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Hacking Homework

Author : Starr Sackstein
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World-renowned author/educator Starr Sackstein changed how teachers view traditional grades. Now she's teaming with veteran educator, curriculum director, and international presenter Connie Hamilton to bring you10 powerful strategies for teachers and parents that promise to inspire independent learning at home, without punishments or low grades."

Fates Worse Than Death

Author : Brian St.Claire-King
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Format : PDF
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A role playing game of suspense, horror and hope in 2080 on the streets of Manhattan.

How to Grade for Learning

Author : Ken O'Connor
File Size : 89.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Implement standards-based grading practices that help students succeed! Classroom assessment methods should help students develop to their full potential, but meshing traditional grading practices with students’ achievement on standards has been difficult. Making lasting changes to grading practices requires both knowledge and willpower. Discover eight guidelines for good grading, recommendations for practical applications, and suggestions for implementing new grading practices as well as: ? The why’s and the how-to’s of implementing standards-based grading practices ? Tips from 48 nationally and internationally known authors and consultants ? Additional information on utilizing level scores rather than percentages ? Reflective exercises ? Techniques for managing grading more efficiently

How to Speak Any Language Fluently

Author : Alex Rawlings
File Size : 29.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book will give you the skills to learn to speak any language with confidence. It uses techniques that can easily be incorporated into your daily life, while making use of whatever resources you have available. Whether you are starting out with your first foreign language or wishing to add to your repetoire, you'll find a wealth of easy-to-follow advice and achievable goals. Discover how to: -Speak with greater confidence and accuracy -Effectively learn vocabulary and grammar -Use time on the internet and social media to learn a language -Read real books, websites and articles in a foreign language -Pass exams that certify your language skills

Hacking the Mission

Author : Peter McLennan
File Size : 50.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jason expects the loggers to be furious because he trashed their stuff. Why aren’t they? And why don’t they just give up, since the greenies have found something that means they can’t cut down the trees anyway? Weirdest of all, why are they messing with other people’s computers? In this sequel to Who Will Save the Planet?, the nerd in Jason can’t resist investigating. But what he discovers jeopardises the whole campaign to save the forest.

Hacking Linux Exposed

Author : Brian Hatch
File Size : 44.63 MB
Format : PDF
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Offers detailed information on Linux-specific internal and external hacks, explaining how to tighten and maintain security on Linux networks.

Hack Learning Anthology

Author : Mark Barnes
File Size : 56.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Hack Learning Anthology brings you the most innovative education Hacks from the first nine books in the Hack Learning Series. Written by 12 award-winning classroom teachers, principals, superintendents, college instructors, business owners, and international presenters, Anthology is every educator's new problem-solving handbook.

The Hacker Diaries

Author : Dan Verton
File Size : 90.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Discusses the lives, careers, and motivations of computer hackers, profiling individuals and groups including Genocide, Mafiaboy, World of Hell, and Starla Pureheart.

Hacking Exposed Unified Communications VoIP Security Secrets Solutions Second Edition

Author : Mark Collier
File Size : 66.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The latest techniques for averting UC disaster Establish a holistic security stance by learning to view your unified communications infrastructure through the eyes of the nefarious cyber-criminal. Hacking Exposed Unified Communications & VoIP, Second Edition offers thoroughly expanded coverage of today’s rampant threats alongside ready-to deploy countermeasures. Find out how to block TDoS, toll fraud, voice SPAM, voice social engineering and phishing, eavesdropping, and man-in-the-middle exploits. This comprehensive guide features all-new chapters, case studies, and examples. See how hackers target vulnerable UC devices and entire networks Defend against TDoS, toll fraud, and service abuse Block calling number hacks and calling number spoofing Thwart voice social engineering and phishing exploits Employ voice spam mitigation products and filters Fortify Cisco Unified Communications Manager Use encryption to prevent eavesdropping and MITM attacks Avoid injection of malicious audio, video, and media files Use fuzzers to test and buttress your VoIP applications Learn about emerging technologies such as Microsoft Lync, OTT UC, other forms of UC, and cloud and WebRTC

Hacking Exposed Web Applications Second Edition

Author : Joel Scambray
File Size : 77.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Implement bulletproof e-business security the proven Hacking Exposed way Defend against the latest Web-based attacks by looking at your Web applications through the eyes of a malicious intruder. Fully revised and updated to cover the latest Web exploitation techniques, Hacking Exposed Web Applications, Second Edition shows you, step-by-step, how cyber-criminals target vulnerable sites, gain access, steal critical data, and execute devastating attacks. All of the cutting-edge threats and vulnerabilities are covered in full detail alongside real-world examples, case studies, and battle-tested countermeasures from the authors' experiences as gray hat security professionals.

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All in One Exam Guide Second Edition

Author : Matt Walker
File Size : 87.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Thoroughly revised for the latest release of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v8 certification exam Fully updated for the CEH v8 exam objectives, this comprehensive guide offers complete coverage of the EC-Council's Certified Ethical Hacker exam. In this new edition, IT security expert Matt Walker discusses the latest tools, techniques, and exploits relevant to the CEH exam. You'll find learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice exam questions, and in-depth explanations. Designed to help you pass the exam with ease, this authoritative resource also serves as an essential on-the-job reference. Covers all exam topics, including: Introduction to ethical hacking Reconnaissance and footprinting Scanning and enumeration Sniffing and evasion Attacking a system Hacking web servers and applications Wireless network hacking Trojans and other attacks Cryptography Social engineering and physical security Penetration testing Electronic content includes: Hundreds of practice questions Test engine that provides customized exams by chapter

Social Engineering

Author : Christopher Hadnagy
File Size : 28.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first book to reveal and dissect the technical aspect of many social engineering maneuvers From elicitation, pretexting, influence and manipulation all aspects of social engineering are picked apart, discussed and explained by using real world examples, personal experience and the science behind them to unraveled the mystery in social engineering. Kevin Mitnick—one of the most famous social engineers in the world—popularized the term “social engineering.” He explained that it is much easier to trick someone into revealing a password for a system than to exert the effort of hacking into the system. Mitnick claims that this social engineering tactic was the single-most effective method in his arsenal. This indispensable book examines a variety of maneuvers that are aimed at deceiving unsuspecting victims, while it also addresses ways to prevent social engineering threats. Examines social engineering, the science of influencing a target to perform a desired task or divulge information Arms you with invaluable information about the many methods of trickery that hackers use in order to gather information with the intent of executing identity theft, fraud, or gaining computer system access Reveals vital steps for preventing social engineering threats Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking does its part to prepare you against nefarious hackers—now you can do your part by putting to good use the critical information within its pages.

Hacking Exposed Web Applications Third Edition

Author : Joel Scambray
File Size : 54.72 MB
Format : PDF
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The latest Web app attacks and countermeasures from world-renowned practitioners Protect your Web applications from malicious attacks by mastering the weapons and thought processes of today's hacker. Written by recognized security practitioners and thought leaders, Hacking Exposed Web Applications, Third Edition is fully updated to cover new infiltration methods and countermeasures. Find out how to reinforce authentication and authorization, plug holes in Firefox and IE, reinforce against injection attacks, and secure Web 2.0 features. Integrating security into the Web development lifecycle (SDL) and into the broader enterprise information security program is also covered in this comprehensive resource. Get full details on the hacker's footprinting, scanning, and profiling tools, including SHODAN, Maltego, and OWASP DirBuster See new exploits of popular platforms like Sun Java System Web Server and Oracle WebLogic in operation Understand how attackers defeat commonly used Web authentication technologies See how real-world session attacks leak sensitive data and how to fortify your applications Learn the most devastating methods used in today's hacks, including SQL injection, XSS, XSRF, phishing, and XML injection techniques Find and fix vulnerabilities in ASP.NET, PHP, and J2EE execution environments Safety deploy XML, social networking, cloud computing, and Web 2.0 services Defend against RIA, Ajax, UGC, and browser-based, client-side exploits Implement scalable threat modeling, code review, application scanning, fuzzing, and security testing procedures

Hacking Exposed Wireless Second Edition

Author : Johnny Cache
File Size : 54.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The latest wireless security solutions Protect your wireless systems from crippling attacks using the detailed security information in this comprehensive volume. Thoroughly updated to cover today's established and emerging wireless technologies, Hacking Exposed Wireless, second edition reveals how attackers use readily available and custom tools to target, infiltrate, and hijack vulnerable systems. This book discusses the latest developments in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and DECT hacking, and explains how to perform penetration tests, reinforce WPA protection schemes, mitigate packet injection risk, and lock down Bluetooth and RF devices. Cutting-edge techniques for exploiting Wi-Fi clients, WPA2, cordless phones, Bluetooth pairing, and ZigBee encryption are also covered in this fully revised guide. Build and configure your Wi-Fi attack arsenal with the best hardware and software tools Explore common weaknesses in WPA2 networks through the eyes of an attacker Leverage post-compromise remote client attacks on Windows 7 and Mac OS X Master attack tools to exploit wireless systems, including Aircrack-ng, coWPAtty, Pyrit, IPPON, FreeRADIUS-WPE, and the all new KillerBee Evaluate your threat to software update impersonation attacks on public networks Assess your threat to eavesdropping attacks on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and DECT networks using commercial and custom tools Develop advanced skills leveraging Software Defined Radio and other flexible frameworks Apply comprehensive defenses to protect your wireless devices and infrastructure

The Mad Hacker

Author : Anne Stephenson
File Size : 21.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Creating the Full service Homework Center in Your Library

Author : Cindy Mediavilla
File Size : 44.1 MB
Format : PDF
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A guide to setting up a homework centre in your library. It describes what constitutes an effective homework centre and features real-life examples, sample surveys, publicity and recruitment flyers, and practical advice on grant applications and collaborating with schools and educators.

Comm Ent

Author :
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A Complete Hacker s Handbook

Author : Dr. K.
File Size : 63.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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No area of computing has generated as much mythology, speculation and sheer fascination as hacking. From Hollywood's perception of hackers as sinister, threatening cyberwizards to the computer trades' claim that such people are nothing more than criminal nerds, misunderstandings abound.

Discovering Ideas

Author : Jean Wyrick
File Size : 55.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discovering Ideas is designed to help students find new techniques and strategies they can analyze and then incorporate into their own writing. It is also a collection of essays, stories, and poems carefully selected to help writers discover new ideas and create opinions that they want to talk and write about. By simultaneously providing models of good writing and provocative, challenging ideas, Discovering Ideas should help teachers guide their students from analytical reading to thoughtful discussions, and, ultimately, to the writing of their own insightful essays.

Women Power and AT T

Author : Lois Kathryn Herr
File Size : 53.83 MB
Format : PDF
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An insiders' view of women's life in the corporate world, and an invaluable case study of how reform really happens.