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Grandmother s Secrets

Author : Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi
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"Come, sit by me," says Grandmother. "Take this chalk in your hand. Now draw a dot and concentrate all your energy into this one dot. It is the beginning and the end, the navel of the world." So Fawzia Al-Rawi describes her grandmother's first lesson about the ancient craft of Oriental dance. Grandmother's Secrets always circles back to this grandmother and this young girl, echoing the circular movements of the dance itself. Al-Rawi has written a strikingly graceful and original book that blends personal memoir with the history and theory of the dance known in the West as "belly dancing." It is the story of a young Arab girl as she is initiated into womanhood. It is a history of the dance from the earliest times through the days of the Pharaohs, the Roman Empire, to the Arab world of the last three centuries. It is a personal investigation into the effects of the dance's movements on individual parts of the body and the whole psyche. It is a guide to the actual techniques of the dance for those who are inspired to put down the book and move. Al-Rawi conveys in this book not only the history and technique of grieving and mourning dances, pregnancy and birth dances, but the spirit of these age-old rituals, and their possibilities for healing and empowering women today.

Grandmother s secrets

Author : Jean Palaiseul
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Grandmother s Secret

Author : Richard Kemble
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Des doesn't see his grandmother anymore: she doesn't invite anyone to her house now. When a ghost mysteriously draws Des to her house one night, he discovers her terrible secret and things become disturbingly clear.

Communication Among Grandmothers Mothers and Adult Daughters

Author : Michelle A. Miller-Day
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This volume examines communication processes within the grandmother-mother-daughter relationship, emphasizing an intergenerational perspective. Using observations of and extensive interviews with six sets of middle-income, Caucasian female family members, this book offers a heuristic account of intergenerational mother-daughter relational communication. Author Michelle Miller-Day integrates and juxtaposes alternative experiences of social interaction, situating readers in the world of grandmothers, mothers, adult daughters, and granddaughters as they experience, describe, and analyze their family communication. Miller-Day incorporates aged mothers and younger mid-life mothers and their adult daughters into the research to illustrate how this type of maternal relationship is experienced at different points in a woman's life. With the inclusion of three generations of women, Miller-Day offers multigenerational perspectives on family, and examines them for patterns of maternal interaction, providing symbolic links across generational boundaries. Communication Among Grandmothers, Mothers, and Adult Daughters enables readers to understand more completely the richly textured nature of maternal relationships. It will be an invaluable resource for scholars and researchers in the areas of communication and relationships, including family communication, intergenerational communication, women's studies, family studies, interpersonal communication, and relationships, as well as social workers, psychologists, and counselors, who strive to understand family communication processes and their dynamics across generational lines.

Grandmother s Household Secrets

Author : Margaret Briggs
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This collection of practical volumes is packed with hundreds of home cures, household hints and recipes for five staple storecupboard ingredients: bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, salt, lemon and honey.

A Grandmother s Secret Diet

Author : Claudia J. Caporale
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A Grandmother's humorous story in rhyme, shares her triumphant secret of staying fit as she keeps up with daily activities during her grandchildren's visit.

Secrets from Grandma s Kitchen

Author : Gooseberry Patch
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Secrets from Grandma's Kitchen is filled with well-loved, handed-down recipes shared by cooks across the country. Granny's Hotcakes and Eggs for a Crowd will bring 'em to the breakfast table in a hurry! Serve Summer Vegetable Soup and a basket of Corn Fritters for a simple and satisfying lunch. At dinnertime, your family will be delighted when you serve up comfort foods like Braised Swiss Steak, Grandma Ella's Chicken & Dumplings and Pork Chop-Potato Scallop, with Sharon's Freezer Slaw and Skillet-Fried Sweet Corn to round out the meal. Celebrating with friends? Secret-Recipe Shrimp Salad, Mama Meg's Stromboli, Gram's Chicken Dip and Anniversary Punch will make the get-together a big success. Of course, Grandma's desserts are not to be forgotten. Nanny's Chocolate Cupcakes, Gram's Whoopie Pies, Strawberry Shortcake Supreme and Anna Mae's No-Fail Peach Cobbler are just as good as you remember them, with an extra helping of nostalgia. Every recipe uses familiar ingredients, with easy directions and hints for success. You'll also find lots of tips for delicious cooking plus simple ideas for sharing food and fun with family & friends. So get ready to cook

My Grandmother s Secret Recipes

Author : Lamees Alhassar
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A Cooking Journal for kids. Now you can create your own cookbook! Have your favorite and tastiest dishes in this 8.5 x 11 inches book. The book includes a couple of pages to personalize with your name and picture. It also has a table of content with the recipe name and page number so you can locate your 50 recipes easily. Happy Cooking!

Grandma s Secrets Memories

Author : Solveig Rogstad Larsen
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This Norwegian immigrant's true adventures and lifetime story reveals how special an everyday common person's life can be when dedicated early and diligently to Jesus.

Grandmother s Home Remedies

Author : Myles Bader
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Grandmothers Cooking Secrets

Author : James H. Ryan
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Milly s Hero A novel By the Author of Grandmother s Money F W Robinson

Author :
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Secrets of the Red Lantern

Author : Pauline Nguyen
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A beautiful, moving, inspiring and award-winning memoir and collection of delicious Vietnamese recipes.

No More Secrets

Author : Meena Eashwer
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No More Secrets! Just open the book and start cooking. Palakkad Iyer style. Written in a simple format, the detailed instructions are easy enough even for a novice to follow. After all, these recipes were first written down by Meena Eashwer with her own grandchildren in mind! All the recipes are vegetarian. And cover a wide gamut - meals to tiffin to snacks to pickles to sweets to... The Author believes that though “cooking is an art”, anyone can easily pick it up. After all, she did when she was in her teens. She says all it requires is a wee bit of ‘will’ and loads of ‘love’ added to the ingredients. That will make whatever you cook really delicious. Go ahead and enjoy cooking!


Author : Alia Mamdouh
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Seen through the eyes of a strong-willed and perceptive young girl, Naphtalene beautifully captures the atmosphere of Baghdad in the 1940s and 1950s. Through her rich and lyrical descriptions, Alia Mamdouh vividly recreates a city of public steam baths, roadside butchers, and childhood games played in the same streets where political demonstrations against British colonialism are beginning to take place. At the heart of the novel is nine-year-old Huda, a girl whose fiery, defiant nature contrasts sharply with her own inherent powerlessness. Through Mamdouh's strikingly inventive use of language, Huda's stream-of-consciousness narrative expands to take in the life not only of a young girl and her family, but of her street, her neighborhood, and her country. Alia Mamdouh, winner of the Naguib Mahfouz Award in Arabic Literature, is a journalist, essayist and novelist living in exile in Paris. Long banned from publishing in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, she is the author of essays, short stories, and four novels, of which Naphtalene is the most widely acclaimed and translated.

Rogue Gunslinger Mills Boon Heroes Whitehorse Montana The Clementine Sisters Book 2

Author : B.J. Daniels
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A deadly homecoming...

Diary of a Spirit Medium

Author :
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Not Just a Governess Mills Boon Historical A Season of Secrets Book 2

Author : Carole Mortimer
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Darkly delicious Lord Adam Hawthorne doesn’t care a whit for society – especially the tedium of finding a wife. So taking on a new governess for his young daughter shouldn’t shake his steely disposition! Or lady in disguise?

The Best Creative Nonfiction

Author : Lee Gutkind
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“Intelligent but accessible, and often poignant . . . [by] the biggest talents on the essay and blog beat.” —Publishers Weekly (on Vol. 2) Anyone still asking, “What is creative nonfiction?” will find the answer in this collection of artfully crafted, true stories. Selected by Lee Gutkind, the “godfather behind creative nonfiction,” and the staff of Creative Nonfiction, these stories—ranging from immersion journalism to intensely personal essays—illustrate the genre’s power and potential. Edwidge Danticat recalls her Uncle Moise’s love of a certain four-letter word and finds in his abandonment of the word near the end of his life the true meaning of exile. In “Literary Murder,” Julianna Baggott traces her roots as a novelist to her family’s “strange, desperate (sometimes conniving and glorious) past” and writes about her decision, in The Madam, to kill off a character based on her grandfather. And Sean Rowe explains why, if you must get arrested, Selma, Alabama, is the place to do it. This exciting and expansive array of works and voices is sure to impress and delight.

Victorian Secrets

Author : Sarah A. Chrisman
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On Sarah A. Chrisman’s twenty-ninth birthday, her husband, Gabriel, presented her with a corset. The material and the design were breathtakingly beautiful, but her mind immediately filled with unwelcome views. Although she had been in love with the Victorian era all her life, she had specifically asked her husband not to buy her a corset—ever. She’d heard how corsets affected the female body and what they represented, and she wanted none of it. However, Chrisman agreed to try on the garment . . . and found it surprisingly enjoyable. The corset, she realized, was a tool of empowerment—not oppression. After a year of wearing a corset on a daily basis, her waist had gone from thirty-two inches to twenty-two inches, she was experiencing fewer migraines, and her posture improved. She had successfully transformed her body, her dress, and her lifestyle into that of a Victorian woman—and everyone was asking about it. In Victorian Secrets, Chrisman explains how a garment from the past led to a change in not only the way she viewed herself, but also the ways she understood the major differences between the cultures of twenty-first-century and nineteenth-century America. The desire to delve further into the Victorian lifestyle provided Chrisman with new insight into issues of body image and how women, past and present, have seen and continue to see themselves.