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Guide to Reprints 2007

Author : K. G. Saur Editorial Staff
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Guide to Reprints 2006

Author : K G Saur Books
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Guide to Reprints 2006

Author : ANONIMO
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The established reference work Guide to Reprints has been radically reworked for this edition. Bibliographical data was substantially increased where information was obtainable. In addition, the user-friendliness of Guide to Reprints was raised to the high level of other K.G. Saur directories through author-title cross-references, a subject volume, a person index and a publisher index. In this edition, the directory lists more than 60,000 titles from more than 350 publishers.

Zoroastrianism A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Jenny Rose
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The significance of the Zoroastrian religion in the development of the history of thought is often only mentioned in passing, or is completely overlooked. Zoroastrianism has developed over a span of at least three thousand years, with roots in a common Indo-Iranian culture and mythology, then becoming part of imperial Iranian ideology within an Ancient Near Eastern setting, and emerging in variant forms in western and central Asia in late antiquity. The religion continues as a living faith for an estimated 130 - 150,000 adherents in the world. Most Zoroastrians if asked, 'In a nutshell, what do Zoroastrians believe?' would begin their answer with the moral maxim: 'Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.' Zoroastrianism: A Guide for the Perplexed takes this foundational trifold ethic as the framework for its three main chapters. The book presents a comprehensive study of the religion through its focus on the questions that perplexed seekers might ask of a Zoroastrian concerning ideology and ethics; current discussions of 'text' and 'author'; and the putting-into-practice of the religion.


Author : Donald L. Wilkes
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Teen Guide was updated 2013 Advance praise for Teen Guide Job Search: Ten Steps to Your Future "The basic tools presented in your book have far-reaching uses " -Pamela Simon, human resources generalist "The book should benefit students tremendously." -Anne Duffy, career education, Alhambra School District What is one important lesson not being taught in schools today? How to get a job! In the easy-to-read guide Teen Guide Job Search: Ten Steps to Your Future, authors Donald L. Wilkes and Viola Hamilton-Wilkes share everything you need to know about finding a job and offer helpful advice about what to expect once you start working. Teen Guide Job Search outlines ten steps to prepare teens for a successful job search and subsequent employment, including the following: Learning your likes and dislikes Putting together a resume Considering employment sources Dressing for success Preparing for interviews Understanding on-the-job dos and don'ts Also provided are definitions for difficult words used in interviews and on employment applications. Teen Guide Job Search prepares students for successful, fearless job hunting and provides tips for professional behavior.

Mosby s PDQ for Respiratory Care Revised Reprint2

Author : Helen Schaar Corning
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mosby s PDQ for Respiratory Care Revised Reprint E Book

Author : Helen Schaar Corning
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Find critical respiratory care information fast! Comprehensive and precise, this portable guide provides rapid access to vital respiratory procedures, facts, and formulas with an emphasis on critical care. It fits easily into your pocket, and the spiral binding allows it to lie flat on any given page. Whether you use it as a clinical resource, a study tool, or a quick refresher, this full-color resource offers quick access to just the right amount of practical, must-know information – essential for boosting your confidence at the point of care. A quick-reference format provides all of the key information you need with fast-access to respiratory care guidelines, including assessment, arterial blood gases, EKGs, medications, and PFTs. You’ll also find essential information on pulmonary diseases, equipment disinfection, and neonatal and pediatric care. Waterproof and stain-resistant pages keep your PDQ reference guide performing like new in any clinical setting. Color coded tabs feature a table of contents with page references, making it easy to quickly locate key information within each section. Full color design includes illustrations and clarifies important facts to help you easily find what you need. Commonly used and updated clinical information, including tables, formulas, equations, algorithms, and lab values – all necessary to deliver safe and efficient care. AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines content has been redesigned into easy-to-use, compact algorithms. The latest asthma guidelines Increased coverage of neonatal and pediatric care Expanded BLS and ACLS protocols; updated medications, therapies, and therapeutic devices; and updated ventilator modes More formulas and facts than in the previous edition

Guide to Reprints

Author :
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CXC Study Guide English A for CSEC

Author : Ken Haworth
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Developed exclusively with the Caribbean Examinations Council, this Study Guide will provide you with the support to maximise your performance in CSEC English A. Written by a team of experts in the syllabus and the examination, this Study Guide covers all the essential information and has online support. Each topic begins with key learning outcomes and contains a range of features to enhance your study of the subject.

Kuala Lumpur Street Names A Guide to Their Meanings and Histories

Author : Mariana Isa
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Street names are a many-layered thing – crystallising various eras of history and celebrating multiple generations of people. As the federal capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur’s street names reflect its rich mix of cultures and its journey from colonial past to nationhood. This encyclopedic A-to-Z guide explains the meanings and origins of KL’s street names – those named after notable persons, after prominent landmarks, after local flora and fauna, etc. Themed street names within a particular area are also identified, e.g. the cluster of streets in Taman Sri Bahtera named after traditional Malay boats. Of particular interest is the renaming of streets over the years, ranging from literal translations (e.g. “Church Road” becoming “Jalan Gereja”), to completely new names (“Parry Road” to “Jalan P Ramlee”). Drawing on extensive research into the National Archives, the authors present their wealth of findings in a concise and easy-to-read way that will engage readers of all levels.

The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness

Author : Sherrie Vavrichek
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Speaking up for yourself has benefits, but it has costs, too. Many people who struggle with assertiveness are paralyzed by worries that they’ll seem mean, petty, or that they will hurt the other person’s feelings. Even though they want to speak up, they may keep their true needs and opinions to themselves because of these fears—eventually building stress, resentment, and alienation. The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness does not require that readers ignore the needs of others and focus solely on their own desires. Rather, this unique blend of cognitive behavioral therapy-based assertiveness training and Buddhist psychology helps readers practice assertiveness skills while caring deeply about the welfare of others. This book helps readers develop a form of assertiveness that emphasizes collaboration, negotiation, and compromise. It focuses on speaking up for the benefit of others and speaking up for the relationship, not just one’s own needs. In this way, readers learn to assert their needs in ways that match their compassionate value systems. This book is the ideal assertiveness guide for those who are afraid of rejection, have a deep concern for how others perceive them, often feel judged by others, or have difficulty expressing their feelings and needs. Readers learn to apply assertiveness skills in all domains of their lives, including in romantic relationships, as parents, at work, and in social settings.

The healthy woman A Complete Guide for All Ages

Author :
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Comprehensive health guide written in simple language and illustrated with many photographs, designed to appeal to a large audience of all cultural backgrounds, from teens to senior adults. Empowers women to: * Recognize symptoms relating to particular diseases impacting a woman's health * Explores possible treatment options * Covers the latest recommendations for key health screenings, tests, and immunizations This guidebook also contains full-color charts and diagrams to help readers understand their bodies and offers information not found in other women's health resources, such as how to teach women to read a Prescription Drug Label, explore insurance options, and tips along with graphic representations for healthy eating and managing portion sizes, and more. Includes a glossary, extensive bibliography, additional resources, and a cross-referenced index.

Maternity Nursing Revised Reprint E Book

Author : Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk
File Size : 68.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Designed to meet the needs of today’s students, Lowdermilk’s Maternity Nursing, 8th Edition — Revised Reprint addresses the fundamentals of maternity nursing with a concise, focused presentation of the care of women during the childbearing years. Integrating considerations for family, culture, and health promotion into the continuum of care, it also addresses community-based care to emphasize that nursing care takes place in many settings. Maternity Nursing focuses on childbearing issues and concerns, including care of the newborn, as well as wellness promotion and management of common women’s health problems. Critical thinking exercises present case studies of real-life situations and corresponding critical thinking questions to help you develop your analytical skills. NEW! A helpful appendix identifies text content that reflects the QSEN competencies — patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics — to assist you in developing competencies to provide safe and effective nursing care. NEW! Focus on the family recognizes the nurse’s need to integrate the family in the care of the mother and newborn and the importance of the role of the mother to the wellbeing of the family. NEW! Content updates throughout, including information on the late preterm infant and associated concerns such as feeding; guidelines on prioritization and delegation where relevant; and centering pregnancy, a new model of health care that brings women together in groups for their care. NEW! Evidence-based practice content focuses your attention on how to use current research to improve patient outcomes. NEW! Improved readability helps you learn more efficiently with shorter, more focused content discussions. NEW! 21st Century Maternity Nursing: Culturally Competent, Community Focused chapter combines introductory material, culture, and community into one chapter to help you focus on key content and concepts. NEW! Streamlined content highlights the most essential, need-to-know information.

Guide to Reference in Genealogy and Biography

Author : Mary K. Mannix
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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An excellent starting point for both reference librarians and for library users seeking information about family history and the lives of others, this resource is drawn from the authoritative database of Guide to Reference, voted Best Professional Resource Database by Library Journal readers in 2012. Biographical resources have long been of interest to researchers and general readers, and this title directs readers to the best biographical sources for all regions of the world. For interest in the lives of those not found in biographical resources, this title also serves as a guide to the most useful genealogical resources. Profiling more than 1400 print and electronic sources, this book helps connect librarians and researchers to the most relevant sources of information in genealogy and biography.

RAPID ACLS Revised Reprint E Book

Author : Barbara J Aehlert
File Size : 85.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Full-color illustrations show clear, vivid presentations of essential concepts and common cardiac rhythms for clear and easy interpretation. Concise, accessible bullet points and numbered lists make key information easy to find, read, and understand. Over 70 tables throughout the text including dysrhythmias and cardiac medications provide the basics of dysrhythmias and medications at a glance. Commonly used but rarely memorized information broken down into tables, algorithms, and acronyms help in locating essential information. Reflects the 2010 emergency cardiovascular care guidelines.

Numerical Computing with Simulink Volume 1

Author : Richard J. Gran
File Size : 20.46 MB
Format : PDF
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An introduction to computer-aided system design with Simulink: a robust, accurate, and easily used simulation tool. The author takes readers on a tour of the Simulink environment that shows how to develop a system model and execute the design steps needed to make the model into a functioning design laboratory. Included along the way are the mathematics of systems: difference equations and z transforms, ordinary differential equations (both linear and nonlinear) and Laplace transforms, and numerical methods for solving differential equations. Because specific applications require specific tools, this book introduces additional software packages that work within the Simulink environment. The author covers over 70 applications taken from several disciplines, and describes numerous tested, annotated, and reusable models and blocks to help readers apply the book's material to their own applications. Ideal for practising engineers, and students in model-based design and numerical methods. Additional material is also available online.

Study Guide for Maternity Nursing Revised Reprint E Book

Author : Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk
File Size : 37.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Study Guide for Maternity Nursing - Revised Reprint - E-Book

Ulrich Canale s Nursing Care Planning Guides 8th Edition Revised Reprint with 2021 2023 NANDA I Updates E Book

Author : Nancy Haugen
File Size : 58.89 MB
Format : PDF
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Ulrich & Canale’s Nursing Care Planning Guides, 8th Edition Revised Reprint with 2021-2023 NANDA-I® Updates - E-Book

European Studies in Asia

Author : Georg Wiessala
File Size : 85.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As countries across Asia continue to rise and become more assertive global powers, the role that Higher Education has played, and continues to play, in this process is an issue of growing pertinence. Furthermore, understanding the relationship between Europe and Asia fostered by historical and contemporary knowledge transfer, including Higher Education, is crucial to analysing and encouraging the progress of both regional integration and inter-regional cooperation. With a specific focus on international Higher Education, European Studies in Asia investigates knowledge transfer and channels of learning between Europe and Asia from historical, contemporary and teaching perspectives. The book examines a selection of significant historical precedents of intellectual dialogue between the two regions and, in turn, explores contemporary cross-regional discourses both inside and outside of the official frameworks of the European Union (EU) and the Asia--Europe Meetings (ASEM). Drawing on extensive case studies based on many of his own teaching experiences, Georg Wiessala addresses key questions, such as the nature and construction of the European Studies in Asia curriculum; aspects of ‘values’, co-constructed learning and adult pedagogy in the discipline of European Studies in Asia; the politics of Asian host cultures, the ‘internationalization’ of Asian Higher Education and the experiences and expectations of tertiary sector students of this subject in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In doing so, the author articulates a range of outcomes for the further development of Higher Education cooperation agendas between Asia and Europe, in the discipline of European Studies, and in related fields such as International Relations. This case study-led book makes an original and novel contribution to our understanding of European Studies in Asia. As such, it will be of great interest to students and scholars of Asian Education, Comparative Education, European Studies and International Relations.

A Practical Guide to the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

Author : Michael Rowlinson
File Size : 81.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides construction industry professionals with a practical and detailed guide to the NEC4 contract The NEC contract takes a collaborative, project management based approach to construction projects, which is very different to the other standard forms of construction contract. This new edition of the book covers all changes in the 4th Edition of the Engineering and Construction Contract, issued in June 2017, and will provide practical guidance to help users transitioning from NEC3 to NEC4. Inside A Practical Guide to the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract, readers will find chapters on the background of the NECECC; contract data and other documents; the‘spirit of mutual trust’; all of the individuals involved in the process (eg: project managers, clients, supervisors, subcontractors, etc.); communication issues, early warnings and other matters; quality management; titles; dealing with timing; payment processes; cost components; compensation procedures and assessments; dealing with terminations; dispute resolution; completing the contract and more. A practical guide to the application of the procedures contained in the newly issued NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract Provides detailed guidance on the use of the agreement, which is claimed to offer increased flexibility, improved clarity and greater ease of use Written specifically for people actually using and administering the NEC contracts Features 3 appendixes covering tables of clause numbers, case law and statutes; employer’s, project manager’s, supervisor’s, contractor’s and adjudicator’s actions; and communication forms and their uses. First launched in 1993, the NEC has become one of the UK's leading standard forms of contract for major construction and civil engineering projects, making A Practical Guide to the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract a must-have resource for any contractor using the latest version of this contract.