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Contemplations on the Ocean Harvest Sickness and the Last Judgment Second edition corrected

Author : Richard PEARSALL
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Explorer s Guide Arkansas 2nd Edition Explorer s Complete

Author : Jana Wood
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A complete update to the one and only true guide to Arkansas In this, the second edition to the only comprehensive travel guide to Arkansas, Jana Wood covers all the attractions well- known and little- known in “the Natural State.” A land rich in history and nature, Arkansas is home to the only public diamond mine in the world, the first federally protected river, and the first national park. From the Ozarks to the Mississippi Delta, this book offers complete coverage of towns large and small, along with a wealth of information on local history and the state’s 52 state parks. As with all Explorer’s Guides, readers will also find helpful maps, food and lodging recommendations, contact information, hours, pricing, and beautiful color photography throughout. Regions include: • The Mississippi Alluvial Plain • The Arkansas River Valley • The Ozark Mountains

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Volume 2 2nd Edition

Author : Brad Lancaster
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Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 2, 2nd Edition is a how-to guide enabling you to “plant the rain” by creating water-harvesting “earthworks” or “rain gardens.” Earthworks are simple, inexpensive strategies and landforms that passively harvest multiple sources of free on-site water including rainfall, stormwater runoff, air conditioning condensate, and greywater within “living tanks” of soil and vegetation. The plants then pump the water back out in the form of beauty, food, shelter, wildlife habitat, timber and forage, while controlling erosion, reducing down-stream flooding, dropping utility costs, increasing soil fertility, enhancing the soil carbon sponge, recharging groundwater and springs, and improving water and air quality. This dramatically revised and expanded full-color second edition builds on the information in Volume 1 by showing you how to turn your yard, school, business, park, ranch, and neighborhood into lively, regenerative producers of resources. Conditions at home will improve as you simultaneously enrich the ecosystem and inspire the surrounding community. Learn to select, place, size, construct, and plant your chosen earthworks. All is made easier and more effective by the illustrations of natural patterns of water and sediment flow with which you can collaborate or mimic. Detailed step-by-step instructions with over 550 images and expanded water-harvesting principles or guidelines show you how to do it, and plentiful stories of success motivate you so you will do it!

A Round Indiana

Author : John T. Hanou
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Rounds barns are architectural phenomena that have graced rural America for over a century. Today the few that survive stand as symbols of another generation’s innovation and ingenuity. To understand the importance of these buildings is to begin to understand the story of farming in America. A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State, Second Edition documents the 265 round barns identified in the history of Indiana. This book contains more than 300 modern and historical photographs alongside nearly 40 line drawings and plans. Author and award-winning photographer John T. Hanou combed through often-forgotten documents to tell the fascinating story of the farmers, builders, and architects who championed the innovative construction techniques. This second edition of A Round Indiana provides updated information on an additional 39 round barns discovered in Indiana’s history. Of the 265 total round barns found at one time on the plains of Indiana, only 72 remain standing. A Round Indiana is a tribute to the state’s endangered buildings and a work to be treasured by those interested in the history of Indiana, architecture, and agriculture.

Celuta Or The Natchez An Indian Tale 2nd Ed

Author : François-René vicomte de Chateaubriand
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The Routledge History of Poverty c 1450 1800

Author : David Hitchcock
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The Routledge History of Poverty, c.1450–1800 is a pioneering exploration of both the lives of the very poorest during the early modern period, and of the vast edifices of compassion and coercion erected around them by individuals, institutions, and states. The essays chart critical new directions in poverty scholarship and connect poverty to the environment, debt and downward social mobility, material culture, empires, informal economies, disability, veterancy, and more. The volume contributes to the understanding of societal transformations across the early modern period, and places poverty and the poor at the centre of these transformations. It also argues for a wider definition of poverty in history which accounts for much more than economic and social circumstance and provides both analytically critical overviews and detailed case studies. By exploring poverty and the poor across early modern Europe, this study is essential reading for students and researchers of early modern society, economic history, state formation and empire, cultural representation, and mobility.

The Descent Into Hell Second Edition Revised and Re arranged With an Analysis and Notes To which are Added Uriel a Fragment and Three Odes

Author : John Abraham HERAUD
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Four Season Harvest

Author : Eliot Coleman
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If you love the joys of eating home-garden vegetables but always thought those joys had to stop at the end of summer, this book is for you. Eliot Coleman introduces the surprising fact that most of the United States has more winter sunshine than the south of France. He shows how North American gardeners can successfully use that sun to raise a wide variety of traditional winter vegetables in backyard cold frames and plastic covered tunnel greenhouses without supplementary heat. Coleman expands upon his own experiences with new ideas learned on a winter-vegetable pilgrimage across the ocean to the acknowledged kingdom of vegetable cuisine, the southern part of France, which lies on the 44th parallel, the same latitude as his farm in Maine. This story of sunshine, weather patterns, old limitations and expectations, and new realities is delightfully innovative in the best gardening tradition. Four-Season Harvest will have you feasting on fresh produce from your garden all through the winter. To learn more about the possibility of a four-season farm, please visit Coleman's website

The Nature and Status of Ethnobotany 2nd ed

Author : Richard I. Ford
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Autumn A Poem By James Thomson The Second Edition

Author : James Thomson
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