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Handbook of Health and Rehabilitation Psychology

Author : Anthony J. Goreczny
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Handbook of Health and Rehabilitation Psychology

Author : Anthony J. Goreczny
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Despite medical technological advances, the major killers with which we must currently contend have remained essentially the same for the past few decades. Stroke, cancer, and heart disease together account for the vast majority of deaths in the United States. In addition, due to improved medical care, many Americans who would previously have died now survive these disorders, necessitating that they receive appropriate rehabilitation efforts. One result of our own medical advances is that we must now accept the high costs associated with providing quality care to individuals who develop one of these problems, and we must avail ourselves to assist of afflicted individuals. families Despite the relative stability of causes of death and disability, the health-care field is currently experiencing tremendous pressures, both from professionals with in the field, who desire more and better technology than is currently available, and from the public and other payers of health care (e.g., insurance companies), who seek an end to increasing health-care costs. These pressures, along with an increased emphasis on providing evidence of cost-effectiveness and quality assurance, are substantially changing the way that health-care professionals perform their jobs.

Handbook of Rehabilitation Psychology

Author : Robert G. Frank
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With chronic health problems rising steadily, rehabilitation is expected to escalate to a major health care concern. This book is a ground breaking resource that captures the depth of this changing field by combining the traditional areas in rehabilitation, such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, and limb amputation, with new areas of expertise, such as neuroimaging, functional outcomes, and new models of rehabilitation. Since its emergence as a separate field over 40 years ago, rehabilitation psychology has expanded to include numerous disciplines. Accordingly, the handbook's coverage runs the gamut from clinical psychology and neuropsychology to social psychology and health policy and includes a list of acronyms and resources as well as a glossary. As scientist-practitioners, chapter authors cover chronic disease, injury, and disability, addressing contemporary practice, research, and policy issues. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2004 APA, all rights reserved).

The Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Psychology

Author : Paul Kennedy
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Rehabilitation psychology is one of the fastest growing fields in applied psychology and involves the application of psychological knowledge and skills to the understanding and treatment of individuals with physical disabilities. Rehabilitation psychologists aim to optimize outcomes in terms of health, independence, and daily functioning while also minimizing secondary health problems. The Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Psychology provides background and overview of the associated psychological processes and types of interventions that are critical in managing the consequences of disability and chronic disease. Psychological models and research have much to contribute to those working with the physical disabilities; this volume has a broad cognitive behavioral focus within the general banner of the biopsychosocial framework. The editor has successfully brought together contributions from a range of well-established and experienced researchers and practitioners from a wide variety of clinical and academic contexts. They highlight the critical psychological aspects, review applied interventions, and consider the wider conceptual, clinical and professional themes associated with disability and society.

Handbook of Research on Geriatric Health Treatment and Care

Author : Prasad, Barre Vijaya
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Mental and physical disorders are common in old age but frequently remain undetected and untreated. Managing treatment and controlling symptoms of these disorders is imperative to the longevity and quality of life of patients. The Handbook of Research on Geriatric Health, Treatment, and Care provides emerging research on promoting health in older adults by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities. By highlighting topics such as alternative treatment, clinical diagnosis, and positive psychology, this publication explores the methods and approaches of identifying and diagnosing epidemiological factors that contribute to geriatric health issues. This book is an important resource for healthcare professionals, academicians, medical practitioners, researchers, and students seeking current research on the methods and strategies for maintaining healthy and successful care for the elderly.

IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology

Author : Paul R. Martin
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The IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology, an up-to-date and authoritative reference, provides a critical overview of applied psychology from an international perspective. Brings together articles by leading authorities from around the world Provides the reader with a complete overview of the field and highlights key research findings Divided into three parts: professional psychology, substantive areas of applied psychology, and special topics in applied psychology Explores the challenges, opportunities, and potential future developments in applied psychology Features comprehensive coverage of the field, including topics as diverse as clinical health psychology, environmental psychology, and consumer psychology

The Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Psychology

Author : Paul Kennedy
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Rehabilitation psychology is one of the fastest growing fields in applied psychology. In this book the editor has successfully brought together a range of well established international and experienced researchers and practitioners to provide a guide to best practice, clinical management, and the wider professional themes and issues.

Cambridge Handbook of Psychology Health and Medicine

Author : Susan Ayers
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Health psychology is a rapidly expanding discipline at the interface of psychology and clinical medicine. This new edition is fully reworked and revised, offering an entirely up-to-date, comprehensive, accessible, one-stop resource for clinical psychologists, mental health professionals and specialists in health-related matters. There are two new editors: Susan Ayers from the University of Sussex and Kenneth Wallston from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The prestigious editorial team and their international, interdisciplinary cast of authors have reconceptualised their much-acclaimed handbook. The book is now in two parts: part I covers psychological aspects of health and illness, assessments, interventions and healthcare practice. Part II covers medical matters listed in alphabetical order. Among the many new topics added are: diet and health, ethnicity and health, clinical interviewing, mood assessment, communicating risk, medical interviewing, diagnostic procedures, organ donation, IVF, MMR, HRT, sleep disorders, skin disorders, depression and anxiety disorders.

Handbook of Applied Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Author : Kristofer J. Hagglund, PhD, ABPP
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Now, more than ever, the field of rehabilitation psychology is growing. This book--one of the few that focuses solely on rehabilitation psychology research--provides the reader with the most up-to-date look at researchand practice within the field of rehabilitation psychology. It offers recommendations for future research programs, policy changes, and clinical interventions from the various perspectives within rehabilitation psychology research and practice, and seeks to demonstrate how much the field can evolve with the implementation of these changes. Topics covered include: Assistive technology Health policy Cultural diversity Employment Future of rehabilitation research Community integration Health disparities

Medical Aspects of Disability

Author : Herbert H. Zaretsky
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Designated a Doody's Core Title!. Medical Aspects of Disability is a true interdisciplinary textbook, representing collaboration between experts from many professions and specialties. An overview of themes and principles of rehabilitation is provided. Numerous disabling conditions and disorders are covered not only from clinical but also functional, psychological, and vocational perspectives. Special topic chapters address important new trends and processes within the field of rehabilitation and health care at large. The book is designed as a resource for rehabilitation professionals across many disciplines. Each chapter provides concise but significant coverage of topics, and extensive references to facilitate further exploration. The book can be used as a textbook and as a reference tool for the practitioner. With the field's increasing move toward evidence-based practice, a need for information in the areas of accreditation and outcome measurement has arisen. In response, the editors have added an essential special topics chapter detailing the importance of the accreditation process as a fundamental component of the quality assurance and improvement process. This is an excellent resource as both a textbook and reference guide, to inform and assist graduate and undergraduate students (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, psychology, nursing, vocational counseling, therapeutic recreation, hospital administration), as well as practitioners, about the most current information on the etiology, and clinical symptoms of a wide variety of medical and disabling conditions.;index