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Author : Ashley McConnell
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A novel based on the fantasy-adventure television series, Highlander. Duncan MacLeod fights evil immortals throughout history, with the help of his student and neophyte immortal, of an ex-member of a secret group who record the history of the immortals, and of a female surgeon.

Highlander TM White Silence

Author : Ginjer Buchanan
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The year is 1889 and the San Francisco gold rush is in full swing. Seeking adventure, Duncan MacLeod, member of an age old race of immortals, sets out for the Alaskan territory. He and his friends soon find themselves trapped in a frozen hell.

Highlander TM The Captive Soul

Author : Josepha Sherman
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In Captive Soul, published to tie-in with the fantasy adventure TV series Highlander, warrior Duncan McLeod and his friend Methos notice a particular sword on display in a NY museum. Methos recognises the weapon from his days in Ancient Egypt.

Highlander TM Zealot

Author : Donna Lettow
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Duncan MacLeod, member of an age-old race of immortal beings, is in Paris helping a friend organize a museum exhibit of ancient cultures destroyed by the Romans. While unwrapping a priceless scroll of the Torah, Duncan remembers Avram Mordecai, a young Immortal who was determined to see the Romans defeated and the lands of Israel returned to the Hebrews. When Duncan meets Maral, a Palestinian delegate to the Arab-Israeli peace talks, he falls irrevocably in love. But as the tense negotiations unfold, Duncan realizes that Avram still lives--and he has not forgotten his holy war. Now Duncan is trapped between an old friend and the woman he loves.

Highlander TM Shadow of Obsession

Author : Rebecca Neason
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One of the age-old race of Immortals, Duncan MacLeod has tried to turn his back on tradition & live his life as a mortal. But as the time of the gathering draws near, when the last Immortals will fight to the last, he finds himself being drawn to battle.


Author : John M. Glen
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and racial justice during a critical era in southern and Appalachian history. This volume is the first comprehensive examination of that extraordinary—and often controversial—institution. Founded in 1932 by Myles Horton and Don West near Monteagle, Tennessee, this adult education center was both a vital resource for southern radicals and a catalyst for several major movements for social change. During its thirty-year history it served as a community folk school, as a training center for southern labor and Farmers' Union members, and as a meeting place for black and white civil rights activists. As a result of the civil rights involvement, the state of Tennessee revoked the charter of the original institution in 1962. At the heart of Horton's philosophy and the Highlander program was a belief in the power of education to effect profound changes in society. By working with the knowledge the poor of Appalachia and the South had gained from their experiences, Horton and his staff expected to enable them to take control of their own lives and to solve their own problems. John M. Glen's authoritative study is more than the story of a singular school in Tennessee. It is a biography of Myles Horton, co-founder and long-time educational director of the school, whose social theories shaped its character. It is an analysis of the application of a particular idea of adult education to the problems of the South and of Appalachia. And it affords valuable insights into the history of the southern labor and the civil rights movements and of the individuals and institutions involved in them over the past five decades.

Devil s Highlander

Author : Veronica Wolff
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They share a haunting past...and an unspoken passion. FIRST IN THE ALL-NEW CLAN MACALPIN SERIES. After Scotland's Civil Wars, the orphaned brothers and sisters of the MacAlpin clan reclaimed the abandoned Dunnochen Castle as their birthright. Now they must rely on each other as they right the wrongs of their troubled history... Tormented war hero Cormac MacAlpin gets a chance at redemption-and romance-when former love Marjorie Keith asks him to help her find the missing child who was in her care.

The Oriental Sporting Magazine

Author :
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Organized Labor in the Twentieth century South

Author : Robert H. Zieger
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Bayonets and Scimitars

Author : William Urban
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The eighteenth century marked a watershed in European history. This was a period of significant economic, political and technological upheaval which led to the American and French revolutions, and was to ultimately pave the way for Europe’s domination of much of the world during the nineteenth century.??The wars and political maneuvering of Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great transformed Prussia and Russia into major players in European politics. France, the richest nation in the West; survived losing successive wars, then bankrupted itself assisting the Americans in an unnecessary war of revenge. Britain became the model of economic and financial efficiency and made itself supreme in North America, the Caribbean, and in India, only to face such financial troubles that its leaders antagonized its colonial subjects in America. ??This engaging new book by esteemed military historian William Urban traces the evolution of war-making throughout this turbulent period – the politics, the weaponry, the organisation of armies, and the transformation of mercenaries into professionals. This illuminating and highly readable account concentrates not just on high politics and military strategy, but also on the everyday experiences of those involved, giving us a fascinating glimpse into the human drama of eighteenth-century warfare.