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Historical Dictionary of Estonia

Author : Toivo Miljan
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This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Estonia covers its history through a chronology, an introductory essay, glossary, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 300 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture.

Historical Dictionary of Modern Coups D etat

Author : John J. Chin
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The Historical Dictionary of Modern Coups d'état surveys the history of coups d'état in the post-World War II period. The term "modern" in the title therefore demarcates the period since January 1946. This book documents over 582 coup attempts that have occurred in 108 different countries worldwide over a period of 75 years. Historical Dictionary of Modern Coups D'état contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has more than 1,400 cross-referenced dictionary entries. This book is an excellent resource for students, and researchers.

A Concise History of the Baltic States

Author : Andrejs Plakans
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An integrated history of three Baltic peoples - Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians - from their origins as tribal societies to separate nations.

A History of the Baltic States

Author : Andres Kasekamp
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In this key textbook, Andres Kasekamp masterfully traces the development of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, from the northern crusades against Europe's last pagans and Lithuania's rise to become one of medieval Europe's largest states, to their incorporation into the Russian Empire and the creation of their modern national identities. Employing a comparative approach, a particular emphasis is placed upon the last one hundred years, during which the Baltic states achieved independence, endured occupation by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and transformed themselves into members of the European Union. This is an essential textbook for undergraduate students taking modules on Eastern or Central European History, Communism and Post-Communism, the Soviet Union, or Baltic Culture and Politics. Engaging and accessible, this is also an ideal introduction to the Baltic States for general readers.


Author : Neil Taylor
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As Russia rattles its sabres in the Baltic, Neil Taylor reconsiders the history of Estonia and its struggle to achieve statehood.

Guardians of Living History

Author : Inge Melchior
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Guardians of Living History: An Ethnography of Post-Soviet Memory Making in Estonia interrogates how people engage with their violent past, both within their families and as members of a national community, when living in an extremely complicated society with a short history of independence and a desire to belong to Europe. In line with other scholarship on memory, this book shows that many Estonians desire an established collective story, as they live in a society where their national identity is quite regularly under threat. At the same time however, that same closure is perceived to pose a threat to the survival of Estonian culture and independence. Guardians of Living History provides an intimate insight into the lives of Estonians from the countryside, former deportees, young intellectuals, and memory activists, who all in their own ways act as guardians of a national history: a history which they wish to keep alive, apolitical, and as close to their family stories as possible.

The Estonians The long road to independence

Author : Gunter Faure
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Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement

Author : Ian Buchanan
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Offers a multitude of hard-to-find facts on the important people, events, and organizations involved in the Olympic movement.

Capital Cities around the World An Encyclopedia of Geography History and Culture

Author : Roman Adrian Cybriwsky
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This informative resource is a fascinating compilation of the history, politics, and culture of every capital city from around the world, making this the only singular reference on the subject of its kind.


Author : P. Gatrell
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The displacement of population during and after the Second World War took place on a global scale and formed part of a longer historical process of violence, territorial reconfiguration and state 'development'. This book focuses on the profound political, social and economic upheavals in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe at this time.