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Handbook of Differential Equations

Author : Daniel Zwillinger
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This book compiles the most widely applicable methods for solving and approximating differential equations. as well as numerous examples showing the methods use. Topics include ordinary differential equations, symplectic integration of differential equations, and the use of wavelets when numerically solving differential equations. For nearly every technique, the book provides: The types of equations to which the method is applicable The idea behind the method The procedure for carrying out the method At least one simple example of the method Any cautions that should be exercised Notes for more advanced users References to the literature for more discussion or more examples, including pointers to electronic resources, such as URLs

Handbook of Solitons

Author : S. P. Lang
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In mathematics and physics, a soliton is a self-reinforcing solitary wave (a wave packet or pulse) that maintains its shape while it travels at constant speed. Solitons are caused by a cancellation of non-linear and dispersive effects in the medium. "Dispersive effects" refer to dispersion relations between the frequency and the speed of the waves. Solitons arise as the solutions of a widespread class of weakly non-linear dispersive partial differential equations describing physical systems. This book presents the latest research in the field.


Author : Boling Guo
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This book provides an up-to-date overview of mathematical theories and research results on solitons, presenting related mathematical methods and applications as well as numerical experiments. Different types of soliton equations are covered along with their dynamical behaviors and applications from physics, making the book an essential reference for researchers and graduate students in applied mathematics and physics. Contents Introduction Inverse scattering transform Asymptotic behavior to initial value problems for some integrable evolution nonlinear equations Interaction of solitons and its asymptotic properties Hirota method Bäcklund transformations and the infinitely many conservation laws Multi-dimensional solitons and their stability Numerical computation methods for some nonlinear evolution equations The geometric theory of solitons Global existence and blow up for the nonlinear evolution equations The soliton movements of elementary particles in nonlinear quantum field The theory of soliton movement of superconductive features The soliton movements in condensed state systemsontents

Handbook of Differential Equations Evolutionary Equations

Author : C.M. Dafermos
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The material collected in this volume discusses the present as well as expected future directions of development of the field with particular emphasis on applications. The seven survey articles present different topics in Evolutionary PDE’s, written by leading experts. - Review of new results in the area - Continuation of previous volumes in the handbook series covering Evolutionary PDEs - Written by leading experts

Handbook of Nonlinear Optics

Author : Richard L. Sutherland
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Examining classic theories, experimental methods, and practical formulas for exploration of the core topics in nonlinear optics, the second edition of this acclaimed text was extensively revised to reflect recent advances in the analysis and modification of material properties for application in frequency conversion, optical switching and limiting, multiphoton absorption, and electro-optic effects. Handbook of Nonlinear Optics, Second Edition contains additional chapters on ultrafast characterization techniques, laser flash photolysis, and the electro-optic effect as well as expanded coverage of nonlinear optics in fibers and pulsed two-beam coupling.

Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications

Author : Chunlei Guo
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This comprehensive handbook gives a fully updated guide to lasers and laser systems, including the complete range of their technical applications. The first volume outlines the fundamental components of lasers, their properties and working principles. The second volume gives exhaustive coverage of all major categories of lasers, from solid-state and semiconductor diode to fiber, waveguide, gas, chemical, and dye lasers. The third volume covers modern applications in engineering and technology, including all new and updated case studies spanning telecommunications and data storage to medicine, optical measurement, defense and security, nanomaterials processing and characterization.

World Scientific Handbook Of Metamaterials And Plasmonics In 4 Volumes

Author : Maier Stefan A
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Metamaterials represent a new emerging innovative field of research which has shown rapid acceleration over the last couple of years. In this handbook, we present the richness of the field of metamaterials in its widest sense, describing artificial media with sub-wavelength structure for control over wave propagation in four volumes. Volume 1 focuses on the fundamentals of electromagnetic metamaterials in all their richness, including metasurfaces and hyperbolic metamaterials. Volume 2 widens the picture to include elastic, acoustic, and seismic systems, whereas Volume 3 presents nonlinear and active photonic metamaterials. Finally, Volume 4 includes recent progress in the field of nanoplasmonics, used extensively for the tailoring of the unit cell response of photonic metamaterials. In its totality, we hope that this handbook will be useful for a wide spectrum of readers, from students to active researchers in industry, as well as teachers of advanced courses on wave propagation. Contents: Volume 1: Electromagnetic Metamaterials (Ekaterina Shamonina): PrefaceElectromagnetic Metamaterials: Homogenization and Effective Properties of Mixtures (Ari Sihvola)Effective Medium Theory of Electromagnetic and Quantum Metamaterials (Mário G Silveirinha)Hyperbolic Metamaterials (Igor I Smolyaninov)Circuit and Analytical Modelling of Extraordinary Transmission Metamaterials (Francisco Medina, Francisco Mesa, Raul Rodríguez-Berral and Carlos Molero)Electromagnetic Metasurfaces: Synthesis, Realizations and Discussions (Karim Achouri and Christophe Caloz)Metasurfaces for General Control of Reflection and Transmission (Sergei Tretyakov, Viktar Asadchy and Ana Díaz-Rubio)Scattering at the Extreme with Metamaterials and Plasmonics (Francesco Monticone and Andrea Alù)All-Dielectric Nanophotonics: Fundamentals, Fabrication, and Applications (Alexander Krasnok, Roman Savelev, Denis Baranov and Pavel Belov)Tunable Metamaterials (Ilya V Shadrivov and Dragomir N Neshev)Spatial Solitonic and Nonlinear Plasmonic Aspects of Metamaterials (Allan D Boardman, Alesandro Alberucci, Gaetano Assanto, Yu G Rapoport, Vladimir V Grimalsky, Vasyl M Ivchenko and Eugen N Tkachenko)Metamaterial Catheter Receivers for Internal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Richard R A Syms, Ian R Young and Laszlo Solymar)Microwave Sensors Based on Symmetry Properties and Metamaterial Concepts (Jordi Naqui, Ali K Horestani, Christophe Fumeaux and Ferran Martín)Volume 2: Elastic, Acoustic, and Seismic Metamaterials (Richard Craster and Sébastien Guenneau): PrefaceDynamic Homogenization of Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals (Richard Craster, Tryfon Antonakakis and Sébastien Guenneau)Acoustic Metamaterial (Nicholas Fang, Jun Xu, Navid Nemati, Nicolas Viard and Denis Lafarge)Flat Lens Focusing of Flexural Waves in Thin Plates (Patrick Sebbah and Marc Dubois)Space–Time Cloaking (Martin W McCall and Paul Kinsler)Soda Cans Metamaterial: Homogenization and Beyond (Fabrice Lemoult, Geoffroy Lerosey, Nadège Kaïna and Mathias Fink)New Trends Toward Locally-Resonant Metamaterials at the Mesoscopic Scale (Philippe Roux, Matthieu Rupin, Fabrice Lemoult, Geoffroy Lerosey, Andrea Colombi, Richard Craster, Sébastien Guenneau, William A Kuperman and Earl G Williams)Seismic Metamaterials: Controlling Surface Rayleigh Waves Using Analogies with Electromagnetic Metamaterials (Stéphane Brûlé, Stefan Enoch, Sébastien Guenneau and

Handbook of Dynamical Systems

Author : B. Fiedler
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This handbook is volume II in a series collecting mathematical state-of-the-art surveys in the field of dynamical systems. Much of this field has developed from interactions with other areas of science, and this volume shows how concepts of dynamical systems further the understanding of mathematical issues that arise in applications. Although modeling issues are addressed, the central theme is the mathematically rigorous investigation of the resulting differential equations and their dynamic behavior. However, the authors and editors have made an effort to ensure readability on a non-technical level for mathematicians from other fields and for other scientists and engineers. The eighteen surveys collected here do not aspire to encyclopedic completeness, but present selected paradigms. The surveys are grouped into those emphasizing finite-dimensional methods, numerics, topological methods, and partial differential equations. Application areas include the dynamics of neural networks, fluid flows, nonlinear optics, and many others. While the survey articles can be read independently, they deeply share recurrent themes from dynamical systems. Attractors, bifurcations, center manifolds, dimension reduction, ergodicity, homoclinicity, hyperbolicity, invariant and inertial manifolds, normal forms, recurrence, shift dynamics, stability, to name just a few, are ubiquitous dynamical concepts throughout the articles.

Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics

Author : Frank Träger
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This new edition features numerous updates and additions. Especially 4 new chapters on Fiber Optics, Integrated Optics, Frequency Combs and Interferometry reflect the changes since the first edition. In addition, major complete updates for the chapters: Optical Materials and Their Properties, Optical Detectors, Nanooptics, and Optics far Beyond the Diffraction Limit. Features Contains over 1000 two-color illustrations. Includes over 120 comprehensive tables with properties of optical materials and light sources. Emphasizes physical concepts over extensive mathematical derivations. Chapters with summaries, detailed index Delivers a wealth of up-to-date references.

Handbook of Research on Nanoscience Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Author : Bououdina, Mohamed
File Size : 48.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The burgeoning field of nanotechnology has led to many recent technological innovations and discoveries. Understanding the impact of these technologies on business, science, and industry is an important first step in developing applications for a variety of settings and contexts. Handbook of Research on Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, and Advanced Materials presents a detailed analysis of current experimental and theoretical approaches surrounding nanomaterials science. With applications in fields such as biomedicine, renewable energy, and synthetic materials, the research in this book will provide experimentalists, professionals, students, and academics with an in-depth understanding of nanoscience and its impact on modern technology.