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Handbook for the Revised Common Lectionary

Author : Peter C. Bower
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This new handbook will be welcomed by all congregations using the Revised Common Lectionary. Convenient and user-friendly, this one-volume guide provides resources for the entire three-year lectionary cycle, including midweek festival days.

Handbook for the Common Lectionary

Author : Peter C. Bower
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Convenient and user-friendly, this one-volume guide provides resources for the entire three-year lectionary cycle, including midweek festival days. Brief comments on each of the three daily biblical texts identify themes for the day, musical settings for the appointed psalm are offered, organ music appropriate for the day is suggested, anthems for the day are graded according to difficulty, and hymns of the day are keyed to several hymnals. Pastors, music leaders, and worship committees will find much practical assistance for worship planning in the Handbook for the Common Lectionary.

The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in Early Modern England C 1530 1700

Author : Kevin Killeen
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The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in Early Modern England, c. 1530-1700 is the indispensable and authoritative guide to the most important book in early modern England. It is essential reading for undergraduates and postgraduates in literature, history, and theology, and an important resource for scholars across the Arts and Humanities. The Handbook includes chapters from the leading scholars in the field, covering topics from sacred geography tobiblical falsehood, translation to revolution, material culture to Milton. Sections explore issues of translation, early modern biblical scholarship, Bible dissemination and circulation, the use of the Bible as apolitical resource, literary appropriations and responses, and the reception of the text across a range of forms.

The Oxford Handbook of Ritual and Worship in the Hebrew Bible

Author : Samuel E. Balentine
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Ritual has a primal connection to the idea that a transcendent order - numinous and mysterious, supranatural and elusive, divine and wholly other - gives meaning and purpose to life. The construction of rites and rituals enables humans to conceive and apprehend this transcendent order, to symbolize it and interact with it, to postulate its truths in the face of contradicting realities and to repair them when they have been breached or diminished. This Handbook provides a compendium of the information essential for constructing a comprehensive and integrated account of ritual and worship in the ancient world. Its focus on ritual and worship from the perspective of biblical studies, as opposed to religious studies, highlights that the world of ritual and worship was a topic of central concern for the people of the Ancient Near East, including the world of the Bible. Given the scarcity of the material in the Bible itself, the authors in this collection use materials from the ancient Near East to provide a larger context for the practices of the biblical world, giving due attention to historical, anthropological, and social scientific methods that inform the context of biblical worship. The specifics of ritual and worship life-the sacred spaces, times, and actors in worship-are examined in detail, with essays covering both the divine and human aspects of the sacred dimension. The Oxford Handbook of Ritual and Worship in the Hebrew Bible considers several underlying concepts of ritual practice and closes with a theological outlook on worship and ritual from a variety of perspectives, demonstrating a fruitful exchange between biblical studies, ritual theory, and social science research.

The Oxford Handbook of Sacramental Theology

Author : Hans Boersma
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As a multi-faceted introduction to sacramental theology, the purposes of this Handbook are threefold: historical, ecumenical, and missional. The forty-four chapters are organized into the following parts five parts: Sacramental Roots in Scripture, Patristic Sacramental Theology, Medieval Sacramental Theology, From the Reformation through Today, and Philosophical and Theological Issues in Sacramental Doctrine. Contributors to this Handbook explain the diverse ways that believers have construed the sacraments, both in inspired Scripture and in the history of the Church's practice. In Scripture and the early Church, Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics all find evidence that the first Christian communities celebrated and taught about the sacraments in a manner that Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics today affirm as the foundation of their own faith and practice. Thus, for those who want to understand what has been taught about the sacraments in Scripture and across the generations by the major thinkers of the various Christian traditions, this Handbook provides an introduction. As the divisions in Christian sacramental understanding and practice are certainly evident in this Handbook, it is not thereby without ecumenical and missional value. This book evidences that the story of the Christian sacraments is, despite divisions in interpretation and practice, one of tremendous hope.

Voice Secrets

Author : Matthew Hoch
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In Voice Secrets: 100 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Singer, Matthew Hoch and Linda Lister create order out of the chaotic world of singing. They examine all aspects of singing, including nontechnical matters, such as auditioning, performance anxiety, score preparation, practice performance tips, business etiquette, and many other important topics for the advanced singer. Voice Secrets provides singers with a quick and efficient path to significant improvement, both technically and musically. It is the perfect resource for advanced students of singing, professional performers, music educators, and avid amateur musicians. The Music Secrets for the Advanced Musician series is designed for instrumentalists, singers, conductors, composers, and other instructors and professionals seeking a quick set of pointers to improve their work as performers and producers of music. Easy to use and intended for the advanced musician, contributions to Music Secrets fill a niche for those who have moved beyond what beginners and intermediate practitioners need.

Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013 2016 Pastor

Author : General Board of Discipleship
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Companion to the Psalter

Author : Robert G. Beckstrand
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Companion to the Psalter provides a quick orientation to all 150 Psalms -- making it an excellent guide for anyone who wants to use the Psalms in their Bible study or daily devotions as well as a versatile reference for pastors in their homiletic preparation. Beckstrand treats each Psalm individually, offering an outline and brief commentary that explains key words and concepts as well as suggestions for reflection and a prayer. Additional material includes a chart dividing the psalms into key groupings plus an appendix showing how each psalm fits into the lectionary.

Handbook of Contemporary Preaching

Author : Dr. Michael Duduit
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Perhaps the most encyclopedic text on preaching in any language--the finest counsel from many of the acknowledged grand masters of the contemporary pulpit, including Calvin Miller, Joel Gregory, Stuart Briscoe, James Cox, Elizabeth Achtemeier, Thomas Long, James Earl Massey and many more.

Handbook of Themes for Preaching

Author : James W. Cox
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Experts from various fields offer concise definition, analysis, and discussion of nearly one hundred preaching topics. Subjects discussed include decision-making, abortion, incarnation, poverty, education, the Ten Commandments, jealousy, wealth, stewardship, and violence and war.

Christian Worship in North America

Author : James F. White
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In recent years scholars have paid increasing attention to the richness and diversity of North American contributions to Christian worship. This volume of articles by James F. White summarizes a major segment of liturgical history (1955-1995). Characteristic North American emphases, such as liturgy and justice, are highlighted along with other issues growing out of the worship context of the New World.

Year D

Author : Timothy Matthew Slemmons
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Although one often hears of the need to preach "the whole counsel of God," few resources have seriously and specifically attempted to assist the preacher and planner of worship to do just that--until now. Year D makes the case for the need and promise of supplementing the Revised Common Lectionary with a fourth year of lections and arranges many previously excluded biblical texts in an orderly, one-year preaching plan. It fills a need widely voiced by preachers that the lectionary effectively limits and censors the functional canon of Scripture. Destined to serve as a staple source of significant revitalization in mainline preaching and worship, Year D banks on the agency of Word and Spirit to renew the church as few practical proposals have done in the last twenty years, lending new focus and impetus for exploring the Bible's forgotten riches. A timely and urgently needed "return to the sources," Year D represents a fresh appropriation of neglected and marginalized texts for preaching, worship, education, and devotion, and thus constitutes a substantive, scriptural attempt to address what Walter Brueggemann has called "the current preaching emergency."

The Living Church

Author :
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The New Pastor s Guide to Leading Worship

Author : Barbara Day Miller
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Worship A down-to-earth guide to planning and implementing meaningful worship experiences for pastors, written especially for those new to the job. This practical book is for new pastors as they move into the role of worship leader and planner. When faced with the weekly rhythm of planning and leading worship, new pastors sometimes find themselves overwhelmed with the tasks. The book centers on the pastor and his/her identity as worship leader, on guidelines for leadership, and on the 'why' and 'how' of worship services. Contents include: The Pastor as Leader; Leading on Your First Sunday; Rituals: "The way we do it here"; Leading in the Worship Service; Leading Prayer; Leading Communion; Leading Baptism; Leading through the Christian Year; Leading with Musicians; Leading the People into Leadership. To read chapter oneclick here "I heartily commend this book to new pastors. Get it and read it before you show up at your first appointment. Barbara Day Miller will save you from many a heartache and embarrassment. Though tagged as a new pastor's guide, most pastors I know will benefit by reading the New Pastor's Guide, especially the latter chapters about leading with musicians and guiding members of the congregation into worship leadership." Reverend Daniel T. Benedict, Jr., Director of Worship Resources, General Board of Discipleship, United Methodist Church "In the past couple of years, I have worshipped in about a hundred congregations. After that experience, I can tell you, HERE IS THE BOOK WE NEED! Barbara Day Miller packs this little book with a lifetime of the creative worship leadership and the inspired preparation of pastors to lead worship. Combining practical help with a deep theological understanding of, and heartfelt love of Christian worship, she gives pastors everything they need to lead God's people in prayer and praise." William H. Willimon, Bishop, the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church. Barbara Day Miller is the Assistant Dean of Worship at Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia. Church & Ministry/Church Life/Worship/Liturgy

Feasting on the Word

Author : David Lyon Bartlett
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With this new lectionary commentary series, Westminster John Knox offers the most extensive resource for preaching on the market today. When complete, the twelve volumes of the series will cover all the Sundays in the three-year lectionary cycle, along with movable occasions, such as Christmas Day, Epiphany, Holy Week, and All Saints' Day. For each lectionary text, preachers will find four brief essays--one each on the theological, pastoral, exegetical, and homiletical challenges of the text. This gives preachers sixteen different approaches to the proclaimation of the Word on any given occasion. The editors and contributors to this series are world-class scholars, pastors, and writers representing a variety of denominations and traditions. And while the twelve volumes of the series will follow the pattern of the Revised Common Lectionary, each volume will contain an index of biblical passages so that nonlectionary preachers, as well as teachers and students, may make use of its contents.

T T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology

Author : Daniel Castelo
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This handbook provides an interdisciplinary and diverse reference work to the Holy Spirit. Daniel Castelo and Kenneth M. Loyer gathered together a wide range of voices that are religiously, geographically, and ethnically diverse, bringing theology into conversation with biblical studies, ethics and morality, and global Christian studies. The T&T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology examines the Holy Spirit in a variety of sources, such as the Synoptic Gospels, the Catholic Epistles, the Old Testament, and the Hebrew Scriptures. It also includes chapters on key concepts in the field, such as mediation and sacramentality, ecology, and creation. This broad scope enables readers to appreciate how nuanced the field of Pneumatology is, and how it can be relevant for other Christian discourses.

Fiesta Cristiana Recursos para la Adoracin

Author : Raquel M. Martinez
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Fiesta Cristiana is a bilingual collection of worship services that can be used with Hispanic congregations. Fiesta Cristiana not only contains traditional worship services, but also features services special to the Hispanic culture.

A Little Handbook for Preachers

Author : Mary S. Hulst
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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No function of the pastor is as visible and stress inducing as preaching. But few pastors feel adequately prepared for this high-stakes responsibility when they begin their ministries. Forged by her experiences as a pastor, preaching professor and college chaplain, Mary Hulst provides practical tips for all pastors, whether ministry newcomers or seasoned professionals.

The New Handbook of the Christian Year

Author : Hoyt L. Hickman
File Size : 41.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The New Handbook of the Christian Year: Second Edition, by Hoyt L. Hickman, Don E. Saliers, Laurence Hull Stookey, and James F. White. Lectionary, prayers, responses, and Communion services updated for consistency with books of worship from several denominations. Includes: glossary of Christian symbols, glossary of liturgical terms, annotated bibliography, index of Scripture readings, index of Psalms, and an ecumenical service for the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

The Oxford Handbook of Ecumenical Studies

Author : + Geoffrey Wainwright
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This Handbook offers an authoritative guide to ecumenical history, information, and reflection. With essay contributions by nearly fifty experts in their various fields, the volume is a major resource for all who are involved or interested in ecumenical work for reconciliation between Christians and for the unity of the Church.