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News Headlines

Author : Harold Evans
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China in and beyond the Headlines

Author : Timothy B. Weston
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In the third volume of this popular series, leading experts provide fascinating and unexpected insights into critical issues of culture, economy, politics, and society in today's China. This world, outside the reach of state control and either misunderstood or unreported in Western media, gains clarity and dimension from the fresh insights of a prominent group of activists, investigative journalists, lawyers, scholars, and travelers, who share a common interest in lessening the profound information gap between China and the rest of the world. In sixteen new essays, they address such key topics as civil society, consumerism, environmental adversity, ethnic tension, the Internet, legal reform, new media and social networking, nationalist tourism, sex and popular culture, as well the costs of urban gigantism to portray the complexity of life in contemporary China—and how, increasingly, it speaks to the everyday experience of Americans. Contributions by: David Bandurski, Susan D. Blum, Timothy Cheek, Gady Epstein, Andrew S. Erickson, Lionel M. Jensen, John Kamm, Wenquing Kang, Katherine Palmer Kaup, Travis Klingberg, Orion A. Lewis, Benjamin L. Liebman, Jonathan S. Noble, Tim Oakes, Jessica C. Teets, Alex L. Wang, and Timothy B. Weston.

China Beyond the Headlines

Author : Timothy B. Weston
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This unique book takes the reader Obeyond the headlinesO to explore a China few Westerners have seen. The authors argue that the great gap between what specialists understand and the general public believes has led to distorted and potentially dangerous misunderstandings of China. Seeking to bridge that gap, a group of prominent scholars and activists challenge readers to move past the usual images of China presented by the media and to think about the common problems shared by China and the United States. In a morally engaged spirit, they explore such issues as environmental degradation, unemployment, growing inequality, ethnicity, human rights, corruption, and changing images of women to bring to life the fabric of contemporary Chinese life and how it twines around the political consciousness of Americans.


Author : Geoffrey Land
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A collection of newspaper and magazine extracts from British and US newspapers plus exercises, aiming to give controlled practice in a variety of reading skills for upper-intermediate and advanced students. Each passage is accompanied by reading skills and discussion activities.

Headlines Headlines Headlines

Author : Neil Patrick Stewart
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New York Post absurd? Or Onion-like fiction? You decide! British woman weds dolphin! Two minor girls married off to frogs! Tennessee man marries goat! Here's the story: two of these headlines are true - and one's true bologna. Which are straight off the presses? And which one is straight out of the author's mind? It's up to you to decide! The headlines in this book are all so outlandish that it's hard to believe any one of them is true. From stories like "Teen steals bus, picks up passengers" to "World's priciest pigeon goes for $328,000," you'll need to have quite the discerning eye to recognize which are ripped from real newspapers. Filled with hundreds of outrageously authentic headlines, this book leaves you wondering, "Did they really print that?"

If Bible Stories Were Reported in Today s Headlines

Author :
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From Headlines to Hard Times

Author : Ed Mitchell
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This is the astonishing true story of the newscaster who became known as the white-collar tramp

Lisa Makes the Headlines

Author : Kit Hood
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How do you decide between telling the truth and hurting your own brother? Between someone you consider your enemy and the fear you both share? Between your need to help a friend and to face your own fears? Lisa Makes the Headlines and Other Stories shows young people who are faced with challenging dilemmas and who respond with spirit and ingenuity. These stories offer delightful evidence of youthful creativity and resourcefulness in the face of hard questions. Based on the ground breaking Kids of Degrassi Street television program, this book offers a sensitive and engaging look at the challenges of childhood.

History in the Headlines

Author : Del Hood
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Tomorrow s Headlines Today

Author : Sybil Leek
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Author : Rolf Jacobsen
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Headlines Deadlines and Lifelines

Author : George B. Bookman
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Headlines, Deadlines and Lifelines is a memoir of a longtime journalist whose career centered on writing about economics, took him from New York to Washington, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and of course, across Europe. As he finished the book he was turning 94 years old. An unforgettable Junior college year in Paris launched his adulthood. Along the way he served nearly four years overseas during World War II, covered the White House as a newsman under FDR's Presidency, was Time Magazine's National Economics Correspondent, and later was a public relations executive and consultant in Wall Street. He also writes about his marriage of 57 years to his wife whose Orthodox Jewish roots were very different from his Reformist ancestry, and about their two children, four grandchildren and now 4 greatgrands. In the closing pages, after his wife of 57 years passed away, he tells about the friendship he resumed with a woman he had not seen in more than 40 years. They have now been together more than six years and counting.


Author : Ingrid Mårdh
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Hidden Headlines of Wisconsin

Author : Chad Lewis
File Size : 88.35 MB
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Strange, Unusual, & Bizarre Newspaper Stories 1860 - 1910

The Language of Newspapers

Author : Danuta Reah
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the ideological bias of the press, to the role of headlines in newspaper articles and ways in which newspapers relate to their audience, the book provides a comprehensive analysis of newspaper language.

Newspaper Headlines a Study in Linguistic Method by Heinrich Straumann

Author : Heinrich Straumann
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A Study of the Legibility of Newspaper Headlines

Author : George Lloyd Bird
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Headlines of World War II

Author : Ken Hills
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In the form of newspaper headlines accompanied by short blurbs, presents important events that occurred around the world from 1933 to 1946.

War in Headlines from the Detroit News 1939 1945

Author :
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Headlines Headaches and the Human Condition

Author : Steve Whiddett
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It’s not just the people in the news that do bad and stupid things. Media headlines would have us believe that bad people do bad things and stupid people do stupid things. But we have all suffered headaches that we did not intend to create and we have all suffered from headaches that others created for us. What if bad and stupid things happen just because normal people do what normal people do? Could there be influences in situations that contribute to people doing bad or stupid things? Headlines and headaches often happen without malice and regardless of knowledge or skills. They happen when normal people use normal human processes to deal with their situations. The processes we use have helped us evolve and survive for thousands of years but the less we understand them, the more they seem to let us down in modern day situations. If we understand how bad and stupid things happen, could we avoid doing bad and stupid things? Could we even prevent bad and stupid situations and make them less painful and more valuable? Using everyday language and real world examples, Steve Whiddett takes us behind some very public headlines and some very real everyday headaches. Headlines, Headaches and the Human Conditionprovides insights into situations and the human condition, which will help you change your own situations. It is a book that we can all use to make situations more manageable and more productive for ourselves, for organisations and for society.