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Henri Bergson and Visual Culture

Author : Paul Atkinson
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What does it mean to see time in the visual arts and how does art reveal the nature of time? Paul Atkinson investigates these questions through the work of the French philosopher Henri Bergson, whose theory of time as duration made him one of the most prominent thinkers of the fin de siècle. Although Bergson never enunciated an aesthetic theory and did not explicitly write on the visual arts, his philosophy gestures towards a play of sensual differences that is central to aesthetics. This book rethinks Bergson's philosophy in terms of aesthetics and provides a fascinating and original account of how Bergsonian ideas aid in understanding time and dynamism in the visual arts. From an examination of Bergson's influence on the visual arts to a reconsideration of the relationship between aesthetics and metaphysics, Henri Bergson and Visual Culture explores what it means to reconceptualise the visual arts in terms of duration. Atkinson revisits four key themes in Bergson's work – duration; time and the continuous gesture; the ramification of life and durational difference – and reveals Bergsonian aesthetics of duration through the application of these themes to a number of 19th and 20th-century artworks. This book introduces readers and art lovers to the work of Bergson and contributes to Bergsonian scholarship, as well as presenting a new of understanding the relationship between art and time.

The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures

Author : Aga Skrodzka
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Stereotypes often cast communism as a defunct, bankrupt ideology and a relic of the distant past. However, recent political movements like Europe's anti-austerity protests, the Arab Spring, and Occupy Wall Street suggest that communism is still very much relevant and may even hold the key to a new, idealized future. In The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures, contributors trace the legacies of communist ideology in visual culture, from buildings and monuments, murals and sculpture, to recycling campaigns and wall newspapers, all of which work to make communism's ideas and values material. Contributors work to resist the widespread demonization of communism, demystifying its ideals and suggesting that it has visually shaped the modern world in undeniable and complex ways. Together, contributors answer curcial questions like: What can be salvaged and reused from past communist experiments? How has communism impacted the cultures of late capitalism? And how have histories of communism left behind visual traces of potential utopias? An interdisciplinary look at the cultural currency of communism today, The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures demonstrates the value of revisiting the practices of the past to form a better vision of the future.

The Nineteenth century Visual Culture Reader

Author : Vanessa R. Schwartz
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The nineteenth century is central to contemporary discussions of visual culture. This reader brings together key writings on the period, exploring such topics as photographs, exhibitions and advertising.

Jewish Dimensions in Modern Visual Culture

Author : Rose-Carol Washton Long
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A fascinating look at key aspects of visual culture in modern Jewish history

Constituting the Indian female Body in Mexican Painting Cinema and Visual Culture 1900 1950

Author : Adriana Zavala
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American Visual Cultures

Author : David Holloway
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An annotated bibliography of suggested further reading completes this invaluable and unique resource for the student and teacher of modern American art, media and culture.

Old Masters in New Interpretations

Author : Anna Kwiatkowska
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The volume offers a variety of new interpretations of a selection of well-known and culturally established works of verbal and visual culture. It demonstrates how the two spheres of literature and broadly understood art, as well as the two qualities of old and new, interfuse, affect, re-shape, and complement each other. The focus here is particularly directed towards the perception of the canonical texts of culture by the modern, often young, addressee. Who are the Old Masters? Are contemporary works of art influenced by them? Is it possible to create ‘new classics’ without reference to the established conventions? These basic questions serve as a starting point for a stimulating academic discussion and a vibrant intellectual exchange.

Culture and Society in Britain 1660 1800

Author : Jeremy Black
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Stages of Conception

Author : Daniel Sack
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Art Visual Culture 1850 2010

Author : Steve Edwards
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Through carefully chosen themes and topics rather than through a general survey, this title approaches the process of looking at works of art in terms of their audiences, functions and cross-cultural contexts. It includes essays which engage directly with topical issues around art and gender, globalisation, cultural difference and curating.

Contemporary Visual Arts

Author :
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New Philosophy for New Media

Author : Mark Boris Nicola Hansen
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An in-depth account for how the information in digital art is filtered by the body to create images focuses on new media artists--including Jeffrey Shaw, Douglas Gordon, and Bill Viola--and explores the bodily basis of vision.

Place Studies in Art Media Science and Technology

Author : Andreas Broeckmann
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"This volume presents sixteen studies about the complex interactions between, art, media, science and technology."--Back cover.

The West in Early Cinema

Author : Nanna Verhoeff
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Publisher description

Interface Cultures

Author : Christa Sommerer
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From media art archeology to contemporary interaction design - the term interface culture is based on a vivid and ongoing discourse in the fields of interactive art, interaction design, game design, tangible interfaces, auditory interfaces, fashionable technologies, wearable devices, intelligent ambiences, sensor technologies, telecommunication and new experimental forms of human-machine, human-human and machine-machine interactions and the cultural discourse surrounding them. This book's aim is to give an overview of the current state of interactive art and interface technology as well as an outlook on new forms of hybridization in art, media, scientific research and every-day media applications.

Robert Lehman Lectures on Contemporary Art

Author :
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Robert Lehman Lectures on Contemporary Art

Author : Lynne Cooke
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Edited by Lynne Cooke, Karen Kelly, Bettina Funcke. Essays by Lynne Cooke, Jonathan Crary, Russel Fergusson, Boris Groys, Pamela Kort, Berenice Reynaud, Victor Stoichita, Elaine Showalter, Jan Tumlir and Peter Wollen. Foreword by Michael Govan.

Haunting and Displacement in African American Literature and Culture

Author : Marisa Parham
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Looking at texts including Jean Toomer's "Cane", Toni Morrison's "Beloved", James Baldwin's "Another Country", and 'Beat' poetry by Bob Kaufmann, this work describes the phenomena of haunting, displacement, and ghostliness as endemic to modern African American literature and culture.

New Left Review

Author :
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The Visual Arts in Germany 1890 1937

Author : Shearer West
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