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Theatre Culture in America 1825 1860

Author : Rosemarie K. Bank
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A study of pre-Civil War American theatre.

Entertaining the Nation

Author : Tice L. Miller
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In this survey of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American drama, Tice L. Miller examines American plays written before a canon was established in American dramatic literature and provides analyses central to the culture that produced them. Entertaining the Nation: American Drama in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries evaluates plays in the early years of the republic, reveals shifts in taste from the classical to the contemporary in the 1840s and 1850s, and considers the increasing influence of realism at the end of the nineteenth century. Miller explores the relationship between American drama and societal issues during this period. While never completely shedding its English roots, says Miller, the American drama addressed issues important on this side of the Atlantic such as egalitarianism, republicanism, immigration, slavery, the West, Wall Street, and the Civil War. In considering the theme of egalitarianism, the volume notes Alexis de Tocqueville’s observation in 1831 that equality was more important to Americans than liberty. Also addressed is the Yankee character, which became a staple in American comedy for much of the nineteenth century. Miller analyzes several English plays and notes how David Garrick’s reforms in London were carried over to the colonies. Garrick faced an increasingly middle-class public, offers Miller, and had to make adjustments to plays and to his repertory to draw an audience. The volumealso looks at the shift in drama that paralleled the one in political power from the aristocrats who founded the nation to Jacksonian democrats. Miller traces how the proliferation of newspapers developed a demand for plays that reflected contemporary society and details how playwrights scrambled to put those symbols of the outside world on stage to appeal to the public. Steamships and trains, slavery and adaptations of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and French influences are presented as popular subjects during that time. Entertaining the Nation effectively outlines the civilizing force of drama in the establishment and development of the nation, ameliorating differences among the various theatergoing classes, and provides a microcosm of the changes on and off the stage in America during these two centuries.

Saints Herald

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The Gospel herald or Poor Christian s magazine

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Clean Air Act Reauthorization

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Energy and Power
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Green Heart of the Snowdrop

Author : Kate McIlhagga
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The best of Kate McIlhagga's work in one collection. Includes poems and prayers of gathering and beginning; creation and self; Advent and Epiphany; Lent and mothering; Easter and Pentecost; pilgrimage and endings and blessings.

Beginning Again at Zero

Author : Jack Saarela
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Magic s Promise

Author : Mercedes Lackey
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Groundbreaking epic fantasy series in Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar universe • Lambda-Award winning novels with heartfelt high adventure and magic Wild magic is taking its toll on the land. Many Heralds and Herald-Mages have died fighting to preserve the peace. Even Vanyel, the most powerful of the Herald-Mages is almost at the end of his strength, in need of a respite from the dual threats of war and dark magic. But for Vanyel, there can be no rest. Not when his Companion, Yfandes, receives a summons which can’t be ignored—a desperate cry of a magical holocaust in the neighboring kingdom. Almost overwhelmed by the devastations they discover there, Herald-Mage and Companion must try to unravel this tragic mystery. Is the young Prince Tashir, a newly Chosen Herald who can’t control his magic, responsible for the destruction? Or is Tashir a pawn in a deeper, more deadly game—and, if so, will Vanyel be able to find and defeat the true destroyer before this master of dark powers can strike again?

The Promise of Christmas

Author : Dana A. Lagmay
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BOOK SEQUEL I The First Christmas This is a road-twisting, cliff-hanging, gut wrenching, heart-breaking, quest-driven story that whip-cracks the struggle between good and evil. Will Prince Ezra complete his quest after surviving the bitter cold Siberian Mountains and marching through the deep burning sun-parched sands of the slave-trade wastelands? Can he defeat the ruthless fur-traders, evil-stinking robbers, and mean-as-hell soldiers after being smitten by the ravishing beauty of the Siberian princess? Or will her ferocious Siberian Grizzly guardian ravish him instead?...and what of the mysterious oracle who lives in the foothills of the Star Lake region wandering the dark halls of his candlelit cave telling bizarre stories of ancient warring cave dwellers and a fiery star? What role does he play in this tale of wonder and treachery? BOOK SEQUEL II The Sleighmaker Was it just the calm before the storm, like a thief lurking in the dark? Or the ebbing tide just before the crash of a tidal wave. Was Prince Ezra drawn into la-la-land when he returned to the comforts of his kingdom with his beautiful Siberian princes? it seemed, until his son met a twelve-year-old boy named Jesus in a temple, and was handed a gift from Jesus to take back to the cave dwellers in the Star Lake region of Siberia. Is this a mysterious link to the oracle in the cave? Will the prince endanger his family with the perils of traveling north? How will he overcome the rampaging armies gobbling up land for their empire, and dirt-bag sword-slashing thieves stalking the dangerous trade routes? How will he prevent them from killing him, taking his children as slaves, and stealing the special gift for the cave dwellers? Indeed... it becomes a screaming, sweat-breaking, hair-wrenching, knee-trembling nightmare. From the very first moment the transcendental voice in the heavens whispers its cosmic instructions, until the final moments of this epic Herculean adventure of the heart, this story will tease your curiosity into flying high like a roller-coaster sleigh-ride zipping through the star filled skies. This tale will alchemize, agonize, tantalize, emotionalize, and captivate your soul into graceful submission, filling it finally, with a peaceful desire. Read it at your own peril. Book III Sequel - The Promise of Christmas - The Promise Kept (soon to be released) Peace and Prosperity is enjoyed at long last in Tobolsk. Traders from far and near make annual treks to the north to trade for the best fur, using not only precious metals like gold and silver but also rare gems and crafted items of every kind, and for anyone willing to spend time browsing the market square. More important, and now widely known from afar, is the annual Christmas Celebration in Tobolsk where the story of the trip to Bethlehem is told while children gather around to hear of the coming of Angels announcing the birth of the Christ child, and the journey made by Prince Ezra and the Magi battling thieves and roman soldiers to fulfill their destiny, and when it was over, gifts were exchanged by everyone while merry songs are sung by all. It was at one of these festive moments that a traveler from the homeland of the Prince gave news of Jesus and the mission he had started to give hope to all for peace and happiness. It was then that Nikko who was a young boy when he met Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem, decided it was time for him to fulfill his destiny. For more information, you may visit

Christian Herald and Seaman s Magazine

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