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Customize Your Clothes

Author : Emma Warren
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Embroidering your own clothes with the exact design you'd like adds a fun hint of personality to your wardrobe - try stitching dogs, flowers, slogans or patterns on to any garment. Using a range of stitches, techniques, materials and designs, Customize Your Clothes guides you through which tools to use, which stitches work best with certain designs, and also teaches you how to embellish with a range of materials to add a special personal statement to your items that costs next to nothing. Projects such as a plant T-shirt, a monogrammed sweater and a fun star hat make up this collection of ideas and inspiration for personalising your wardrobe. Even learn to decorate an old sweater with pom poms and cut shapes out of a pair of jeans you've had lurking in the back of your cupboard - the possibilities are endless, you just need some thread, a needle and a bit of inspiration! By customising your clothes you will have your own unique collection of items all embroidered to your taste, colour, style and design - hand-stitched by you.

Hand Embroidery Projects

Author : Ashli Heckathorn
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"Hand Embroidery Projects" helps you take your first steps to embroidering to your heart's content and creating beautiful drawings with needle and thread! You'll receive step-by-step instruction for preparing and matching threads and fabrics, working with hoops and frames, and transferring designs. This book includes: 13 types of Hand Embroidery Thread, Some Tips, DIY Heart Embroidery Sample, Embroidered Bouquet Tutorial, Sweet Posies Embroidery Pattern, Tutorial: "Love without Reason" Embroidery and Reverse Monogram Embroidery Pattern

Learning the Traditional Art of Hand Embroidery

Author : Dueep Jyot Singh
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Table of Contents Introduction General Principles of the Embroidering Art Selection of Pattern Pattern Position Pattern Laying on the Cloth Things needed Embroidery Needles Selection of the Best Thread Threading During Embroidery Finishing and Starting Yarn Working with an Embroidery Hoop – Transferring the Pattern Copying The Design onto Another Paper/Fabric Different Traditional Stitches of Embroidery Flat Stitch Group Tacking Stitch And Running Stitch Backstitch Stem Stitch Also Known As Outline Stitch Straight Stitch Satin Stitch Long and Short Stitch. Flat Stitch Fishbone and Open Fishbone Stitch Loop Stitch Group Blanket Stitch And Buttonhole Stitch Feather Stitch Double Feather Stitch Fly Stitch, Open Attached Fly Stitch, and Closed Attached Fly Stitch Chain stitch group Open Chain Stitch Twisted Chain Stitch Lazy Daisy, Wheat Ear, and Attached Wheat Ear Stitches Knotted Stitches Group French Knot Stitch Coral Stitch Bullion Stitch Finishing Your Project Blocking Your Design Mounting Appendix Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction A thing of beauty is a joy forever and Curly Locks sitting on a silk cushion and sewing a fine seam after dining off strawberries and cream are 2 clichés which have everything to do with keeping oneself adorned with something beautiful, made by one’s own hands. The instinct of beautifying one’s house and surroundings and also one’s clothes is innate in a human being. And that is why traditional designs incorporated designs, including natural symbols and figures like flowers, animals, leaves, and birds, through needle and thread on a base. Women used fishhooks and ivory needles 5000 years ago with fiber from plants like cotton thread, jute thread, and even silk thread. Even today, natural fibers are used for embroidery including silk. We do not know which particular civilization where and how long ago decided to embellish the garments one wore with embroidery. But we do know that ancient civilizations more than 5000 years ago had experts in the art of needle and thread and their families, and these housewives were proud to demonstrate their creative abilities to everyone who came to visit and admire. When the Spaniards conquered the Philippines, – 1521 to 1799- they wanted to show the natives that they were the conquerors and that is why they ordered them to wear their traditional shirt- Canga untucked in their loin cloths -bahags. The Filipinos in order to show that they were not conquered decorated these shirts with such exquisite embroidery, that each shirt worn became an admirable barong tagalog. When I was young, I had a number of these sent to me by my aunt in the Philippines, – shirts for ladies – which I wore when at college to the great admiration of all my fellow classmates. You can look at some of the examples in the Appendix and throughout the book. Each of them took anywhere between one and a half years to 3 years to make by hand by my skilled artisan friends through state aided societies for the upliftment of women.. They are now being sold all over the world through nonprofit organizations and the money going straight to the women. Traditionally, any surface which was present and visible would be embroidered upon and embellished with patterns. So this book is going to tell you all about how you can learn the traditional art of hand embroidery. After that you can try your hand at your own designs.

Love Embroidery

Author : Future Publishing Limited
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Embellish your world with beautiful embroidery! Inside Love Embroidery you'll find expert tips for both hand embroidery and freehand machine embroidery techniques, along with 56 simple but stylish projects for customizing your wardrobe, revamping your home, and making fabulous gifts. Inspirational ideas from leading designers are provided for every skill level. Start with easy projects and move into more complex designs once you've mastered the basics. Includes useful step-by-step stitch guides, advice on fabric, threads and finishing, and tips on creating original designs.

Heirloom Embroidery

Author : Jan Constantine
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These 25 exquisite hand-embroidery projects are the perfect antidote to today’s throwaway culture: they’re meant to last and to remind us how generations before us lived—appreciating, preserving, and passing down their lovingly-stitched handiwork to families and friends. Anyone would treasure this lovely array of unique textiles, which include soft furnishings, home accessories, and gifts. They’re arranged in five appealing thematic categories, all inspired by traditional designs: “Bugs and Botanicals,” “Celebrations,” “Country Garden,” “Hearts,” and “Seaside.” Create a charming apple cushion, heart-adorned apron, lavender pillow, dragonfly picture, berry wreath throw, as well as tea cozies, table runners, napkins, and sachets. The techniques—all beautifully and clearly explained—include chain and running stitches, satin stitch, French knot, and many others suitable for beginners.

Lovely Little Hand Embroidery

Author : Shirley Hudson
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“Charming . . . Hudson’s compilation will appeal to the beginner embroiderer with a yen for the ‘quick, simple, and easy.’” —Publishers Weekly Capture the magic of holidays (and every day!) with 30 hand-embroidery projects. Starting with simple stitches, you’ll add sweet sayings and motifs to home decor and gifts. Sew up country-cute pincushions, modern mug rugs, vintage-inspired pillows, and more! Whether you’re refreshing your home decor or sharing meaningful handmade gifts with a friend, you’ll love how quick and easy it is to sew up seasonal designs for each month of the year. Small, quick, and easy hand-embroidery projects to stitch all year long Bring meaning to the holidays! 30 seasonal projects to sew and share Cheerful illustrations to take your vintage-modern handmades to another level “The projects in the book are really cute and follow a season/special occasions theme. There’s something for each month, two projects for birthdays and a few extra . . . I think the book is worth it just for the cute little designs for the pincushions . . . If you’re someone who has friends that would enjoy a little quick gift, these are so perfect. The ‘Pinkeep’ I adore. The ‘Courage’ one would be great if you know anyone dealing with cancer or other hard life events.” —Jo’s Country Junction

Beginner Hand Embroidery Projects

Author : Jeremy Lockhart
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Have you ever marveled over the beauty of an embroidered pillow? How about a t-shirt that has a custom message that was done in embroidery? Now, have you ever wished that you could do that, too? Well, now you can. If you have been wanting to try embroidery, which is a beautiful way to decorate by the way, this book has many easy patterns to get you started. All of these are perfect for teaching you how to embroider and you can use the patterns to create so many beautiful things.

Colourful Fun Embroidery

Author : Clare Albans
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Be creative, de-stress and brighten up your world with these twenty-four embroidery projects for crafters of all skill levels. With projects ranging from things you could complete in an afternoon to others that you can take your time over, enjoy every step of the making process as you focus on feeling good through being creative. The finished makes will bring colour and joy to your home, workspace and wardrobe. The projects in this book allow you to craft your creative time by selecting makes according to timescale. Choose one of the “crafternoon makes” if you want that sense of joy at finishing something, a “medium makes” project for the days where you have a little more time for crafting, or for something to really take your time over you could stitch one of the longer “pick me up” projects. Each project includes step-by-step instructions, beautiful photos and inspirational ideas for how to make each project your own. So take time to be creative with this colourful, feel-good craft book! Praise for Colourful Fun Embroidery “With clear, precise instructions, Celia's book on creative embroidery is just what is needed!” —Books Monthly (UK) “Fulfilling a tall order for embroidery that generates glee, UK crafter-author Albans tries her hardest to infuse some lightness of embroidery into daily life with bright colors, perky sayings, and displayable projects. Her two dozen projects range from brooches and necklaces to banners and patchwork, each indicating the time needed to finish. Every design supports a beginning needleworker. . . . And though some projects have a very British feel (such as buntings to top a cake), many will appeal to U.S. tastes. A stitch in time might provoke some smiles. Other appendixes include embroidery materials, embroidery stitch guide, template information, and craft suppliers (primarily in the UK).” —Booklist/DESC> crafts;hobbies;needlework;embroidery projects;sewing;sewing projects;needlework projects;fashion;clothing;fashion accessories;home décor;home decorations;home accessories;embroidery samplers;embroidery hoops;stress relief CRA008000 CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Needlework / Embroidery CRA035000 CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Sewing CRA009000 CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Fashion 9781473865501 The Rise and Fall of Imperial Japan Stephen Wynn

Embroidery Basics

Author : Cheryl Fall
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How to use a variety of embroidery threads and simple stitches to create beautiful embroidered projects.

Patchwork Loves Embroidery

Author : Gail Pan
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Quilters, crafters, and embroiderers of all skill levels will be thrilled with these whimsical patterns from Australian designer Gail Pan. Featuring full-sized hand-embroidery designs, Patchwork Loves Embroidery is for anyone who wants to enjoy the relaxing hobby of putting needle to thread. Select from 15 patchwork and hand-embroidery projects, including wall hangings, table runners, totes, and fabric covers for books or folders Quickly learn the basics of hand embroidery: using the correct needle, choosing threads and fabrics, and transferring the designs Embellish projects with sweet, garden-inspired motifs ranging from charming little birds to beautiful flowers, fanciful cottages, and more