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High Net Worth Investing

Author : Sam Phoen
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High Net Worth Investing How to grow your wealth through practical asset allocation

Author : Sam Phoen
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Author : Merrill Lynch
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In Wealth, Merrill Lynch and Capgemini present a readable guide on what drives the success of HNWIs, as well as the trends, growth, increased complexity and competitiveness of the global wealth management market, all based on over a decade of research. Full of wealth-building strategies for HNWIs everywhere, as well as for those who aspire to join their ranks and those who advise them, Wealth is a complete guide to successful holistic wealth management. Comprehensive coverage includes: What you should aspire to achieve with your wealth management goals. New ways in which HNWIs should be thinking about planning for the future. How to get to the next level of wealth. Trends, similarities and differences in various regions around the world. Innovative approaches to asset allocation and alternative investments. The increasing role of philanthropy, the growing importance of inter-generational wealth transfer, and other emerging issues for HNWIs. In-depth interviews with prominent high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals as well as advisors. Provocative thinking on where the future of the wealth management industry is going.

The New Managed Account Solutions Handbook

Author : Stephen D. Gresham
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Industry experts share their insight and tell you why: Unified managed accounts represent the future of the managed money industry. "No other platform offers so many options and can be customized to meet the needs of so many different types of investors," says one of the nation's most prominent money managers. "We are able to address a wide variety of investment needs with a single product." (Chapter Mutual fund wrap accounts are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. "With mutual fund advisory accounts, advisors can develop a consolidated strategy for their clients utilizing mutual funds," explains one top executive at a leading investment bank. "Investors know that proper asset allocation produces better results." (Chapter 3) Exchange-traded funds have exploded in popularity with clients and advisors. "ETFs have changed the landscape by offering financial advisors a new way to diversify their clients' portfolios," says the national sales manager of one of the world's largest ETF providers. "Advisors can fully diversify across all asset classes." (Chapter 4) Client demand is fueling the growth of alternative investments. "Larger clients are asking for these types of investments," says one director of investment consulting solutions at one of America's largest banks. "Diversification to minimize risk is the key incentive for adding alternative investments to a portfolio." (Chapter 4) They'll also teach you how to: Determine if managed account solutions are right for you, your practice, and your clients Transform your financial advisory practice into a wealth management business Differentiate yourself from other advisors Develop a recurring revenue stream that will enable you to grow your business Attract new clients and capture additional assets from existing clients Conduct successful client meetings and host seminars that get results Position yourself as a provider of managed account solutions and partner effectively with other advisors, allied professionals, and the media

Family Inc

Author : Douglas P. McCormick
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Actionable, intelligent CFO training for the Chief Family Financial Officer Family Inc. is a roadmap to financial security for the family CFO. Too much personal wealth management advice essentially boils down to goal-setting, which isn't helpful or effective in terms of overall financial planning. This book takes a different track, giving you a crash course in corporate finance and the tools to apply the field's proven, time-tested principles in the context of your family's financial situation. You'll learn the key principles of wealth creation and management, and learn how to make your intellectual and real capital work for you. Your family situation is unique, and your principles must sometimes differ from the standard financial advice—and that's okay. Life is not a template, and even the best strategy must be able to adapt to real-life situations. You'll learn to chart your own path to financial security, utilizing the author's own tools that he developed over 15 years as an active board member, chairman of the board, or chief financial officer of multiple companies. Oversimplified wealth management advice does not leave you equipped to manage your real-world finances. This guide is written with intellectual rigor, but in the language of family discussion, to give you a real, practical guide to being an effective family CFO. Create your own financial prosperity and security Align financial acumen with your family's specific situation Adapt to real-world situations and make your financial advisor work for you Utilize powerful financial tools to help you build financial independence Every family needs a CFO to manage wealth, and the principles of corporate finance apply from the boardroom to the living room. Family Inc. delivers actionable advice in the form of CFO training to help you plot a real-world family financial plan.

Personality Driven Portfolio Invest Right for Your Style

Author : Sam Phoen
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Constructing an investment portfolio is not a “one-size-fits-all” undertaking. Every investor has his or her own personality. Successful investing begins with knowing yourself – knowing how much risk you can take, the amount of time you can spend, your personal strengths and weaknesses, etc. What works for your friend, or your advisor, or Warren Buffett, may not necessarily work for you. Following them blindly can lead to a disastrous mismatch with your own style. In Personality-Driven Portfolio, author Sam Phoen approaches this problem from a revolutionary angle. Through a series of questions, the reader is first shown how to evaluate his/her investment personality: “Am I an Egoistic Elephant, a Diligent Deer, a Cagey Crab, or a Busy Bee?” Each personality type needs to take a different investment approach. A portfolio that suits the Egoistic Elephant, for example, will turn the Busy Bee or Cagey Crab into a nervous wreck! Targeted at investors at all levels of experience, this book is a practical guide on how to put together a “bespoke” portfolio, and on top of that, how to manage and rebalance the portfolio when necessary, so as to produce sustained results over the long term.

Bear Market Investing Strategies

Author : Freeman Publications
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Do you have a repeatable investing process to help you manage your portfolio in arguably the most uncertain market environment in history? With 47.25 million unemployment claims in the US alone... Household names like Hertz, Neiman Marcus and J.C. Penney declaring bankruptcy... And the Fed''s balance sheet now sitting at over $7 Trillion... A full blown recession is now a matter of when, and not if. Now, the average person losses 33% of their wealth in a recession. And in the 2008 financial crisis, the stock market dropped a whopping 57% in just 2 years. Which means if you''re relying on the market, or a pension fund for your nest egg. You need to be prepared for what is coming. Fortunately, inside this book we lay out the straight facts (spoiler alert: there is no V-shaped recovery). As well as giving you practical advice on how to protect, and even growth your wealth in a recession. Because, in the seed of crisis, comes great opportunity. And investing legend Porter Stansberry (who correctly predicted the demise of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and General Motors) said this about the current times we''re in. "Now is an unbelievable opportunity to establish a position in high-quality ''forever'' businesses" Here''s just a fraction of what you''ll discover inside: If you currently have even a single ounce of gold or silver stored in a bank safe deposit box, it is at risk of being legally confiscated by the US government. This sounds absurd but it''s happened before. Read why on page 94 How to get all the protection of owning US Government bonds with nothing more than your regular brokerage account - Page 134 2 "beginner friendly" low-risk options strategies to protect your portfolio and gain extra monthly income - Page 142 The #1 asset to own during a market crash. And no, it''s not gold, silver or Bitcoin. - Page 137 Are you making this Gold buying mistake? You should never buy gold this way, but it''s exactly what most new investors do - Page 90 How to avoid getting swindled by the next Bernie Madoff. The 4 tell-tale signs of fraudulent investment operators - Page 157 The "bargain hunter" problem. How ordinary investors lost over $500 million betting on oil prices. And how you can avoid the same fate - Page 74 The #1 Gold Investment you can make today. During the last gold bull market this investment grew more than 500%. This time it''s poised to go even higher - Page 93 Should you include cryptocurrency in your portfolio? If yes, which ones? - Page 139 The 3 industries hit hardest in a bear market. If too much of your portfolio is in these sectors, you''re at risk of massive losses - Page 122 One thing every investor should know about inverse ETFs - Page 113 How the "Warren Buffett of Short Selling" makes his investments - Page 43 A unique way to buy your favorite blue chip stocks like Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Amazon at massive discounts - Page 63 ...and much, much more. Plus $135 worth of free bonuses inside. We''re not doom and gloomers, but we are realists. These next 18-24 months are not going to be pretty. And millions of ordinary people will be left behind. Just like in 2000, when the dotcom bubble burst. But with smart asset allocation, and strategic investment decisions, you can weather the storm, and come out ahead when this is all over. This is not a dense, theory-packed book with no practical advice. Written in plain English, it only contains strategies that you can implement with your regular brokerage account. So if you''re serious about your wealth. Then this book is a no-brainer. The decisions you''ll make as a result of reading it will pay for the book 10x over. To get your copy today, scroll up and click "add to cart"

Adaptive Asset Allocation

Author : Adam Butler
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Build an agile, responsive portfolio with a new approach to global asset allocation Adaptive Asset Allocation is a no-nonsense how-to guide for dynamic portfolio management. Written by the team behind, this book walks you through a uniquely objective and unbiased investment philosophy and provides clear guidelines for execution. From foundational concepts and timing to forecasting and portfolio optimization, this book shares insightful perspective on portfolio adaptation that can improve any investment strategy. Accessible explanations of both classical and contemporary research support the methodologies presented, bolstered by the authors' own capstone case study showing the direct impact of this approach on the individual investor. Financial advisors are competing in an increasingly commoditized environment, with the added burden of two substantial bear markets in the last 15 years. This book presents a framework that addresses the major challenges both advisors and investors face, emphasizing the importance of an agile, globally-diversified portfolio. Drill down to the most important concepts in wealth management Optimize portfolio performance with careful timing of savings and withdrawals Forecast returns 80% more accurately than assuming long-term averages Adopt an investment framework for stability, growth, and maximum income An optimized portfolio must be structured in a way that allows quick response to changes in asset class risks and relationships, and the flexibility to continually adapt to market changes. To execute such an ambitious strategy, it is essential to have a strong grasp of foundational wealth management concepts, a reliable system of forecasting, and a clear understanding of the merits of individual investment methods. Adaptive Asset Allocation provides critical background information alongside a streamlined framework for improving portfolio performance.

Active Investing Wealth Management for High Net Worth Individuals

Author : Dr. Gary J. Harloff, PhD
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This educational book provides much of the information needed for an individual to play a more effective management role in his or her own active investing wealth management process. The book is a primer of the investing portion of the wealth management process. The overall wealth management process is comprehensive and not a product that can be bought or sold. Wealth management concepts and examples of high net worth individuals, family offices, endowments, and pension plans are presented and discussed. The wealth manager and active investment manager should be separate people with the latter owning the investment results. Active investing strategies are shown to add value over common investing wealth management practice. Foundational academic investment literature are reviewed and analyzed to provide an understanding of the premises employed by the investing community. Read this book to learn: • how to evaluate your manager’s investment expertise by being better informed • whether to keep your financial manager because of their investment skill or attention to your family • how to evaluate proposals from several financial managers

Private Wealth

Author : Stephen M. Horan
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An in-depth examination of today's most important wealth management issues Managing the assets of high-net-worth individuals has become a core business specialty for investment and financial advisors worldwide. Keeping abreast of the latest research in this field is paramount. That's why Private Wealth, the inaugural offering in the CFA Institute Investment Perspectives series has been created. As a sister series to the globally successful CFA Institute Investment Series, CFA Institute and John Wiley are proud to offer this new collection. Private Wealth presents the latest information on lifecycle modeling, asset allocation, investment management for taxable private investors, and much more. Researched and written by leading academics and practitioners, including Roger Ibbotson of Yale University and Zvi Bodie of Boston University, this volume covers human capital and mortality risk in life cycle stages and proposes a life-cycle model for life transitions. It also addresses complex tax matters and provides details on customizing investment theory applications to the taxable investor. Finally, this reliable resource analyzes the use of tax-deferred investment accounts as a means for wealth accumulation and presents a useful framework for various tax environments.