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Healing with the Angel Rays

Author : Laura Lyn
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Healing with the Angel Rays is a fascinating approach on how to work with angelic essences and the healing forces these beings of light carry. It is exciting to realize that you are never alone in your life path. Healing in all its forms takes place rapidly when the consciousness of love flows. Angelic energies can be amplified to bring this miraculous healing power through the Angel Rays and chakras. Laura Lyn brings a unique view that she learned from the angels to allow deep healing. Are you in need of healing physically, emotionally, or spiritually? Are you a healer that would like to learn about angelic color ray essences? This book brings answers on how to receive healing into your life through harmony, peace and especially love.

Angel Healing Alchemy How To Begin

Author : Angela McGerr
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In Angel Healing & Alchemy the reader will learn the true significance of mighty Melchisadec, Prince of Peace, as well as of Sacred Seven and the Seventh Ray of Violet. This practical handbook teaches firstly how to work with angels and to develop "clair" skills, to feel and sense the presence of the angels. And then how to work with each of the eight mighty angels in turn, using this knowledge to gradually heal self and life. The objective is to connect with each angel in order to draw angelic rays of healing, using these to release blocks, gain a higher vibration and to thus attain new levels of physical/spiritual harmony.

Angel Healing

Author : Claire Nahmad
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Claire Nahmad reveals how to attune to the healing angels through simple ceremony and ritual, on a well-defined and practical basis. Anyone can put these simple healing practices into force-for the benefit of both themselves and others. This inspiring book explains: how to work with the chakras and how they are linked with the stars and angel hierarchy, the various subtle angelic color rays-and how to direct these rays through your hands and thought to transmit their healing energy, how to lay out a Crystal Healing Web around a patient to revive and heal, how to create an angel altar-a powerful magnetized center, how to summon the specific angel you need, such as the Angel of Faith, the Angel of Courage and the Angel of Joy at times of worry, fear, and hopelessness, how to absorb the energy or light-ray of an angel and how angels can help rid the body of negative energy patterns associated with disease and pain.

Angel Magic

Author : Cassandra Eason
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In the frantic modern world many people want to discover easy ways to improve the harmony of their lives, reduce stress and resolve problems. ANGEL MAGIC is a delightful, user-friendly guide to angels for busy people, providing inspiration and guidance in an easily-accessible format. Based in ancient tradition, the power of angels can be used to benefit you in many different ways. Cassandra reveals: * Angels to guide and inspire in every aspect of your life including love, prosperity and career * Advice on how to contact specific angels for specific situations * Ways to work with angels for healing, protection and wellbeing * A list of 250 named angels, with explanations on how they relate to the modern world and the individual's needs This delightful, user-friendly guide to angels also makes a perfect gift.

The Angels of the Rays

Author : Mary Johanna
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This healing and contemplative book offers simple ways to invoke the angels, both inside and out. The angels are beautifully portrayed in full color and are meditation pieces in themselves. Each angel presents her color ray, invocation, and special message. As you acquaint yourself with these angels, your "visits" with these celestial energies assist in supporting your own special transformation. Mary Johanna is a talented multi-dimensional artist and the beauty of the Goddess permeates her work. The Angels of the Rays is a beautiful full-color book depicting each angel. It includes 12 removable angel cards for personal use.

Alternate Healing Compendium

Author : Seema Anand
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The Alternate Healing Compendium is meant for everyone who has an interest in alternative healing methods. From the complete beginner to the advanced practitioner, it explains in detail the many various modalities that are used to bring about healing, as well as offering step-by-step guidance to the practical methods of application. The Alternate Healing Compendium gives you the tools to unlock your own healing potential. Look out for the next edition, which will cover more ailments.

Prophecy the Missing Dimension of Healing the Healing Power of Angels Karma of the Nations

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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Healing Yourself with Light

Author : LaUna Huffines
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A complete method for bringing the healing light of the soul, the Solar angel, and the angelic healers into the physical body. taught in workshops for many years, these easy-to-learn processes have helped thousands to heal and upgrade the cells in their body.

Angels and Energy

Author : Stacey MacDonald
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It is author Stacey MacDonald’s passion to teach others to connect with their angels, guides, and the power of self. Stacey channels messages and inspirations from the archangels and her guides. In this book, she focuses on messages to build confidence and self-esteem, ways in which to challenge your self forward on your life path, methods for clearing and cleaning each of your chakras, ways to connect to your own angel team each day going forward, and more! This book can act as a daily guide in order to build confidence, personal energy, and an ability to connect to your own angels and intuitive guidance, assisting you in moving forward powerfully on your life path! Stacey MacDonald, the founder of Angel Light, is an energy healer, Reiki master, and intuitive coach. Visit her online at

I Painted the Light

Author : Jeanne Grimes
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When I was five years old, I painted the Light. I painted the happy space I went to while being sexually abused by my father. When the abuse would start, two adorable cherubs would appear and take me by the hands. Off we would go into the Light! We would fly about and tumble, laugh and be filled with joy. It was a glorious, fun and safe place to be. The Light saved me. So when I was given the chance to create my first ever painting in kindergarten, I naturally wanted to paint this beautiful, glowing space. I painted the Light! I covered every square inch of my flip chart paper with bright yellow paint. I was so happy to recreate this space and share it with my dad. But my joy was short-lived once I actually unrolled my painting at home and explained my bright yellow space to my father. His violent reaction became one more incident that further buried the memories of the abuse. I tell my story here to help those of you who have also been sexually abused. I went beyond the counseling and cognitive therapies, and found other spiritual and experiential techniques that brought me to a place of peace and wholeness. These practices helped heal my mind, my body and my spirit. I offer my experiences here so that you may apply them to your own healing journey. My goal is to help you see the Light within you, to find the peace within you, as I have finally found in me. May Divine Love be with us on our journey.

Angels Among Us

Author : Ron Rhodes
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With stories of angelic encounters all around us, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries president Ron Rhodes delves into the biblical truth about these heavenly beings. Some current reports are so utterly remarkable they have captured widespread attention. Curiously, however, many of these seemingly celestial visitors have little in common with the angels of the Bible. Angels are very much involved in our lives today--of that we can be certain. But when it comes to angels, how can we tell what is real and what isn’t? Angels Among Us provides solid, biblically based answers to pressing questions through a fascinating--and highly inspirational--tour of God’s Word. Readers will discover who angels are, what they are like, what they do...and most exciting of all, the ministry they have today. This book has sold nearly 150,000 copies and now boasts an updated cover to bring its balanced message to new readers.

The Secret Life of Angels

Author : Ron Rhodes
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Popular depictions of angels often have little in common with biblical accounts. How can you separate fact from fiction? With this fascinating and inspirational guide, you'll journey through God's Word and discover who angels are, what they are like, and how they are involved in your life today.

Heal Yourself with Angels

Author : Patricia Papps
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Illuminate your spirit, bring peace to your soul, and calm your mind with the help of angels. Discover which heavenly being to contact for specific problems, including depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and money troubles. With the power of angel meditation, you can put your life on a new course. In Heal Yourself with Angels, author Patricia Papps shows how to work with angels to create miracles and make your most cherished wishes come true. Learn how to connect with angel energy to access inner wisdom and heal relationship issues and loneliness. Remove negative blocks, combat evil, heal illness and disease, and more. Let the angels reveal your true potential and accompany you every moment of your life.

Teachings from the Mystery School the Healing Power of Angels

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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The Sacred Magic of the Angels

Author : David Goddard
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Humanity shares a universal belief in the existence of spiritual guides and messengers. This book mixes esoterica and practical information to teach the reader to contact and benefit from angels in their life. It empowers readers with the knowledge to deal with health, employment and home.

Tapestry Life after loss of a child

Author : Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD
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Tapestry - Life after Loss of a Child is a guide that will lead the bereaved out of darkness and into the light. The author Daria Sherman dives deep leaving no stone unturned in discussing the collateral losses and beauty after the death of a loved one. We are here for a given period of time, and when we are done with our physical life experience we cross. Even so, many people are ill prepared for the tide of emotions that emerge after a loved one dies. Each chapter is designed to take you deeper into resolving your own life after loss. Direct channeled messages from the "hereafter" through Laura Lynn, Brian Borell, and Daria reveal that separation and death are illusions. This book is a must read for anyone who has experienced any type of loss through the death of a loved one. For anyone who has a family member or friend who is grieving loss, this book will show you how to be the support they truly need.

Hope Help Healing with Archangel Raphael and the Angels

Author : Mary Lasota
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In this book, Hope, Help, Healing with Archangel Raphael and The Angels, many comments and much information is given which is extremely important at this time in terms of very much needed hope both in the present and for the future. Planet Earth and the individuals living on it need to know about Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters in order to avail themselves of all the helpful, hopeful, healing, protecting and guiding ways they have given in the past and about how all these offerings can be utilized now. The Emerald Joy Healing Ceremonials, the attunements and the messages are valuable because they come directly from Archangel Raphael himself, his contributions benefiting us all.The authors intensive and extensive research about past Golden Ages and the predicted Golden Age to come culminates in a last chapter which shows the cosmic role Planet Earth has played in the past and needs to play again.This book has come forth at this time to offer words of hope, help, and healing to a world in its transformational period!

Angels Love

Author : Christine Snowdon
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Christine Snowdon is an Author, a Columnist with Magna Intuitum, a Spiritual Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, a Clairaudient Channeller, and a Clairsentient and Clairvoyant Communicator; who has worked for Russell Grant’s team of psychics. Her photos of real angels in the sky have been published by the Daily Mail and Sun national newspapers, Croydon Advertiser, MU Magazine Japan and Magna Intuitum. On 25 August 2015, COLIN FRY, Britain’s leading psychic medium died of lung cancer and a short time after he joined Christine as her spirit guide. She states: "ANGELS' LOVE published in 2017 includes conversations with the sometimes irreverent COLIN FRY, my new spirit guide and GEORGE MICHAEL who both connect with me with much gaiety and laughter! There are no tears in Heaven! I record everything they say to me and with a huge input from the colourful Colin Fry are the heartbreaking stories that were unveiled to me during readings with clients at a crossroads in their lives. I was visited in the middle of night by my own "Uncle Albert” who died, "aged 18," on board the infamous sinking of Britain’s biggest battleship "HMS Hood” by the "Bismarck” in 1941. Why did "Tara" forgive her abusive father, now in spirit? What stopped "Peter" believing in the existence of spirit life even though his deceased mother had been a spiritual medium all her life? I believe it's never too late to contact deceased loved ones and you will not have to look very far in these stories to find evidence that our spirit continues to live on in another world. ’Angels’ Love’ also delivers strong messages of inspirational guidance from Archangel Michael, White Eagle and for benefit of all mankind God channels many new spiritual truths to uplift and teach us all.” "Christine is a most dedicated medium and psychic; for two years now we have made a good spirit team..." COLIN FRY. '' 'Angels' Love' is written from the heart ..." THERESA CHEUNG, Sunday Times best selling Angels Author.

The Seven Rays

Author : Samantha Stevens
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This practical and informative inspirational guide teaches the reader how to develop a relationship with the Archangels (known as the Seven Rays) using prayer, affirmations, candle burning, color therapy, vibrational medicines and meditation.

Finding Paradise After the Storm

Author : Lisa Caza
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In this inspirational partial memoir, internationally-known clairvoyant psychic and media personality Lisa Caza shares her experience in detail as a surviving warrior of domestic violence and how she, with the help of her spirit guides and Divine, rebuilt herself and finally connected with her divinely intended life partner. Lisa reveals profound divine insight, guidance, and lessons learned throughout her journey to help guide others towards finding their own successful love relationships. She especially wishes for everyone to realize that there is a relationship paradise waiting for them if they want it. And the first steps towards that paradise is to choose happiness and pursue it. This book illustrates many important spiritual lessons and concepts, and it may help you realize ways to find your own divinely intended love partneryour own little piece of paradise. Whether you are a surviving warrior of domestic violence yourself, still trying to heal from a significant past relationship, or just a spirit who has been yearning to find that very special someone, the insights and tips Lisa reveals may be invaluable tools along your journey toward paradise.