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Handbook of Classroom Management

Author : Edward James Sabornie
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An authoritative treatment of the latest science and development in the study of classroom management in schools, this comprehensive volume collects scholarship and cutting-edge research for graduate students and faculty of psychology, teacher education, curriculum and instruction, special education, and beyond.

A Handbook for Classroom Management that Works

Author : Robert J. Marzano
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A handbook to accompany Robert J. Marzano's "Classroom Management That Works" offers ways to implement the research-based classroom management practices to support higher student achievement.

Handbook of Classroom Management

Author : Edmund Emmer
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The field of classroom management is not a neatly organized line of inquiry, but rather consists of many disparate topics and orientations that draw from multiple disciplines. Given the complex nature of the field, this comprehensive second edition of the Handbook of Classroom Management is an invaluable resource for those interested in understanding it. This volume provides up-to-date summaries of research on the essential topics from the first edition, as well as fresh perspectives and chapters on new topics. It is the perfect tool for both graduate students and practitioners interested in a field that is fascinating but not immediately accessible without the proper guidance.

Managing Diverse Classrooms

Author : Carrie Rothstein-Fisch
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Blending research with teacher-developed strategies, this book helps teachers better understand students' cultural differences and turn educational challenges into educational opportunities.

Effective Classroom Management

Author : Tracey Garrett
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This user-friendly resource will help K-12 teachers become more effective classroom managers. Tracey Garrett provides a new perspective that has been well received by thousands of preservice, novice, and veteran teachers. Each chapter of the book concentrates on a key area (physical design, rules and routines, relationships, engaging instruction, and discipline) and focuses on the importance of that particular area in relation to a teacher's overall classroom management plan. Examples of specific techniques and strategies are presented through three classroom teachers, each representing a different grade level. In addition, four students share their beliefs and experiences related to the different aspects of classroom management and provide unique insight into the lived experience of students in real classrooms in a variety of contexts including urban and suburban schools. Effective Classroom Management is a concise guide designed to prevent problems that require active discipline before they arise. Book features include: classroom examples; case studies; and study questions. There is also an app, "Classroom Management Essentials" available from the itunes store featuring videos of the author and other teachers discussing classroom management strategies and experiences addressed in the book.

Successful Classroom Management and Discipline

Author : Tom V. Savage
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Focusing on how educators can facilitate the development of self-control and responsibility in students, Successful Classroom Management and Discipline offers comprehensive yet concise coverage of the preventative aspects of classroom management, as well as a wide range of effective intervention strategies. In this Third Edition, authors Tom Savage and Martha K. Savage offer new and updated coverage of teacher stress, legal dimensions of management and discipline, teacher/family collaboration, and bullying. Key Features Features a two-part structure to pinpoint the key dimensions of classroom management: how to prevent classroom issues and how to respond to problems that arise Identifies a measurable goal for K–12 teachers: helping students to develop self-control and responsibility Addresses "teacher burnout" through practical application of stress management Describes bullying behaviors and teacher response, including a section on working with parents, a vital skill for avoiding and resolving serious problems Presents realistic case studies and "What Would You Do?" scenarios to demonstrate chapter concepts

Transformative Classroom Management

Author : John Shindler
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Transformative Classroom Management The natural condition of any classroom is harmonious, satisfying, and productive, so why do so many teachers struggle with problems of apathy, hostility, anxiety, inefficiency, and resistance? In this groundbreaking book, education expert John Shindler presents a powerful model, Transformative Classroom Management (TCM), that can be implemented by any teacher to restore the natural positive feelings in his or her classroom—the love of learning, collaboration, inspiration, and giving—and create a productive learning environment in which all students can achieve. Unlike other classroom management systems that view problems as something to be "handled," TCM offers suggestions for creating optimal conditions for learning, performance, motivation, and growth. This practical book shows teachers how to abandon ineffective short-term gimmicks, bribes, and punishments and adopt the proven management practices and new habits of mind that will transform their classrooms. Praise for Transformative Classroom Management "Transformative Classroom Management is a practical resource that explains the how and why of classroom management for novice and veteran teachers. Dr. Shindler recognizes the importance of preserving the teacher's sanity while ensuring the student's development of a personal sense of responsibility and a positive self-esteem." —EILEEN MATUS, principal, South Toms River Elementary School, New Jersey "I have read many other management books by other authors, but Transformative Classroom Management has been the best so far at demystifying the invisible forces in the classroom." —WILL McELROY, 4th grade teacher, Los Angeles United School District "This book was an invaluable tool for me during my student teaching. It served as a reference book that I found myself continually drawn to while struggling to find ways to effectively manage 29 first graders. The ideas, concepts and suggestions in the book were so innovative and helpful that even my Master Teacher found herself implementing some of the ideas! A must have for all student teachers!" —CAROL GILLON, student teacher, Seattle University "Insightful and thoroughly researched, Transformative Classroom Management is an invaluable tool to help teachers, newbies and veterans alike, develop fully functional and engaged learning communities." —LISA GAMACHE RODRIGUEZ, teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

Classroom Management

Author : Paul R. Burden
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ENABLES K-12 EDUCATORS TO CREATE SUCCESSFUL LEARNING COMMUNITIES — THE FULLY UPDATED NEW EDITION Effective classroom management plans are essential for creating environments that foster appropriate social interactions and engaged learning for students in K-12 settings. New and early-career teachers often face difficulties addressing student discipline, upholding classroom rules and procedures, and establishing positive teacher-student relationships. The seventh edition of Classroom Management is the leading resource for helping educators prevent student misbehavior, respond to challenging situations, and involve their students in building positive classroom communities. This popular textbook covers every vital aspect of classroom management, from planning for the school year and conducting instruction, to managing diverse classrooms and collaborating with colleagues and families. Fully revised to reflect recent changes in K-12 education and address the needs of today's educators, this edition features new and updated methods for fostering positive student behavior, insights on the root causes of misbehavior, strategies for helping students set high expectations, and much more. Written by a respected expert in teaching methods, classroom management, and instructional leadership, this valuable teacher's reference: Covers contemporary topics, methods, and discipline models in classroom management Reflects current InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and Praxis assessments Features descriptions of classroom management methods used by elementary, middle, and high school teachers in various regions and communities Provides new and unique stories and case studies of real-world classroom situations Offers end-of-chapter summaries and questions, supplemental activities, further reading suggestions, and complete references Includes new tables, charts, and figures that make information more accessible to different types of learners Classroom Management: Creating a Successful K-12 Learning Community, Seventh Edition is an ideal text for college professors, teachers in training, and K-12 educators, as well as school administrators and general readers involved in education.

An Interpersonal Approach to Classroom Management

Author : Heather A. Davis
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Presenting the psychology behind the best-managed classrooms The authors engage you from the start by contrasting how differently teachers respond to common situations. They expertly bridge the gap between educational psychology and classroom management from the perspectives of student engagement, peer and student-teacher relationships, and teacher self regulation. Both current and prospective teachers will find helpful tools for engaging difficult students, managing challenging relationships, and handling conflict. Key topics include: Student behavioral, relational, and cognitive engagement in the learning process Classroom structures that contribute to student engagement The contribution of peer relationships to positive and negative behavior management Strategies that help children learn to manage their own behavior Connecting with students who are culturally and linguistically diverse

Conversation Analysis and Classroom Management

Author : Revert Klattenberg
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Strategies for successful classroom management have been readily available to practitioners for at least half a century. However, despite the vast body of knowledge available, there appears to be a great deal of scope for further research in terms of developing a more detailed understanding of the interactional details of classroom management practices. Drawing on a corpus of 58 hours of video and audio recordings in English as a Foreign Language classrooms in Germany, the book provides a micro-analytical perspective of foreign language classroom management. It contributes to the body of current research by focusing on how foreign language teachers respond to pupils’ classroom norm violations using interrogative constructions (i.e. interrogative reproaches). Through a Conversation Analytic investigation of these social actions, the paper provides valuable insights into the details of the in-situ production of classroom management strategies and their underlying interactional mechanisms.