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Hinduism and Islam in India

Author : S. V. Desika Char
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Islam and Hinduism co-existed in India for hundreds of years, dominating, suppressing, and influencing one another. This book begins with a detailed analysis of the Hindu caste system from its beginnings in antiquity to a guild-like village caste and professional caste system in the Middle Ages, and its continuance within the Muslim and colonial societies. The author analyzes Muslim society in medieval and early modern India by examining a range of topics including the ashraf-ajlaf divide. Over the course of centuries, India had two parallel societies, the coexistence of which had consequences for all aspects of administration and culture. The author explains the lack of major efforts by Hindu states to resist Muslim and other invaders and discusses the late emergence of Hindu nationalism in response to Muslim and European invaders and rulers, as well as the concept of 'one India.'


Author : James W. Laine
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Shivaji is a well-known hero in western India. He defied Mughal power in the seventeenth century, established an independent kingdom, and had himself crowned in an orthodox Hindu ceremony. The legends of his life have become an epic story that everyone in western India knows, and an important part of the Hindu nationalists' ideology. To read Shivaji's legend today is to find expression of deeply held convictions about what Hinduism means and how it is opposed to Islam. James Laine traces the origin and development if the Shivaji legend from the earliest sources to the contemporary accounts of the tale. His primary concern is to discover the meaning of Shivaji's life for those who have composed-and those who have read-the legendary accounts of his military victories, his daring escapes, his relationships with saints. In the process, he paints a new and more complex picture of Hindu-Muslim relations from the seventeenth century to the present. He argues that this relationship involved a variety of compromises and strategies, from conflict to accommodation to nuanced collaboration. Neither Muslims nor Hindus formed clearly defined communities, says Laine, and they did not relate to each other as opposed monolithic groups. Different sub-groups, representing a range of religious persuasions, found it in their advantage to accentuate or diminish the importance of Hindu and Muslim identity and the ideologies that supported the construction of such identities. By studying the evolution of the Shivaji legend, Laine demonstrates, we can trace the development of such constructions in both pre-British and post-colonial periods.

History of Medieval India

Author : Radhey Shyam Chaurasia
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Impact of Hindu Culture on Muslims

Author : Mohsen Saeidi Madani
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Study based on two cities of Bihar, Patna and Ranchi.

Gandhi s Hinduism the Struggle against Jinnah s Islam

Author : M J Akbar
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Gandhi, a devout Hindu, believed faith could nurture the civilizational harmony of India, a land where every religion had flourished. Jinnah, a political Muslim rather than a practicing believer, was determined to carve up a syncretic subcontinent in the name of Islam. His confidence came from a wartime deal with Britain, embodied in the 'August Offer' of 1940. Gandhi's strength lay in ideological commitment which was, in the end, ravaged by the communal violence that engineered partition. The price of this epic confrontation, paid by the people, has stretched into generations. M.J. Akbar's book, meticulously researched from original sources, reveals the astonishing blunders, lapses and conscious chicanery that permeated the politics of seven explosive years between 1940 and 1947. Facts from the archives challenge the conventional narrative, and disturb the conspiratorial silence used to protect the image of famous icons. Gandhi's Hinduism: The Struggle Against Jinnah's Islam delves into both the ideology and the personality of those who shaped the fate of a region between Iran and Burma. It is essential reading for anyone interested in modern Indian history, and the past as a prelude to the future.

Essays on Islamic Fundamentalism and Reactive Trend among Indian Hindus toward Revivalism

Author : rasheed talib
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Identity and Religion

Author : Amalendu Misra
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`A sensitive and intelligent account of the Indian nationalist thought and the difficulties it faced in doing justice to India`s Islamic inheritance' - Lord Parekh Fellow of the British Academy `A thoughtful, well-researched and original analysis of the nationalist conceptualisation of the Muslim presence in India' - Professor Noel O`Sullivan , University of Hull Amalendu Misra shows that while some eminent nationalist leaders were implacably hostile to Muslims, even wholly secular ones were uneasy with India’s Muslim past and had a generally unfavourable disposition towards both Muslims and Islam. The book explicates this by focusing on the writings of Vivekananda, Gandhi, Nehru and Savarkar supported by a wealth of examples from a wide range of contexts. It argues that the views of these four prominent individuals were heavily shaped by British historiography as well as their respective visions of independent India. The author goes on to suggest how modern India needs to redefine itself to flourish as a genuinely secular democracy.

Poverty and Exclusion of Minorities in China and India

Author : A. Bhalla
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Muslim minorities in China and India form only a small fraction of their respective populations, yet as they principally live in troubled border states, they are of key strategic importance in the war on terror. In this global context, this book explores whether economics is more important than the suppression of rights in explaining social unrest.

Religious Nationalism

Author : Peter van der Veer
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Religious nationalism is a subject of critical importance in much of the world today. Peter van der Veer's timely study on the relationship between religion and politics in India goes well beyond other books on this subject. He brings together several disciplines—anthropology, history, social theory, literary studies—to show how Indian religious identities have been shaped by pilgrimage, migration, language development, and more recently, print and visual media. Van der Veer's central focus is the lengthy dispute over the Babari mosque in Ayodhya, site of a bloody confrontation between Hindus and Muslims in December 1992. A thought-provoking range of other examples describes the historical construction of religious identities: cow protection societies and Sufi tombs, purdah and the political appropriation of images of the female body, Salman Rushdie and the role of the novel in nationalism, Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda, the Khalsa movement among Sikhs, and nationalist archaeology and the televised Ramayana. Van der Veer offers a new perspective on the importance of religious organization and the role of ritual in the formation of nationalism. His work advances our understanding of contemporary India while also offering significant theoretical insights into one of the most troubling issues of this century.

Five Rivers on Fire

Author : M. Bashir Sulahria
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Ethnic violence spirals our of control as Britain leaves the Indian Subcontinent after World War II, dividing the country into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Fazal, a proud tender hearted Muslim Shopkeeper living in a small Punjabi village stands dazed in front Of his Hindu friend's shop, reduced to ashes by Muslim vigilantes. A few months later his ten year old son Karim is torn apart from his Sikh friend Makhan as his family is forced to flee India. The two friends grow up; one in Pakistan, the other in India embarking on military careers and espionage while their countries remain in perpetual conflict.

Communal Rage in Secular India

Author : Rafiq Zakaria
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With reference to Gujarat.

A World Without Islam

Author : Graham E. Fuller
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What if Islam never existed? To some, it's a comforting thought: no clash of civilizations, no holy wars, no terrorists. But what if that weren't the case at all? In A World Without Islam, Graham E. Fuller guides us along an illuminating journey through history, geopolitics, and religion to investigate whether or not Islam is indeed the cause of some of today's most emotional and important international crises. Fuller takes us from the birth of Islam to the fall of Rome to the rise and collapse of the Ottoman Empire. He examines and analyzes the roots of terrorism, the conflict in Israel, and the role of Islam in supporting and energizing the anti-imperial struggle. Provocatively, he finds that contrary to the claims of many politicians, thinkers, theologians, and soldiers, a world without Islam might not look vastly different from what we know today. Filled with fascinating details and counterintuitive conclusions, A World Without Islam is certain to inspire debate and reshape the way we think about Islam's relationship with the West.

India and Indonesia During the Ancien Regime

Author :
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Hindu Muslim Syncretic Shrines and Communities

Author : J. J. Roy Burman
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Study with reference to Marathwada, India.

The Art of South and Southeast Asia

Author : Steven Kossak
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Presents works of art selected from the South and Southeast Asian and Islamic collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, lessons plans, and classroom activities.

Mughal and Rajput Painting

Author : Milo Cleveland Beach
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The Mughals - descendants of Timur and Genghiz Khan with strong cultural ties to the Persian world - seized political power in north India in 1526 and became the most important artistically active Muslim dynasty on the subcontinent. In this richly illustrated book, Dr Milo Beach shows how, between 1555 and 1630 in particular, Mughal patronage of the arts was incessant and radically innovative for the Indian context.

Religions of India

Author : Jack Sikora
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A concise and plain spoken introduction to Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and the religion of the Jains. This book is for students and anyone else desiring to learn the basics of religion in India in a quick yet comprehensive way.

A Panorama of Indian Culture

Author : K. K. Kusuman
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Festschrift honoring a historian from Kerala; contributed articles.

Hinduism as a Missionary Religion

Author : Arvind Sharma
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Reconsiders whether Hinduism can be considered a missionary religion. Is Hinduism a missionary religion? Merely posing this question is a novel and provocative act. Popular and scholarly perception, both ancient and modern, puts Hinduism in the nonmissionary category. In this intriguing book, Arvind Sharma reopens the question. Examining the historical evidence from the major Hindu eras, the Vedic, classical, medieval, and modern periods, Sharma’s investigation challenges the categories used in current scholarly discourse and finds them inadequate, emphasizing the need to distinguish between a missionary religion and a proselytizing one. A distinction rarely made, it is nevertheless an illuminating and fruitful one that resonates with insights from the comparative study of religion. Ultimately concluding that Hinduism is a missionary religion, but not a proselytizing one, Sharma’s work provides us with insights both about Hinduism and about religion in general. “Sharma is a prolific author who has made significant contributions to Hindu studies … Readers will gain insight from Sharma’s careful inquiry.” — CHOICE

Outsourcing to India

Author : Mark Kobayashi-Hillary
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Annotation. "This book aims to introduce India, the major players in the Indian service industry, the reasons why you should utilise India as an offshore outsourcing destination and the steps you need to take to find and work with a local partner." "The second edition has been completely revised with up-to-date information on the latest industry developments. Several chapters have been entirely restructured and two completely new chapters deal with the risks of outsourcing to India and the future prospects for the industry."--Jacket.