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The Gramophone Company s First Indian Recordings 1899 1908

Author : Michael S. Kinnear
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This Painstakingly Researched, Unique Volume, A Definitive Discography Of Indian Music, Is A Tribute Not Only To Indian Music, But Also To An Institution Whose Contribution To Indian Music Has Been Monumental -The Gramophone Company. Without Dustjacket In Good Condition.

Gramophone Film Typewriter

Author : Friedrich A. Kittler
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On history of communication

Indian Classical Music and the Gramophone 1900 1930

Author : Vikram Sampath
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In 1902 The Gramophone Company in London sent out recording experts on "expeditions" across the world to record voices from different cultures and backgrounds. All over India, it was women who embraced the challenge of overcoming numerous social taboos and aesthetic handicaps that came along with this nascent technology. Women who took the plunge and recorded largely belonged to the courtesan community, called tawaifs and devadasis, in North and South India, respectively. Recording brought with it great fame, brand recognition, freedom from exploitative patrons, and monetary benefits to the women singers. They were to become pioneers of the music industry in the Indian sub-continent. However, despite the pioneering role played by these women, their stories have largely been forgotten. Contemporaneous with the courtesan women adapting to recording technology was the anti-nautch campaign that sought to abolish these women from the performing space and brand them as common prostitutes. A vigorous renaissance and arts revival movement followed, leading to the creation of a new classical paradigm in both North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) classical music. This resulted in the standardization, universalization, and institutionalization of Indian classical music. This newly created classical paradigm impacted future recordings of The Gramophone Company in terms of a shift in genres and styles. Vikram Sampath sheds light on the role and impact of The Gramophone Company’s early recording expeditions on Indian classical music by examining the phenomenon through a sociocultural, historical and musical lens. The book features the indefatigable stories of the women and their experiences in adapting to recording technology. The artists from across India featured are: Gauhar Jaan of Calcutta, Janki Bai of Allahabad, Zohra Bai of Agra, Malka Jaan of Agra, Salem Godavari, Bangalore Nagarathnamma, Coimbatore Thayi, Dhanakoti of Kanchipuram, Bai Sundarabai of Pune, and Husna Jaan of Banaras.

The Glyph and the Gramophone

Author : Luke Ferretter
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D. H. Lawrence wrote in 1914, 'Primarily I am a passionately religious man, and my novels must be written from the depths of my religious experience.' Although he had broken with the Congregationalist faith of his childhood by his early twenties, Lawrence remained throughout his writing life a passionately religious man. There have been studies in the last twenty years of certain aspects of Lawrence's religious writing, but we lack a survey of the history of his developing religious thought and of his expressions of that thought in his literary works. This book provides that survey, from 1915 to the end of Lawrence's life. Covering the war years, Lawrence's American works, his time in Australia and Mexico, and the works of the last years of his life, this book provides readers with a complete analysis, during this period, of Lawrence as a religious man, thinker and artist.

Rights Affecting the Manufacture and Use of Gramophone Records

Author : W. Mak
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When dealing, as in this study, with gramophone records, we almost unconsciously think of music. For the number of gramophone records in which music, either vocal or instrumental, does not playa part is quite small. Hence we shall concern our selves principally with musical records. 1. Music may be said to be as old as humanity itself: from the very beginning of history man has given expression to his emo tions by means of sounds. In one of the first chapters of the Bible harps and organs are mentioned 1) and further on in the Book of Books we find musical instruments mentioned repeatedly. Let us quote a few instances at random: Gen. 31 : 27; Ex. 15 : 20; 1 Sam. 16 : 23; 2 Sam. 6 : 5; Psalm 150; 1 Cor. 14 : 7,8. Throughout the ages music having at first no other than a religious character, evolved and differentiated itself with the result that now we know music in all its numerous variations: beside religious music we have secular music in the form of symphonic music, military music, dance-music and so on.

Webster Booth Anne Ziegler Excerpts from Gramophone Discography

Author : Jean Collen
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How The Soldier Repairs The Gramophone

Author : Sasa Stanisic
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Aleksandar is Comrade-in-Chief of fishing, the best magician in the non-aligned States and painter of unfinished things. He knows the first chapter of Marx's Das Kapital by heart but spends most of his time playing football in the Bosnian town of Visegrad on the banks of the river Drina. When his grandfather, a master storyteller, dies of the fastest heart attack in the world while watching Carl Lewis's record, Aleksandar promises to carry on the tradition. However when the shadow of war spreads to Visegrad, the world as he knows it stops. Suddenly it is not important how heavy a spider's life weighs, or why Marko's horse is related to Superman. Suddenly it is important to have the right name and to pretend that the little Muslim girl Asija is his sister. Then Aleksandar's parents decide to flee to Germany and he must leave his new friend behind.

The Gramophone

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Gramophone Explorations

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