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Author : Pierre Villars
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The aim of this reference work is to provide the researcher with a comprehensive compilation of all up to now crystallographically identified inorganic substances in only one volume. All data have been processed and critically evaluated by the "Pauling File" editorial team using a unique software package. Each substance is represented in a single row containing information adapted to the number of chemical elements.

Wellenlangen Tabellen Fur Spektralanalytische Untersuchungen Auf Grund Der Ultravioletten Bogenspektren Der Elemente

Author : Franz Serafin Exner
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Ternary Phase Diagrams in Materials Science

Author : D. R. F. West
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This book provides an introductory treatment of ternary equilibrium diagrams. It presents case studies in the field of metallurgy and material science. It is useful for undergraduates and postgraduates and scientists, who wish to acquire an understanding of ternary phase diagrams.

Pearson s Handbook

Author : Pierre Villars
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(2 Volume set). The valuable information in Pearson's Handbook is now more affordable in a handy desk reference. 27,686 entries of the highest quality crystal data, representing 27,686 different compounds. Structure type given for all entries. 54 per cent of entries include the coordinates of the atoms. 605 entries are 'filled-up' structure 1,730 structure types have been assigned by the editor 6,426 belong to berthollide compounds. Data included up to 1995 (6-year update to the Second Edition 12-year update to the First Edition). Full 167-page structure-type index (with all its representatives). Entries include full information, as in the Second Edition. Comprises all the international literature from 1913 to 1995. Includes detailed crystallographic data for unary, binary and ternary phases, excluding halides and ternary (or quaternary) oxides. Fully revised and updated. Covers more than 27,000 compounds, with all data critically evaluated. Includes the following improvements over the original Pearson's.Additional literature years between 1989 to 1995 have been covered completely and comprehensively, based on searches of more than 130 journals and more than 10,000 abstract pages per year. Entries contain additional information, such as calculated density, color, more detailed diffraction data, standard deviation of unit cell dimension(s), point-set symmetry, and full reference, including publication title. All entries and structure types have been computer checked for consistency and correctness. All crystallographic data are now given in the standard setting according to the International Tables for Crystallography. Include a Six-Year Update of the Data in The Second Edition.

Manual of Physico Chemical Analysis of Aquatic Sediments

Author : Alena Mudroch
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Because water is one of the most important life-supporting media on the planet, the quality of aquatic ecosystems is of great interest to the entire world population. One of the factors that greatly affects water quality is the condition of the underlying sediment layer. The Manual of Physico-Chemical Analysis of Aquatic Sediments addresses the best methods for quantitative determination of chemical forms of different elements and compounds, bioassessment techniques, and determination of physical properties of sediments. Essential information for surveying, research, and monitoring of sediment contamination is covered. This manual will aid sediment biologists, geochemists, limnologists, regulatory program managers, environmental chemists and toxicologists and environmental consultants in preparing plans for proper remedial action.

Nuclear Science Abstracts

Author :
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Author : Pierre Villars
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By browsing about 10 000 000 scientific articles of over 200 major journals some 200 000 publications were selected. The extracted data is part of the following material research fields: crystal structures (S), phase diagrams (C) and intrinsic physical properties (P). These research field codes as well as the chemical systems investigated in each publication were included in the present work. The aim of this Bibliography is to provide researchers with a comprehensive compilation of all up to now published scientific publications on inorganic systems in only three handy volumes.

Analytical Archaeometry

Author : Howell Edwards
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Analytical Archaeometry describes this interesting and challenging field of research - on the border between natural sciences (chemistry, spectroscopy, biology, geology) and humanities (archaeology, (art-)history, conservation sciences). It fills the gap between these two areas whilst focussing on the analytical aspects of this research field. The first part of the book studies the main analytical techniques used in this research field. The second part expands from the different types of materials usually encountered, and the final part is organised around a series of typical research questions. The book is not only focussed on archaeological materials, but is also accessible to a broader lay audience. Overall the book is clearly structured and gives insight into different approaches to the study of analytical providing extensive discussion on a wide range of techniques, materials, questions and applications. Due to the advances in analytical instrumentation and applications in this field, it is important to have all this information merged together. Academics as well as professionals in archaeology, art history, museum labs and conservation science will find this an invaluable reference source ensuring the reader is provided with the latest progress in this research field.

ASM Handbook

Author : Hugh Baker
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X Ray Spectroscopy in Environmental Sciences

Author : Vlado Valkovic
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Applications of X-ray spectroscopy to air, water, and soil pollution studies are covered in detail in this essential publication. Air pollution can hardly be studied by any other method to such an extent. Much of our present knowledge in this field was obtained by laboratories using many of the same methods described in this work. A number of examples illustrate the contribution of X-ray emission spectroscopy and its capabilities in the area of water pollution. Examples of soil pollution studies by the use of biological monitors is also presented. A comprehensive reference list with the help of author and subject indices provides direction for further investigation.