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Have Dog Will Travel

Author : Stephen Kuusisto
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In a lyrical love letter to guide dogs everywhere, a blind poet shares his delightful story of how a guide dog changed his life and helped him discover a newfound appreciation for travel and independence. Stephen Kuusisto was born legally blind—but he was also raised in the 1950s and taught to deny his blindness in order to "pass" as sighted. Stephen attended public school, rode a bike, and read books pressed right up against his nose. As an adult, he coped with his limited vision by becoming a professor in a small college town, memorizing routes for all of the places he needed to be. Then, at the age of thirty-eight, he was laid off. With no other job opportunities in his vicinity, he would have to travel to find work. This is how he found himself at Guiding Eyes, paired with a Labrador named Corky. In this vivid and lyrical memoir, Stephen Kuusisto recounts how an incredible partnership with a guide dog changed his life and the heart-stopping, wondrous adventure that began for him in midlife. Profound and deeply moving, this is a spiritual journey, the story of discovering that life with a guide dog is both a method and a state of mind.

Have Dog Will Travel

Author : Barbara Whitaker
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Dog Logic

Author : Robyn Osborne
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Keen to turn your disobedient dog into the perfect pooch? Tired of man's best friend ending up in the doghouse? Why not take an informative and entertaining walk on the wild side, with Dog Logic, a unique view of the world, one that is both canine created and related. Whether your best friend is a blue blood or a bitser, Dog Logic has them licked. Should you let sleeping dogs lie, exactly who is top dog and can you teach old dogs new tricks? Dog Logic helps get you on the right scent and ensures you're not barking up the wrong tree. And who better to take you on a journey deep into the canine world, but a member of the pack himself; Sox, the quintessential Aussie cattle dog and four legged philosopher. With 20 chapters covering issues from barking, beds and biting, to worrisome walks and everything in between, Sox offers his humorous but practical advice on resolving your doggy dilemmas. Supported with terrific tips from humans in the know, each chapter provides both canine and two legged advice that is fun, uplifting and relevant. As a RSPCA puppy who overcame a difficult start to life, Sox is proof that a dog from the wrong side of the pound can achieve greatness. As the creative canine consultant to Dog Logic, Sox is no stranger to fame having written a regular full page column in bark! Australia magazine. Combining the creative genius of Sox the Philosophical Pooch, and his human assistant, Robyn Osborne, Dog Logic is the must have book for anyone searching for the ideal canine companion.

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie Have Sword Will Travel 2

Author : Garth Nix
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Brilliantly funny adventure for boys and girls, featuring magic, sword action and knights For fans of Shrek Odo and Eleanor are now officially knights, helped (and sometimes hindered) by their magical but rather difficult to control magical swords. But if they thought life as a knight was going to be easy, they are wrong! Before they know it, their first task is to tackle some ferocious bile wolves! A funny fantasy triumph from Garth Nix and Sean Williams, the perfect sequel to Have Sword, Will Travel.

Cary Fox River Grove

Author : Pamela J. Losey
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Pioneers built homesteads in the Fox River Valley between 1830 and 1850. They were attracted to the area that would become Cary and Fox River Grove by the beautiful scenery, abundance of clear water, and opportunity for waterpower provided by the river. The Fox River was the principle highway for Native Americans and these early settlers. It later attracted many residents of Chicago who spent their summers vacationing along its banks. The river provides outdoor recreational opportunities and is today the busiest waterway in the Midwest. The pages in this book bring to life the people, places, and historic communities--Fox River Grove to the south and Cary to the north, as well as Oakwood Hills and Trout Valley--along the Fox River.

VM SAC Veterinary Medicine small Animal Clinician

Author :
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Have Tail Will Travel

Author : Nancey Cummings
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Wife Wanted: Single Alien Dad Needs a Mate Tragedy left Merit as the guardian to two young kits and he’s in over his head. He needs help. He has no time for romance and doesn’t think he needs it. He applies to Celestial Mates, willing to take the first available female, even a flat-faced, ugly human. What he gets is a woman whose mind challenges him and patience humbles him. He brought her to his planet under false pretenses. Now he hopes he can make it right before she leaves for good. This is a stand-alone story with a growly, sweet alpha, one stubborn human woman, a HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers.

Modern Veterinary Practice

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Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinician

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The Dogs of War

Author : Lisa Rogak
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Military working dogs gained widespread attention after the highly trained canine Cairo participated in the SEAL Team Six mission that led to Osama bin Laden's death. Before that, few civilians realized that dogs served in combat, let alone that they could parachute from thirty-thousand feet up. And as astounding as that talent is, it's only one of the many things our four-legged soldiers can do. Dogs have had a place in the U.S.military from as early as the nineteenth century, but their importance and our treatment of them has evolved since then. In the aftermath of 9/11, their numbers have increased exponentially. The Dogs of War surveys the amazing range of jobs that military working dogs now perform, such as explosives detection, patrol, and hunting for enemy combatants. Lisa Rogak discusses the dogs' training, their equipment, and sets the record straight on those rumors of titanium teeth. In this book you'll find heart-warming stories of the deep bond that dogs and their handlers share, including missions both heroic and tragic that show the courage and devotion that human and canine soldiers have displayed on the battlefield. Rogask also writes about the physical and mental dangers that dogs face from military service; the canine path from service to retirement; and finally how soldiers and civilians can help the cause by fostering military puppies or adopting retirees. An incredible story of the largely unseen but vital role that dogs play in our armed forces, The Dogs of War is a must-read for animal lovers everywhere.

Dog Catalog

Author : Donald Myrus
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A wide-ranging, photographically illustrated compendium on the complete canine contains how-to articles on dog care, essays on dog lore and legends, information on the latest in canine gadgetry, and reviews of dozens of dog books

Have Glass Slippers Will Travel

Author : Lisa Cach
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Single twentysomething seeks Prince Charming. Those without royal castles need not apply. Inspired by a famous talk show host to "live her best life," out-of-work tech writer Katy Orville flies off to London to find the man of her dreams. But in order to catch a prince, she has to shed her all-American girl image and transform herself into a hip, fashionable heiress. Can she really pull it off? Will she? At a society wedding, it seems like a dream come true when a handsome man in a formal kilt begins a hot pursuit, clearly smitten with Katy. Unfortunately, Will Eland is more interested in rebuilding some old estate in the countryside than in partying with the aristos -- how can she be attracted to Mr. Handyman when she's looking for a nobleman? But appearances can be deceiving, as Katy well knows. Sometimes a prince is disguised as a pauper -- and sometimes an ordinary bloke is really a duke. And she hopes that playing make-believe hasn't ruined her chance for happily ever after....

Raising Your Dog

Author : Rosanne Amberson
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Offers advice on all aspects of choosing, raising, feeding, training, grooming, showing, and caring for a contented, healthy, attractive dog

Have Thumb Will Travel

Author : Mike Woodrum
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This book is one mans quest to find his own version of a pot of gold which is found in the corner of any part of America where one can find beauty, brotherhood, or natural phenomena as beautiful as the Badlands, or man-made Mt. Rushmore. It is more than that, it is about having a disability while seeking out these riches, and not letting it be a burden, while finding ways to mix in with the common people of the country who are the ones who give the true meaning of the character of their towns and cities. Faced against so many who are unable to let themselves even try to understand what epilepsy is like, he often finds it easier to take to the woods and live with nature, if not for the times he must resurface to find a way to get more medication so his quest can continue.

So That Others May Live

Author : Hank Whittemore
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Tells the story of the head of the U.S. Disaster Team Canine Unit who, with her German shepards, travels worldwide as a volunteer in her life-saving efforts

Will Travel My Beijing

Author : William James Rahal
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This is a story about a boy who was told if he kept digging he would end up in China. Because of his sister's fearlessness and some fantastic friends, he finds himself in Beijing. In this comical retelling, the group meets in Beijing to support the boys sister, who is running The Great Wall Marathon. The run is a great excuse to extend the trip into an experience of a lifetime: enjoying local cuisine, checking out shopping hot spots, dispelling myths and pre-conceived notions, and putting the T back into tea--all the while laughing at themselves along the way.

AKC Gazette

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Apparel Arts

Author :
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The New York Dog Owner s Guide

Author : Martha Kaplan
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Citypets. In "The New York Dog Owner's Guide", Martha Kaplan tells you Everything You and Your Dog Need to Know About Life in the City, offering "the sort of information that can take months to learn by word of mouth". (The New York Times).

Traveling with Dogs

Author : Nona Kilgore Bauer
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Provides information on traveling with your dog in different modes of transportation, as well as staying in hotels, parks, and other recreational areas.