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Helping a Hurting Friend

Author : Garrett Higbee
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How to Help Your Hurting Friend

Author : Susie Shellenberger
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A valuable handbook of practical advice for teenage girls to share with their friendsSusie Shellenberger—veteran editor of Focus on the Family’s Brio magazine—addresses the most vital, personal, and life-challenging issues in young women’s lives so that concerned friends can respond in love and wisdom to their friends who are coping with crises. Presented in handbook form, this biblically-based, relevant, and contemporary-focused book empowers girls to salvage and even save the lives of their troubled peers.No issue is taboo (for example, she addresses self-cutting and sexual abuse) and no advice is ever vague (on the first page, Susie tells her readers that “Jesus Christ is the one who does the empowering!”). This classic book for teenage girls distills the wisdom of the Bible and combines it with the wisdom of many experienced and anointed counselors. Previously published as Help! My Friend Is Hurting, this reissued edition has a dynamic new format complete with sidebars and intriguing illustrations.

How Do I Help a Hurting Friend

Author : Rod Wilson
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Each of us knows someone who is hurting. We want to help but often don't know how. So we try to solve his or her problem by evaluating the situation and giving advice. But what hurting people need first and foremost is to be understood. Rod Wilson offers you practical insights into helping hurting people. These insights are born out of more than thirty years of church and counseling experience. Whether you're a church leader or a caring friend, this book will give you needed tools to minister more effectively to those around you who are hurting.

Helping Friends and Harming Enemies

Author : Mary Whitlock Blundell
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This book is a detailed study of five plays of Sophocles that examines a key ethical principle.

How to Help a Heartbroken Friend

Author : David B. Biebel
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Biebel helps readers understand the emotional and spiritual trauma that hurting friends are experiencing and suggests practical ways in which they can be comforted. A great tool for church leaders, laypersons, or others in leadership who want to reach out to hurting people, but don't know how. Targeted mailings.

Helping a Friend Who Is Being Bullied

Author : Corona Brezina
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A 2014 report by the US Department of Education found that 22 percent of students ages twelve to eighteen had experienced bullying. This cogent narrative provides readers with supportive methods to help a friend who is being bullied and to promote a bully-free learning environment at school. Physical, social, psychological, and verbal bullying are examined, as well as cyberbulling. Readers discover the consequences of bullying both as a target and as a bystander. They also consider ways to intervene in a bullying situation, how to seek adult help, and how to be empowered and recover from bullying.

Helping Your Friend through the Storm

Author : Debbie Hand
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Helping Your Friend through the Storm offers new ideas to help you expand the ways that you help others. Debbie shares personal experiences taken from her cancer journal that delve into the emotional hardships she endured. She shares personal examples, expounding with practical and unique approaches to adopt as your own. Encouraging Scripture verses as well as biblical stories brought to life will inspire you to minister to others as they endure hardships. While going through brain surgery to correct epileptic seizures, followed by breast cancer one year later, Debbie experienced physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles in her life. She soon experienced joy in talking to new cancer patients and saw how God was using her life experiences to help others. Debbie returned to college and got a degree in social work. While she was in her third year, she found out that she had breast cancer on the other side. Along with family and friends, she had a group of future social workers at her side. Debbie understands personally the needs that others experience as they go through difficulties in their lives. She has been touched by the love that God has shown her through her family and friends in different and unique ways. Debbie's prayer is that her personal experiences will help guide you as you help loved ones through the storm.

Helping a Friend with a Drug Problem

Author : Precious McKenzie
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Even more so than family, friends are able to influence each other’s recovery from drug addiction, but to do so requires a thorough understanding of the situation. Readers will learn the signs of abuse for various drugs, along with reasons for abuse, how to confront the friend, and how to encourage treatment. The many sources for further reference fulfill Common Core Standards by offering a means through which readers may draw on information from other sources and solve a problem efficiently. This title teaches an important and especially relevant lesson: drug recovery lasts a lifetime but addiction doesn’t have to.

Help My Friend Has a Disability

Author : Dave Deuel
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Most of us could improve our friendship skills. And disability can introduce unique challenges to our friendships, as well as bring incomprehensible blessings. This mini-book explores how we can be a good friend to a person with a disability by examining the Bible’s teaching on friendships in general, and then looking at some of the specific obstacles disability can bring, including how churches can become families of friends for people with disabilities.

Helping a Friend with an Alcohol Problem

Author : Jennifer Landau
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A 2014 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration showed that 8.7 million youths ages twelve to twenty reported drinking alcohol beyond “just a few sips” in the previous month. Those who start drinking before age fifteen are five times more likely to become dependent on alcohol than those who begin at twenty-one. This resource shows young people how to help a friend who is abusing alcohol. It arms them with facts about alcohol, how it affects the teen mind and body, how to look for signs of a problem, and how to bring others on board to help.