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The A to Z of New Age Movements

Author : Michael York
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The A to Z of New Age Movements furnishes profiles and explanations of New Age spokespeople and leaders, of a range of human potential and self-help practices, of countercultural spiritual developments, and of different groups and organizations that identify as New Age. The dictionary consists of over 240 individual entries along with an introduction that describes the historical foundations of the New Age orientation and its relation with contemporary Western paganism.

Historical Dictionary of New Religious Movements

Author : George D. Chryssides
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In this newly updated second edition of the Historical Dictionary of New Religious Movements, George D. Chryssides traces the rise and development of new religious movements throughout the world. An updated introduction summarizes the phenomenon of new religious movements and lays out the changes to the dictionary since the 2001 edition, while the main body of the dictionary consists of close to 600 cross-referenced entries on key figures, ideas, themes, and places related to various new religious movements. An index organizes the information in the dictionary, and a comprehensive bibliography leads the researcher to further sources.

Historical Dictionary of Radical Christianity

Author : William H. Brackney
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The Historical Dictionary of Radical Christianity covers the history of this movement and includes an introductory essay and a bibliography. The dictionary section has over 400 cross-referenced entries. The dictionary entries selected reflect the leading groups, movements, and sects from each major era of Christian history. Especially in the contemporary period, the great proliferation of radical thinkers and groups has necessitated a selection process with those selected exhibiting sustained group activity, possessing an identifiable following, and demonstrating a significant cultural impact. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about Radical Christianity.

The Progressive Era s Health Reform Movement

Author : Ruth Clifford Engs
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Entries cover the important figures, events, legislation, crusades, and terms of the health reform movement of the years before the Progressive Era through the 1920s.

Historical Dictionary of the Baha i Faith

Author : Hugh C. Adamson
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Through the use of photographs, a list of acronyms, a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on nearly every aspect of the religion, and appendixes listing the genealogy of the Founders, statistical information, and lists of apostles, disciples, Hands of the Cause, Knights of Bah_'u'll_h as well as of more than 930 believers who have contributed to its growth and development, this book is a fundamental tool for finding information on all things related to the Bah_'' Faith.

Introduction to New and Alternative Religions in America Metaphysical New Age and neopagan movements

Author : Eugene V. Gallagher
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Annotation. Most new or alternative religious are gravely misunderstood by members of the religious mainstream. Labeled cults or sects, groups and their members are often ridiculed or otherwise disregarded as weird and potentially dangerous by the populace at large. Despite their efforts at educating the general public, the various anti- and counter-cult activists have in fact promoted much more mis-understanding than accurate understanding of the religious lives of some of their fellow citizens. Consequently, they have helped to create a very hostile environment for anyone whose religious practices do not fit within a so-called mainstream. This set rectifies the situation by presenting accurate, comprehensive, authoritative and accessible accounts of various new and alternative religious movements that have been and are active in American society, and it addresses ways of understanding new and alternative religions within a broader context. Determining what actually constitutes a new or alternative religion is a subject of constant debate. Questions arise as to a new faith's legitimacy, beliefs, methods of conversion, and other facets of a religious movement's viability and place in a given culture. How a religion gains recognition by the mainstream, which often labels such new movements as cults, is fraught with difficulty, tension, and fear. Here, experts delineate the boundaries and examine the various groups, beliefs, movements, and other issues related to new faiths and alternative beliefs. Readers will come away with a fuller understanding of the religious landscape in America today. Volume 1: History and Controversies discusses the foundations of new and alternative religions in the United States and addresses the controversies that surround them. This volume helps readers better understand what makes a new or alternative belief system a religion and the issues involved. Volume 2: Jewish and Christian Traditions explores the various new religions that have grown out of these two Abrahamic faiths. Groups such as the Shakers, the People's Temple, the Branch Davidians, Jehovah's Witnesses and others are examined. Volume 3: Metaphysical, New Age, and Neopagan Movements looks at Shamanism, Spiritualism, Wicca, and Paganism, among other movements, as they have developed and grown in the U.S. These faiths have found new and devoted followers yet are often misunderstood. Volume 4: Asian Traditions focuses on those new and alternative religions that have been inspired by Asian religious traditions. From Baha'i to Soka Gakkai, from Adidam to the Vedanta Society, contributors look at a full range of groups practicing and worshiping in the U.S. today. Volume 5: African Diaspora Traditions and Other American Innovations examines the various traditions linked to the African diaspora such as Rastafarianism, Santeria, and the Nation of Islam, alongside traditions that are truly American incarnations like Scientology, UFO religions, and Heaven's Gate. Some of the new and alternative religions covered in these pages include: ; Shamanism ; Wicca ; Black Israelites ; Santeria ; Scientology ; Elan Vital ; Hare Krishna ; Soka Gakkai ; and many more

A History of Western Astrology Volume II

Author : Nicholas Campion
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Reference User Services Quarterly

Author : Reference and User Services Association
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Author :
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Historical Dictionary of the Gilded Age

Author : Leonard C. Schlup
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Covers all the people, events, movements, subjects, court cases, inventions, and more that defined the Gilded Age.

Library Information Science Abstracts

Author :
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Antiquity and Social Reform

Author : Dawn Hutchinson
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Although religious innovation in America has historically been the norm rather than the exception, mainstream Americans have often viewed new religious movements with suspicion and occasionally with outright alarm. The question motivating many studies of new religious movements has been “why would someone join these religions?” In Antiquity and Social Reform, Dawn Hutchinson offers at least one answer to this often repeated query. She argues that followers of new religious movements in the 1960s–1980s, specifically the Unification Church, Feminist Wicca and the Nation of Yahweh, considered these religions to be legitimate because they offered members a personal religious experience, a connection to an ancient tradition, and agency in improving their world. Utilizing an historical approach, Antiquity and Social Reform considers the conversion narratives of adherents and primary literature of the formative years of these movements, which demonstrates that the religious experiences of the adherents, and a resonance with the goals of these religions, propelled members into social action.

Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements

Author : Irving Hexham
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A 2003 Finalist in the Word Guild Canadian Writing Awards! Studying new religious movements can be like trying to learn several languages at once, each with its own vocabulary, grammar and syntax. The flourishing variety of these movements today makes the task even more difficult. Irving Hexham has designed Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements to be an indispensable companion for students of religion and a fascinating guide for curious and perplexed observers of the religious scene. Here are nearly 450 entries covering specific groups, from the Aetherius Society to the Zion Christian Church practices, from the Alexander technique to Yoga UFO religion, from alien abductions to Unarius Academy of Science symbols, from the ankh to yin-yang religious texts, from the apocryphal New Testament to the Vinaya-Pitaka religious leaders, from George Adamski to Rabbi Zalman Reference books on religion tend to be too large, expensive and unwieldy for those who want quick information. Both handy and affordable, this Pocket Dictionary offers quick, concise and reliable answers to basic questions about new religious movements.

Historical Dictionary of the Beat Movement

Author : Paul Varner
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The Beat Movement was and is a literary and arts movement, the most radical and innovative of the 20th century, and because it was so open to new ideas of poetics and aesthetics, it has adapted from decade to decade. The history of the Beat Movement is still being written in the early years of the 21st century. Unlike other kinds of literary and artistic the Beat Movement is self-perpetuating. After the 1950s generation, a new generation arose in the 1960s led by writers such as Diane Wakowski, Anne Waldman, and poets from the East Side Scene. In the 1970s and 1980s writers from the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church and contributors to World magazine continued the movement. The 1980s and 1990s Language Movement saw itself as an outgrowth and progression of previous Beat aesthetics. Today poets and writers in San Francisco still gather at City Lights Bookstore and in Boulder at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and continue the movement. It is now a postmodern movement and probably would be unrecognizable to the earliest Beats. It may even be in the process of finally shedding the name Beat. But the Movement continues. The Historical Dictionary of the Beat Movement covers the movements history through a chronology, an introductory essay, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 700 cross-referenced entries on significant people, themes, critical issues, and the most significant novels, poems, and volumes of poetry and prose that have formed the Beat canon. This book is a vital reference tool for any researcher interested in learning more about the Beat Movement.

Historical Dictionary of the Lesbian and Gay Liberation Movements

Author : JoAnne Myers
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Not so long ago hardly anything was said of the Lesbian Liberation Movement and the Gay Liberation Movement, indeed, the terms gay and lesbian were not even used if some other expression could be found. Today, by contrast, hardly a day passes when something important does not occur, and is carried by the major media and disseminated on more personal levels through blogs and the social media. If anything, there is perhaps too much “news” and not enough “information.” Obviously, a book like this cannot keep up with the news, but it can do something equally important when it comes to information, by reminding us of the past and what has been going and just how fast events are moving. The Historical Dictionary of the Lesbian and Gay Liberation Movements covers the history of this movement through a cross-referenced dictionary with over 1000 entries on specific countries and regions, influential historical figures, laws that criminalized same-sex sexuality, various historical terms that have been used to refer to aspects of same-sex love, and contemporary events and legal decisions. Including a comprehensive chronology and bibliography, this book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone interested in learning more about the struggle for equality.

Dictionary of Dictionaries and Eminent Encyclopedias

Author : Thomas Kabdebo
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Enlarged by some 50 percent and equipped with more comprehensive name and subject indexes, the second edition of this unique guide contains bibliographic and descriptive annotations for 8,000 dictionaries. It features 1,500 additional bilingual works, 400 new subject categories, and all the major electronic dictionaries produced in English. While the primary emphasis is on language dictionaries, subject dictionaries on topics as varied as ceramics, bookbinding, and theatre as well as dictionaries issued by international bodies and agencies are included. Covering all the world's languages, works may be bilingual, monolingual, or multilingual as long as there is an English element.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Dictionary of Dictionaries

Author : Tamás Kabdebó
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Historical Dictionary of the Non aligned Movement and Third World

Author : Guy Arnold
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During the long period when the world was divided between East and West and the Cold War threatened devastating consequences, the non-aligned movement was one of the few institutions that consistently sought other outcomes - not in its own interest but in the interest of humanity. Comprised of more than 100 states free of any formal alliances with a major power, the non-aligned movement provides aid to countries striving to gain independence, eliminate poverty, and develop their economies. Historical Dictionary of the Non-Aligned Movement and Third World presents what the non-aligned movement and third world sought - and at times achieved - in more than 200 cross-referenced dictionary entries on important people, organizations, and conferences, as well as key issues and concepts. Entries are supported by an extensive chronology, a list of acronyms, an introduction to the movement, and a bibliography for further research.

Historical Dictionary of the Gilded Age

Author : T. Adams Upchurch
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The Gilded Age was an important three-decade period in American history. It was a time of transition, when the United States began to recover from its Civil War and post-war rebuilding phase. It was as a time of progress in technology and industry, of regression in race relations, and of stagnation in politics and foreign affairs. It was a time when poor southerners began farming for a mere share of the crop rather than for wages, when pioneers settled in the harsh land and climate of the Great Plains, and when hopeful prospectors set out in search of riches in the gold fields out West. The Historical Dictionary of the Gilded Age relates the history of the major events, issues, people, and themes of the American "Gilded Age" (1869-1899). This period of unprecedented economic growth and technical advancement is chronicled in this reference and includes a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries.