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High Jinx

Author : Sara Lawrence
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Jinx Slater is delighted to have reached the giddy heights of the lower sixth at Stagmount, England's most exclusive school for girls. Her ground floor window affords her an excellent view of Brighton's bright lights, and Jinx is a girl with escape on her mind and a miniature screw driver kit in her tuckbox. Liberty Latiffe, Jinx's best friend and all round perfect partner in crime, is not at all worried about being caught out by her very strict father. Nor are the rest of the girls. Until, that is, Stella Fox - Stagmount's newest new girl - arrives on the scene, determined to make her mark.

High Jinx

Author : Shannon Esposito
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Florida’s only doggie-yoga coach and part-time sleuth is back to shake loose a Halloween curse and a killer in this “quirky, charming” mystery (Publishers Weekly). When doga instructor Elle Pressley’s eccentric new Greek client tells her she’s been cursed by the evil eye, Elle shrugs it off. The wealthy old woman is paying her an insane amount for a thirty-minute private puppy session, Elle’s Pampered Pup Spa & Resort is booming, and her romance with sexy Irish PI Devon Burke is as hot as the Moon Key island sun. What curse? Then Elle is invited back to the client’s mansion for a Halloween bash and finds a body hanging from the kitchen rafters. Elle thinks that it’s much more than a scary prank gone wrong. With Devon distracted by new evidence in his parents’ murder case, Elle and her seventy-pound bulldog mix, Buddha, have to tread the investigative waters themselves—and every new bit of bad luck along the way. While Elle’s begins to wonder if she really is cursed. A very determined killer is going to make sure of it.

High Jinx

Author : Kelley Armstrong
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Escape into this new urban fantasy by #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Women of the Otherworld… Curse weaver Kennedy Bennett has re-settled into her beloved hometown and opened a shop selling previously hexed antiques. When she fails to win an online auction for a notorious cursed painting, Aiden Connolly—the wealthy and swoon-worthy luck worker she is not dating—swoops in to buy it for her. Crying Girl is one of a quartet of haunted legendary paintings. Kennedy knows that the “ghosts” are actually curses—fatal ones. The paintings have been missing for years, and Kennedy is thrilled at the chance to uncurse one…until Crying Girl disappears before they can collect it. Kennedy and Aiden soon discover that the painting hasn’t been randomly whisked out of their reach. Someone used it to lure them in, and now that they’ve snatched the bait, they’ve been snared in a trap. Either the thief gets what they want…or the four paintings are going to find their way back into the world, and Kennedy and Aiden will be responsible for the deadly chaos the cursed portraits wreak. Keywords: urban fantasy novel; contemporary fantasy; paranormal romance series; magic; small town; crime caper; opposites attract; billionaire family; no cliffhangers

Henhouse High Jinx

Author : Rob Davies
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Mr. Dirk Stevens is a responsible rooster and the official leader of Farmer Johnston's Coop. He is organized, thoughtful and comb over wattles in love with the beautiful Sandra Thompson. She fully believes that Mr. Stevens spells success for all chicken-kind. One day, however, the peaceful sanctuary of the farm is turned upside down as trouble arrives. Trouble in the form of Rick the rooster, an import from Farmer Beaton's barnyard. Rick is the toughest rooster the farm has ever encountered, and all the chickens take instant notice. The hens want to date him, and the roosters want to be him. Seeing through Rick's unique 'bad-boy' charm, Mr. Stevens smells trouble. As Rick introduces the coop to cigarettes and Cockle-Doodle-Doo-Tube, the serenity of Mr. Stevens' barnyard turns to chaos. With Face-Beak erupting in mean-spirited gossip, and the level of hen drama reaching an all time high, Mr. Stevens' leadership is put to the ultimate test. Will he be able to stop Rick's rise to domination, or will the escalating Henhouse High Jinx prove to be more than Mr. Stevens can handle?

Beads of Doubt

Author : Barbara Burnett Smith
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When Senator Kitzi Camden retired, she dreamed of doing what she loved best—beading. She certainly didn’t plan to try her hand at amateur sleuthing. But trouble seems to find her wherever she goes—even in her own backyard. The Old Camden Family Manse in Austin, home to Kitzi and her mother, is eight thousand square feet of magnificently restored Southern splendor. And Kitzi and her best friend have the place sparkling like a jewel for the upcoming Bead Tea charity event. But the mood abruptly changes when a crafty cousin threatens to take over the Manse, leaving Kitzi and her mother on the street. Then her cousin’s beady-eyed partner is found dead in a Dumpster nearby. There are plenty of suspects at the Tea—and Kitzi’s one of them. Now, with the help of her beau Nate, she has to save her home and reputation—and tie up the loose ends before the murderer draws a bead on her. “There’s a legacy of strong Texas women, and I’d like to welcome Kitzi Camden to the ranks. She’s smart, funny, and shoots from the mouth.” –Ann Richards, former Texas governor and author of I’m Not Slowing Down

Judy s High Jinks

Author : Ch.H. Ross
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Aberdeen High Jinks

Author : Steven C Stoker
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More fun from the author of "Aberdeen Stories: Growing Up Right in Small-town America." When he entered high school, he was unsure of himself, looking for romance, broke, unemployed and had no direction in life-no goals whatsoever! Read and enjoy the sometimes joyous, sometimes sad, but always poignant look at the teenage antics of a student trying desperately to overcome his own insipid existence! Experience again the humorous and questionable recollections of high school through the eyes of a teenage boy in a small Idaho farming community. Share his wretchedness and despair as he endures unrequited love, contact sports, failing grades, ever-changing music departments and an ongoing battle with his own mediocrity! Watch him emerge onto the world stage after four long years of high school and a year of college! He was unsure of himself, looking for romance, broke, unemployed and had no direction in life-no goals whatsoever!

Choose Me Cowboy

Author : Barbara Ankrum
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The Copper Mountain Rodeo has returned to Marietta and cowboy reputations aren’t the only thing at stake… Marietta Kindergarten teacher, Kate Canaday, is doing perfectly well without the ex-love of her life mucking up her intention to stay gloriously uncommitted. So what if she’s become—according to her sisters—a serial dater? If pro-bullrider Finn Scott‘s untimely defection six years ago taught her anything, it was that men come with an expiration date. And she’s more than happy to oblige them. Trouble is, the sexier-than-ever Finn, now a devoted single father, has just moved to Marietta with his adorable five-year-old twins. He’s in an unexpected custody battle with his ex and too proud to ask Kate for help in making his crazy life look stable. But Kate sees helping him as a way of sealing off the hurt from her past once and for all. If they can just keep their hands off each other. After all…expiration date, right? Not if Finn has anything to say about it…

Miniature Pinscher

Author : Sue Edmondson
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This books contains the pedigree name, date of birth, sire and dams pedigree name of every Miniature Pinschers registered with the UK Kennel Club from 1964 to 1973, making this book a valuable research tool for any Miniature Pinscher breeder.

High Jinks in High Places

Author : Ruth Barrett
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When PI Jordan Anderson agrees to investigate strange events happening at the Kingman Corporations Arlington, Virginia, warehouse, she has no idea she is getting involved in a case of espionage and murder that stretches all the way to Afghanistan. Through a strange twist of fate, she finds herself reunited with George Kilburn, a man whom she had only recently met socially and wants to know better. She gets her wish when she finds out that he is also investigating the Kingman Corporationon behalf of a Senate oversight committee. As the two of them join forces, they find themselves tracking down a shipment of highly classified equipment that has been diverted to Afghanistan and looking into the mysterious death of a disbursement officer. With each piece of evidence that is uncovered, another question arises. And as their involvement in the case deepens, so do the feelings that Jordan and George have for each other. In this mystery novel, a PI and an investigator for a prominent senator look into a case of missing cargo and find themselves dealing with murder, espionage, terrorism, and true love.