors from six countries; -offer perspectives of disciplines as diverse as archaeology, history, art history, museum studies, and sociology;-elicit common themes of authority and its subversion, the identity work of subcultures and countercultures, and presentation of privilege and status.

Sticker City

Author : Claudia Walde
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A worldwide survey of the popular street art trend showcases the work of more than eighty top artists, including Shepard Fairey, Blek le Rat, and Swoon, in a volume that also traces the histories of specific "sticker cities" that host some of the world's most definitive collections. Original.


Author : esinesrato publishing
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Fear. It's the number one barrier to living confidently and realizing your dreams. You experience it everyday in small and large doses. You don't do something you want to do because you are afraid. You do something you don't want to do because you are afraid. Yes, this is the place to start digging for the gemstones that will buy your freedom from fear, and send you soaring to the next level. By writing down your grievances, problems and questions, you will be able to read through them and think through them more clearly. You don't have to keep everything bottled up inside. You can express how you are feeling and work through your thoughts and problems with your own words.

The Art of Defiance

Author : Tyson Mitman
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The Art of Defiance is an ethnographic portrait of how graffiti writers see their city and, in turn, how their city sees them. It explores how becoming a graffiti writer helps disenfranchised urban citizens negotiate their cultural identities, build their social capital, and gain a voice within an urban environment that would prefer they remain quiet, passive, and anonymous. In order to both demystify and complicate our understanding of the practice of graffiti writing, this book pushes past the narrative that links the origins of graffiti to criminal gangs and instead offers a detailed portrait of graffiti as a rich urban culture with its own rules and practices. To do so, it examines the cultural history of graffiti in Philadelphia from the early 1970s onward and explores what it is like to be a graffiti writer in the city today. Ultimately, Tyson Mitman aims to humanize graffiti writers and to show that what they do is not merely destructive or puerile, but, rather, adds something important to the urban experience that is a conscious and deliberate act on the part of its practitioners.

Going All City

Author : Stefano Bloch
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“We could have been called a lot of things: brazen vandals, scared kids, threats to social order, self-obsessed egomaniacs, marginalized youth, outsider artists, trend setters, and thrill seekers. But, to me, we were just regular kids growing up hard in America and making the city our own. Being ‘writers’ gave us something to live for and ‘going all city’ gave us something to strive for; and for some of my friends it was something to die for.” In the age of commissioned wall murals and trendy street art, it’s easy to forget graffiti’s complicated and often violent past in the United States. Though graffiti has become one of the most influential art forms of the twenty-first century, cities across the United States waged a war against it from the late 1970s to the early 2000s, complete with brutal police task forces. Who were the vilified taggers they targeted? Teenagers, usually, from low-income neighborhoods with little to their names except a few spray cans and a desperate need to be seen—to mark their presence on city walls and buildings even as their cities turned a blind eye to them. Going All City is the mesmerizing and painful story of these young graffiti writers, told by one of their own. Prolific LA writer Stefano Bloch came of age in the late 1990s amid constant violence, poverty, and vulnerability. He recounts vicious interactions with police; debating whether to take friends with gunshot wounds to the hospital; coping with his mother’s heroin addiction; instability and homelessness; and his dread that his stepfather would get out of jail and tip his unstable life into full-blown chaos. But he also recalls moments of peace and exhilaration: marking a fresh tag; the thrill of running with his crew at night; exploring the secret landscape of LA; the dream and success of going all city. Bloch holds nothing back in this fierce, poignant memoir. Going All City is an unflinching portrait of a deeply maligned subculture and an unforgettable account of what writing on city walls means to the most vulnerable people living within them.

The City Beneath

Author : Susan A. Phillips
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A sweeping history of Los Angeles told through the lens of the many marginalized groups—from hobos to taggers—that have used the city’s walls as a channel for communication Graffiti written in storm drain tunnels, on neighborhood walls, and under bridges tells an underground and, until now, untold history of Los Angeles. Drawing on extensive research within the city’s urban landscape, Susan A. Phillips traces the hidden language of marginalized groups over the past century—from the early twentieth-century markings of hobos, soldiers, and Japanese internees to the later inscriptions of surfers, cholos, and punks. Whether describing daredevil kids, bored workers, or clandestine lovers, Phillips profiles the experiences of people who remain underrepresented in conventional histories, revealing the powerful role of graffiti as a venue for cultural expression. Graffiti aficionados might be surprised to learn that the earliest documented graffiti bubble letters appear not in 1970s New York but in 1920s Los Angeles. Or that the negative letterforms first carved at the turn of the century are still spray painted on walls today. With discussions of characters like Leon Ray Livingston (a.k.a. “A-No. 1”), credited with consolidating the entire system of hobo communication in the 1910s, and Kathy Zuckerman, better known as the surf icon “Gidget,” this lavishly illustrated book tells stories of small moments that collectively build into broad statements about power, memory, landscape, and history itself.

New York City Graffiti

Author : Destiny Children
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Showcases the influential troupe's graffiti from the '80s and '90s, along with anecdotes about the risks they took to create art and their run-ins with rival groups and the police.

Baltimore Graffiti

Author : Michael Sachse
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This photo-documentary of Baltimore graffiti writers' tags, or specially styled signatures, features the widest range of such artwork ever compiled. In one of the most staggering local graffiti compendiums available, photos taken between 2011 and 2014 highlight the myriad variations of tags and throw-ups the most active Baltimore graffiti artists have produced. Discover what makes Maryland's largest city stand apart from other graffiti communities by having a close look at 126 artist collages and over 4,000 images total. Four years' worth of blood, sweat, and tears went into amassing a complete spectrum of Charm City's graffiti writers in active hotspots, reaching beyond the city's borders into Baltimore County. Experience this urban landscape as many graffiti artists have through collages crammed with as many as 40 or more tag examples, as well as some rare views of the decaying underbelly of the Baltimore area.

Spray City

Author :
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It all started when the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin started to prepare the exhibition "Spray City" in the included in "X94 - young art and culture." Within the research for this event the authors discovered the unbelievable variety of this phenomenon called Grafitti. A fantastic world of pictures, complex, multi-layered philosophies and massive prejudices in all classes of the people were only some of the problems and contrasts that were met. This led to the idea to continue researches in the field this uncommon, transitory and still so vast new expression of art. The result is a kind of an ongoing encyclopedia of Grafitti containing 14 volumes so far.

Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Minneapolis

Author : Minneapolis (Minn.). City Council
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Graffiti and the Literary Landscape in Roman Pompeii

Author : Kristina Milnor
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Milnor considers how the fragments of textual graffiti which survive on the walls of the Roman city of Pompeii reflect and refract the literary world from which they emerged. Focusing in particular on the writings which either quote canonical authors directly, Milnor uncovers the influence of elite Latin literature as the Pompeian graffiti show significant connections with familiar authors such as Ovid, Propertius, and Virgil. Milnor arguesthat these wall inscriptions are important cultural products since they are able to give us insight into how ordinary Romans responded to and sometimes rewrote works of canonical literature.Additionally, since graffiti are at once textual and material artefacts, they give us the opportunity to see how such writings gave meaning to, and were given meaning by, the ancient urban environment.


Author : Revs
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Sutherland captures the gritty glory and glamour of this controversial art form in New York, presenting a unique portrait of the graf scene in the metropolis. He features the work of 53 artists, from the present and past generations.

Surf the City

Author : Sebastian Keim
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It started in New York back in the early seventies as a kind of expression and art, and thousands of kids followed it worlwide. We're talking about graffiti on subway trains. This book is about trainbombing graf writers in Europe. It includes more than 800 pictures.

Rockin It Suckers New York City s Most Wanted Graffiti Vandals

Author : Alain Ket Mariduena
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New York in the 1980s was a city tormented by violent crime. But despite the violence some found room for creativity. Hip hop culture was in full bloom and a group of young graffiti artists became famous for their determination to keep the subway trains colourful despite the city's zero-tolerance policy towards graffiti. They became known as the infamous RIS crew, waging a war with the city's authorities. As a result, they took over New York with style, becoming one of the world's most influential graffiti crews. This is their story.

City as Canvas

Author : Sean Corcoran
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A visual account of the birth of graffiti and street art, showcasing as-yet-unseen works collected by preeminent artist Martin Wong. Referred to by the New York Times as an artist "whose meticulous visionary realism is among the lasting legacies of New York’s East Village art scene of the 1980s," Martin Wong (1946–1999) was firmly entrenched in the NYC street art world of the late ’70s and ’80s. City as Canvas chronicles the most important chapter in the street art movement and the artists involved. Showcasing Wong’s enormous graffiti art collection, the book contains artwork, photographs, black books, letters, postcards, posters, and flyers made by Wong and his artist friends. The book contains previously unpublished art by famous street artists such as Futura 2000, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Christopher "Daze" Ellis, LA II, Lady Pink, and Keith Haring, to name only a few. City as Canvas traces the origins of urban self-expression and the era of "outlaw" street art in New York, which primed the floodgates for graffiti art to spread worldwide. Exhibition Schedule: Museum of the City of New York: Opens October 2013

Rockin it Suckers

Author : KET (Graffiti artist)
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New York in the 1980s was a city tormented by violent crime. But despite the violence some found room for creativity. Hip hop culture was in full bloom and a group of young graffiti artists became famous for their determination to keep the subway trains colourful despite the city's zero-tolerance policy towards graffiti. They became known as the infamous RIS crew, waging a war with the city's authorities. As a result, they took over New York with style, becoming one of the world's most influential graffiti crews. This is their story.