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Heroines of Film and Television

Author : Norma Jones
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Despite the increasing variety of heroic women portrayed in film, television, and other popular culture channels, much of the understanding of heroines has been limited to females as versions of male heroes or simple stereotypes of overly weak/strong (and even violent) women. This book analyzes the new vision of female heroes in popular culture. It features award-winning authors from a variety of disciplines, broadening our understanding of how heroines are portrayed, as well as how these important popular culture representations both simultaneously empower and/or constrain real life women.

Cult TV Heroines

Author : Catriona Miller
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From Mrs Peel to the first female Doctor Who, this book offers a timely focus on the popular phenomenon of the cult TV heroine. The enduring phenomenon of cult TV itself is carefully explored through questions of genre, the role of the audience and the external environment of technological advances and business drivers. Catriona Miller then suggests a fresh account of the psychological dimension of the phenomenon utilising Carl Jung's concepts of the transcendent function and active imagination. Her analysis of the heroines themselves considers the workings of the audio-visual text alongside narrative and character arcs, exploring the complex and contradictory ways in which the heroines are represented. Established cult TV favourites such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X Files, and Xena: Warrior Princess are examined alongside more recent shows such as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Jessica Jones and American Horror Story: Coven.

Looking for African american Heroines

Author : Anissa D. Moore
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Hollywood Heroines The Most Influential Women in Film History

Author : Laura L. S. Bauer
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This is a topical resource that provides a comprehensive look at the most influential women in Hollywood cinema across a wide-range of occupations rarely found together in a single volume. • Provides the reader with an invaluable, complete, and easy-to-understand view of film history and filmmaking while simultaneously highlighting the most important women, making the subject of Hollywood and film more transparent as a whole • Enables a fuller understanding of the many complicated challenges women have faced historically and currently in Hollywood filmmaking • Offers a unique blend of film history and industry information, cohesively presenting them both in one place • Reaches beyond the more commonly discussed categories of women who have had important roles throughout Hollywood film history, such as directors and actresses, although they too are included • Examines women's visibility and representation in Hollywood in the context of the history of the film industry for students

The Rise of the Anti Heroine in TV s Third Golden Age

Author : Margaret Tally
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This volume offers a stimulating perspective on the status of representations of a new kind of female character who emerged on the scene on US television in the mid-2000s, that of the anti-heroine. This new figure rivaled her earlier counterpart, the anti-hero, in terms of her complexity, and was multi-layered and morally flawed. Looking at the cable channels Showtime and HBO, as well as Netflix and ABC Television, this volume examines a range of recent television women and shows, including Homeland, Weeds, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Veep, Girls, and Orange is the New Black as well as a host of other nighttime programs to demonstrate just how dominant the anti-heroine has become on US television. It examines how the figure has arisen within the larger context of the turn towards “Quality Television”, that has itself been viewed as part of the post-network era or the “Third Golden Age” of television where new forms of broadcast delivery have created a marketing incentive to deliver more compelling characters to niche audiences. By including an exploration of the historical circumstances, as well as the industrial context in which the anti-heroine became the dominant leading female character on nighttime television, the book offers a fascinating study that sits at the intersection of gender studies and television. As such, it will appeal to scholars of popular culture, sociology, cultural and media studies.

Beyond Bombshells

Author : Jeffrey A. Brown
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Beyond Bombshells analyzes the cultural importance of strong women in a variety of current media forms. Action heroines are now more popular in movies, comic books, television, and literature than they have ever been. Their spectacular presence represents shifting ideas about female agency, power, and sexuality. Beyond Bombshells explores how action heroines reveal and reconfigure perceptions about "how" and "why" women are capable of physically dominating roles in modern fiction, indicating the various strategies used to contain and/or exploit female violence. Focusing on a range of successful and controversial recent heroines in the mass media, including Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games books and movies, Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novels and films, and Hit-Girl from the Kick-Ass movies and comic books, Brown argues that the role of action heroine reveals evolving beliefs about femininity. While women in action roles are still heavily sexualized and objectified, they also challenge preconceived myths about normal or culturally appropriate gender behavior. The ascribed sexuality of modern heroines remains Brown's consistent theme, particularly how objectification intersects with issues of racial stereotyping, romantic fantasies, images of violent adolescent and preadolescent girls, and neoliberal feminist revolutionary parables. Individual chapters study the gendered dynamics of torture in action films, the role of women in partnerships with male colleagues, young women as well as revolutionary leaders in dystopic societies, adolescent sexuality and romance in action narratives, the historical import of non-white heroines, and how modern African American, Asian, and Latina heroines both challenge and are restricted by longstanding racial stereotypes.

Dangerous Curves

Author : Jeffrey A. Brown
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Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Gender, Fetishism, and Popular Culture addresses the conflicted meanings associated with the figure of the action heroine as she has evolved in various media forms since the late 1980s. Jeffrey A. Brown discusses this immensely popular character type as an example of, and challenge to, existing theories about gender as a performance identity. Her assumption of heroic masculine traits combined with her sexualized physical depiction demonstrates the ambiguous nature of traditional gender expectations and indicates a growing awareness of more aggressive and violent roles for women. The excessive sexual fetishism of action heroines is a central theme throughout. The topic is analyzed as an insight into the transgressive image of the dominatrix, as a refection of the shift in popular feminism from second-wave politics to third-wave and post-feminist pleasures, and as a form of patriarchal backlash that facilitates a masculine fantasy of controlling strong female characters. Brown interprets the action heroine as a representation of changing gender dynamics that balances the sexual objectification of women with progressive models of female strength. While the primary focus of this study is the action heroine as represented in Hollywood film and television, the book also includes the action heroine's emergence in contemporary popular literature, comic books, cartoons, and video games.

Heroines of Comic Books and Literature

Author : Maja Bajac-Carter
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Despite the growing importance of heroines across literary culture—and sales figures that demonstrate both young adult and adult females are reading about heroines in droves, particularly in graphic novels, comic books, and YA literature—few scholarly collections have examined the complex relationships between the representations of heroines and the changing societal roles for both women and men. In Heroines of Comic Books and Literature: Portrayals in Popular Culture, editors Maja Bajac-Carter, Norma Jones, and Bob Batchelor have selected essays by award-winning contributors that offer a variety of perspectives on the representations of heroines in today’s society. Focused on printed media, this collection looks at heroic women depicted in literature, graphic novels, manga, and comic books. Addressing heroines from such sources as the Marvel and DC comic universes, manga, and the Twilight novels, contributors go beyond the account of women as mothers, wives, warriors, goddesses, and damsels in distress. These engaging and important essays situate heroines within culture, revealing them as tough and self-sufficient females who often break the bounds of gender expectations in places readers may not expect. Analyzing how women are and have been represented in print, this companion volume to Heroines of Film and Television will appeal to scholars of literature, rhetoric, and media as well as to broader audiences that are interested in portrayals of women in popular culture.

The Violent Woman as a New Theatrical Character Type

Author : Shelley Scott
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This book analyzes plays by Canadian women that deal with real-life incidents of violent women. In each of the plays under consideration, the playwright is theatrically engaged with the social meaning of the woman's violent act, asking how it was interpreted in public discourse, and investigating the implications of that interpretation. The female playwrights in this study have each made individual choices about the form in which they will tackle their tricky subject matter, and their choices make for varied and intriguing relationships with their audiences. Each play is also placed in the context of its social milieu by means of an examination of some of the inter-textual discourse surrounding its appearance. In every case, the fundamental question remains: what and how does the violent woman mean?

Film and Television

Author : Mark Emmons
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This is a guide to reference works in movies and television. Beginning with general guides, dictionaries and encyclopedias, the book then turns to filmographies, filmmakers, and filmmaking. It is for librarians, faculty, and novice filmmakers.

The Modern Superhero in Film and Television

Author : Jeffrey A. Brown
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Hollywood’s live-action superhero films currently dominate the worldwide box-office, with the characters enjoying more notoriety through their feature film and television depictions than they have ever before. This book argues that this immense popularity reveals deep cultural concerns about politics, gender, ethnicity, patriotism and consumerism after the events of 9/11. Superheroes have long been agents of hegemony, fighting for abstract ideals of justice while overall perpetuating the American status quo. Yet at the same time, the book explores how the genre has also been utilized to question and critique these dominant cultural assumptions.

English Alive 3

Author : Peter Stanley
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English Alive 3 is the centrepiece of a groundbreaking program for English in the Middle Years. The program focuses strongly on reading and writing and on associated thinking skills and strategies. Beginning with the premise that Middle Years students need to be engaged and stimulated before they can learn effectively the program recognises that students learn in different ways and draw on multiple intelligences. English Alive 3 is designed to encourage deep learning: students investigate a knowledge area in many layers, so that they build deep understanding and develop a range of skills. Reading and writing are taught through a thematic workshop approach, using high-interest texts and activities that really teach students the how of literary, everyday and visual texts. The Jacaranda fiction series is also part of the program. This provides both motivated and reluctant readers with stimulating fiction - some with SOSE/Humanities/HSIE links. The titles the the series are suitable as set texts or for literature circles and wide reading programs.

The Western Hero in Film and Television

Author : Rita Parks
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The Illustrated Who s who of the Cinema

Author : Arnold Desser
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BFI Film and Television Handbook 2002

Author : Eddie Dyja
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Contemporary Heroes and Heroines

Author : Ray Broadus Browne
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Brief profiles of more than 100 contemporary men and women from all walks of life whose activities reflect heroic traits.

APAIS Australian Public Affairs Information Service

Author :
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Vol. for 1963 includes section Current Australian serials; a subject list.

Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before

Author : Diana Adesola Mafe
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When Lieutenant Uhura took her place on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek, the actress Nichelle Nichols went where no African American woman had ever gone before. Yet several decades passed before many other black women began playing significant roles in speculative (i.e., science fiction, fantasy, and horror) film and television—a troubling omission, given that these genres offer significant opportunities for reinventing social constructs such as race, gender, and class. Challenging cinema’s history of stereotyping or erasing black women on-screen, Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before showcases twenty-first-century examples that portray them as central figures of action and agency. Writing for fans as well as scholars, Diana Adesola Mafe looks at representations of black womanhood and girlhood in American and British speculative film and television, including 28 Days Later, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Children of Men, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Firefly, and Doctor Who: Series 3. Each of these has a subversive black female character in its main cast, and Mafe draws on critical race, postcolonial, and gender theories to explore each film and show, placing the black female characters at the center of the analysis and demonstrating their agency. The first full study of black female characters in speculative film and television, Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before shows why heroines such as Lex in AVP and Zoë in Firefly are inspiring a generation of fans, just as Uhura did.

Shooting Stars

Author : Archie P. McDonald
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Analyzes the Western movies of actors such as John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Gene Autry, and Ronald Reagan and discusses television Westerns

Heroines without Heroes

Author : Ulrike Sieglohr
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This anthology explores a little-examined period of European film history (1945-1951) and places gender at the centre of struggles around national identity. Ulrike Sieglohr compares and contrasts the post-war cinemas of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain in order to examine how representations of women in this period emerged from specific national contexts. She further analyzes the appeal of particular stars and the political and social conditions that contributed to their popularity.