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Security and Environment in the Mediterranean

Author : Hans Günter Brauch
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In this volume security specialists, peace researchers, environmental scholars, demographers as well as climate, desertification, water, food and urbanisation specialists from the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and North America review security and conflict prevention in the Mediterranean. They also analyse NATO’s Mediterranean security dialogue and offer conceptualisations on security and perceptions of security challenges as seen in North and South. The latter half of the book analyses environmental security and conflicts in the Mediterranean and environmental consequences of World War II, the Gulf War, the Balkan wars and the Middle East conflict. It also examines factors of global environmental change: population growth, climate change, desertification, water scarcity, food and urbanisation issues as well as natural disasters. Furthermore, it draws conceptual conclusions for a fourth phase of research on human and environmental security and peace as well as policy conclusions for cooperation and partnership in the Mediterranean in the 21st century.

Coping with Global Environmental Change Disasters and Security

Author : Hans Günter Brauch
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Coping with Global Environmental Change, Disasters and Security - Threats, Challenges, Vulnerabilities and Risks reviews conceptual debates and case studies focusing on disasters and security threats, challenges, vulnerabilities and risks in Europe, the Mediterranean and other regions. It discusses social science concepts of vulnerability and risks, global, regional and national security challenges, global warming, floods, desertification and drought as environmental security challenges, water and food security challenges and vulnerabilities, vulnerability mapping of environmental security challenges and risks, contributions of remote sensing to the recognition of security risks, mainstreaming early warning of conflicts and hazards and provides conceptual and policy conclusions.

Trabajos Geologia

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Negocios ProM xico Mayo

Author : ProMéxico
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Negocios ProMéxico shows Mexico’s competitive and successful industries, as well as its positive business environment. The magazine promotes México as an excellent business case, as a competitive destination for productive investments. Through several business cases, Mexico is shown as an active player in the global economy. Negocios ProMéxico is read by investors, decision makers, exporters, and Mexican goods and/or services buyers abroad. Negocios ProMéxico is a leading communication tool edited by the Mexican federal government to promote the country’s trade and investment related opportunities.

Utopian Dreams Apocalyptic Nightmares

Author : Miguel López-Lozano
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Utopian Dreams, Apocalyptic Nightmares traces the history of utopian representations of the Americas, first on the part of the colonizers, who idealized the New World as an earthly paradise, and later by Latin American modernizing elites, who imagined Western industrialization, cosmopolitanism and consumption as a utopian dream for their independent societies. Carlos Fuentes, Homero Aridjis, Carmen Boullosa, and Alejandro Morales utilize the literary genre of dystopian science fiction to elaborate on how globalization has resulted in the alienation of indigenous peoples and the deterioration of the ecology. This book concludes that Mexican and Chicano perspectives on the past and the future of their societies constitute a key site for the analysis of the problems of underdevelopment, social injustice, and ecological decay that plague today's world. Whereas utopian discourse was once used to justify colonization, Mexican and Chicano writers now deploy dystopian rhetoric to interrogate projects of modernization, contributing to the current debate on the global expansion of capitalism. The narratives coincide in expressing confidence in the ability of Latin American and U.S. Latino popular sectors to claim a decisive role in the implementation of enhanced measures to guarantee an ecologically sound, ethnically diverse, and just society for the future of the Americas.

El hambre y la salud electronic resource

Author : Programa Mundial De Alimentos
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First Published in 2008. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

World Directory of Peace Research and Training Institutions

Author : Unesco
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Basic information on more than 580 international institutions which, through education and research, play an essential role in building a culture of peace.

New Women of Spain

Author : Elisabeth de Sotelo
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This collection of essays provides a profound insight into today's discussion of feminist positions among female Spanish scholars. The focus is placed on the social and political achievements that feminism has attained since the transition to democracy in Spain. It outlines the radical changes of the image of women. Above all, however, this reader illustrates the extent of academic research on issues of gender, which has become increasingly differentiated over the last 30 years. This book is a tremendous example of the dramatic development of feminism and the new status of women in Spain. Book jacket.

Water for Peace Organizing for water programs

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The Mediterranean Space and Its Borders

Author : Antonio Marquina Barrio
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