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Higher Self Now

Author : William Buhlman
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Higher Self Now! is a powerful affirmation for immediate spiritual liberation; a modern guide book for personal transformation. Learn about the unseen nature of our existence, the continuing evolution of soul after death and how to navigate thought responsive realities. Develop your own Spiritual Directive as you discover the practices of an end-of-life coach. Through a variety of personal accounts and practical guidance, you can be prepared to assist your loved ones as they begin to transition from the physical world. Experience a variety of techniques that will clear the way for you to achieve escape velocity from the dimensions of density and form. We are powerful, creative beings with the ability to shape and mold our current reality and influence our afterlife as well. Become knowledgeable about continuing spiritual evolution beyond matter to prepare for and enhance your spiritual journey. Your amazing adventure has just begun - become self-empowered today! William Buhlman, author of Adventures beyond the Body, teaches and conducts workshops at The Monroe Institute focusing on the exploration of consciousness, the afterlife, and profound spiritual awakening. Visit the author at Susan Buhlman is a certified end-of-life Doula, hospice volunteer, and bereavement support companion. Together they have written this compelling book that will not only encourage an environment of comfort and respect during the end-of-life experience, but direct the departing soul to reach their highest level of spiritual evolution as well. Visit the authors at

Become Your Higher Self

Author : Kelly Wallace
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"A life-changing book!" Become Your Higher Self will propel you from the life you currently live to one filled with vibrant health, happiness, love, and wealth in all forms. You'll feel confident and free as you erase such problems as negative relationships, financial problems, weight issues, and anxiety. You'll accomplish your goals, live your dreams, and find your life purpose. Sound difficult or impossible? Actually, I can nearly guarantee all this and more once you understand what spiritual energy is and how to work with it. My goal in writing this book is to guide you along your own spiritual energy path and help you to become your higher self. Once you do, it will change absolutely everything you currently think, feel, pursue, and live. Life doesn’t have to be painful or difficult and you don’t have to accept less than what you deserve, dream, and desire.

Finding Your Higher Self

Author : Sophie Saint Thomas
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Incorporate the calming effects of cannabis into your self-care routine with more than 100 activities for an elevated sense of wellbeing. Self-care is an important part of modern-day life, as we all strive to slow down and take better care of our minds, bodies, and souls. Now you can add some THC (or CBD) to your TLC—whether you prefer a warm bath with essential oils, lit by candlelight, and topped off with a soothing lungful of calming cannabis or relaxing in child’s pose, prefaced by a few gentle doses of your vape pen, this book has advice for infusing your day with the healing and soothing power of marijuana. Use cannabis to unwind as a healthy alternative to a glass of wine or try adding it into your meditation practice, yoga session, or your bathing rituals to maximize your quiet moments. Finding Your Higher Self includes a multitude of activities to enjoy throughout the day when you need some “me” time. Featuring activities like: —Practice the Four-Flower Power Breath —Give Yourself a Massage with Cannabis Oil —Enjoy a Flower-Fueled Face Mask —Try a Medicated Meditation After a Really Rough Day Finding Your Higher Self offers all the tips and tricks needed to integrate weed into your self-care routine so you can further benefit your relationship with yourself and others and find time to truly relax.

Create Space with Your Higher Self

Author : Serafina Krupp
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Do you want to become the master of your own reality? Do you want to uncover personal truths and pathways to the divine within? Do you want to live a magical, wonderful, joyful, loving, abundant life? Create Space from Your Higher Self is dedicated to give you the tools to do just that. You will discover when you are self-sabotaging yourself and being observed by your inner critic. You can start observing yourself from your higher self and working with your higher self. During your journey, follow steps through the chapters and the meditations to uncover your authentic self. You can also understand how to use the elements for healing and transformation. Experience the magical wonders of the feng shui bagua to call in all your blessings, and connect and work with the angels.

Higher Self Now

Author : Meagen Cates
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This is a guided journal for transforming personal habits in order to manifest the life of your dreams. A practical step by step guide created to be your 24/7 accountability companion for mastering your own self-transformation.

Astral Voyages

Author : Bruce Goldberg
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The author of "Soul Healing" and the bestselling "Past Lives--Future Lives" shows how to use self-hypnosis for out-of-body experiences. Dr. Goldberg reveals everything readers want to know about soul travel. Index.

Angel Light s Connecting with our Higher Selves Course

Author : Natasha Chamberlin
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This course will help you to discover your higher self and to connect with your higher self on a deeper level. Recognizing and connecting with your higher self is an important step to take before you can begin to recognize the presence of your spirit guides and angels. As you grow spiritually you will embark on a wonderful journey where you learn to love yourself and others, the planet and all that is around you. You will re-discover yourself. You take an enormous leap forward in your spiritual growth by contacting your Higher Self and discovering who you truly are.

Top Tips for Raising Today s Teens

Author : Martha Matthews
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Top Tips for Raising Today's Teens is an essential book for parents and carers who are raising young people in the 21st Century. It is packed solid with useful tips and exercises on how to engage with and get to know your teen. Top Tips is a collaboration, designed to create honesty, confidence and mutual respect in the Parent-Teen relationship. It is like a conversation between parents and young people. With quotes, tasks and a space for notes, you can read Top Tips with your teen, as a way to create openness and warmth. Read as part of a workshop setting, or as your own Personal Tool Kit. This is the manual parents have always wanted, for ways to deal with issues around Behaviour, Communication, Education, Sex, Drugs & Alcohol and Gangs. An absolute must-have, if you are raising a modern teenager.

THE HIGHER SELF Preferred Poems 1981 2016

Author : Gregory Gunn
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A compilation of selected verses selected by the author Gregory Wm. Gunn composed between the years 1981 through 2016. It covers the complete gamut of free, blank, unrestricted, and rhyming verse.

Transformation of the Human Animal

Author : Brigitte Arora
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We are all immortal Beings—death is an illusion! This world and who we think ourselves to be is only a temporary dream. But our existence within the darkness and ignorance of this lower self-consciousness is of tremendous importance. It is here that we Homo sapiens have the opportunity to transcend our present mind dominated human-animal consciousness. This is the fundamental message that is received during the life-altering occurrence of Self-Realization. We begin the spiritual journey of transformation in order to obtain liberation from the lower self-consciousness by evolving into the Higher Self-consciousness, which is the next stage in mankind’s evolution. The effect of transcending the old consciousness poses many problems due to powerful and dangerous alterations to our psyche and biological system. The transforming power of kundalini can burn out the nervous system and unbalance the personality, from which it may never recover. What role does kundalini and Grace play in our Awakening? How do we transcend our animal traits? Can we use sex in order to go beyond sex? How do we adapt to living simultaneously in the two opposing worlds of duality and Oneness? What is consciousness? What and who is the new race that is going to replace the old man? Does time exist? What is the connection we have with our Soul? Does God exist? Who is really in charge?

Wake up to Your Higher Self

Author : Morris J. Cohen
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There is a source of consciousness and power known as mindful energy, which is available to everyone. Simply, the choice to learn and use it is yours, Wake Up Now and Enjoy Life! guides the reader in his or her quest for peace of mind and the power to create lifes experience through meditation, education, and choice informed by mindful energy. We are all asleep when it comes to choosing to act and choosing to experience our emotions. Habitual mental programs, personal and cultural, direct most of our actions and emotions. These programs are hidden from our consciousness and control our thoughts. We can learn to recognize them. When reality does not coincide with the programs of our mind, we suffer. We can become masters of our experience or remain slaves to our thoughts. This book leads you through all the elements that create our experience of life: consciousness, experience, thought, programs and programming, meditation, and dual tracking. Dual tracking is a process used to direct your thoughts from your true selfmindful energy. You can be in touch with a sense of knowing beyond the rational mind and discover your true self, the force that will direct your thoughts to reach new levels of peace of mind, harmony, self-confidence, fulfillment in relationships, creativity, business success, understanding, positive thinking, and enhanced physical health. Wake Up Now and Enjoy Life! provides a detailed systematic guide to wake up, observe, and choose the action and experience of conscious living. Now is the time to enjoy your life.

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being

Author : Cissi Williams
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Would you like to wake up in the morning filled with happiness, enthusiasm and an abundance of life-energy? Would you like to know how you can focus this inner energy in such a way that your dreams can make the journey from being just an idea to becoming actual manifestation in your present life? Would you like to learn how to tune into, and trust, your Soul’s guidance? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you, as it will show you how you can make your dreams come true - by supercharging them with life-energy – and then focus this energy in such a way that you are able to bring your Soul’s dreams into being. In this way you start to create your most amazing life ever – a life where you know how to tune into the wisdom from your Soul, allowing it to guide you on the path your Soul wants you to take.

Magical Pathworking

Author : Nick Farrell
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Through techniques of pathworking (guided meditation), your imagination can shine a magic mirror on your personality. This inner landscape reveals your world as your unconscious sees it. This work shows the mystical use of pathworking as a method for contacting the divine.

Be Your Higher Self

Author : Samesh Ramjattan
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There is a reason you discovered this book. Something has been stirring deep down... Everything you need to know to simply fix yourself, all in one place. Be Your Higher Self provides a simple and frank ‘how to’ guide to self-help, spirituality and the esoteric, that anybody could pick up and read. With such an incredible choice of self-help books on so many subjects, it’s hard to know where to begin and that is why this book is different. For the first time, everything you need to know is in one place. We all wish to make sense of our place in the world, but often from a skewed perspective that only allows us a glimpse of our true potential. Each of us wishes for health, fulfilment, happiness and growth in our lives, but meet obstacles along our journey that prevent us from attaining these, and there is little in the form of practical and easy to understand answers to these life questions. Now with this book – you can. Be Your Higher Self will provide you with all you need to know on The Spirit World, the Chakras, Karma and Reincarnation, the Age of Aquarius, the Ego and even the importance of love. It encourages readers to keep a journal to record their own spiritual journey as they progress through the book.

Finding True Magic

Author : Jack Elias
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Finding True Magic is the primary training text for the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP Certification Program offered by the Institute for Therapeutic Learning. Finding True Magic and the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP trainings are appropriate for laypeople seeking personal growth, as well as for therapists and other professionals intent on advancing their therapeutic skills. In fact, about 50 per cent of ITL students take the training primarily for personal development. This book explores the possibilities for recognizing and freeing ourselves from a destructive process of perceiving, thinking, and acting that can be viewed as a pernicious worldwide epidemic. Unlike other diseases, which we strive to isolate and cure, this insidious fever has a characteristic that makes us blind to its presence: we come to identify its symptoms as our very own true self. We lovingly speak of this disease as our ego, our sense of limited separate selfhood. Jack Elias calls it "egoic-minding," because it is a process, not a thing. Egoic-minding is a fragmented, biased way of perceiving and thinking. It can be viewed as a sort of destructive hypnotic trance that causes us to experience each other as strangers, as different, as threats. The delirium of this trance causes us to do violence to each other and to our world, without ever recognizing that it (our egoic thought process) is the true enemy. By synthesizing insights and techniques of Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology, Finding True Magic explores various ways to disperse the feverish trance of egoic-minding, heal the trauma it causes, and wake us up to the sacred magic of our true Self. This true inner Self is the wellspring of our capacity for cooperation, community-building, and the celebration of life. Everyone has the right to the make use of the essential insights and dynamics of healing communication, without resorting to the long-term expense of a professional intermediary. The model of such therapeutic relationships has changed in recent years, due to the financial burdens it places on our medical system. Financial considerations aside, however, therapy and therapists should change simply because there is a more effective approach to healing and personal growth. That approach, which is the subject of this book, relies on the inherent goodness of our shared Being, a resource that is surprisingly easy to contact in the space between egoic thoughts. Most of us do not experience that space in the normal course of our thinking, however. We may be surprised to hear such a thing, given our experience of the seemingly impenetrable stream of our thoughts. But this space is quite real. It is the space of Silence, Healing Power, and Insight. We have all experienced this silence on occasion, perhaps through prayer, or in a tender moment of love or awe. Most of us have not been taught, and have remained unaware that this silent Presence is always so close and available. Holistic mind/body therapeutic techniques, such as those presented here, derive transformative power when they help us to tap into this willing Presence, also called Grace.

Stargate 2012 Alignment Art Meditations Edition

Author : Sarah Ince
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Stargate 2012 Alignment SE - The expanded meditations and artwork edition (from transcripts of live workshop meditations and artwork from visions).* Stargate 2012 Alignment is a workbook of exercises and channelled levels of ascension to guide light workers into alignment into stargate 2012. Activate your light body and transform lower energies through this unique book that has been nearly 9 years in the creation process.

The Sculptor in the Sky

Author : Teal Swan
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"You can not have a life, you can not lose a life... You are life. It is you who hold the power to decide yourself back onto the path you intended...the path of welcoming and becoming your own bliss." The Sculptor In The Sky, the new book by spiritual catalyst, Teal Scott takes you on a journey of rediscovery of the universe of god and of yourself. This extraordinary book challenges us to reconnect with the eternal essence of our being and to expand our ideas about the reality we live in It is a must have for the curious, the wanting and the ready. A provocative guide to answering the questions that every person asks at some point in their life.

Adventures in Consciousness

Author : George Schwimmer
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Guru trip is over! Done with! Finished! Time to become homo illuminatus - a luminous being! Become aware! You already know everything, can do anything! Carpe diem - seize the day!

Tommy Remembered and Others

Author : P. N. Jackson
File Size : 72.71 MB
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Escapades with my best-mate Tommy and others, involving: kid's gangs and growing-up in the War Years- a blend of humour and Yorkshire wit.

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment

Author : Rudolf Steiner
File Size : 79.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Contents: How is Knowledge of the Higher Worlds Attained; The Stages of Initiation; Some Practical Aspects; The Condition of Training; Some Results of Training; The Transformation of Dream Life; The Continuity of Consciousness; The Partition of Human Personality During Spiritual Training; The Guardian of the Threshold; The Second Guardian of the Threshold; Appendix. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.