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Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse

Author : Lynn Heitritter
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This solidly biblical and sensitive guide from two medical and counseling professionals is full of helpful information for Christian communities ministering to children and families recovering from sexual abuse.

Why Me Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Author : Lynn Daugherty
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"A good simple, beginning book for child, teen, and adult survivors" - authors Ellen Bass and Laura Davis describing Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse in their groundbreaking book for abuse victims, The Courage To Heal."As well as helping victims, it is also a book for people who want to learn more about child sexual abuse" - Adrian Ford, Senior Social Worker at The Children's Hospital, Camperdown, NSW, Australia writing in her introduction to the Australian edition of Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse. Adults and adolescents who were sexually abused as children find help and healing in this classic bestseller from a respected Clinical Psychologist. Now in its fourth edition, this warm and personal, beginning guide gives you . . . - answers to child sexual abuse questions - stories of male and female victims- insights into sexual abusers- explanations of effects on victims- step-by-step guidance to begin your recovery- resources for additional assistance Understand important psychological concepts easily because they are presented in clear, everyday language. Feel understood and valued as you begin healing from the pain of child sexual abuse with this classic bestseller. > Honored as an Editor's Choice Selection by Booklist > Over 60,000 copies sold worldwide > Recommended reading by support groups from New Jersey to Alaska, Scotland to The Netherlands to Fiji

Rape Incest and Sexual Harassment

Author : Kathryn Quina
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This is a working guide to the treatment of survivors of rape, incest, and sexual harassment. It reviews current literature on the long-term effects of sexual abuse and discusses the services and support survivors require. The phases of recovery after sexual abuse are described together with the most appropriate assistance at each phase. This book focuses on the older adolescent and adult, providing numerous case studies and emphasizing the individuality of both survivor and response.

Unlocking the Secret of Your Soul

Author : Josiane Assunção
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In this book I share a little bit of my childhood and describe things that happened to me. I was sexually abused, rejected, abandoned, and betrayed. I suffered from depression from many long years, and I want to share how God restored and healed my broken heart, giving me hope to live again. I share that healing is a process and emphasize how important is to abide in the Word of God to find healing and rest for our souls. My heart is dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse overcome their emotional pain and know that there's hope and healing for their broken hearts.

Exemplary Projects

Author : Debra Whitcomb
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Why Me

Author : Lynn Daugherty
File Size : 71.78 MB
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Find answers to child sexual abuse questions, stories of victims, insights into sexual abusers, explanations of effects on victims, and step-by-step guidance to begin recovery from child sexual abuse in this warm and personal, clear, beginning book.

Healing Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Author : Paula Sandford
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DIVThis books gives love, acceptance, and healing to the victims of sexual abuse the abused, the abuser, and their families. It is an invaluable tool for those who counsel and minister to lives fractured by sexual abuse. As a professional counselor, Paula Sandford has helped hundreds of sexual abuse victims successfully deal with their fears, guilt, confusion, and depression. In her personal life, she has seen beloved family members victimized by this cruel enemy of childhood and family life. She knows the pain that all the victims share, but she also knows the way to healing. Through the many various stories of tragedy to triumph and practical tools for healing, this book leads the reader into new dimensions of hope, healing, and wholeness./div

Victims of Sexual Violence

Author : Colleen A. Ward
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This handbook is an answer to the need for a text which incorporates factual, analytical and practical aspects of the topic to provide a comprehensive basis for understanding and assisting victims of sexual abuse. Its coverage includes information on the extent of the problem of sexual offences in Singapore, and on the relevant legal institutional provisions (Part I); analysis of the causes of sexual violence and the social and psychological effects of sexual assault (Part II); guidelines on how to help victims of sexual violence (Parts III and IV); and finally some suggestions on how existing services might be improved (Part V).

Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse Resources and Responses for Individuals and Families 2 volumes

Author : Michele A. Paludi
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A team of educators, counselors, and scholars examine the widespread problem of sexual assault and abuse in the United States from a legal, criminal justice, psychological, clinical, and legislative perspective. • Over 70 expert contributors in the area of violence against children, teens and adults • Provides examples of effective prevention programs and violent offender treatment programs, as well as recommendations for assessing and treating battered women • Presents a clear history of sexual abuse in the United States • Bibliographies accompany each chapter in each volume • A listing of websites and organizations dealing with sexual assault and abuse provides additional resources

Abused Boys

Author : Mic Hunter
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This myth-breaking study explains the ways in which boys are molested and the reasons why men remain silent about it later in life. Thirteen firsthand "survival stories" offer inspiration to readers. Resource section. Bibliography.

Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Author : Diane Langberg
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This powerful book deals with the issue of how Christians, especially those called to counsel, can help survivors of sexual abuse find healing and hope. From 20 years of experience, the author demonstrates how counselors can walk alongside people deeply wounded by sexual abuse as they face the truth about who they are, who their abuser was, and who God is as the Savior and Redeemer of all life. Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse issues a strong call to the church at large to walk with survivors through the long dark nights of their healing.

Breaking Free

Author : Carolyn Ainscough
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This self-help book is for both male and female adult survivors of child sexual abuse. The book examines the effects of abuse, such as depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders (which affect 50% of female survivors) and fear of sexual relationships. It addresses questions survivors often ask, such as Why Me? and Why Didn't I Tell?, the issues of self-blame and guilt and the often conflicting feelings survivors have towards their abusers. Exercises encourage the reader to face up to buried feelings, seek help, and to link early traumatic experiences with problems reoccurring in his or her life as an adult. The book shows that it is possible to overcome problems.

Surviving Sexual Violence

Author : Thema Bryant-Davis
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This book helps to empower survivors of sexual violation to navigate through the healing process. Sexual violation affects survivors but does not have to dictate their future, and this book shows readers how various paths to healing can help them, not only overcome the trauma of sexual assault, but also thrive as they move on with their lives.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Believing Victims and Supporting Survivors

Author : Dr. Deborah Inman
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Even in today’s world where the #Me Too movement is raising awareness of the magnitude of sexual abuse, children remain the silent majority of victims of sexual predators and pedophiles. Although there has been an increase in public discussions through the media and high-profile cases, the sexual abuse of children still remains a difficult topic for victims and their families. Dr. Deborah Inman incorporates knowledge and expertise from personal and professional experience with current research and statistics to raise awareness about the continuing prevalence of child sexual abuse and the lifelong impact on victims/survivors. In a thoughtful presentation designed to help parents and mental health professionals navigate through the challenges of this type of abuse, Dr. Inman: • Documents the pervasiveness of childhood sexual abuse in the United States; • provides resources for parents to protect and support their children; • shares insight to help a support system guide children after they reveal their secret; • explains how a survivor’s parents are impacted by abuse; • offers guidance on how to help the child begin healing; • provides detailed examinations of real-life cases; and • challenges the legal system to hold abusers responsible for their actions. In this comprehensive guidebook, Dr. Inman shares wisdom and tips that will help childhood sexual abuse victims and their support systems navigate through the trauma and ultimately toward healing.

Victim to Survivor

Author : Nancy Werking Poling
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In Victim to Survivor, Nancy Werking Poling offers the harrowing and poignant stories of six women who were sexually abused by their pastors and who tell in their own voices what they did about it. In their pain, these victims, survivors, and thrivers dare to call upon the church to be a safe refuge for all people, women and men alike. And in their personal journeys of healing, they demonstrate a tenacious faith grounded in gospel truth - compelling church leaders to acknowledge this hurtful hypocrisy, advocate for healthy pastoral relationships, and finally call perpetrators to accountability.

The Rape Recovery Handbook

Author : Aphrodite Matsakis
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Presents a guide to coping with rape that includes how to create a plan for recovery, build a supportive network, deal with conflicting emotions, and encourage the reconstruction of the event in order to weaken its power over the survivor.

Helping Male Survivors of Sexual Violation to Recover

Author : Sarah Van Gogh
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Placing the experiences of men at the heart of this book, Sarah Van Gogh outlines an integrative approach to effective therapeutic treatment of male sexual abuse. In a culture where to be male is often to be expected to embody strength, power and being in control, male victims of sexual abuse can be particularly challenging to help. This book outlines seven composite detailed case studies representing men from a wide range of backgrounds and demographics. It lays out how the author's pioneering model of an integrative approach which includes psychodynamic, humanistic, relational, cognitive/behavioural, body-based and arts-based approaches can offer an effective model for working with this client group. This key text provides a valuable resource for all those working with male survivors of sexual abuse.

Interviewing Child Witnesses and Victims of Sexual Abuse

Author :
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This guide provides practical information for law enforcement officers, child protection workers, child abuse investigators, and others faced with the need to obtain information from children who may be victims or witnesses of child sexual abuse. The approaches and techniques described are designed to be legally defensible while minimizing further trauma to the child. The techniques emphasize the maintenance of an objective perspective by the interviewer by avoiding leading questions, especially with young children, who may be susceptible to the suggestions of adults. Some suggestions for an interviewer's approach are to be sensitive to the child's level of development, to be flexible, to be objective, and to be empathetic. In talking to children, some guidelines are to phrase the question so the child understands; talk about what children understand; help children deal with questions they do not understand; be objective and avoid suggesting answers; provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere; begin the interview with broad, open-ended questions; avoid leading questions; help children overcome their anxieties; and understand children's emotional reactions. The phases of an interview discussed are preparation, setting and context, rapport-building and developmental observations, information exchange, and closure. Specific guidelines for interviewing children who may have been sexually abused focus on level of likelihood of the abuse, preparation for the interview, questioning, and the use of anatomical dolls and other media. 19 suggested supplemental readings, 5 organizations, and 15 additional resources.

Female Sexual Abuse of Children

Author : Michele Elliott
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This courageous and powerful book is a first step in addressing the secrecy, distress, anger, and fear surrounding female sexual abuse of children. Refuting the rationales for our lack of attention to the problem and contradicting some commonly held beliefs about sexual abuse, it combines accounts from survivors with input from professionals working with both survivors and abusers. Part I presents contributions from professionals who discuss aspects of female sexual abuse ranging from impact and treatment issues for victims of childhood sexual abuse by female perpetrators to the paradox of women who sexually abuse children. The second part is devoted to survivors--it presents stories from both men and women, then provides self-help guidelines for both. The book concludes with a valuable section on resources which includes a review of the existing literature on female child molestation as well as a listing of pertinent books and help organizations. FEMALE SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN also addresses the controversial issue of current statistics that show that female sexual abuse is very rare and the question of whether it is being underreported due to fear from survivors that they will not be believed or supported. Regardless of the true magnitude of this problem, secrecy or denial about any aspect of child abuse must be avoided. Whatever future studies may show about this problem, it will not diminish this book's importance in taking the step of exploring this issue.

Sexual Abuse Child Sexual Abuse True Stories

Author : Robyn MacBridge
File Size : 49.3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Sexual Abuse - Child Sexual Abuse True Stories (What You Need to Know & Shocking Child Abuse Statistics!)" is more than just a book of child abuse stories. The victims of child sexual abuse are 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 7 boys (World Health Organization). A majority of the offenders are people they know and trust like their family members. Each child has his/her own childhood sexual abuse story and it’s a horror that each one have had to live through. There are 7 brief child abuse stories in this book that allows you to take a peek into their world to see what the child experienced, as well as food for thought about that particular experience. In an effort to increase awareness and keep the frequency of sexual abuse and child molestation to a minimum, this book also includes advice from experts and practical tips - some of which might have never crossed your mind, as well as a look into the plight of survivors. The child sexual abuse statistics alone are heartbreaking and unbelievable; things that are hard to fathom, and so many. You'll also find out why mothers who know about it many times do nothing about it and what that does to the child on into adulthood. If you've wondered what child sexual abuse is about - not only the stories - but its prevalence (statistics), psychological and emotional impact, things that can be done to help prevent it, and available resources on a worldwide basis including current phone numbers, support groups and websites, all of that information is contained in this book. Collectively with just a little awareness about that dark world, I feel we can make a difference in protecting the innocence of children/adolescence/teens from molestation and sexual abuse.