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Handbook of Adhesion Technology

Author : Lucas F. M. da Silva
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Adhesives have been used for thousands of years, but until 100 years ago, the vast majority was from natural products such as bones, skins, fish, milk, and plants. Since about 1900, adhesives based on synthetic polymers have been introduced, and today, there are many industrial uses of adhesives and sealants. It is difficult to imagine a product—in the home, in industry, in transportation, or anywhere else for that matter—that does not use adhesives or sealants in some manner. The Handbook of Adhesion Technology is intended to be the definitive reference in the field of adhesion. Essential information is provided for all those concerned with the adhesion phenomenon. Adhesion is a phenomenon of interest in diverse scientific disciplines and of importance in a wide range of technologies. Therefore, this handbook includes the background science (physics, chemistry and materials science), engineering aspects of adhesion and industry specific applications. It is arranged in a user-friendly format with ten main sections: theory of adhesion, surface treatments, adhesive and sealant materials, testing of adhesive properties, joint design, durability, manufacture, quality control, applications and emerging areas. Each section contains about five chapters written by internationally renowned authors who are authorities in their fields. This book is intended to be a reference for people needing a quick, but authoritative, description of topics in the field of adhesion and the practical use of adhesives and sealants. Scientists and engineers of many different backgrounds who need to have an understanding of various aspects of adhesion technology will find it highly valuable. These will include those working in research or design, as well as others involved with marketing services. Graduate students in materials, processes and manufacturing will also want to consult it.

Handbook of Adhesion

Author : D. E. Packham
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This second edition of the successful Handbook of Adhesion provides concise and authoritative articles covering many aspects of the science and technology associated with adhesion and adhesives. It is intended to fill a gap between the necessarily simplified treatment of the student textbook and the full and thorough treatment of the research monograph and review article. The articles are structured in such a way, with internal cross-referencing and external literature references, that the reader can build up a broader and deeper understanding, as their needs require. This second edition includes many new articles covering developments which have risen in prominence in the intervening years, such as scanning probe techniques, the surface forces apparatus and the relation between adhesion and fractal surfaces. Advances in understanding polymer - polymer interdiffusion are reflected in articles drawing out the implications for adhesive bonding. In addition, articles derived from the earlier edition have been revised and updated where needed. Throughout the book there is a renewed emphasis on environmental implications of the use of adhesives and sealants. The scope of the Handbook, which features nearly 250 articles from over 60 authors, includes the background science - physics, chemistry and material science - and engineering, and also aspects of adhesion relevant to the use of adhesives, including topics such as: Sealants and mastics Paints and coatings Printing and composite materials Welding and autohesion Engineering design The Handbook of Adhesion is intended for scientists and engineers in both academia and industry, requiring an understanding of the various facets of adhesion.

Handbook of Adhesion Promoters

Author : George Wypych
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Handbook of Adhesion Promoters provides a comprehensive review of the current options and the latest knowledge on adhesion promoters. Essential aspects of adhesion promoters are discussed, including properties and potential applications of all adhesion promoters. The book outlines known mechanisms, principles of use and the application of different groups, and includes two chapters explaining requirements for preparing substrate surface. A full chapter is devoted to polymer modification, which can help improve adhesion. The last four chapters contain information on the evaluation and selection of adhesion promoters, which work with different polymers or products, improve filler-matrix performance or help prevent corrosion. This handbook is a useful source of information for engineers, technicians and researchers involved in development, manufacture, legislation or production of a variety of products. Adhesion promoters form a very important group of additives, without which many industrial products cannot perform according to requirements. Silanes originally formed the most widely used group of adhesion promoters, but increasing numbers of new additives have been entering the market, increasing options and possibilities. These additives are needed for a variety of products in which silanes do not function or are too expensive, or where better performance can be achieved with the new additive. Presents detailed and current information on adhesion promoters, including additives that are both widely used and recently introduced Covers the critical aspects involved in the application of adhesion promoters Supports the reader in the selection of adhesion promoters, in terms of properties, application and potential

Handbook of Adhesive Technology

Author : Antonio Pizzi
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This classic reference examines the mechanisms driving adhesion, categories of adhesives, techniques for bond formation and evaluation, and major industrial applications. Integrating recent innovation and improved instrumentation, the work offers broad and comprehensive coverage. This edition incorporates several new adhesive classes, new application topics, and recent developments with nanoadhesives and bio-based adhesives. Existing chapters are thoroughly updated, revised, or replaced and authored by top specialists in the field. Abundant figures, tables, and equations appear throughout the work.

Handbook of Adhesive Technology Revised and Expanded

Author : Antonio Pizzi
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The Handbook of Adhesive Technology, Second Edition exceeds the ambition of its bestselling forerunner by reexamining the mechanisms driving adhesion, categories of adhesives, techniques for bond formation and evaluation, and major industrial applications. Integrating modern technological innovations into adhesive preparation and application, this greatly expanded and updated edition comprises a total of 26 different adhesive groupings, including three new classes. The second edition features ten new chapters, a 40-page list of resources on adhesives, and abundant figures, tables, equations.

Handbook of Adhesion

Author : David Ernest Packham
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Part of the "Polymer Science and Technology" series, this text covers such areas as theories of adhesion, adhesive-substrate interface, surface characterization, adhesives types, testing, pretreatment of surfaces, primers, environment and durability and engineering design.

Handbook of Adhesive Bonded Structural Repair

Author : Raymond F. Wegman
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Provides repair methods for adhesive bonded and composite structures; identifies suitable materials and equipment for repairs; describes damage evaluation criteria and techniques, and methods of inspection before and after repair.

Handbook of Adhesive Raw Materials

Author : Ernest W. Flick
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Revised from the 1982 edition. The 1988 market for adhesives and sealants was estimated at $5.1 billion, with projections for 1995 at $12 billion. This handbook contains descriptions of some 2200 materials which are currently available to the industry. Arrangement is by category and then by company, the products being listed under the company name and described in the manufacturer's words. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Handbook of adhesion technology volume 2

Author : Lucas F M. da Silva
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Adhesion Science

Author : John Comyn
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The use of adhesives is widespread and growing. There are few modern artefacts, from simple food packing to complex jumbo jets, that are without this means of adhesive joining. Fully updated and revised, Adhesion Science 2nd Edition provides an illuminating account of the science underlying the use of adhesives; technology fundamental to the science of coatings and composite materials, and to the performance of all types of bonded structures. This book guides the reader through essential polymer science to the chemistry of adhesives currently in use. It discusses surface preparation for adhesive bonding, the use of primers and coupling agents and includes a simple guide on stress distribution joints and considerations for testing. Adhesion Science also examines the interaction of adhesives and the environment, including an analysis of the resistance of joints to water, oxygen and ultra-violet light. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the chemistry of adhesives ideal not only for chemists, but any students with a background in physical or materials science.