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Higher Combinatorics

Author : M. Aigner
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It is general consensus that Combinatorics has developed into a full-fledged mathematical discipline whose beginnings as a charming pastime have long since been left behind and whose great signifi cance for other branches of both pure and applied mathematics is only beginning to be realized. The last ten years have witnessed a tremendous outburst of activity both in relatively new fields such as Coding Theory and the Theory of Matroids as well as in' more time honored endeavors such as Generating Functions and the Inver sion Calculus. Although the number of text books on these subjects is slowly increasing, there is also a great need for up-to-date surveys of the main lines of research designed to aid the beginner and serve as a reference for the expert. It was the aim of the Advanced Study Institute "Higher Combinatorics" in Berlin, 1976, to help fulfill this need. There were five sections: I. Counting Theory, II. Combinatorial Set Theory and Order Theory, III. Matroids, IV. Designs and V. Groups and Coding Theory, with three principal lecturers in each section. Expanded versions of most lectures form the contents of this book. The Institute was designed to offer, especially to young researchers, a comprehen sive picture of the most interesting developments currently under way. It is hoped that these proceedings will serve the same purpose for a wider audience.

Enumerative Combinatorics Volume 1

Author : Richard P. Stanley
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An introduction, suitable for graduate students, showing connections to other areas of mathematics.

Jerusalem Combinatorics 93

Author : Hélène Barcelo
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This book contains twenty-two papers presented at the International Conference in Combinatorics, held in Jerusalem in May 1993. The papers describe some of the latest developments in algebraic combinatorics, enumeration, graph and hypergraph theory, combinatorial geometry, and geometry of polytopes and arrangements. The papers are accessible to specialists as well as nonspecialists.

Handbook of Combinatorics

Author : R.L. Graham
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Handbook of Combinatorics

Combinatorics on Words

Author : M. Lothaire
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This classic volume presents a thorough treatment of the theory of combinatorics on words.

Handbook of Combinatorics Volume 1

Author : Ronald L. Graham
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Handbook of Combinatorics, Volume 1 focuses on basic methods, paradigms, results, issues, and trends across the broad spectrum of combinatorics. The selection first elaborates on the basic graph theory, connectivity and network flows, and matchings and extensions. Discussions focus on stable sets and claw free graphs, nonbipartite matching, multicommodity flows and disjoint paths, minimum cost circulations and flows, special proof techniques for paths and circuits, and Hamilton paths and circuits in digraphs. The manuscript then examines coloring, stable sets, and perfect graphs and embeddings and minors. The book takes a look at random graphs, hypergraphs, partially ordered sets, and matroids. Topics include geometric lattices, structural properties, linear extensions and correlation, dimension and posets of bounded degree, hypergraphs and set systems, stability, transversals, and matchings, and phase transition. The manuscript also reviews the combinatorial number theory, point lattices, convex polytopes and related complexes, and extremal problems in combinatorial geometry. The selection is a valuable reference for researchers interested in combinatorics.

Handbook of Enumerative Combinatorics

Author : Miklos Bona
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Presenting the state of the art, the Handbook of Enumerative Combinatorics brings together the work of today’s most prominent researchers. The contributors survey the methods of combinatorial enumeration along with the most frequent applications of these methods. This important new work is edited by Miklós Bóna of the University of Florida where he is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997. Miklós is the author of four books and more than 65 research articles, including the award-winning Combinatorics of Permutations. Miklós Bóna is an editor-in-chief for the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and Series Editor of the Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications Series for CRC Press/Chapman and Hall. The first two chapters provide a comprehensive overview of the most frequently used methods in combinatorial enumeration, including algebraic, geometric, and analytic methods. These chapters survey generating functions, methods from linear algebra, partially ordered sets, polytopes, hyperplane arrangements, and matroids. Subsequent chapters illustrate applications of these methods for counting a wide array of objects. The contributors for this book represent an international spectrum of researchers with strong histories of results. The chapters are organized so readers advance from the more general ones, namely enumeration methods, towards the more specialized ones. Topics include coverage of asymptotic normality in enumeration, planar maps, graph enumeration, Young tableaux, unimodality, log-concavity, real zeros, asymptotic normality, trees, generalized Catalan paths, computerized enumeration schemes, enumeration of various graph classes, words, tilings, pattern avoidance, computer algebra, and parking functions. This book will be beneficial to a wide audience. It will appeal to experts on the topic interested in learning more about the finer points, readers interested in a systematic and organized treatment of the topic, and novices who are new to the field.

Relations between Combinatorics and Other Parts of Mathematics

Author : Dijen Ray-Chaudhuri
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Brings into focus interconnections between combinatorics on the one hand and geometry, group theory, number theory, special functions, lattice packings, logic, topological embeddings, games, experimental dsigns, and sociological and biological applications on the other hand.

Combinatorial Designs for Authentication and Secrecy Codes

Author : Michael Huber
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Combinatorial Designs for Authentication and Secrecy Codes is a succinct in-depth review and tutorial of a subject that promises to lead to major advances in computer and communication security. This monograph provides a tutorial on combinatorial designs, which gives an overview of the theory. Furthermore, the application of combinatorial designs to authentication and secrecy codes is described in depth. This close relationship of designs with cryptography and information security was first revealed in Shannon's seminal paper on secrecy systems. We bring together in one source foundational and current contributions concerning design-theoretic constructions and characterizations of authentication and secrecy codes.

Combinatorial Reciprocity Theorems An Invitation to Enumerative Geometric Combinatorics

Author : Matthias Beck
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Combinatorial reciprocity is a very interesting phenomenon, which can be described as follows: A polynomial, whose values at positive integers count combinatorial objects of some sort, may give the number of combinatorial objects of a different sort when evaluated at negative integers (and suitably normalized). Such combinatorial reciprocity theorems occur in connections with graphs, partially ordered sets, polyhedra, and more. Using the combinatorial reciprocity theorems as a leitmotif, this book unfolds central ideas and techniques in enumerative and geometric combinatorics. Written in a friendly writing style, this is an accessible graduate textbook with almost 300 exercises, numerous illustrations, and pointers to the research literature. Topics include concise introductions to partially ordered sets, polyhedral geometry, and rational generating functions, followed by highly original chapters on subdivisions, geometric realizations of partially ordered sets, and hyperplane arrangements.