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Plants for Tropical Landscapes

Author : Fred D. Rauch
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A guide for gardeners to more than 500 common plants for tropical landscapes. Plants are organized by size and are illustrated with colour photographs to aid in their identification. There are guidelines on plant characteristics, soil and water requirements, and suggested landscape uses.

Ornamental Tropical Shrubs

Author : Amanda Jarrett
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For gardeners lucky enough to live in the subtropical and tropical zones, here are 83 shrubs they can count on to display beautiful flowers and/or colorful, interesting leaves. Stunning color photos and practical advice make this book an inspiration as well as a how-to manual for those who want their gardens to put on a tropical show throughout the year. Learn how to use shrubs in garden design for hedges, borders, screens, bank covers, mass plantings, containers, as well as bird and butterfly attractors. You'll also learn how to maintain a healthy garden. In her straightforward style, Amanda Jarrett covers the basics of planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning, mulching, and controlling insects and diseases. Just follow Amanda's common-sense advice, and your garden will blossom for years to come.

The Hawai i Garden Tropical shrubs

Author : Horace Freestone Clay
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The Hawai i Garden

Author : Horace F. Clay
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The novice gardener will have an accurate, reliable and highly readable reference when a question arises about one of his plants, or if he should wonder if a specific plant would do well in a sunny corner of his yard. The detail of each of the 8 by 11 inch color photographs surprises the eyes.

The Hawai i Garden

Author : Horace F. Clay
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Hawaii is the home of the world's greatest collection of tropical and subtropical plants. The Islands' benign and varied microclimates have accepted plants from many different places, ranging from the humid jungle rain forests to arid deserts, and from seacoasts sprayed with salt to mountainsides of almost Andean heights. With the enormous variety of plants that have made Hawaii one great botanical garden, comes also a great curiosity and search for knowledge about them. This volume features more than 100 striking plants, grown for their colorful or exotic flowers and foliage. All of these exotics have proved successful for the amateur gardener in Hawaii, including several unusual new varieties and cultivars, only recently made available commercially. Among these are the Hawaiian butterfly anthurium, the jewel of Burma ginger, ice-blue calathea, and a rare ginger from Tahiti.

Agriculture Handbook

Author :
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Common Forest Trees of Hawaii

Author : Elbert Luther Little
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Common Forest Trees of Hawaii native and Introduced

Author : Elbert Luther Little
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The European Garden Flora Flowering Plants

Author : James Cullen
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The European Garden Flora is the definitive manual for the accurate identification of cultivated ornamental flowering plants. Designed to meet the highest scientific standards, the vocabulary has nevertheless been kept as uncomplicated as possible so that the work is fully accessible to the informed gardener as well as to the professional botanist. This new edition has been thoroughly reorganised and revised, bringing it into line with modern taxonomic knowledge. Although Kuropean in name, the flora covers plants cultivated in most areas of the United States and Canada as well as in non-tropical parts of Asia and Australasia. Contains accounts of all the Monocotyledons, which includes those groups known informally as the `pelaloid monocotyledons' (the Liliaceae and Amaryllidaceae in the first edition, divided here among 17 families), the grasses and sedges (Ciramineae and Cyperaceae), the aroids (Araceae) and the large and diverse Orchidaceae.

Flowering Plants in the Landscape

Author : Mildred E. Mathias
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This book describes some of the world's most spectacular flowering trees, shrubs, vines, and ground covers and gives instructions for growing them. A delightful visual experience, it offers exciting possibilities for enhancing the landscape with the beauty of flowers and serves as an invaluable guide to the flowering plants of tropical and subtropical regions.