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Haunted London

Author : Peter Underwood
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Haunted London Underground

Author : David Brandon
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Spooky sightings and strange occurrences on London's busy underground network

Haunted London

Author : James Clark
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From heart-stopping accounts of apparitions, manifestations and related supernatural phenomena to first-hand encounters with ghouls and spirits, this collection of stories contains new and well-known spooky tales from famous sights and buildings in the centre of London.

Haunted London

Author : Walter Thornbury
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Walking Haunted London

Author : Richard Jones
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Britain's Master of the Macabre Richard Jones presents 25 self-guided spooky London walks that feature a wealth of detail on ghostly people and places."

Haunted The Tower of London

Author : Drew Nelson
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The most often visited site in the United Kingdom may also be the most haunted. The Tower of London has a bloody past marked by revolts, wars, beheadings, and other occurrences that have resulted in some of the scariest stories in history. Readers will be introduced to the historical placement and uses of this old structure, and also learn about some of the famous ghosts that are said to remain within its walls. Spooky photographs and detailed sidebars will engage lovers of history and the paranormal as the Tower of London’s haunted past, and present, are revealed.

Walling Haunted London

Author : Richard Jones
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This guide offers readers 25 original, spooky walks and tours in and around London. Information on dates and times when ghosts are most likely to appear and practical tips on transport and opening times are also included.

The Tower of London Is Haunted

Author : Marie Morrison
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The ancient stones of the Tower of London have seen many things, witnessing the luxuries of royalty, the misery of prisoners, and the blood and gore of executions. In its nearly 1,000-year history, this site has been a palace, a fortress, a prison, and more. Many of its former residents are said to haunt its halls. Your brave readers will learn about the tower and its many past and present occupants, including the Princes in the Tower and Anne Boleyn. Readers will also meet the animals of a royal menagerie. Maps and photographs offer a glimpse into years of spooky history.

The London Deception

Author : Franklin W. Dixon
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Stage fright takes on a whole new meaning when the Hardys go behind the scenes. While on a student exchange program in England, Frank and Joe help out with the dress rehearsal for a new murder-mystery play. But suddenly Joe is nearly cooked by exploding stage lights! An accident? Maybe. But when “accidents” start happening all over the production, a real mystery is in the air. Rumors are flying about the spirit of an actress who died in the theater one hundred years ago. Could the culprit be a vengeful ghost? Or is this the work of something—or someone—a little too close to this world for comfort?

The Haunted Self

Author : David Lomas
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"The question, 'Who am I?' resounded throughout the surrealist movement. The exploration of dreams and the unconscious prompted surrealists to reject the notion of a unified, indivisible self by revealing the subject to be haunted by otherness and instability. In this book David Lomas explores the surrealist concepts of the self and subjectivity from a psychoanalytic viewpoint. Employing a series of case studies devoted to individual artists, Lomas arrives at a radically new account of surrealist art and its cultural and intellectual roots." "Weaving together psychoanalytic and historical material, the author analyses works by Ernst, Dali, Masson, Miro and Picasso with regard to such themes as automatism, hysteria, the uncanny and the abject. Lomas focuses closely on individual artworks, examines the specific circumstances in which they were produced and offers new insights into the artists and their projects as well as the theories of Bataille, Breton and others. Lomas demonstrates the powerful connection between the history of psychoanalysis and the history of surrealism, and along the way shows the unique value of psychoanalytic theory as a tool for the art historian."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

In the Realm of Ghosts and Hauntings

Author : E. Randall Floyd
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Goes behind headlines and datelines to explore disturbing truth behind 40 famous and not-so-famous supernatural occurrence from around the world. truth behind 40 famous and not-so-famous supermatural occurrence from the around the world.

Elizabeth s London

Author : Liza Picard
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Liza Picard immerses her readers in the spectacular details of daily life in the London of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603). Beginning with the River Thames, she examines the city on the north bank, still largely confined within the old Roman walls. The wealthy lived in mansions upriver, and the royal palaces were even farther up at Westminster. On the south bank, theaters and spectacles drew the crowds, and Southwark and Bermondsey were bustling with trade. Picard examines the Elizabethan streets and the traffic in them; she surveys building methods and shows us the decor of the rich and the not-so-rich. Her account overflows with particulars of domestic life, right down to what was likely to be growing in London gardens. Picard then turns her eye to the Londoners themselves, many of whom were afflicted by the plague, smallpox, and other diseases. The diagnosis was frequently bizarre and the treatment could do more harm than good. But there was comfort to be had in simple, homely pleasures, and cares could be forgotten in a playhouse or the bull-baiting and bear-baiting rings, or watching a good cockfight. The more sober-minded might go to hear a lecture at Gresham College or the latest preacher at Paul's Cross. Immigrants posed problems for Londoners who, though proud of England's religious tolerance, were concerned about the damage these skilled migrants might do to their own livelihoods, despite the dominance of livery companies and their apprentice system. Henry VIII's destruction of the monasteries had caused a crisis in poverty management that was still acute, resulting in begging (with begging licenses!) and a "parochial poor rate" paid by the better-off. Liza Picard's wonderfully vivid prose enables us to share the satisfaction and delights, as well as the vexations and horrors, of the everyday lives of the denizens of sixteenth-century London.

The Spirit Book

Author : Raymond Buckland
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The fascinating history of Spiritualism is coaxed into the material realm as the object of this perceptive and sweeping overview by that legendary author of the occult and supernatural, Raymond Buckland. Containing more than 500 entries and 100 illustrations, The Spirit Book is the comprehensive encyclopedia to Spiritualism and its related subjects. Plus it provides full biographies of every prominent person connected to the field. Drawing on decades of research, writing, and transcendence, Buckland describes sundry methods of channeling, events associated with Spiritualism, including séances and exorcism, organizations focused on clairvoyance, and a colorful host of mortals—famous and infamous—who delved into Spiritualism. Nostradamus, Helena Blavatsky, and Edgar Cayce receive their due, as well as Joan of Arc, William Blake, Susan B. Anthony, Winston Churchill, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mahatma Gandhi, Harry Houdini, and Mae West (look up and see her sometime). It explores Qabbalah, Sibyls, Fairies, Poltergeists; phenomena such as intuition and karma; objects useful in the attempt to cross the divide, including tarot cards, flower reading, and runes; and related practices such as Shamanism, transfiguration, meditation, and mesmerism.

London Urban Legends

Author : Scott Wood
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How long has a corpse been staring out at passengers on the tube? Was London Bridge really shipped abroad by an American thinking he’d bought Tower Bridge? Did the Queen really mix with the crowds as a princess on VE Day? And did Hitler actually want to live in Balham? Urban legends are the funny, frightening and fierce folklore people share. Just like the early folk tales that came before them, these tales are formed from reactions to spectacular events in the world, and reflect our current values. From royal rumours to subterranean legends, Scott Wood has researched and written about them with a sense of wonder, humour and a keen eye. He finds the truth, the myth and the lies amongst these tales.

Dickens s London

Author : Julian Wolfreys
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This phenomenological exploration of the streets of Dickens's London opens up new perspectives on the city and the writer.

Haunted Places

Author : Dennis William Hauck
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In almost every town in America there are places where strange things happen. The perfect companion to The International Directory of Haunted Places, this revised and updated edition of Haunted Places is both a fascinating and unusual travel guide as well as an indispensable casebook for those interested in the paranormal. From buildings and parks believed to have resident ghosts and poltergeists to areas where Bigfoot or UFO sightings are most frequently reported, Haunted Places will lead you to more than 2,000 sites of paranormal activity across the United States. Organized alphabetically by state, each entry is referenced to an extensive bibliography of sources-with descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, Web sites, and travel directions provided for all locations.

The Haunted Gallery

Author : Lynda Nead
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This groundbreaking book explores the history of visual media in Britain during this key period, when the 19th century was closing and the 20th just beginning.

Theatre and Ghosts

Author : M. Luckhurst
File Size : 45.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Theatre and Ghosts brings theatre and performance history into dialogue with the flourishing field of spectrality studies. Essays examine the histories and economies of the material operations of theatre, and the spectrality of performance and performer.

The Literary Ghosts of London

Author : Edwin Beresford Chancellor
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Real Encounters Different Dimensions and Otherworldy Beings

Author : Brad Steiger
File Size : 74.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An expert on the unexplained and paranormal research, Brad and Sherry Steiger turn their unique and remarkable talents to the bold storytelling of encounters with the unknown from throughout the ages. From mysterious strangers and unpredictable beings to weird behavior and paranormal phenomena, they investigate claims of visits from ghastly ghosts, otherworldly creatures, aliens living among us, phantoms, spirits and other accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Over 130 astounding accounts of Real Encounters with the supernatural, such as ... *Visitors from others worlds who have had Earth under surveillance for centuries, conducting their activities in secret-- even abducting humans for their own research and undeclared ends. *Members of secret societies who developed an advanced technology centuries ago which has been kept hidden in underground or undersea cities. *Time Travelers from the Future. Beings who claim to be our descendents from the future who are returning to study the true destiny of humankind. *Ghosts that haunt people, places, and things--and poltergeists that create havoc. *Beasties and monsters found in everyone’s worst nightmares--and sometimes in their campsites, fields, and yards. *Other Dimensional Visitors, Beings, Creatures, or Entities that come not from a faraway world in our solar system or any other, but from an adjacent space-time continuum existing on another vibrational/dimensional frequency or level. *Previously unknown, unidentified terrestrial life-forms, such beings as "sky-critters," "sky fish,” “rods,” and “orbs.” *As yet unknown physical energies that may be activated by the psyche, the unconscious level of the human mind. *Archetypal creatures and entities of the collective unconscious that are the result of energies that are accessible through dreams, meditations, and other states of altered consciousness. *Interactions with beings that have been dubbed elves, fairies, devas throughout the centuries. *The marvelous, creative facet of dreams. *Out-of-body mind-traveling through Time and Space. *Majestic beings who are described in the scriptures of many world religions as angels or demons.