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History Hunting

Author : James W. Cortada
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The book offers guidance to aspiring historians at every stage and in every walk of life, from practical advice on tackling and organizing projects to recommendations for finding and using resources of all kinds, whether at the local library or historical society or on the world wide web. It is intended to be a serious guide to the best practices for researchers as well as a good read as a collection of research stories. The author includes useful bibliographies, vetted websites, and practical advice on doing research well.

Hunters Heritage

Author : Eugene T. Petersen
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The Royal Hunt in Eurasian History

Author : Thomas T. Allsen
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From antiquity to the nineteenth century, the royal hunt was a vital component of the political cultures of the Middle East, India, Central Asia, and China. Besides marking elite status, royal hunts functioned as inspection tours and imperial progresses, a means of asserting kingly authority over the countryside. The hunt was, in fact, the "court out-of-doors," an open-air theater for displays of majesty, the entertainment of guests, and the bestowal of favor on subjects. In the conduct of interstate relations, great hunts were used to train armies, show the flag, and send diplomatic signals. Wars sometimes began as hunts and ended as celebratory chases. Often understood as a kind of covert military training, the royal hunt was subject to the same strict discipline as that applied in war and was also a source of innovation in military organization and tactics. Just as human subjects were to recognize royal power, so was the natural kingdom brought within the power structure by means of the royal hunt. Hunting parks were centers of botanical exchange, military depots, early conservation reserves, and important links in local ecologies. The mastery of the king over nature served an important purpose in official renderings: as a manifestation of his possession of heavenly good fortune he could tame the natural world and keep his kingdom safe from marauding threats, human or animal. The exchanges of hunting partners—cheetahs, elephants, and even birds—became diplomatic tools as well as serving to create an elite hunting culture that transcended political allegiances and ecological frontiers. This sweeping comparative work ranges from ancient Egypt to India under the Raj. With a magisterial command of contemporary sources, literature, material culture, and archaeology, Thomas T. Allsen chronicles the vast range of traditions surrounding this fabled royal occupation.

The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting

Author : Ethel Eva Crane
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This definitive work by world-renowned bee authority Eva Crane offers a fascinating account of bees and their complex relations with both humans and animals. Comprehensive, absorbing, and lavishly illustrated, this scholarly, yet accessible volume explores how bees, honey and other bee products have been gathered and utilized throughout the world. Beginning with the rock paintings of the Mesolithic cave dwellers, readers will learn about the variety of methods used by human beekeepers, the stratagems used by animal honey-hunters, and the multitude of products humans have derived from bees. The first in-depth book on the subject, the World History of Beekeeping and Honey-Hunting is the ultimate work on bees for scholars in biology and the life sciences, professional and amateur beekeepers, and anyone who is interested in bees or the collection of honey.

A History of Hunting in the Great Smoky Mountains

Author : Bob Plott
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Discover the history and lore of this region’s legendary outdoorsmen—and their faithful dogs: “Well worth reading” (Bear Hunting Magazine). Man versus beast—it’s an age-old struggle that has been part of the rugged terrain of the Great Smoky Mountains since humans first encountered the region centuries ago. Bob Plott, a descendant of the breeder of the Plott hound and an avid outdoorsman in North Carolina, takes readers on a quest back through time for a glimpse into the minds and the rifles of the region’s most intrepid hunters. From the primitive weaponry and prevailing tactics of the Cherokee to the audacious rifle-toting ridge runners, and even a gruesome gang of cannibalistic rogues, these stories are truly a gripping tribute to mountain life and the adventure of the game.

On the Hunt

Author : Robert C Willging
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On the Hunt is the story of deer-hunting in Wisconsin, from the spear-throwing Paleo-Indians to the sportsmen of today. Meticulously researched by one of the state's most prolific outdoor writers, On the Hunt covers subsistence and sport hunting, deer camps, changing deer management policies, and recent developments and controversies, from human encroachment on deer habitat to CWD. Range maps and charts tracking annual herd populations and harvest goals complement Willging's engaging storytelling. Drawing from Department of Conservation papers, hunting magazines, newspapers, historic photos of classic deer camps, and the personal stories of hunters and deer managers, On the Hunt offers a fascinating glimpse into a distant and not-so-distant past, when the hunt joined men in almost mythical unity and bucks were seemingly larger than life. An ardent sportsman with nearly 25 years of hunting experience, Willging understands that deer-hunting is as much about the smell of the woods in autumn and the meticulous cleaning of a fine rifle as it is about bringing home a whitetail. His story of how Wisconsin's own World War II flying ace, Richard Bong, squeezed in a few days of hunting while home on leave vividly illustrates the sport's powerful pull on hearts and minds. Willging also engagingly conveys the important tradition of the deer-hunting camp, from a humble two-man shack in Chequamegon National Forest (like the one he shared with his best friend, Steve) to the grand old Deer Foot Lodge founded in 1912 in Vilas County. On the Hunt is perfect preparation for the avid sportsman's annual fall trek with friends and family into the woods.

Fair Game

Author : Erich Hobusch
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Black Poachers White Hunters

Author : Edward I. Steinhart
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A study of hunting and poaching during the colonial era in Kenya.

Yukon s Hunting History

Author : Manfred Hoefs
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"This historic review reveals that hunting has been important in this Territory ever since it was first colonized by early humans some 14 000 years ago. In the early days it was a matter of survival not only for aboriginal people but later on also for white immigrants. The availability of wildlife for food allowed such activities as prospecting, mining, surveying, over-wintering by whalers or trail constructions to take place, which would otherwise not have been possible, or only at a much slower pace, relying on the import of food from outside sources. In their respective developments no other jurisdiction in Canada has faced comparable events such as the Gold Rush, when the Dawson population jumped from about 500 to 30 000 in a matter of two years and food had to be procured for them; the overwintering of Whale-ships necessitating the feeding of 1500 to 2000 people with game meat, and the constructions of the Alaska Highway, when numerous American soldiers were given the same hunting rights as Yukon residents. But Yukon's wildlife recovered from these set-backs and currently probably has a similar distribution and abundance as it did in early historic times. But new challenges are on the horizon. Climate change will effect habitat. Some wildlife species will benefit from it, others will be negatively impacted. New diseases and parasites will find the altered environment suitable for their existence. The ever- improving technology will make hunters better equipped and more effective in killing game. Let us hope that these various potential problems can be managed and that current and future generations can continue to enjoy Yukon's magnificent wilderness and wildlife."--

The Green Collars

Author : Gordon Fergusson
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Huns Hun Hunting

Author : Ben O. Williams
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Hungarian partridge were first introduced to Saskatchewan 100 years ago. The birds flourished and soon expanded their range to include the American West and Midwest. Only in the last several decades have hunters turned serious attention to these tremendous game birds, but due to their fickle and often mysterious nature, the challenge has proven difficult—at best—for the majority of us. Ben O. Williams, however, has been writing about and hunting Huns for over 30 years, having accumulated over 5,000 hours afield in their pursuit with his ever evolving line of Brittany spaniels. Ben is the most accomplished and eloquent mentor for Hungarian partridge hunters presently found on planet earth, and this informationpacked book is the proof. Don’t lend it to anyone, and don’t lose it, for it provides you with all the distilled knowledge required to attain consistent success on your own Hun hunts.

The Wild Host

Author : Rupert Isaacson
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Hunting is one of the most fundamental and significant of human social activities. Yet few issues can guarantee such controversy and such a dramatic popularisation of opinion. In this, the first full serious history of the subject for a generation, Rupert Isaacson puts hunting for live prey in its proper historical and social perspective. Isaacson's unique perspective as both practitioner and critic, his refusal to fudge the moral and ethical issues and his scrupulous fairness to both sides of the debate make this book both a beautiful record of one of the most enduring and complex of all human instincts and an essential contribution to the modern political controversy over hunting to hounds.

History Hunting in the Yukon

Author : Michael Gates
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Conspiracies to overthrow the Yukon; terrorism in the Klondike;a bigamist Klondike Casanova; gunfights and how the Mounties got their man; Robert Service's secret love life; the Canadian who fooled Alaskans into making him governor; floods, famine and things found frozen from the past. The Yukon has them all--and more! History Hunting in the Yukon reveals fascinating accounts from Canada's northern territory such as the true story behind the legendary gunfighter Jack Dalton, a tough and menacing figure who stole his famed trail from the Tlingit of Alaska. Or the pioneer woman, Frances Muncaster, a slim beauty who mined for gold on Squaw Creek, and was as comfortable in elegant evening gowns as she was in rugged prospecting gear and snowshoes at forty below. Dipping into his personal experiences and a 40-year love affair with Yukon history, author Michael Gates takes us on a journey to some of the places, people and events that make the Yukon eternally captivating. Discover the colourful stories and deeper legacy of human history that has occurred upon this remote and expansive territory.

Guns in American Society An Encyclopedia of History Politics Culture and the Law 2nd Edition 3 volumes

Author : Gregg Lee Carter
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Thoroughly updated and greatly expanded from its original edition, this three-volume set is the go-to comprehensive resource on the legal, social, psychological, political, and public health aspects of guns in American life. • 450 alphabetically organized entries, including 100 new for this edition, covering key issues (suicide, video games and gun violence, firearm injury statistics) and events (workplace shootings, the Virginia Tech massacre) • 102 expert contributors from all academic fields involved in studying the causes and effects of gun violence • A chronology of pivotal moments and controversies in the history of firearm ownership and use in the United States • An exhaustive bibliography of print and online resources covering all aspects of the study of guns in the United States • Appendices on federal gun laws, state gun laws, and pro- and anti-gun-control organizations

Hunting for Empire

Author : Greg Gillespie
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Hunting for Empire offers a fresh cultural history of sport and imperialism. Greg Gillespie integrates critical perspectives from cultural studies, literary criticism, and cultural geography to analyze the themes of authorship, sport, science, and nature. In doing so he produces a unique theoretical lens through which to study nineteenth-century British big-game hunting and exploration narratives from the western interior of Rupert's Land. Sharply written and evocatively illustrated, Hunting for Empire will appeal to students and scholars of culture, sport, geography, and history, and to general readers interested in stories of hunting, empire, and the Canadian wilderness.

Deer Hunting

Author : Randy Frahm
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"Describes the equipment, skills, conservation issues, and safety concerns of deer hunting"--T.p. verso.

The Badger A Monograph History of Hunting Series Working Terriers

Author : Alfred E. Pease
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THE BADGER A MONOGRAPH BY ALFRED E. PEASE, M.P. Originally published in London, 1898. Now reprinted from the extremely rare original by Read Country Books. This fascinating historical document was written at the turn of the century by avid huntsman and Member of Parliament, Alfred Pease. It is a lengthy treatise on the natural history of the badger as well a detailed work on the hunting of the animal. Pease writes in great detail about the life and habits of the badger and includes anatomical diagrams. Over half of the book is devoted to the badger as a sporting quarry. There is much discussion on techniques of hunting including dogs and equipment. There are numerous illustrations including detailed diagrams of the various excavation tools. 128 pages. 10 black + white illustrations.

The History of the Belvoir Hunt

Author : T. F. Dale
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Originally published in 1897, this early works is a fascinating novel of the period and still an interesting read today. Contents include; The function of Latin, Chansons De Geste, The Matter of Britain, Antiquity in Romance, The making of English and the settlement of European Prosody, Middle High German Poetry, The 'Fox, ' The 'Rose, ' and the minor Contributions of France, Icelandic and Provencal, The Literature of the Peninsulas, and Conclusion..... Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwor

Well He s History

Author : Hunting Dude
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Hunting Journal, Diary, Notebook for Hunting Lovers That Features Well He's History Wide Ruled Blank Lined Notebook 120 blank lined white pages Duo sided college ruled sheets 6x9 Ideal for work, desk or school Perfect for writing thoughts, taking notes, organizing, goal setting, meeting notes, doodling, lists, journaling and brainstorming. Daily Diary, journal, Notepad, notebook to write in, Scheduling, Organizing.

Homestead a Family History of Leon R Hunt and Beth Carroll

Author : Douglas Allen Hunt
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The genealogy of Leon R. Hunt and Beth Carroll including the surnames of Hunt, Miller, Carroll and Chamberlain with an historical summary of these families.