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Green Encounters

Author : Luis A. Vivanco
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Since the 1970s and 1980s, Monte Verde, Costa Rica has emerged as one of the most renowned sites of nature conservation and ecotourism in Costa Rica, and some would argue, Latin America. It has received substantial attention in literature and media on tropical conservation, sustainable development, and tourism. Yet most of that analysis has uncritically evaluated the Monte Verde phenomenon, using celebratory language and barely scratching the surface of the many-faceted socio-cultural transformations provoked by and accompanying environmentalism. Because of its stature, Monte Verde represents an ideal case study to examine the socio-cultural and political complexities and dilemmas of practicing environmentalism in rural Costa Rica. Based on many years of close observation, this book offers rich and original material on the ongoing struggles between environmental activists and of collective and oppositional politics to Monte Verde's new "culture of nature."

Unravelling Encounters

Author : Caitlin Janzen
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This multidisciplinary book brings together a series of critical engagements regarding the notion of ethical practice. As a whole, the book explores the question of how the current neo-liberal, socio-political moment and its relationship to the historical legacies of colonialism, white settlement, and racism inform and shape our practices, pedagogies, and understanding of encounters in diverse settings. The contributors draw largely on the work of Sara Ahmed’s Strange Encounters: Embodied Others in Post-Coloniality, each chapter taking up a particular encounter and unravelling the elements that created that meeting in its specific time and space. Sites of encounters included in this volume range from the classroom to social work practice and from literary to media interactions, both within Canada and internationally. Paramount to the discussions is a consideration of how relations of power and legacies of oppression shape the self and others, and draw boundaries between bodies within an encounter. From a social justice perspective, Unravelling Encounters exposes the political conditions that configure our meetings with one another and inquires into what it means to care, to respond, and to imagine oneself as an ethical subject.

Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac Interviews and Encounters

Author : Sean Egan
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This collection of interviews across the entirety of Fleetwood Mac's career features articles from many celebrated publications as well as interviews that have never previously appear in print. Edited by Sean Egan, Fleetwood Mac On Fleetwood Mac is a fascinating insight into an era-defining rock band. Fleetwood Mac was a triumph from the beginning - their first album was the UK's bestselling album of 1968, and their 1977 album 'Rumours' became one of history's immortals, a true classic that remained in the charts for years and public affection forever. In the press, the ethereal Californian Stevie Nicks, the tormented rocker Lindsey Buckingham, the dignified English rose Christine McVie, the blunt-speaking John McVie, and the loquacious Mick Fleetwood have all regularly been astoundingly candid. In Fleetwood Mac On Fleetwood Mac, readers will learn the Fleetwood Mac story from the band members' own mouths, and experience it contemporaneously rather than through hindsight. Editor Sean Egan is an author and journalist who has interviewed members of Fleetwood Mac, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and many others.

Material Encounters and Indigenous Transformations in the Early Colonial Americas

Author :
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Material Encounters and Indigenous Transformations in the Early Colonial Americas brings together 15 archaeological case studies that offer new perspectives on colonial period interactions in the Caribbean and surrounding areas through a specific focus on material culture and indigenous agency.

Critical Encounters in Secondary English

Author : Deborah Appleman
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Because of the emphasis placed on nonfiction and informational texts by the Common Core State Standards, literature teachers all over the country are re-evaluating their curriculum and looking for thoughtful ways to incorporate nonfiction into their courses. They are also rethinking their pedagogy as they consider ways to approach texts that are outside the usual fare of secondary literature classrooms. The Third Edition of Critical Encounters in Secondary English provides an integrated approach to incorporating nonfiction and informational texts into the literature classroom. Grounded in solid theory with new field-tested classroom activities, this new edition shows teachers how to adapt practices that have always defined good pedagogy to the new generation of standards for literature instruction. New for the Third Edition: A new preface and new introduction that discusses the CCSS and their implications for literature instruction. Lists of nonfiction texts at the end of each chapter related to the critical lens described in that chapter. A new chapter on new historicism, a critical lens uniquely suited to interpreting nonfiction and informational sources. New classroom activities created and field-tested specifically for use with nonfiction texts. Additional activities that demonstrate how informational texts can be used in conjunction with traditional literary texts. “What a smart and useful book!” —Mike Rose, University of California, Los Angeles “[This book] has enriched my understanding both of teaching literature and of how I read. I know of no other book quite like it.” —Michael W. Smith, Temple University, College of Education “I have recommended Critical Encounters to every group of preservice and practicing teachers that I have taught or worked with and I will continue to do so.” —Ernest Morrell, director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME), Teachers College, Columbia University

Encounters with the Holy Spirit

Author : John ` Piippo
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This book is a collection of essays on the Holy Spirit from Christian leaders who are active in Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries. It is the story of a conference that became a family. The chapters present a biblical and theological understanding of the Holy Spirit, with stories of experiencing and encountering the Spirit. Like both wings of an airplane are needed to get off the ground and soar, soaring with God’s Spirit requires good thinking about the Spirit and encounters and experiences with the Spirit. We believe you will discover both in this collection of essays. You will gain deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit’s ways. We pray this will culminate in a life of greater experience with God. May the Holy Spirit encourage, strengthen, illuminate, and empower you as you read this book!

The Tourism Encounter

Author : Florence Babb
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In recent decades, several Latin American nations have experienced political transitions that have caused a decline in tourism. In spite of—or even because of—that history, these areas are again becoming popular destinations. This work reveals that in post-conflict nations, tourism often takes up where social transformation leaves off and sometimes benefits from formerly off-limits status. Comparing cases in Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru, Babb shows how tourism is a major force in remaking transitional nations. While tourism touts scenic beauty and colonial charm, it also capitalizes on the desire for a brush with recent revolutionary history. In the process, selective histories are promoted and nations remade. This work presents the diverse stories of those linked to the trade and reveals how interpretations of the past and desires for the future coincide and collide in the global marketplace of tourism.

Provoking Curriculum Encounters Across Educational Experience

Author : Teresa Strong-Wilson
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This book collects recent and creative theorizing emerging in the fields of curriculum studies and curriculum theory, through an emphasis on provoking encounters. Drawn from a return to foundational texts, the emphasis on an ‘encountering’ curriculum highlights the often overlooked, pre-conceptual aspects of the educational experience; these aspects include the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of teaching and learning. The book highlights that immediate components of one’s encounters with education—across formal and informal settings—comprise a large part of the teaching and learning processes. Chapters offer both close readings of specific work from the curriculum theory archive, as well as engagements with cutting-edge conceptual issues across disciplinary lines, with contributions from leading and emerging scholars across the field of curriculum studies. This book will be of great interest to researchers, academics and post-graduate students in the fields of curriculum studies and curriculum theory.

Green Indonesia

Author : Ilsa Sharp
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Tropical rainforests, covering only 7 per cent of the earth's land surface, are the world's oldest ecosystem and house over 50% of all plant and animal species. The Indonesian archipelago contains over 10% of the world's total rainforest area, housing over 4000 species of tree, 500 differentmammals, and 1500 bird species. This beautiful and lavishly illustrated book is a celebration of Indonesia's unique and diverse rainforests - their ecology, biological diversity, and habitants.

Alien Encounters in Angel Grove

Author : Gabriel P. Cooper
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Celebrate the Power Rangers' 25th anniversary with this eye-witness account of Angel Grove's earliest invaders. Take a trip across the cosmos with this comprehensive guide to the original alien invasions in Angel Grove. From notoriously nefarious villains like Rita Repulsa to goofball goons like Pumpkin Rapper, discover a world of monsters, mutants, beasts, and baddies in this collectible book for fans of all ages.

Cultural Encounters and Homoeroticism in Sri Lanka

Author : Robert Aldrich
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Ceylon, or Sri Lanka, was long known to travellers for its luxuriant landscapes, colourful temples and friendly inhabitants – the island once named Serendip. This book explores the sojourns of gay visitors from the late 1800s to the modern day, providing a history of homosexuality, travel and cultural encounter on the island. The book offers profiles of major figures in Sri Lankan culture and of homosexual visitors, both famous and infamous, to the island. It discusses the experiences of sojourners including the Victorian social reformer Edward Carpenter and the German naturalist Ernst Haeckel, such British and American writers as Paul Bowles and Arthur C. Clarke, and the Australian painter Donald Friend. It also pays particular attention to Lionel Wendt, one of the most important modernist photographers outside Europe. For these figures, an erotic appreciation of young men whom they encountered mixed with interest in Sinhalese art, Buddhist and Hindu spirituality, and the flora and fauna of the island. Their experiences influenced modern writing, art and dance. Cultural influences moved in both directions, however, and Sri Lankans also found inspiration from abroad. The book argues that homosexuals played a major role in the transmission of cultural influences from Sri Lanka to the rest of the world, and from the wider world to this Indian Ocean island. Providing an original analysis of gay cultures in Sri Lanka from Victorian encounters to the present day, this book is the first study of Sri Lanka as a site of gay travel. An excellent study of trans-national cultural exchange, sexuality and the relationships between them, it will be of interest to academics in the field of Asian Studies, Colonial History and Gay and Queer Studies.

Real Encounters Different Dimensions and Otherworldy Beings

Author : Brad Steiger
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An expert on the unexplained and paranormal research, Brad and Sherry Steiger turn their unique and remarkable talents to the bold storytelling of encounters with the unknown from throughout the ages. From mysterious strangers and unpredictable beings to weird behavior and paranormal phenomena, they investigate claims of visits from ghastly ghosts, otherworldly creatures, aliens living among us, phantoms, spirits and other accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Over 130 astounding accounts of Real Encounters with the supernatural, such as ... *Visitors from others worlds who have had Earth under surveillance for centuries, conducting their activities in secret-- even abducting humans for their own research and undeclared ends. *Members of secret societies who developed an advanced technology centuries ago which has been kept hidden in underground or undersea cities. *Time Travelers from the Future. Beings who claim to be our descendents from the future who are returning to study the true destiny of humankind. *Ghosts that haunt people, places, and things--and poltergeists that create havoc. *Beasties and monsters found in everyone’s worst nightmares--and sometimes in their campsites, fields, and yards. *Other Dimensional Visitors, Beings, Creatures, or Entities that come not from a faraway world in our solar system or any other, but from an adjacent space-time continuum existing on another vibrational/dimensional frequency or level. *Previously unknown, unidentified terrestrial life-forms, such beings as "sky-critters," "sky fish,” “rods,” and “orbs.” *As yet unknown physical energies that may be activated by the psyche, the unconscious level of the human mind. *Archetypal creatures and entities of the collective unconscious that are the result of energies that are accessible through dreams, meditations, and other states of altered consciousness. *Interactions with beings that have been dubbed elves, fairies, devas throughout the centuries. *The marvelous, creative facet of dreams. *Out-of-body mind-traveling through Time and Space. *Majestic beings who are described in the scriptures of many world religions as angels or demons.

The Encounter

Author : Susan Grogan
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Supernatural rulers of darkness are behind an American Hiroshima, fulfilling Biblical prophecy and ushering in the one-world government of the Antichrist. Jaron Fuller and Mandy Harris are conducting a Bible prophecy conference in Los Angeles, unaware of the impending disaster. Will they leave before Los Angeles is vaporized by the approaching nuclear missile?

Six Encounters with Lincoln

Author : Elizabeth Brown Pryor
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Winner of the Barondess/Lincoln Award from The Civil War Round Table of New York “Fascinating reading. . .this book eerily reflects some of today’s key issues.” – The New York Times Book Review From an award-winning historian, an engrossing look at how Abraham Lincoln grappled with the challenges of leadership in an unruly democracy An awkward first meeting with U.S. Army officers, on the eve of the Civil War. A conversation on the White House portico with a young cavalry sergeant who was a fiercely dedicated abolitionist. A tense exchange on a navy ship with a Confederate editor and businessman. In this eye-opening book, Elizabeth Brown Pryor examines six intriguing, mostly unknown encounters that Abraham Lincoln had with his constituents. Taken together, they reveal his character and opinions in unexpected ways, illustrating his difficulties in managing a republic and creating a presidency. Pryor probes both the political demons that Lincoln battled in his ambitious exercise of power and the demons that arose from the very nature of democracy itself: the clamorous diversity of the populace, with its outspoken demands. She explores the trouble Lincoln sometimes had in communicating and in juggling the multiple concerns that make up being a political leader; how conflicted he was over the problem of emancipation; and the misperceptions Lincoln and the South held about each other. Pryor also provides a fascinating discussion of Lincoln’s fondness for storytelling and how he used his skills as a raconteur to enhance both his personal and political power. Based on scrupulous research that draws on hundreds of eyewitness letters, diaries, and newspaper excerpts, Six Encounters with Lincoln offers a fresh portrait of Lincoln as the beleaguered politician who was not especially popular with the people he needed to govern with, and who had to deal with the many critics, naysayers, and dilemmas he faced without always knowing the right answer. What it shows most clearly is that greatness was not simply laid on Lincoln’s shoulders like a mantle, but was won in fits and starts.

Intellect Encounters Faith A Synthesis

Author : John Tracy Greene
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Intellect Encounters Faith – A Synthesis is a Festschrift crafted to honor a renaissance man: a literary tribute to Dr. Jay Harold Ellens that has been long overdue. While attending the 2014 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature at the University of Vienna (July 6–10), Professor Ellens celebrated his eighty-second birthday. He is still a most engaged and active scholar, practicing clinical psychologist, and military chaplain (with the rank of Colonel). He publishes widely in Second Temple Judaism, and works that are on the cusp between religious studies/history of religions and psychology, as well as spirituality. He is a marvel to behold and is an excellent, indefatigable Vorbild for both professional colleagues, as well as an ever-growing number of aspiring scholars he mentors. He is the model of the modern peripatetic scholar. The Festschrift acknowledges the major foci of Professor Doctor Ellens’ own work: Psychology, Religious Literature, and Military History. Moreover, there are included in this volume several personal reflections by some of his friends and colleagues, also. The essays/chapters contained herein are works of deep and broad scholarship. Yet, they are deeply personal tributes to a master pedagogue who has touched many lives in many walks of life. All, however, reflect Professor Ellens’ influence on the contributors as if one is looking at them through their writings and seeing him. The reader will find this a most informative volume, and will return to it often as an up-to-date reference work on trends in religious studies, psychology, psychology of religion(s), and even the archaeology of the Second Jewish Temple period. One will discover between these covers a rare and valuable reference work that honors a rare, prolific, and generous man.

Close Encounters of the Invasive Kind

Author : Sarah Seymore
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Before the breakthrough of postcolonial studies, British science-fiction authors already saw the opportunity to discuss political and ethical issues of imperialism by projecting human history and behavior onto the alien 'Other.' In this thesis, the case studies of 15 novels of alien-encounter science fiction illuminate the treatment of colonial and postcolonial concepts - such as colonialism, neo-colonialism, Empire, paternalism, hybridity, mimicry and science and technology - as a means of conquest and resistance. The analysis also shows that the Empire is still a vital background for British science fiction. Thesis. (Series: Anglistik / Amerikanistik; English / American Studies - Vol. 35)

Wildlife Encounters

Author : Nicolette Scourse
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Nicolette Scourse is an entertaining and marvellously perceptive guide to the wild places and creatures of southern seas. Reminiscent of Sir Peter Scott's famous travel diaries for its vivid descriptions, and deft illustrations of life in the wild, Nicolette's colourful story-telling draws you into her world so completely that you soon feel you are with her at the wild edges of the human world. Callum Roberts, Professor of Marine Conservation, Chief Scientific Advisor to Blue Planet ll, WWF UK Ambassador, author, scuba diver. A zoologist's personal encounters with living diversity, journeying into animal lives on beaches, cliffs, desert and forest shores; in cold oceans, warm seas and tropical coral reefs; and in skies above. Connections in life's incredible jigsaw are unravelled - from penguins to parrots, plankton to pelicans, whales to wallabies, whale sharks to wombats, butterflyfish to bioluminescence, dolphin-talk with dogs, and more. In these self-supporting webs of life, the mighty depend on the miniature, ancient meets modern, and mystery detective trails lead to the unexpected. Whilst the animals take the starring roles, human lives, past and present, intertwine with theirs as part of this living jigsaw whilst life affirming volunteers, park wardens and research scientists are now replacing the pieces to make a biodiverse and sustainable future.

Educational Technology and Pedagogic Encounters

Author : Yusef Waghid
File Size : 58.71 MB
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This book looks at some of the underlying theories of educational technology (means), and ways in which this technology is guided in practice (ends). The authors are intent on producing ends that prepare students to undertake new analyses and evaluations that can result in new possibilities for democratic action. Emphasis is on their understanding of and position within educational technology – as opposed to using or applying educational technology. The work is not written from the point of view that their embeddedness within educational technology has a utilitarian end in mind, but rather that their situatedness within educational technology (a practice in itself) leaves open possibilities for new ways of understanding democratic education. This book is organised into six interrelated themes that work towards the cultivation of educational technology as a human practice which guides pedagogic encounters on the basis of taking risks in relation to which the unexpected, unimaginable is always possible.

Natural Encounters

Author : Bruce M. Beehler
File Size : 25.7 MB
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A twelve-month excursion through nature’s seasons as recounted by a lifetime naturalist In this “personal encyclopedia of nature’s seasons,” lifetime naturalist Bruce Beehler reflects on his three decades of encountering nature in Washington, D.C. The author takes the reader on a year-long journey through the seasons as he describes the wildlife seen and special natural places savored in his travels up and down the Potomac River and other localities in the eastern and central United States. Some of these experiences are as familiar as observing ducks on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., or as unexpected as collecting fifty-million-year-old fossils on a Potomac beach. Beyond our nation’s capital, Beehler describes trips to nature’s most beautiful green spaces up and down the East Coast that, he says, should be on every nature lover’s bucket list. Combining diary entries, riffs on natural subjects, field trips, photographs, and beautiful half-tone wash drawings, this book shows how many outdoor adventures are out there waiting in one’s own backyard. The author inspires the reader to embrace nature to achieve a more peaceful existence.

Storytelling the Bible at the Creation Museum Ark Encounter and Museum of the Bible

Author : Paul Thomas
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Paul Thomas chronicles a multi-level reception study of the Bible at both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, USA. Thomas explores the commercial presentation of biblical narratives and the reception of those narratives by the patrons of each attraction, focusing upon three topics; what do young Creationists believe, how they interpret their beliefs from the Bible, and what is the user experience at the museums? The volume begins by explaining how Answers in Genesis (AiG) use Bible passages to support young-Earth creationist arguments, allowing for the chance to consider the Bible via physical means. Thomas then examines how the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter visitors receive the Bible (as presented by AiG) and how this presentation informs visitors' understanding of the text, exploring concepts such as the most prominent displays of the two attractions, the larger context of museums and theme parks and the case studies of the Methuselah display and The Noah Interview. He concludes with the summary of the user experience generated by the attractions, analyzing the degree to which patrons accept, negotiate, or resist the interpretation of the Bible offered by AiG.