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Him Standing

Author : Richard Wagamese
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Commissioned to carve a spirit mask for a mysterious stranger, Lucas Smoke finds his life controlled by disturbing nightmares of his client, an ancient sorcerer named Him Standing, who endeavors to emerge from the dream world.

A caveat to the standing Christian and to him that thinketh he standeth

Author : William Gearing
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Author : Sr. Christiana Ntamere
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This book, “STANDING IN PRAYER FOR THE WORLD” is the fruit of a hard work asserting that life situation can produce positive effect through discernment and prayer. It highlighted the knowledge and spiritual enrichment emanating from keen observation and discernment of God’s presence in His creation, which Sr. Christiana gained from extensive travels as a busy Bursar General “panting for quality time with the Lord.” It is a book of four chapters. The first Chapter articulated operational Divine mechanism available to children of God in “quality time with the Lord.” Quality time is a possibility in every situation including busy and stressful times. In Chapter two the book challenges us to pray for people especially, our weak brothers, sisters and leaders, so that “devil will not mess them up.” Chapter three is devoted to prayers for our ministers to live out their vocation so that they can serve the people of God faithfully in the spirit of God who chose them for special ministry. The final chapter reflected on the churches’ moral virtues compounded into prayers that uplift the mind of the one praying, based on the ethics of the virtues of obedience, faith, hope, charity, joy, kindness and humility. It includes a poem on the mystery of death, which puzzles humanity including Sister Christiana who lost both parents within three months interval. Reflection on the mystery of death builds hope cemented with prayers of total trust in God in all circumstances of life. This book therefore, is theologically sound and thought awakening to the wonders of the Almighty God made visible in the author’s gravity of understanding and experience. This is a book worth reading for spiritual uplift and enrichment. It stands the test of time! Simply put, it is a book for all seasons. Very Rev. Father Jeremiah Ofoegbu Adjutant Judicial Vicar (Marriage Tribunal) Catholic Diocese of Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria

Last Bride Standing

Author : Patricia Anne Phillips
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A Lost Memory. . . After journalist Wanda Gray's plane crashes in Kenya, searchers find no survivors, and she is believed dead. But Wanda is very much alive, injured and slowly recovering on an African ranch. She remembers nothing of her former life--not her accountant husband Steven or even her own name. A New Love. . . Soon, in the lush, exotic African countryside, Wanda is discovering a new world. . .and a lover who will change everything: tall, lithe, ranch owner Ahmed. Day by day their desire is blossoming into a gloriously passionate romance: elemental as earth, sensual as the hot wind, and insatiable as the lions that stalk the night. A Truth About To Explode But Wanda's happiness can last only as long as Ahmed doesn't know she is married and her past remains a secret. Every moment draws them closer to the next unexpected twist of fate--one that will draw Wanda into a maelstrom of emotions--and a heartbreaking choice. . .

Standing Our Ground

Author : Lucy McBath
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From the national spokesperson for Everytown for Gun Safety and leading gun violence prevention advocate comes the riveting memoir of a mother’s loss and call to action, as well as a faith-based exploration of how the nation’s gun laws put a deadly target on American lives. Lucia Kay McBath knew deep down that a bullet could one day take her son. After all, she had watched the news of countless unarmed black men unjustly gunned down. Standing Our Ground: Putting Faith in God Over Faith in Guns is McBath’s memoir of raising, loving, and losing her son to gun violence, and the story of how she transformed her pain into activism. After seventeen-year-old Jordan Davis was shot by a man who thought the music playing on his car stereo was too loud, the nation grieved yet again for the unnecessary loss of life. Here, McBath goes beyond the timeline and the assailant’s defense—Stand Your Ground—to present an emotional account of her fervent fight for justice, and her awakening to a cause that will drive the rest of her days. But more than McBath’s story or that of her son, Standing Our Ground keenly observes the social and political evolution of America’s gun culture. A must-read for anyone concerned with gun safety in America, it harkens back to such bestsellers as The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace and Nobody.

Standing in the Light

Author : Severt Young Bear
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"An inside view of the Lakota world-of the meaning of Lakota song and dance, of their history, of what it is to be Lakota in America today. . . . A lasting personal tribute to the Lakota way of living."-Whole Earth Review. "A unique, in-depth presentation on Lakota music and the profession of singer, a useful contemporary Oglala representation of the core of their culture, and a version of the involvement of the American Indian Movement on Pine Ridge Reservation, told by a man who was affiliated but not a principal leader. . . . This is a subjective statement, well and persuasively written."-Choice. Severt Young Bear stood in the light-in the center ring at powwows and other gatherings of Lakota people. As founder and, for many years, lead singer of the Porcupine Singers, a traditional singing and drumming group, he also stood, figuratively, in the light of understanding the cherished Lakota heritage. Young Bear's own life in Brotherhood Community, Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation, is the linchpin of this narrative, which ranges across the landscape of Dakota culture, from the significance of names to the search for modern Lakota identity, from Lakota oral traditions to powwows and giveaways, from child-rearing practices to humor and leadership. "Music is at the center of Lakota life, " says Young Bear; he describes in rich detail the origins and varieties of Lakota song and dance. Severt Young Bear performed with the Porcupine Singers throughout North America, taught at Oglala Lakota College, and served on the Oglala Sioux tribal council. He was music and dance consultant for the films Dances with Wolves and Thunder Heart. This book is the fruit of his longfriendship and collaboration with R. D. Theisz, a fellow Porcupine Singer and professor of communications and education at Black Hills State University.

Last Man Standing

Author : Christy O'Connor
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'Goalkeepers walk a tightrope between triumph and disaster...' The hurling goalkeeper must surely occupy the most precarious position on the pitch -- glorified as a saviour if their team succeeds and damned if they fail. For this book Christy O'Connor has had unique and continuous access to twelve goalkeepers over one season and tracked their experiences through the highs and lows, the celebrations and rejections, the saves and the misses, resulting in an inside story never told before. The players talk frankly about the pressures, the passion, the trauma, the disappointments and glories, the utter despair at being dropped from the team and the long road back to re-selection. The brotherhood of goalies forms a kind of inner club within the hurling community -- here we are taken into its heart and spirit as never before. Includes: Donal Óg Cusack (Cork); James McGarry (Kilkenny); Liam O'Donoghue (Galway); Brendan Cummins (Tipperary); Stevie Brenner (Waterford); Brian Mullins (Offaly); Timmy Houlihan (Limerick); Brendan McLoughlin (Dublin); Davy Fitzgerald (Clare); Graham Clarke (Down); DD Quinn (Antrim); Damien Fitzhenry (Wexford), as well as a wealth of stories and anecdotes about famous past teams and players.

Standing Strong

Author : Donna Fleisher
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Chris McIntyre has found a home at last. And life is good, with Chris savoring her status as a new aunt while she and Jason continue to explore their evolving relationship. But it’s going to take a hero’s heart to defend the community she treasures. It’s the sweltering summer of 1996, and the quiet life of Kimberley Square is shattered by the sound of screeching tires as rival gangs battle to claim the neighborhood that has become home to Chris. This new kind of turf war between gangs is far more frightening than anything she and her buddies encountered on the battlefields of Desert Storm. Even as she guards her home, Chris also wonders if she dares to let down her guard emotionally. Will she have to choose between her love for Christ and her growing love for Jason? Standing Strong is the fourth novel in the Homeland Heroes series by Donna Fleisher

Moving on by Standing Still

Author : Geert Bettinger
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If we do not make a real effort to understand some of the behaviors of care-dependent clients, we not only miss out on the opportunity to meet the underlying need and truly resolve the issue, but we also might actually cause much greater harm to those for whom we are caring; the hurt of not truly being heard and seen, which leads to deep-seated loneliness. In this book, Geert takes you by the hand and gently walks you toward a whole new level of thinking and approaching situations, and at the end you will find yourself armed with a wealth of possibilities (as long as you allow your mind to shift remain receptive). This book gives a voice to all those who are dependent on others and, in a way, also to ourselves, as one day it might be we who need compassionate care.

Still Standing

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What do you do when life hasn’t turned out the way you expected? When it feels like everyone else has it together but you’re still figuring it out? And if God is meant to be your guide, why do you feel so lost? Tola Doll Fisher has asked these questions countless times and still doesn’t have the answers. But as she explains in this series of 100 ‘life lessons’ maybe that’s okay... Refreshingly relatable and heartbreakingly honest, this is a book about discovering joy in the journey of a messy, work-in-progress walk of (sometimes failing, but still standing) faith.

Standing Lessons

Author : Norval Rindfleisch
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STANDING LESSONS is a wry, witty, and bittersweet story of Jack Bartley, a history teacher, coach and dorm master in a small rural New England private school. Although satisfied, almost complacent with his life, he encounters challenges to his powers as an effective teacher and coach as well as to his sense of self worth and his most cherished values. But this novel is more than the story of one teacher. Virtually every aspect of a traditional private school is touched upon directly or indirectly: a senior faces expulsion for dishonesty and discovers that giving up is more noble than persisting; a young girl dreams of sometime gaining equity with boys in their traditional world; a disciplinary case divides the faculty with little hope of resolution; a student's private problem verges upon a compromise of privacy.Most of all, however, a dialectic in which the principles that underlie the teaching of morality emerges and through which the question of the morality of teaching itself becomes a central philosophic issue.

Standing on the Promises of God

Author :
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The Linguistics of Sitting Standing and Lying

Author : John Newman
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This volume explores properties of 'sit', 'stand', and 'lie' verbs, reflecting three of the most salient postures associated with humans. An introductory chapter by the Editor provides an overview of directions for research into posture verbs. These directions are then explored in detail in a number of languages: Dutch; Korean; Japanese; Lao; Chantyal, Magar (Tibeto-Burman); Chipewyan (Athapaskan); Trumai (spoken in Brazil); Kxoe (Khoisan); Mbay (Nilo-Saharan); Oceanic; Enga, Ku Waru (Papuan); Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara, Ngan'gityemerri (Australian). The contributors discuss data relevant to many fields of linguistic inquiry, including patterns of lexicalization (e.g., simplex or complex verb forms), morphology (e.g., state vs. action formations), grammaticalization (e.g., extension to locational predicates, aspect markers, auxiliaries, copulas, classifiers), and figurative extension. A final chapter reports on an experimental methodology designed to establish the relevant cognitive parameters underlying speakers' judgements on the polysemy of English stand. Taken together, the chapters provide a wealth of cross-linguistic data on posture verbs.

Still Standing

Author : Tom Dreesen
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From shining shoes in dark saloons on the south side of Chicago to traveling the country as the opening act for Frank Sinatra, this is the story of Tom Dreesen’s unlikely journey to a fifty-plus year career as a pioneer of stand-up comedy and a legend of the entertainment industry.

Standing Strong

Author : Charles F. Stanley
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This powerful book from the bestselling Dr. Charles Stanley outlines key areas of conviction that can make or break who we are and how we live. What we choose to believe intrinsically determines whether or not we are able to stand strong in this life—during the easy times, and during the most difficult. Standing Strong explores the Bible to identify the central issues of life where conviction is imperative, including: —our commitment to stand by the people we love —our decision to be men and women of integrity and character —our determination to seek justice for the voiceless and the poor —our beliefs about God as sovereign Creator —our convictions about Jesus as God's Son —our belief that the Bible is actually the Word of God Standing Strong is the product of Dr. Stanley's lifetime journey of defining his convictions—based on God’s Word—and choosing to stand by what he matter the consequences. As he shares what he has discovered, he guides us as we examine and shape what we believe, so that we can live strong, with confidence, hope, and an assurance that when our convictions are based on God’s truths, we can’t go wrong.

Lone Wolf Standing

Author : Carla Cassidy
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New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy brings her riveting Men of Wolf Creek series to a thrilling climax Maybe it's just her imagination, but Sheri Marcoli's convinced she's being watched. With the disappearance of her aunt still unsolved, Detective Jimmy Carmani's not taking any chances. But sticking close to the vulnerable beauty isn't just a job. For the first time in his life, Jimmy's discovering feelings he thought himself incapable of. But the powerful attraction Sheri feels toward Jimmy is scaring her almost as much as her stalker. The swarthy, dark-eyed detective is nothing like the golden-haired prince she's waited for all her life. But as Sheri struggles to resist her overpowering desire, an evil madman is closing in…on both of them.

I m Still Standing

Author : Lorna Spencer
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Lorne Gregory was on top of the world the day she married Jamie Jones. But within weeks of their marriage, it became painfully obvious that something was wrong. Believing deeply in her vow to love and support him for better or worse, Lorne pulls out all the stops as she attempts to save her marriage. When she discovers the true extent of Jamie’s double life, Lorne must make a choice: herself or a man who doesn’t deserve her. With God’s help, Lorne finds the courage and strength to persevere. Despite the heartbreak, disappointment, brokenness, and betrayal, she navigates her way to joy and peace. As she searches for hope and redemption, Lorne learns the true power of prayer ... and of God’s saving grace. I’m Still Standing is an intimate journey through Lorne Gregory’s life, a poignant story of how God guides her from a place of brokenness to one of restoration.

Still Standing

Author : Isekhua Evborokhai
File Size : 66.91 MB
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Still Standing gives direction to anyone facing challenges or difficult situations in life. It draws wisdom and direction from my personal experiences, the experiences of others, compilations of short stories, lyrics of songs by popular song writers and artistes, poems, quotes, movies and ultimately the infallible Word of God (the Holy Bible), with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Oozing with positivity, this is the kind of book that one should have within easy reach. It reads like a trusted guide to the journey of life; a sort of 'chicken soup' remedy for life's trials and struggles. Its inspirational anecdotes are certainly good for the body and good for the soul. At the heart of its success is its practical simplicity and common-sense approach; it is a quick read and very memorable. Long after you put the book down the words still resonate and the section titles read as bite-size daily inspirations. Bible quotations have been drawn from various translations for clarity and simplicity. The language style is informal; making it extremely easy to read (you most likely will not need to pull out a dictionary!). It is broadly divided into two parts: Part 1 "Need to Know" and Part 2 "Need to Do" and made up of thirteen chapters; each chapter is a "flipped light switch" that floods our lives with warmth and brightness of the truth from God's Words unveiling to the reader, nuggets vital to living victoriously through life's challenges. It answers the "what?", "why?" and most importantly, the "how?" question

Still Standing

Author : Raphael Grant
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Still Standing is a book of joy, excitement and hope for the hopeless. It reflects on the past, examine the present and speculate on the future. Still Standing will teach you how to stand in spite of the storm, how to still stand in spite of the adversities. Raphael Grant will make you understand that anybody destined by God for greatness will go through trials, affl ictions, pain, and struggles, because it is a necessity for where God is taking them. The changes and challenges that lies ahead are God-given possibilities for people to live their lives in conformity of his will and purpose.

From Where I m Standing

Author : Nikki Thomas
File Size : 75.6 MB
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Simone Carter, a 30 year old neurosurgeon in Chicago, is plagued with memories of her dead father. As she sinks deeper into depression, her relationships with everyone around her falls apart, and she struggles to make a decision that might ultimately prove to be her downfall.