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Handbook of Research on Sustainable Careers

Author : Ans De Vos
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What is a sustainable career? And how can individuals and organizations develop pathways that lead to them? With current levels of global unemployment and the need for life-long learning and employability enhancement, these questions assume a pressing significance. Offering twenty-eight chapters from leading scholars, the Handbook of Research on Sustainable Careers makes an important contribution to our understanding of sustainable careers and lays the foundation for the direction of future research. With the aim of advancing existing knowledge surrounding the meaning, antecedents and outcomes of sustainable careers, this book discusses the topic from several different angles combining both theoretical and empirical as well as practical insights. Topics include crafting sustainable careers in organizations, merits and challenges of career adaptability, psychological mobility during unemployment and the role of employee adaptability. Students and academics of varied disciplines looking for multidimensional perspectives on sustainable careers will find this to be a worthwhile read. HR professionals, career counsellors and public policy makers will find use in the practical guidance offered in this book.

Handbook of Research on Sustainable Careers

Author : Ans De Vos
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What is a sustainable career and how can individuals and organizations develop pathways that lead to them?Ê With current levels of global unemployment and the need for life-long learning and employability enhancement these questions assume a pressing s

Advanced Introduction to Sustainable Careers

Author : Greenhaus, Jeffrey H.
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This insightful Advanced Introduction provides a road map for building and maintaining a sustainable career. Delving into the meaning of a ‘sustainable career’, the book examines the factors that threaten a career’s sustainability, such as economic turbulence, changes in organizational practices, and advances in technology, offering actions that can be taken to overcome these threats and strengthen the sustainability of careers.

Developing Sustainable Careers Across the Lifespan

Author : Ans De Vos
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This book offers insights into facilitating sustainable careers through the study of a wide interdisciplinary range of policy investigations and assessment of ongoing practices in the field. By assessing and comparing the transferability of policies and good practices between firms in ten countries and regions of the European Union this book considers the development of sustainable careers across the lifespan at the levels of individuals, organizations and systems. This book is the culmination of a research project from the international European Social Fund network on ‘Career and Age, Generation, Experience(AGE)’. It discusses and offers observations on key concerns at the European level: How to make people work longer, remain employable, develop sustainable competencies ? How to adapt the work environment and human resource management policies at employer’s level ? And finally, how can public authorities take measures and incentives to support sustainable careers for individuals?

Handbook of Research Methods in Careers

Author : Wendy Murphy
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This Handbook of Research Methods in Careers serves as a comprehensive guide to the methodologies that researchers use in career scholarship. Presenting detailed overviews of methodologies, contributors offer numerous actionable best practices, realistic previews, and cautionary tales based on their vast collective experience of research in the discipline.

Employee Inter and Intra Firm Mobility

Author : Daniel Tzabbar
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This volume identifies new theoretical and empirical directions to the study of employee mobility, covering broad sets of theoretical frameworks—which are embedded in strategic, organizational, sociological or entrepreneurial theories—and of empirical approaches—which cover industry, firm, team and individual levels of analysis.

Sustainable Human Resource Management

Author : Sita Vanka
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This book provides a multi-stakeholder perspective on sustainable HRM for the policymakers, managers and academics, addressing issues, approaches, research studies/frameworks and emerging patterns relating to the subject. It discusses various aspects of sustainability, such as making HR more responsible for ensuring sustainability focusing on the triple bottom line, characteristics of sustainable HRM, psychological contracts, emotional intelligence, and psychological capital. The book also explores organizational citizenship behavior, employment relations, employee engagement, sustainable leadership, disruptive HR practices, sustaining employee motivation, educational sustainability, sustainable career management, sustainable environment, employer and employee branding, sustainable organizations, organization culture, training for sustainability, sustainable employee performance, business sustainability and sustainable employability. It provides an update on the concept, processes, issues and emerging paradigms from multidimensional and cross-country perspectives to showcase sustainable HR practices, and appeals to the academics, practitioners and policymakers in the area of HRM.

Job Demands in a Changing World of Work

Author : Christian Korunka
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This book examines the new ways of working and their impact on employees’ well-being and performance. It concentrates on job demands and flexible work emanating from current economic and organizational change, and assesses impact on workers’ health and performance. The development of issues such as globalization, rapid technological advances, new management practices, organizational changes and new job skills are addressed. This book gives an overview and discusses the potential negative and positive effects of such new job demands and new forms of work.

The Routledge Companion to Career Studies

Author : Hugh Gunz
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The Routledge Companion to Career Studies is an in-depth reference for researchers, students, and practitioners looking for a comprehensive overview of the state of the art of career studies. Split into five parts, the volume looks at major areas of research within career studies and reflects on the latest developments in the areas of theory, empirical studies, and methodology. The book's five parts cover (1) major theoretical and methodological debates and approaches to studying careers; (2) careers as dynamic, ongoing processes covering such issues as time, shaping careers, career outcomes and patterns, and the forces shaping careers; (3) the local, national, and global context of careers, (4) implementing career research to design practical interventions in areas such as education, counseling, and national policy; and (5) a commentary on the current state of career scholarship and its future development as represented in this volume, by founding scholars in the field. This book will be a sourcebook for scholars studying careers, research students intending to take up the study of careers, and anyone – scholars and practitioners – with an interest not only in understanding careers, the factors shaping them and where they lead, but also in how this understanding might be used in practice.

The Internet of People Things and Services

Author : Claire A Simmers
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The transformational technologies of the Internet-Web compound continue to exert a vast and readily apparent influence on the way we live and work. In recent times, internet penetration is now very high in most parts of the world, impacting the context and content of the workplace and the boundary between work and private life is even more porous. Not only has the reach increased, but the technologies to access the Internet-Web have further evolved towards increasing portability. The hardware evolution from desktops to laptops to mobile technologies (phones, tablets, watches, eyeglasses) marches forward. The increasing mobility and 24/7 accessibility offers the opportune time to revisit the transformations occurring. Today the Internet consists of billions of digital devices, people, services and other physical objects with the potential to seamlessly connect, interact and exchange information about themselves and their environment. Organizations now use these digital devices and physical objects to produce and consume Internet-based services. This new Internet ecosystem is commonly referred to as the Internet of People, Things and Services (IoPTS). In this follow-up to their 2006 volume, Simmers & Anandarajan examine how The Internet of People, Things and Services (IoPTS) transforms our workplaces. Information and communications technology (ICT) expansion from desktops to laptops to ubiquitous smart objects that sense and communicate directly over the internet – the IoPTS - offers us the opportune time to revisit how the Internet transforms our workplaces.