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Guesses at Purpose in Nature

Author : William Powell James
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Guesses at Truth

Author : Julius Charles Hare
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Guesses at Truth by Two Brothers Second edition with large additions Second Series

Author : Julius Charles HARE (Archdeacon of Lewes. and HARE (Augustus William))
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Guesses at Truth New edition

Author : Julius Charles HARE (Archdeacon of Lewes. and HARE (Augustus William))
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Hints and Guesses

Author : Christopher J. Knight
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The author of four truly important novels--The Recognitions in 1955, J R in 1975, Carpenter's Gothic in 1985, and A Frolic of His Own in 1995--William Gaddis is considered by many literary scholars to be one of the most outstanding novelists of the twentieth century, to be spoken of in the same breath as James Joyce, Robert Musil, and Thomas Pynchon. Hints and Guesses: William Gaddis's Fiction of Longing is the first scholarly work to discuss all four Gaddis novels. While not dismissing the inclination of many scholars to view Gaddis's fiction as postmodern, Christopher Knight moves critical response in another direction, toward a discussion of Gaddis's significance as a satirist and social critic. Knight investigates Gaddis's predominant thematic interests, including those of contemporary aesthetics, Flemish painting, forgery, corporate America, Third World politics, and the U.S. legal system. What Knight finds is an author not only acutely sensitive to post-war social realities but also one whose critique carries with it an implied utopian dimension.

What my thoughts are or Glimpses and guesses of things seen and unseen

Author : What
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Guesses at Truth by Two Brothers

Author : Julius Charles Hare
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Guesses at the Beautiful

Author : Richard Realf
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The Nature of Expertise in Professional Acting

Author : Helga Noice
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For nearly 25 years, expertise has been considered an important testing ground for theories of cognition. Cognitive scientists have examined experts as diverse as chess masters, waiters, field-hockey players, and computer programmers. Recently, increased attention has been given to the arts, including dance, music appreciation and performance, and literary analysis. It is therefore somewhat surprising that--except for the authors' program of research dating from the late 1980s--virtually no studies on the cognitive processes of professional actors can be found in the literature. These experts not only routinely memorize hours of verbal material in a very short time, but they retrieve it verbatim along with the accompanying gestures, movements, thoughts, and emotions of the characters. The mental processes involved in this task constitute the subject of this recent research and are described in detail in this book.

Guesses at the Riddle of Existence

Author : Goldwin Smith
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Parallel Problem Solving from Nature PPSN IV

Author : Werner Ebeling
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Content Description #Includes bibliographical references and index.

How to Read Human Nature Its Inner States and Outer Forms

Author : William Walker Atkinson
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We Moderns Enigmas and Guesses

Author : Edwin Muir
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The Nature and Growth of Modern Mathematics

Author : Edna Ernestine Kramer
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Now available in a one-volume paperback, this book traces the development of the most important mathematical concepts, giving special attention to the lives and thoughts of such mathematical innovators as Pythagoras, Newton, Poincare, and Godel. Beginning with a Sumerian short story--ultimately linked to modern digital computers--the author clearly introduces concepts of binary operations; point-set topology; the nature of post-relativity geometries; optimization and decision processes; ergodic theorems; epsilon-delta arithmetization; integral equations; the beautiful ideals of Dedekind and Emmy Noether; and the importance of purifying mathematics. Organizing her material in a conceptual rather than a chronological manner, she integrates the traditional with the modern, enlivening her discussions with historical and biographical detail. -- "Wall Street Journal"

Our Worship of Primitive Social Guesses

Author : Edwin C. Walker
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On Love Psychological Exercises

Author : A.R. Orage
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Contains two great works by Orage that are invaluable resources for students on the path of self-development. Students of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky will enjoy this special collection. On Love includes "Talks with Katherine Mansfield at Fontainebleau" and aphorisms given to Orage's pupils who were taught Gurdjieff's methods and system from 1924 to 1930. Psychological Exercises presents over 200 exercises to increase the flexibility and scope of the mind.

Guesses at Truths Ethical Social Political and Literary

Author : David Christie Murray
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Consciousness Explained

Author : Daniel C. Dennett
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This book revises the traditional view of consciousness by claiming that Cartesianism and Descartes' dualism of mind and body should be replaced with theories from the realms of neuroscience, psychology and artificial intelligence. What people think of as the stream of consciousness is not a single, unified sequence, the author argues, but "multiple drafts" of reality composed by a computer-like "virtual machine". Dennett considers how consciousness could have evolved in human beings and confronts the classic mysteries of consciousness: the nature of introspection, the self or ego and its relation to thoughts and sensations, and the level of consciousness of non-human creatures.

A Dictionary of the English Language

Author : Robert Gordon Latham
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The Future of the Universe and the Future of Our Civilization

Author : V. Burdyuzha
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The first of its kind, the Symposium on the Future of the Universe and the Future of our Civilization examined the current status and future evolution of the Universe, the Galaxy, the stars and the Sun. Among the major subjects of discussion were: (1) How was our Universe born? (2) How do the Sun and the stars evolve? (3) What is the destiny of the solar system and the Universe? (4) What are the origins and the future of the biosphere of the Earth? (5) What are the prospects of survival of human civilization? Special attention was devoted to analysis of humanitarian and philosophical problems of evolution of humankind on the planet Earth and in the Universe. Among them were methodological, economic, sociological and medical aspects of the progress of civilization. Scientists from different countries put forward some practical proposals, including those describing the possible ways out of the systemic crisis of our civilization.