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Author : JOHN OWEN
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The Coming of Christ in His Glory

Author : Thomas COLEMAN (Independent Minister.)
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Stretched for His Glory

Author : Frederick Samuel Hyche
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Stretched for His Glory is a compelling personal story and journey of faith, purpose, and God's glory. From the very first chapter, it catapults the reader into the very challenges and essence of our human existence. It dares to contemplate some of the most intimate questions and feelings of the human experience. Why am I here? What is my true purpose? How do I get to where I am destined to be? This book is not fearful to be honest, open, and transparent. Although it contains a very personal account of the author's journey through life, the principles and lessons are invaluable and are applicable to the entire human family. Stretched for his Glory is truly inspirational, instructional, and an authentic presentation that will saturate every fiber of your being to God's glory!

Do All to the Glory of God

Author : Watchman Nee
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This volume contains lessons 29-38 of a series on practical Christian living delivered by the great Chinese pastor-teacher Watchman Nee at a training session of Christian workers in Kuling, Foochow, China in 1948.

Beholding the Glory of the Lord

Author : Jos Douma
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"I would love to look more like Jesus. But I just can't . . . " Many Christians are longing for change. They make an intentional effort, but when they realize they are not making any progress, they become frustrated. In this book, the author uses 2 Corinthians 3:18 to point us to a way to expect everything from Jesus and his Spirit. You only need to do one thing: Look to Jesus in faith and enjoy his glorious radiation! Then the Spirit will increasingly reproduce Jesus' own glorious beauty in your life. Via this new approach, Jos Douma knows how to touch and articulate the core of the Christian faith. In doing so, he shows how the Christian life is really worthy living.

In All His Glory

Author : Sally Bedell Smith
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“He is to American broadcasting as Carnegie was to steel, Ford to automobiles, Luce to publishing, and Ruth to baseball,” wrote The New York Times of Willian S. Paley—the man who built CBS, the “Tiffany Network.” Sally Bedell Smith’s In All His Glory takes a hard look at Paley and the perfect world he created for himself, revealing the extraordinary complexity of the man who let nothing get in the way of his vast ambitions. Tracing his life from Chicago, where Paley was born to a family of cigar makers, to the glamorous haunts of Manhattan, Smith shows us the shrewd, demanding egoist, the hedonist pursuing every form of pleasure, the corporate strongman famous for his energy and ruthlessness. Drawing on highly placed CBS sources and hundreds of interviews, and with a supporting cast of such glittering figures as Truman Capote, Slim Keith, Jock Whitney, Ted Turner, David Sarnoff, Brooke Astor and a parade of Paley’s humiliated heirs, In All His Glory is a richly textured story of business, power and social ambition. Praise for In All His Glory “A sweeping study of the emergence of broadcasting, the American immigrant experience, and the ravenous personal and professional tastes of Paley as he charmed and clawed his way to the top of society.”—Los Angeles Times “Riveting…packed with revelations, rich in radio and TV lore, sprinkled with intrigues, glitz, and wheeling and dealing at the highest levels of media and government.”—Publishers Weekly “An impressive, meticulously researched work of broadcast history as well as a piquant glimpse inside CBS’s corporate culture.”—Time

To the Glory of Her Sex

Author : Joan M. Ferrante
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Ferranate (English and comparative literature, Columbia U.) describes medieval women's activities as correspondents, readers, writers, and literary patrons from antiquity through the 14th century. The writings she considers range through virtually every field in historical and literary studies. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Calmet s Great Dictionary of the Holy Bible

Author : Augustin Calmet
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The Glory of the Second Temple Superior to that of the First Two Sermons on Haggai Ii 9 Etc

Author : Samuel PALMER (Minister at Hackney.)
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Author : Gene A. Getz
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One in a series of twelve books by Gene Getz examining role models of the Old and New Testaments in situations relevant to modern times.