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Hidden Dragon

Author : Genevieve Jack
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No one ever promised forever would be easy. Her gift was to see Dianthe's second sight has always been both a blessing and a curse. She can't control her visions, yet they're unerringly accurate... until an erroneous prophecy results in the destruction of her homeland. The revelation crushes her spirit and endangers her role as an officer in the rebellion to take back the Kingdom of Paragon. Until their future was hidden Sylas, dragon shifter and exiled prince, is the leader of the rebellion, but he can no longer rely on his mate Dianthe's psychic powers. His inner dragon is secretly pleased to relegate her to the sidelines. Even if his decision temporarily drives her away, he'd rather have her angry than dead or worse. No one ever promised forever would be easy. When changing circumstances accelerate the rebellion's plans, Dianthe’s fairy roots make her the only one who can perform a dangerous and necessary task. Her need to prove herself soon collides with Sylas's desire to protect her and strains their connection to the breaking point. Dragon mating bonds are eternal, but if Dianthe and Sylas don't find a way to successfully work together again, not only will their marriage fail, their mission to take back Paragon will as well. ***** Topics: dragon shifter romance series, paranormal romance dragon shifters, romantic fantasy dragon shifters, fantasy romance dragon shifters, shapeshifter romance series, witch romance series, paranormal romance witches, romantic fantasy witches, fantasy romance witches, romance saga, romantic suspense, romance series, romantic family saga, new release, shapeshifter romance with sex, romance ebook, top romance reads, bestselling, contemporary fantasy in London, urban fantasy in London, HEA, Genevieve Jack, Genevieve Jack dragons, magic, love, strong heroine, alpha hero, steamy romance, emotional romance, new adult paranormal romance, forbidden romance, romance fiction, top ebooks in romance, top ebooks in paranormal, romance books, romance, award winning romance, epic fantasy Perfect for fans of Alisa Woods, Christine Feehan, Jessie Donovan, M. Flynn, Mac Flynn, Thea Harrison, Gena Callahan, Milly Weaver, J.K. Harper, Anna Craig, Michelle M. Pillow, Mandy M. Roth, JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Ilona andrews, Jayne faith, Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Brenda K Davies, Layla Nash, Sherilee Gray, Abigail Owen, Donna Grant, Terry Bolryder, T. S. Joyce, Zoe Chant, Charlene Hartnady, Eve Langlais, Evangeline Anderson, Milly Taiden, Alexandra Ivy,

The Hidden Dragon

Author : Irene Radford
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Acclaimed author Irene Radford returns to her beloved Dragon Nibmus universe with book one of The Stargods. Here is the tale of the first Terrans, gifted with both psi powers and technology, who discovered a world where dragons are real...and are worshiped as gods.

Smiling Tiger Hidden Dragon

Author : John Ng
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Unveiling his Hidden Dragon

Author : Charlie Richards
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Dakota Drudeson has been working for the Shifter Council for over fifty years. In all that time, he’s believed that dragons—real dragons—either have never been real, or they’d died out centuries before. Imagine his surprise when his boss allows it to slip that dragons are alive, well, and there’s even one working at Shifter Council Headquarters—a dishwasher named Charon, whom Dakota has always thought was human. Watching Charon every chance he gets, Dakota quickly becomes infatuated with the small male. The fact that his boss has warned him that Charon’s short, slender, blond frame isn’t what he truly looks like doesn’t concern him at all. Even the fact that the man’s smell doesn’t trigger interest from Dakota’s Komodo dragon doesn’t deter Dakota. He wants to earn Charon’s trust and see his dragon. Due to Dakota’s promise to never reveal that he knows Charon is indeed a dragon, he can’t even explain his odd obsession to his brothers. When Dakota finally gets his chance to admire Charon’s gorgeous, metallic-purple dragon form, the man’s true scent rocks him. Charon is his mate. So when Dakota reveals himself, why doesn’t Charon recognize him, too?

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Author : Wang Du Lu
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When master warrior Shulien learns of the death of her family's patron, she abandons retirement and returns to the capital to protect Green Legend, a sword renowned for its historic triumphs. But much has happened in the years she has been in seclusion, and she finds herself beset on all sides with hidden enemies, and the tragic past which she had hoped to forget returns to haunts her. In her hour of need arrives a beautiful young warrior, Snow Vase, who is seeking a master. But the new apprentice is not all that she seems. When she falls in love with the bandit Wei-fang, a secret is revealed that makes all of them question who is friend and who is foe. In an age of thwarted love, can these two youths find happiness? Based on the original novels by Wang Du Lu, this is a beautiful love story set in the fading years of nineteenth century Imperial China.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Author : Huiling Wang
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Commentaries about the making of the film accompany the complete screenplay of the martial arts drama set in ancient China.

Immortal Tao Supreme

Author : Sui BianXie
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The descendents of the Heavenly Dynasty brought the mysterious spirit pearl across the world, accepted beauties. fought geniuses, and traveled all the way to the cultivation world ...

The Technique of Film and Video Editing

Author : Ken Dancyger
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Providing a detailed, precise look at the artistic and aesthetic principles and practices of editing for both picture and sound, this handbook contains analyses of photographs from dozens of classic and contemporary films and videos to provide a sound basis for the professional filmmaker and student editor.

Ang Lee

Author : Karla Rae Fuller
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Taiwanese born, Ang Lee (b. 1954) has produced diverse films in his award-winning body of work. Sometimes working in the West, sometimes in the East, he creates films that defy easy categorization and continue to amaze audiences worldwide. Lee has won an Academy Award two times for Best Director--the first Asian to win--for films as different as a small drama about gay cowboys in Brokeback Mountain (2005), and the 3D technical wizardry in Life of Pi (2012). He has garnered numerous accolades and awards worldwide. Lee has made a broad range of movies, including his so-called "Father Knows Best" trilogy made up of his first three films: Pushing Hands (1992), The Wedding Banquet (1993), and Eat Drink Man Woman (1994), as well as 1970s period drama The Ice Storm (1997), martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), superhero blockbuster Hulk (2003), and hippie retro trip Taking Woodstock (2009). Thoughtful and passionate, Ang Lee humbly reveals here a personal journey that brought him from Taiwan to his chosen home in the United States as he struggled and ultimately triumphed in his quest to become a superb filmmaker. Ang Lee: Interviews collects the best interviews of this reticent yet bold figure.

The Spiritual Call to Become One

Author : Tod William
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Mother Earth is warning that now is the time for life to change. In this narrative, written from her perspective, her twelve children have begun acting selfishly and inhumanely. She saw an increase in war, hunger, injustice and inequality. Her children were also harming the environment by polluting their planet and letting it become sick. In response, she sent out birds as messengers to observe and help her children as they learn the truth of their Divinity and their Oneness with Life. So begins The Spiritual Call to Become One, which seeks to usher in the Spiritual Truth of the Divine Light within Life. The Time of Change—an epoch of history predicted by author Tod William in ancient Atlantis—reveals that after a war in Pakistan, humanity will choose Peace and become one. With alien technology, humanity will travel the stars. The Divine Light within Life will guide humanity forward to greatness, and the Highest Source of Light will be given to Life. The Spiritual Call to Become One reveals Spiritual Truth as it has been channeled through Tod William, the reincarnation of an oracle from ancient Atlantis.