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Her Consigliere

Author : Carsen Taite
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Attorney Siobhan Collins’s life has been shrouded in mystery from the moment she was born, but she is certain of one thing—she owes her life and everything she has achieved to the Mancuso family, and she has pledged to protect their interests at any cost. Her loyalty will be put to the test when she learns the woman who has stolen her heart is determined to destroy the only world she has ever known. FBI agent Royal Scott is ready to ditch working undercover and figure out how to live in the real world, but her boss convinces her to take one more assignment pretending to be someone she’s not. Her one goal—infiltrate the Mancuso family’s illegal empire and find a way to bring them down. But when she becomes captivated by Siobhan Collins, the elusive counselor to Don Mancuso, she may be the one taking the fall. Advance praise from Publishers Weekly: "With this sexy lesbian romance take on the mobster genre, Taite brings savvy, confidence, and glamour to the forefront without leaning into violence...Taite’s protagonists ooze competence and boldness, with strong female secondary characters...This is sure to please."—Publishers Weekly, 4/29/2021

Blood Calls

Author : Tina J. Bowen
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Emiliana Moretti is a renowned doctor in Palermo, Sicily. Her idyllic life is shattered when her father is murdered in America, making her responsible for running his Mafia organization. Will Emiliana become a cold blooded killer?

Under Her Influence

Author : Amanda Radley
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Fraser Park, the award-winning Scottish nature reserve and theme park, means everything to Beth Fraser. She’s more than a little preoccupied saving her family’s legacy and struggling against a board of directors who all seem to hate her. The last person she wants to need is selfie-obsessed, filtered to perfection, social media influencer Jemma Johnson. But she’s got to protect Fraser Park from a corporate takeover, and according to her brother, that means boosting their online presence. Jemma might be necessary, but Beth doesn’t have to like her, or follow her, or whatever it’s called. Jemma Johnson, an Insta-success with hundreds of thousands of followers, is proud of her perfectly curated life. When she’s invited to stay at Fraser Park, the trip sounds like a fun adventure for a good cause, until she meets Beth, the only woman who sees beneath her sparkly facade and reminds her that not everything is as easy or flawless as it seems. On their path to #truelove, will Beth and Jemma discover that reality is even better than illusion?

The Executive Update

Author : Ian Mann
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Business ideas and practices are constantly changing, but no manager has the time to read all the business books and articles that come out in a year. In this book, Ian Mann does all the work for you, trawling through recent business publications and distilling the most important new insights and developments. The Executive Update covers topics such as technology and mechanisation; the structure of organisations; obligations to stakeholders other than shareholders; leadership; the changing nature of work; psychology in business; creativity; the importance of simplicity; and the strange world of money and banking; and strategy in a fast-changing world. These subjects are explored in a clear, comprehensible way, and presented in easily digestible and thought-provoking chapters. This is the ideal book for people who want an easy way to keep up with the latest developments in business and management thinking, and will appeal to junior managers and senior executives alike.

Havana Lost

Author : Libby Fischer Hellmann
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Blood Falls

Author : Tina J. Bowen
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Emiliana Moretti's story continues as she settles into her new life running her father's Mafia organization. Her personal life has become isolated and closed off. 2 gangs move into another Family's territory, and Emiliana is forced to come to the Family's aid. She meets Paul, the head of the other Family, a handsome playboy. Together, they set out to obliterate the gangs, but what Emiliana loses in the process will haunt her forever.

The Rule of Stephens

Author : Timothy Taylor
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"The significance of being a survivor, in the case of Air France Flight 801, for a long time lay in the simple fact that there should have been no survivors." Catherine Bach did survive, barely suffering a scratch. She hates the word "miracle," yet it feels that way at first. She returns to life as it was before the plane went down. The biotech startup she'd built from an idea to a multi-million dollar valuation continues its meteoric rise. But then things begin to go very wrong. Glitches in tests that are meant to run smoothly, design delays, security breaches, impatient investors. Catherine has a growing sense that her good fortune is spent, that the universe might be betting against her. And then comes the late-night call, from one of the other survivors. He has a story to tell, a warning he says, about his own troubles, a life in ruins, his luck run out. And all at the hands, he insists, of a mysterious other, resembling him perfectly right down to the features of his face. Madness, Catherine thinks. Or she tries to think as a mystery hedge fund launches a takeover attempt, run by a woman nobody seems to know but who is said to bear an uncanny resemblance . . . to Catherine. Catherine has always believed in an ordered, rational world--more Stephen Hawking than Stephen King. But with her life at the brink, she cannot shake the feeling that her "Rule of Stephens" may no longer hold. Writing with stinging precision about the knife-edge balance between what is known and what is believed, Timothy Taylor bridges the divide between literary fiction and page-turning thriller in this psychological tale of guilt, doubt and doppelgangers.


Author : Nicholas Garbini
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Eve’s genuine intention of helping her friend became a shockwave catalyst, but not the one she hoped for. Sworn against Sam as the horrid center of deepening conflict, the more Eve involves herself against him, the worse the turmoil spreads. She wants to stop the chaos, and a vital infamous diamond turns Eve further into a dangerous underground network. Unsure of who to trust, her entangled life becomes more then treacherous. It becomes a fight for survival. COMPLIMENTARY audiobook with purchase of ebook or paperback, details in book.

Copper Kiss

Author : Tom Neale
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Tom Neale is back with his second novel, a riveting thriller about government corruption and personal sacrifice.FBI Agent Vince Piper is back in London and determined not to screw up this time. But the woman he loves, high-class call girl Celeste Young, is in danger. Her brother is running an on-line sex blog and the girls involved are being murdered. Terrified Celeste could be next, Piper starts his own investigation. But the line between the good guys and the bad quickly becomes blurred when he realises that the American Government is involved. And as the trail leads him from London to the bleak mudflats of the North Norfolk coast the mayhem intensifies. As do the rumours that Piper is no longer the agent he once was, until even he's starting to think they might be right. The question is, has he gone too far to go back...?

Quarterly Essay 65 The White Queen

Author : David Marr
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Most Australians despise what Pauline Hanson stands for, yet politics in this country is now orbiting around One Nation. In this timely Quarterly Essay, David Marr looks at Australia’s politics of fear, resentment and race. Who votes One Nation, and why? How much of this is due to inequality? How much to racism? How should the major parties respond to anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim voices? What damage do Australia’s new entrepreneurs of hate inflict on the nation? Written with drama and wit, this is a ground-breaking look at politics and prejudice by one of Australia’s best writers. “This woman went to prison, danced the cha-cha on national television for a couple of years, and failed so often at the ballot box she became a running joke. But the truth is she never left us. She was always knocking on the door. Most of those defeats at the polls were close-run things. For twenty years political leaders appeased Hanson’s followers while working to keep her out of office. The first strategy tainted Australian politics. The second eventually failed. So she’s with us again – the Kabuki make-up, that mop of red hair and the voice telling us what we already know: ‘I’m fed up.’” —David Marr, The White Queen