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Handbook of Child Custody

Author : Mark L. Goldstein
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This authoritative reference brings together leading experts for up-to-date theory, findings, and guidelines on the core aspects of child custody evaluations. Contributors offer steps for gathering more accurate family data through home observations, interviews, and collateral information. Chapters examine psychological assessment tools commonly used in evaluations, including measures relating to parenting competencies, mental illness, domestic violence, and substance abuse, and consider increasingly salient issues such as relocation and families in therapy. The section on case studies shows best practices applied in real-life custody situations, and a chapter authored by a family court judge offers rarely-seen perspective from the bench. Featured in the Handbook: · A survey of ethical and professional issues. · Observing and interviewing children, adolescents, and adults. · Psychological assessment and personality testing. · A detailed review of the Bricklin scales. · Specialized issues, including parental alienation, attachment, cults, and more. · Illustrative case studies and psychological reports. Mental health professionals who conduct child custody evaluations, including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists clinical social workers, family and marriage counselors, and licensed clinical professional counselors, will appreciate the Handbook of Child Custody. Family law attorneys will also find the Handbook useful in assisting them in child custody litigation. Its thorough coverage will aid evaluators in making recommendations that are professional, ethical, and impartial, and family lawyers in understanding the evaluation process and preparing for expert testimony.

The joint custody handbook

Author : Miriam Galper Cohen
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Provides information on setting up joint custody arrangements that benefit the child and parents, and offers advice on dealing with such issues as helping your child adjust, managing schedules, school, and money, and remarriage

Handbook on Child Support Enforcement

Author :
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Conducting Child Custody Evaluations

Author : Philip M. Stahl
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This important contribution to understanding the whole process of conducting child custody evaluation, based on the author's extensive experience, examines in detail the complex questions and issues involved. The many topics addressed include: interviewing parents and children; testifying in court; writing custody evaluations; assessing the capacity to parent; assessing the attachment of children to their parents; planning custody and parental access; children's adjustment to divorce; domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse; mental illness; parental alienation; and on-going evaluation.

The Oxford Handbook of Children and the Law

Author : James G. Dwyer
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The Oxford Handbook of Children and the Law presents cutting-edge scholarship on a broad range of topics covering the life course of humans from before birth to adulthood, by leading scholars in law, medicine, social work, sociology, education, and philosophy, and by practitioners in law and medicine. An international collection of authors presents and analyzes the law and science pertaining to reproduction; prenatal life (including fetal exposure to toxic substances and abortion); parentage (including biology-based rights, background checks on birth parents, adoption, the status of gamete donors, and surrogacy); infant development and vulnerability; child maltreatment (including corporal punishment and religious defences to abuse and neglect); child protection policy and systems; foster care; child custody disputes between parents or between parents and other caregivers; schooling (including financing, resegregation, religious expression in public schools, at-risk students, special education, regulation of private schools, and homeschooling); delinquency; minimum-age laws; and child advocacy. Most chapters follow a format wherein they first describe the most debated or dynamic issues in each topical area, then explain in depth the law and/or science pertaining to the author's particular focus, and finally offer arguments and recommendations as to law and policy in that area. The normative component aims to advance discussions and debates in vital areas of contemporary child welfare law and policy. The Handbook is an essential resource for scholars and professionals interested in the intersection of children and the law.

Evaluating Evaluations

Author : Jeffrey P. Wittmann
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Seasoned family law attorneys are acutely aware of the enormous impact that forensic custody evaluations can have on the lives of their clients. However, not every client has the financial resources to hire a forensic consultant when a custody report has to be analyzed in advance of trial to determine if it should be considered an adequately reliable or a flawed assessment. That?s where Evaluating Evaluations: An Attorney's Handbook for Analyzing Child Custody Reports can make all the difference for attorneys representing parents or children. While there are many worthy tomes on the market that discuss custody evaluations, what makes Dr. Jeffrey Wittmann?s Evaluating Evaluations unique is that it takes up where the others leave off! It provides a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step system that attorneys can apply to custody reports to discern both their strengths and weakness. Dr. Wittmann presents his Custody Assessment Analysis System (CAAS) in an easily understood and readily applied format that the attorney can put to work immediately in his or her practice. He essentially leads the reader through a process for parsing reports developed over his years of functioning as a trial consultant that is rooted in the forensic and clinical judgment literature and that provides detailed annotations for each of the model?s main components. When used side-by-side with the companion Custody Assessment Analysis System Workbook what was once a daunting venture into a morass of psycho-jargon becomes a clear roadmap to astute analysis and, ultimately, to persuasive courtroom presentation.

A Comprehensive Guide to Child Custody Evaluations Mental Health and Legal Perspectives

Author : Joanna Bunker Rohrbaugh
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Whether assessing general family functioning or specific areas of conflict, professionals preparing child custody evaluations require sound knowledge of three interrelated fields: up-to-date legal issues, psychological findings, and forensic procedures. This book covers these three essential areas to walk readers through the evaluation process clearly and concisely. It further provides a unique combination of legal guidelines with social science research.

The Indian Child Welfare Act Handbook

Author : Billy Joe Jones
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This guide is a comprehensive source to assist lawyers, social workers, counselors, and others whose professions and interests involve them with Native American Children.

The Custody Evaluation Handbook

Author : Barry Bricklin
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First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The International Handbook of Parental Alienation Syndrome

Author : Richard A. Gardner
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The dramatic increase in the number of child-custody disputes since the seventies has created an equally dramatic need for a standard reference work that examines the growing social problem of children who develop an irrational hatred for a parent as the result of divorce. The International Handbook of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Conceptual, Clinical, and Legal Considerations features clinical, legal, and research perspectives from 32 contributors representing eight countries, building on the work of the late Dr. Richard Gardner, a pioneer in the theory, practice, diagnosis, and treatment of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). This unique book addresses the effects of PAS on parents and children, discusses issues surrounding reconciliation between parent and alienated child, and includes material published for the first time on incidence, gender, and false allegations of abuse in PAS. Content highlights examines PAS and the roles of family members, the criminal justice system, and the need for public awareness and policymakers to respond to PAS. Descriptive statistics on 84 cases are given, and the factors affecting reconciliation between the child and target parent are listed. The mild, moderate, and severe categories of PAS are explored, and the psychological consequences of PAS indoctrination for adult children of divorce and the effects of alienation on parents are researched. The role of medical reports in the development of PAS, sexual abuse allegations, and future predictions on the fate of PAS children are many of the clinical considerations in this book. The legal issues concern PAS in American law, criticisms of PAS in courts of law, protecting the fundamental rights of children in families, family law reform, International PAS abductions, and the legal requirements of experts giving evidence to courts. The impact and implications of PAS are immense, and no other single source provides the depth and breadth of coverage of the topic than the clinical and forensic chapters in this book.

The Visitation Handbook

Author : Brette McWhorter Sember
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Explains to both parents the changes that visitation (after divorce) brings to their lives and the life of their child

Clinical Handbook of Child Psychiatry and the Law

Author : Diane H. Schetky
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Forensic Psychology Consultation in Child Custody Litigation

Author : Philip Michael Stahl
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This is the first comprehensive examination of the increasingly important role of forensic psychologists in consulting and expert witness testimony in child custody litigation. Offering practical advice on understanding the psychological dynamics often found in these cases, the authors use real-world examples where critical issues such as the developmental need of children, relocation, domestic violence, and the alienated child are involved. They detail a logical process for critiquing the evaluation reports of others and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a case.

Child Support Enforcement Handbook

Author : United States. Internal Revenue Service
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Handbook of child and adolescent psychiatry

Author : Joseph D. Noshpitz
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Joint Custody

Author : Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
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Handbook of Forensic Sociology and Psychology

Author : Stephen J. Morewitz
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The role of behavioral and social sciences in the courtroom setting has expanded exponentially in the past few decades. It is now widely recognized that scientists in these areas provide critical contextual information for legal decision making, and that there is a reliable knowledge base for doing so. While there are many handbooks of forensic psychology, this is the first such volume to incorporate sociological findings, broadening the conceptual basis for examining cases in both the civil and criminal realms, including immigration issues, personal injury, child custody, and sexual harassment. This volume will examine the responsibilities of expert witnesses and consultants, and how they may utilize principles, theories and methods from both sociology and psychology. It will show these disciplines together can improve the identification and apprehension of criminals, as well as enhance the administration of justice by clarifying profiles of criminal behavior, particularly in cases of serial killers, death threat makers, stalkers, and kidnappers. The volume is quite comprehensive, covering a range of medical, school, environmental and business settings. Throughout it links basic ideas to real applications and their impact on the justice system.

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Varieties of Development

Author : Norman E. Alessi
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This four-volume text features contributions from over 300 researchers and clinicians. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 explore the developmental stages and syndromes of infancy and preschool, grade school and adolescence. Each volume addresses the normal development during each period, the theoretical and clinical perspectives and the clinical syndromes most commonly associated with it. Volume 4 explores the varieties of development and the impact of psychosocial, medical, and foreign cultural factors on development of all three age groups.

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Advances and New Directions

Author : Paul L. Adams
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This volume contains an overview of the history of the field of child psychiatry and examines contemporary issues facing child and adolescent psychiatrists, including the roles that changing family dynamics, multi-culturalism, new technologies, play in children's development, specialized applications such as forensic psychiatry; and insurance-related, ethical and administrative issues that affect child psychiatrists' practices.

Good Men

Author : Jack Feuer
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A handbook for divorced fathers who are fighting for custody and/or visitation rights offers a wide range of advice on such topics as finding support, child-rearing, and helping a child overcome the emotional turmoil of a divorce