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Hike Joy Life

Author : Hike Guy
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Hike Joy Life is a photo book of nature and life presented by Hike Guy and celebrates life.

Being A Hiking Guide Through Life

Author :
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Letter to Grandson Jun

Author : Yeh-Yeh Yeo
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Wisdom from the Trail

Author : Wayne Sheridan
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When the tragic events of 9-11 struck, Keith was in the Shenandoah National Park on the Appalachian Trail (AT) and I was on a bus to join him that day to hike through the Park. It was quite a day getting to him since my bus had been halted short of my stop. Thanks to a friend with a car, I did join him where the AT crossed a road. We decided to continue our hike in spite of the events because the terrorists wanted to disrupt our way of life and we did not want them to succeed. Keith later finished the entire AT in Georgia. We have hiked many miles together. One thing Keith and I have experienced in common is that God has taught us spiritual truths consistent with the Bible while walking the trails. Neither Keith nor I are wise on our own. Any wisdom that is shared in these devotional stories is from God and the Bible. It is our hope that these lessons of wisdom gained on our hikes will be helpful to you as a reader on your own trail of life. The inspirational stories in Wisdom from the Trail can be meaningful for devotional times, for encouragement, for wisdom and for message illustrations. We pray that God will use these words to become living manna for each reader. ~Wayne Sheridan

Still Woman Moving

Author : Eunice Russell Schatz
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Boys Life

Author :
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Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.

Fat Girls Hiking

Author : Summer Michaud-Skog
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From the founder of the Fat Girls Hiking community, this inclusive and inspiring guide to the great outdoors will inspire people of all body types, sizes, abilties, and backgrounds.

Hiking the Pack Line

Author : Bonnie Shapbell
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Before Bonnie Shapbell's husband died, he made her promise she would be OK. She kept that promise, rebuilding a joyful life without him while cherishing her memories. Now she offers a helping hand to those on a similar journey. Hiking the Pack Line provides practical advice and a workbook section for those who want to create—or re-create—lives that nourish them after devastating loss. Foreword by clinical psychologist & publisher Peggy Elam, Ph.D.

Hiking Waterfalls in New England

Author : Eli Burakian
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Hiking Waterfalls in New England includes detailed hike descriptions, maps, and color photos for approximately 100 of the most scenic waterfall hikes in the area. Hike descriptions also include history, local trivia, and GPS coordinates. Hiking Waterfalls in New England will take you through state and national parks, forests, monuments and wilderness areas, and from popular city parks to the most remote and secluded corners of the area to view the most spectacular waterfalls.


Author : John Stanton
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Walking is something most of us do every day – but we should be doing more of it. 63% of Canadians aren't getting the recommended amount of daily exercise, and it's adding up: heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure are all on the rise. But something as simple as taking a few extra steps a day can make a huge difference: moving more leads to more energy, improved sleep quality, and better heart health. And John Stanton knows how to get people moving. As the founder and president of Walking/Running Room, North America's largest chain of special stores for walkers and runners, he has inspired people across the nation to develop healthier lifestyles one step at a time. Walking: A Complete Guide to Walking for Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss is the perfect companion for your own journey to good health. With three program categories to fit every type of activity level, from non-walkers to avid walkers, there is a program in here for you. In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to: * Set realistic goals * Design your own training program * Find the level of walking that's right for you * Choose the best shoes and walking wear for your needs * Prevent and treat common injuries * Enhance your walking with optimum nutrition Let John Stanton show you the way to a healthier, happier lifestyle... one step at a time.