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Great Garden Design

Author : Ian Hodgson
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This book presents the best garden designs of the last ten years from more than 50 top garden designers. It offers design solutions for every situation, every area, all tastes and budgets, and any size of garden. It draws on the talents of celebrated designers such as Tom Stuart Smith, Luciano Giubbilei, Charlotte Rowe, Ian Kitson, John Brookes, Cleve West, Dan Pearson and Andy Sturgeon. It also showcases the work of lesser-known designers whose innovating designs deserve wider recognition. The process of garden design requires many thousands of small decisions in the pursuit of the most appealing solutions for outdoor spaces. But this book makes the complex process simpler by offering ample choices of contemporary design for you to explore what’s possible, what’s practical and what’s affordable. Comprising garden rooms, ornamental details, styles and planting ideas, this book will appeal to every garden owner, whether they manage a small or medium sized garden, a roof terrace, balcony or courtyard space. It offers cutting edge solutions for those seeking an entirely new look as well as key details that can make all the difference.

Great Garden Companions

Author : Sally Jean Cunningham
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Designed to help readers make organic gardening easy and productive by using plants themselves instead of chemical care, a gardener offers a system that encourages pest-free growth

Elements of Garden Design

Author : Joe Eck
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Elements of Garden Design does what few gardening books do--it addresses the process of conceiving a whole garden, as opposed to a single element like color or a particular class of plant. Joe Eck explores the idea of a garden, and offers a practical approach to translating concepts such as "intention" and "harmony" into the solid forms of hedges and terraces, paths and rooms. Novice and experienced professional alike will find both food for thought and down-on-the-ground advice on such matters as creating child- and pet-friendly designs.

Garden Design for the Short Season Yard

Author : Lyndon Penner
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Tired of advice for gorgeous yards that can only be created in climates like California, southern Ontario or Victoria? Author Lyndon Penner wrote Garden Design for the Short Season Yard for you, because he knows prairie gardeners face challenges no one faces in gentler climates. Anyone can learn the basics of garden design. In this accessible guide, you’ll discover the pros’ secrets: practical ways to transform your yard using basic design principles. You can create an aesthetically pleasing yard that meets your needs, whether you want stunning curb appeal, privacy, low maintenance, or a lush retreat. You’ll develop your eye for design with Lyndon’s short critiques of gardens, both good and bad. You’ll also find worksheets to help you design your own garden. With his signature style and wit, Lyndon delivers his expert advice for a four-season makeover for your yard. Topics include: Elements of design, such as scale, balance, texture, colour and repetition. Choosing a theme and a focal point. Weather, diseases and pests. Low-maintenance, water-wise, and shade gardening. Trees, perennials, annuals and permanent garden features. Get a free ebook through the Shelfie app with the purchase of a print copy.

Great Gardens of London

Author : Victoria Summerley
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London's gardeners are twice blessed: not only do they live in one of the world's most vibrant capitals, it is also one of the most verdant. Gardens of every imaginable style, shape and size abound on rooftops, within palaces, surrounding churches, behind walls - on every piece of dry land - even if it is floating on or lapped by the river Thames. In Great Gardens of London, Victoria Summerley and Hugo Rittson Thomas collaborate to unearth the most fascinating stories of plants and people inside London's most exciting gardens. Some of the gardens are strictly private, while others are regularly open to visitors, but all can now be savoured and enjoyed along with those who know them best. Great Gardens of London is a captivating photographic portrait of the greatest gardens of the capital which are primarily closed to the public or rarely open their gates. It will feature gardens designed by some of the leading contemporary garden designers from across the world. Accompanying the photographs will be essays on the design and planting that explain the designers' inspiration and passion.

Garden Design Bible

Author : Tim Newbury
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Do you dream of transforming your back garden into a romantic retreat? Would you like to make a modern-day Utopia on your balcony? Is your ideal outdoor space a minimalist design with easy-to-care-for plants or a family garden with room to grow culinary herbs? Whatever your desire, the Garden Design Bible has a plan that you can adapt to your own space. Choose from 40 off-the-peg designs, or mix and match elements from several to create your ideal garden. Each of the designs is fully illustrated and has a comprehensive plant list and planting diagram. With a huge range of plants, styles and uses, this inspirational yet practical book is the next best thing to hiring a gardener!

Garden Design

Author : Heidi Howcroft
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Winner of the Garden Media Guild Book Photographer of the Year 2015 'This book will inspire readers to envision what is possible even in the smallest, most improbable spaces'. Publishers Weekly 'Just looking at Marianne's stunning photographs made me want to go outside and start re-thinking my plot....I defy any reader not to find a style they can feel comfortable with in this book, there are plenty of ideas which can be adopted, even for the most difficult location'. Reckless Gardener There is no one way to design a garden. The variations and breadth of possibilities are astonishing but it is the choices of the individual that make the world of gardens so exciting. Creating a garden is part common sense and part instinct but we all need inspiration to help us realize the garden we want. Garden Design: A Book of Ideas is the must-have visual reference for garden owners, architects and designers. With over 600 images by award-winning photographer Marianne Majerus and incisive advice from garden designer and best-selling writer Heidi Howcroft, this book takes the reader from getting the concept right to choosing the perfect finishing touches for your outdoor space. The gardens featured are large and small, urban and rural in a wide range of styles from contemporary to classical to naturalistic. Every aspect of designing a garden is explored, from assessing your plot and soil to choosing a style as your inspiration, selecting the right components (be they hard landscaping, boundaries or plants) and tackling more challenging spaces.

Garden Design

Author :
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Creative Garden Design Patterns

Author : Jack Wallington
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Creative Garden Design: Patterns is a unique and practical reference for creating mood, proportion and scale in the garden. Its more than 500 photographs reveal the hidden patterns in plants, gardens and the wider landscape to inspire plans for gardens of all sizes and illustrate how to appreciate the styles of design in larger gardens andparks. Explore the influences of pattern in design and thepeople who made them and gain a greater understanding of the roles of color, texture, shape and perspective in the garden. Each chapter explores a different theme of garden pattern, including: • Plants with Pattern: Leaf Shape and Texture • Patterns within Layouts: Symmetrical and Formal • Patterns with Plants: Borders and Bedding • Patterns in Landscape: Paving and Walls • Water Patterns: Pools and Streams Additional features include profiles of patterns ingarden design history from abstract to Islamic gardens. A complete visual delight, Creative Garden Design:Patterns is a classic work that deserves pride of place on every garden designer’s bookshelf.

Gardening Perennial Garden Design Ideas and Planting Tips How to Build and Maintain a Raised Bed Garden

Author : Jennifer Knowles
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The red rose has long been a symbol of love. But the world of roses is much more diverse, with many varieties and colors to choose from. In this book, we have compiled beautiful rose gardens, ideas for using roses in floral arrangements, and answers to our readers’ questions about roses. We hope you enjoy these resources and get ideas for using roses in your own garden. In Introduction to this book, you will discover: The 7 best vegetables to grow in a container How to avoid turning your herbs into yet another wilted failure – enjoy fresh flavors all year round How you can reap the benefits of a well-cared-for container garden Tips and tricks that even a first-time gardener will understand – and an expert green thumb will still benefit from How you can prevent your plants from drowning, and give them the right amount of water instead What containers are the best home for your plants Plant-specific optimal conditions to give your plant the best, longest life that it can possibly live Are you building a raised bed garden, or are you looking to improve your raised bed crops? You have come to the right place. As a long-time raised bed gardener, I am thrilled to see how many of you are looking to start your raised beds for the very first time – and want to make sure you get off on the right foot. So I write this book to share with you everything you need to start your raised beds gardening! Let's enjoy it!