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Growing Up in Transit

Author : Danau Tanu
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In this compelling study of the children of serial migrants, Danau Tanu argues that the international schools they attend promote an ideology of being “international” that is Eurocentric. Despite the cosmopolitan rhetoric, hierarchies of race, culture and class shape popularity, friendships and romance on campus. By going back to high school for a year, Tanu befriended transnational youth, often called “Third Culture Kids”, to present their struggles with identity, belonging and internalized racism in their own words. The result is the first engaging, anthropological critique of the way Western-style cosmopolitanism is institutionalized as cultural capital to reproduce global socio-cultural inequalities.

Murder at Transit

Author : Clif Militello
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A Threat has been made. A potential Serial Killer is targeting Transit. The City is put on Alert. Special Agents Thomas Banner and Joseph Sorelo from the TaskForce, have been assigned the case. Is it a Disgruntled Employee past or present? Is he/she an Imposter? Maybe, its a Terrorist group, or some poor sole who wants to take out their frustration, after years of anonymity? This isnt a case of who done it, rather Its a case of Who Might Do It?

A Young Soldier s Memoirs My One Year Growing Up in 1965 Korea

Author : Julio A. Martinez
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The pages of this book vividly conjure up the sights and smells and sounds of Martinez’s adventures in Korea. He enthusiastically spent every free moment traveling everywhere, taking hundreds of photographs, teaching himself to speak, read, and write the language. Nothing escaped his youthful eyes, from ancient temples to rice planting and harvesting to little known facets of the country’s rich 5,000 year old culture. His exuberance with each of his discoveries is faithfully recorded, as are the familiar things we all felt—homesickness and fear, camaraderie and purpose. If you want to see the Korea of forty-five years ago through the bright eyes of a nineteen-year old soldier from Texas with a truly remarkable memory for every detail, this is the best way to do it.—William Roskey, Author of MUFFLED SHOTS: A Year on the DMZ

Growing Sideways in Twenty first Century British Culture

Author : Anne Malewski
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This volume examines changing boundaries between childhood and adulthood in British society and culture at the beginning of the twenty-first century − where these age boundaries are widely debated, policed, and contested − to investigate alternatives to conventional ideas of growing up. Building on observations, especially in children’s literature criticism, that human growth is shaped by a grand narrative that privileges adulthood, and on terminologies of non-normative growth, particularly in queer theory, this monograph develops growing sideways as a concept that queers this grand narrative by destabilising childhood and adulthood, and the boundaries between them. The concept is refined through close readings of twenty-first century British children’s literature, television series, film, and participatory events, troubling age boundaries via specific strategies in three conceptual areas: appearance, play, and space. Exploring power structures around age and gender, this monograph traces growing sideways as a distinct and important alternative discourse of human growth.

The Challenge of the Threshold

Author : Jocelyne Streiff-Fenart
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The containment policies aimed at regulating immigration flows towards Europe and emerging economies like South Africa have profoundly altered the dynamics of migration in Africa. Drawing on original empirical research, this volume explores the notion of threshold as an operative concept to envisage in turn: the discursive frameworks of containment policies, the challenges to local spaces and their equilibrium, and finally, the sense of liminality experienced by migrants caught in those situations.

Third Culture Kids

Author : David C. Pollock
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For more than a decade, Third Culture Kids has been the authority on "TCKs" - children of expatriates, missionaries, military personnel and others who live and work abroad. With a significant part of their developmental years spent outside of their passport country, TCKs create their own, unique "third" cultures. Authors Pollock and Van Reken pioneered the TCK profile, which brought to light the emotional and psychological realities that come with the TCK journey, often resulting in feelings of rootlessness and grief but also an increased confidence and ability to interact with many cultures. Through interviews and personal writings, this new, expanded edition explores the challenges and benefits that TCKs encounter, and also widens the net to discuss the experiences of CCKs, cross-cultural kids, who are immigrants, international adoptees or the children of biracial or bicultural parents. Highlighting dramatic changes brought about by instant communication and ever-evolving mobility patterns, Third Culture Kids reveals the hidden diversity in our world and challenges traditional notions of identity and "home" - and shows us how the TCK experience is becoming increasingly common and valuable.

Mixed Race in Asia

Author : Zarine L. Rocha
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Mixed racial and ethnic identities are topics of increasing interest around the world, yet studies of mixed race in Asia are rare, despite its particular salience for Asian societies. Mixed Race in Asia seeks to reorient the field to focus on Asia, looking specifically at mixed race in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and India. Through these varied case studies, this collection presents an insightful exploration of race, ethnicity, mixedness and belonging, both in the past and present. The thematic range of the chapters is broad, covering the complexity of lived mixed race experiences, the structural forces of particular colonial and post-colonial environments and political regimes, and historical influences on contemporary identities and cultural expressions of mixedness. Adding significant richness and depth to existing theoretical frameworks, this enlightening volume develops markedly different understandings of, and recognizes nuances around, what it means to be mixed, practically, theoretically, linguistically and historically. It will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral and other researchers interested in fields such as Race and Ethnicity, Sociology and Asian Studies.

The Cambridge Companion to John Cage

Author : David Nicholls
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Thinking about Belonging in Youth Studies

Author : Anita Harris
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This book takes a global perspective to address the concept of belonging in youth studies, interrogating its emergence as a reoccurring theme in the literature and elucidating its benefits and shortcomings. While belonging offers new alignments across previously divergent approaches to youth studies, its pervasiveness in the field has led to criticism that it means both everything and nothing and thus requires deeper analysis to be of enduring value. The authors do this work to provide an accessible, scholarly account of how youth studies uses belonging by focusing on transitions, participation, citizenship and mobility to address its theoretical and historical underpinnings and its prevalence in youth policy and research.

Lives in Transit

Author : Wendy A. Vogt
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Lives in Transit chronicles the dangerous journeys of Central American migrants in transit through Mexico. Drawing on fieldwork in humanitarian aid shelters and other key sites, Wendy A. Vogt examines the multiple forms of violence that migrants experience as their bodies, labor, and lives become implicated in global and local economies that profit from their mobility as racialized and gendered others. She also reveals new forms of intimacy, solidarity, and activism that have emerged along transit routes over the past decade. Through the stories of migrants, shelter workers, and local residents, Vogt encourages us to reimagine transit as a site of both violence and precarity as well as social struggle and resistance.